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  1. There is a way to lose. This is not it. This is getting raw dogged!
  2. Audiophile

    Every cloud has a sliver lining

    We had gun players like Raina, Yuvi and Dhoni in the middle lineup. Now we have Radududu, Jhadav, Useless Dhoni/faltu Karthik which does not inspire any confidence. In 2011, we played at home. Now we will be playing in England where the new white ball will swing and we will be brutally exposed. None of our players play swing!
  3. Audiophile

    I accept Dhoni as the Lord and Savior

    Even the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost can’t match the aura of the Great Jharkhandi!! Without Him, this team is NOT WORTHY!
  4. If our top three of all misfire, we will get spilt open and raw dogged in the mild English Summer of 2019. Actually Bewda may actually enjoy it!
  5. Aiii Lo, Jharkhandi kahan hain ji? Vishnu ka avatar ko bahar phekh rehe ho? Chhi chhi chhi. Shaap lag jayegi. Ram Ram!
  6. This loss wipes away all the progress in the last matches. In fact it opens up the wounds that if the top order misfires and Kohli is not there or fails, game over! These phuckers could not score even 100? Throw Radududu and Karthik out of the team. And finally, Phuck Bewda! With Kohli gone, these phuckers came to Hamilton all cocky and shyt. Complacent, no game plan. Got raw dogged by the Kiwis! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  7. Kohli tereko “karke” aana chahiye tha!
  8. Gaari se bahaar aake bawaal karna Indian men with some fame are so phucking self-entitled!!!
  9. Radududu saying to ump thoda biryani du?
  10. I want to see Kohli ton today. NZ please post a 280 score
  11. Both Jhadav and Radududu are faltu fielders. At least Jhadav can bat and bowl a bit!
  12. Pandya’s catch proves that everyone will in the team should “karke” come to the field! Oh the benefits of “karna”!
  13. Pandya achcha daal rahan hain, Subah subah zaroor karke hoga. Kya catch Liya!
  14. Man the stump mics are picking way too much. Hope the karne wala don’t start saying karne wali stories!
  15. Audiophile

    Lara-Tendulkar Trophy

    Change Border-Gavaskar trophy to Johnson-Johnson or Johnson^2 trophy. Named after Mitchell Johnson and our legendary phassht legend David Johnson! Now the awesome name itself will strike fear into the batsman to force them to protect their Johnsons for dear life!
  16. I seriously think Jharkhandi is the second coming of Christ, the modern day incarnation of Lord Krishna and Buddha all rolled in one!
  17. Even though we make fun, but you cannot ignore the experience of Dhoni. Risabh May be more flamboyant, but he still raw for a important tournament like WC. I am OK with Jharkhandi in the team.

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