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  1. Kapil Dev abhi “kar” rahan hain. Uske pass kirkut khelne ka fursat Nahin hain bhai!
  2. Dhoni Dhoni is the chant in the stands, everyone is expecting a dhamaka, he dances down the wicket hoping to whip the ball out of the stadium and SUDDENLY his inner tuk-tuk takes over. It is a giant block bachho! The Jharkhandi has done it!!
  3. MS "tuk tuk Jharkhandi" Dhoni is going to win us the WC again in Inglaterra. Yes, I said it, whatchu gonna do aboutit?
  4. Did Kohli say * off? abe bhainchod bol!
  5. If India cannot win this game, Bewda should stopping for chuski!
  6. Chalo Jharkhandi aa gaya tik tuk karne.
  7. Brilliant tactic from Shami with excellent catch from Bhuvi. Now the tail is exposed.
  8. What a catch by Bhuvi. @beetle ki jai ho!
  9. Not much difference than us then. I should replace him in the commie booth!
  10. Junior is such a partisan. He is not fit to be a commentator.

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