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  1. Like - Only like Modi & Yogi in BJP Dislike - Congress, AAP, Communists, TMC, SP, BSP, RJD, etc
  2. amits

    Rank your favorite cuisine !!!

    I am a huge foodie and love to eat non-veg :D My rankings would be Non-vegetarian 1) Lucknowi - Chicken Masala, Galauti Kebabs 2) Punjabi - Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken 3) Arabic/Lebanese - Chicken Shawarma with Hummus & Pita, Doner kebab, etc (both rolls & platters). Authentic ones, not the ones available in most places in India. Authentic is very hard to find in India 4) Mughlai - Chicken Biryani (Moradabadi), Chicken Kalimirch 5) Hyderabadi - Chicken Biryani (Hyderabadi), Haleem 6) Kerala - Chicken / Fish / Prawn / Crab / etc cooked in Malabari style 7) Japanese - Sushi 8) Desi Chinese - Chilli Chicken, Chicken Manchurian, etc 9) Malaysian - Loved Chicken Rendang when I visited Malaysia & Thailand back in 2010 or 2011 Vegetarian 1) Punjabi 2) South Indian 3) Italian 4) Gujarati 5) Mexican 6) Marathi 7) UP-ite 8) Rajasthani / Marwari 9) Bihari
  3. amits

    Facebook cricket groups

    Talking of Facebook cricket groups, I am the admin of the best cricket group in Facebook - TCF Also now things have sorted between me & DHCF, so I am back there as a regular. I left due to differences with a co-admin of DHCF, who is not in DHCF anymore now But I miss the old ICF days, hoping I can be more regular here. Looking forward to meet Cricketics when he comes to Delhi, but find it strange that he is a pure vegetarian :(
  4. Felt good to take a day off and go to watch the Intercontinental cup match. Watched the T20I & ODI in weekends, so that time it wasn't a issue for me
  5. Shapoor Zadran was practicing in the nets besides the ground and that's where I asked him for a selfie. He obliged and made the pose and I took the pic
  6. It was a good crowd in T20Is and ODIs, mostly Afghan students studying in India made up the crowd alongwith lots of Indians who came too. The matches were even live on DD sports. Intercontinental cup had less crowd, although some Irish people had come for the match
  7. Rs. 200 in T20I, Rs. 300 in ODI and free entry in Intercontinental cup. I went to 3rd T20I, 2nd ODI & the 3rd day of IC cup
  8. Last 2 years I supported RCB due to Virat Kohli and stopped supporting DD after Sehwag left. This year my favourite teams will be SRH & RCB. DD at 3rd due to Rahul Dravid, Zaheer Khan & Rishabh Pant
  9. Australia played better than what everyone expected. Before the series started, everyone expected them to lose 4-0 or 3-0, but they managed to win the 1st test and were in a good position to win the 2nd test too before that collapse 2-1 is better than 4-0 or 3-0 anyday and is like a success for Australia. Many Indian fans were disappointed as well that Kohli's unbeaten record ended in this series
  10. I went to the Afghanistan v Ireland match in Greater Noida and got some pics clicked with the cricketers :D
  11. Totally ridiculous and insane what he is planning to do http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4274396/Man-spends-50-000-transform-genderless-ALIEN.html What is this world coming to :(
  12. amits

    Should/Would Kuldeep make his debut in Pune?

    If the choice is between Jayant & Kuldeep, I would go with Kuldeep. Jayant is the better batsman, but we already have a off spinner in Ashwin and Jayant was outbowled by Jadeja & Ashwin against England and impressed with the bat more than the ball even after coming in as a spinner I would pick Kuldeep in the 1st test and then decide for 2nd test

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