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  1. Audiophile

    Will Ind make it to the last 4 in WC19?

    All players are jaded from meaningless I Pee L. They should have traveled 2-3 weeks ahead to get acclimated. But no, Kulli is vacationing in Goa and No-hit in Maldives ... soon they will be posting pics of Phuck de India losing winnable games. I expect a repeat of 2007. Poyzzz coming home early and Bewda has to transported laying down because his auss will be like a baboon after taking all the reaming!!
  2. Audiophile

    Hindus are forced to leave village in West Bengal

    Long Live Mamta Begum! West Bengal soon to be renamed East Bangladesh and secede from India to join the Bangladeshs!!! Kolkata to be named Kolkatabad. Phuck de India! Bangladesh Zindabad!! East or West Sharia is the best!!
  3. Audiophile

    The ICC cricket world cup commentators

    Isa Guha and her Queen's Angrezi!!
  4. Audiophile

    Best thing that can happen to India before Worldcup

    ... that players are jaded from tamasha pee L and will barf during the world cup!
  5. main besharam hun! Mujhe I PEEE L Final dekhna hain. Koi streaming kam kara raha hain US mein?
  6. You can only put so much lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig!!
  7. Arre bhai, hum to maidan mein karne ka baat kar rahte, aap to bistar pe chal parey. Agar Hardik danda ghumake doosrawala kiya, usko sirf jutey parenge!!
  8. Arre bhai laundey ko kuch “karne do”. “Karke” aaya abhi bohut baar magar is baar to World stage pe karna parega. Nahin to patli gulli se nikalna parega biru!
  9. The most overrated cricket superstar I have ever witnessed. A born cheat, eating balls like apples, defacing the pitch with his spikes, need I go on? Do take ka tailunt...nothing more than a hack wrote a book? Saale ko English nahin ataa ...kuchh bhi bol diya ghost writer ne like diya. At least Gambhir played the game with sincerity and passion. Afretard name suits him just right ... or as Gambhir called him Maa ki chuuut Maa ki laode!!
  10. Kapil and Sachin are my top two. It is hard to judge Kapil because there is no footage, but the wicket as seaming and he came in 7 for 5. But the bowling was Zimbabwe. Sachin's knock basically knocked the Humdullah out of Pakistan and a superior bowling attack, but on a more batting friendly pitch. I voted for Sach.
  11. Audiophile

    Is Mamta Banerjee's West Bengal becoming a mini Pakistan?

    Dil Dil Kolkata! Inshallah Kolkata, Mashallah Kolkata! Korbo lorbo katbo!
  12. Audiophile

    Who was the most under-achieved Indian batsmen of all time?

    Sandeep Patil did not have the technique to survive tough conditions. He had a brief period of brilliance in the erly 80s. Jimmy definitely had a longer and more lasting impact than Patil. Vishwanath and Laxman were indeed better batsmen, but they were not underrated. They had their moments of glory and people talk about them in high regard. Same with Sehwag, the best FTB I have ever seen.
  13. Audiophile

    Who was the most under-achieved Indian batsmen of all time?

    None in the list. It is Mohinder Amarnath. That dude knew how to play quicks and spin. Solid technique, albeit a slow player. Viv Richards hailed him as the best player against fast bowling after the India in WI 1982-83 series. He was one of main stays during the WC 1983 win. Too bad, he was grossly inconsistent. The same player in the home series against WI in 1983-84 scored several ducks and got dropped. In fact, getting in and out of the Indian national team was a regular act for him. Once he called the selectors "a bunch of jokers." Also a straight shooter. As a selector wanted to drop Dhoni as test kaptaan after the disastrous overseas tours post WC 2011, but Srini mama came to the rescue and he Jharkhandi ruled for another 2 years before he quit on his own. Jimmy does not suck up to people, that is probably why he is not around as a BCCI babu!
  14. TBB = Trundler Bowling Bully!

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