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  1. Jaroor karke aaya hoga aaj! Chhakke mein dum tha!
  2. How many times you see a batsman score 90 and fans are like ... meh!
  3. Radududu is an aggressive form of cancer! canceryudu!
  4. Those sixes may not clear in Inglaterra.
  5. My subscription is still good until Feb 27, but will not watch T-tontees
  6. Actually if they play like this they might get to 160 odd if they can stick around. None has the technique or to bash around when the ball is moving!
  7. Make that two! And few to come in England before an unceremonious exit!
  8. England is looking at this and saying we just need have some movement in the pitch. Game set match and India will exit early in the WC. Bewda split open. Phuck de India!
  9. Nah, they will be gone too. This will be another 90 odd score. India has disguised to be good side so far on pattas.
  10. Phucker has no technique. Standing on the crease and slapping the ball. Arre Khotta, move those giant thighs!!
  11. Dhoni wrapper on pads! Chewyt can’t play any movement.
  12. India has NO chance in WC!! None...nada.
  13. India is Chewtiya, always has been, always will be when ball is talking
  14. Gill has been disappointing! India getting split open like raw scab.
  15. Why we persist with do takey players like Radududu and DK when we have capable batsman in the shed is beyond me!
  16. Too early to judge, but his technique did not seem that compact. He seemed calm at the crease. Hopefully, he will come through given more chances.

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