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  1. Helmets aren't necessary if you don't have any gray matter to protect.
  2. Narine best pinch hitter world has seen

    In theory, if your batting order is in descending order of strike rate, you should be getting your highest totals, especially when you're batting first (Obv. they need to be able to score well in the powerplay). So opening with someone like Narine or Southee (avg of 10, SR: 150) might be a good idea in general.
  3. Jayant Yadav-Is he a long term solution?

    I don't think he recovered fully from his injury. He was just floating them up at 80 kmph without much control. He was ripping them in at 90 kmph in the England series. The pace off the track makes a big difference. At full fitness, hes a great option in the subcontinent. But looking at his form/fitness, Kuldeep might be better.
  4. The 2 new ball rule has pretty much killed 50 over cricket.
  5. Depends where the stadium is. Inner city stadiums always get good crowds.
  6. England's Questionable Tactics this series

    The most bizarre 'tactic' so far is how they've handled Hameed's injury.
  7. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    I'd be interested to see good bowlers coming out of these tennis ball tournaments. Their skills would be easier to translate into hardball T20 cricket.
  8. Who is the mediocre coloured fast bowler keeping him out?
  9. I think Misbah's captaincy makes it a likable team. There's a greater sense of unity in victory and defeat.
  10. Indoor Cricket - Help

    I play a bit of it here in NZ. Its $12 a game and its 8 a side. I wouldn't say that the skills in any facet are similar to outdoor cricket tbh. But its fun in its own way.
  11. August is an odd time to have a test series in Australia. Won't be a real reflection of conditions (or pitches) that you'd get in the summer but playing against a good opposition should help the players.
  12. KKR had a very strong bowling attack in the seasons that they won the IPL. Narine at full chucking force, Hogg, Morkel, Russel, Shakib on slow, turning tracks were excellent.
  13. New batsmen , all-rounders and spinners in this IPL

    His wrongun was turning a but but his leggie not a lot. Interesting that two spinners from the Karnataka Premier League are picked. Shows what televised cricket can do and that people who focus on T20s from day one of their careers have a good chance.
  14. Do you seriously expect people who stopped watching IPL altogether to come and post here all the time, just so that you can see that they exist?
  15. Gujarat Lions

    Not sure what the point of having Tambe, Mishra and Sarabjit Ladda in the squad is. I mean its fine to believe in legspin bowers but having three specialist leggies is a bit much.

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