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  1. Here is the US, if you criticize the right wing govt of Israel, it is akin to anti-semitism!!!
  2. T20 or TT does not mean Twenty-Twenty. It has been renamed in honor of the Mighty Thala as Tuk-Tuk. I promise you he will live up that reputation at the world cup down under next year Chak de Jharkhandi! Phuck de India!
  3. Audiophile

    Who should be next India coach?

    Yeah Ponting although a great cricket mind is going to be too much of a taskmaster to our maharathis. Fleming or Moody will be better. Anyone other than Bewda will be a less laoda decision!!
  4. Mamta Begum khush hua, Inshallah!
  5. Audiophile

    Books by ICF-ers unlikely to sell

    "PoNd Merechhe Bhute, Jawl Payinee Dhute" - A Bengali Suspense Comedy by @Audiophile
  6. Audiophile

    Who should be next India coach?

    Whoever it is needs to learn to take MC BC abuse for Rat. Also from time to time he needs do chuski to keep Rat satisfied. Indian cricket is going to be ruled by the abusive rodent for another 8-10 years.
  7. Dav vying for head coach? Anyone is better than the current alcoholic.
  8. Yeah sure. Whatever makes you feel better Jimmy boy. I saw pigs fly the other day!
  9. Paaji tattey chaatney dete hain kya? Ha to Bewda ko jaldi khabar do. Yoh abhi Rat ka chaat raha hain, batataa puree eshtyle!!
  10. Bewda now nervously shuttling between Rat’s and Jharkhandi’s auss. Back and forth, back and forth.
  11. Audiophile

    India should have better prepared their No.4- Yuvraj singh

    There is a reason why we won the WC in 2011. I mean, look at the lineup Viru Sachin Gambhir Kohli Yuvi Raina Effective Dhoni Solid experienced bat all the way to No. 7 I do not think any team had such a stable lineup so deep in this this version. England comes closest. We flopped because of our batting. The bowling performed well except the England match.
  12. Audiophile

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Dhoni and Sach are two different scenarios. Although Sachin should have retired long before he did, Jharkhandi has been flopping for YEARS now. Sachin helped win the WC. However, I think Ailaa hung around too long. After the Australia tour of 2011-12, he should have hung up his boots at the same time Dravid & Laxman did. In that Aus tour he started well but then went downhill very quick after the 2nd test. Even the modes of dismissals in the innings he played well should have told him he was losing his reflexes. He hurt his average and his legacy by sticking around for almost two more years!! so Sachin sucked real bad for about 1.25 years before retirement. Dhongi has been sucking since 2014-15.
  13. Audiophile

    KRK first takes shots and then interviews him..

    Arrey bakwas. Double role kar raha hain. Isko koi balti award phir se do!!!
  14. Audiophile

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    Pandya is not fit enough to lick Stokes auss! He has a long way to go. Woh “kar” payega Kya?

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