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  1. Audiophile

    Who is fastest bowler in the world?

    ATG material!
  2. Audiophile

    Who is fastest bowler in the world?

    Nobody can ever beat David Johnson!
  3. Hamdullah, I got me a beekeeper!
  4. This should not be allowed. It is a public security issue.
  5. Audiophile

    Your favorite cricketers

    By favorite I mean cricketers I would stay up to watch TV or go to the ground: Past: Gavaskar, SRT, Viv, Malcolm Marshall, McGrath Current: Kohli, Pujara, Rahane (only when in form)
  6. Audiophile

    Australia name squad for India tour

    Not watching staying up all night.
  7. India’s T20 team is even worse than the ODI team. But this is tamasha kirkut, is there any point in getting serious about it?
  8. Audiophile

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    I am definitely not a fanboy! I make fun of him all the time that he underachieved. But you have to praise what is praiseworthy. Respect!
  9. Audiophile

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    One against McGrath in the ODI during the 2000-2001 series is just as good if not better. I think David Hookes commentating said about his shotmaking “put it in a bottle and take it with you”
  10. Audiophile

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    True. Virat has grit and enough technique to make him a ATG. He definitely trumps SRT in the fierce attitude. However, technically SRT is the better batsman. However, looking at Steve Smith we all know that by itself does not measure your success.
  11. Audiophile

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    That is a big difference. Kohli, albeit a great batsman, does not have the skill or the confidence to punch off the back foot through the covers. That I think was Tendulkar’s extra capability.
  12. Auss handed to Bewda and the Poyzz! However, I can’t get worked up about tamasha tontee tontee kirkut! The format is too short to make a recovery if thing do go right at the start.
  13. Make Jharkhandi come in at no 3. The bessht tailunt against phasst moving bowl. Radudu useless Dudu at any position. Make him the water boy Dudu!
  14. Audiophile

    Whether west bengal is the sick man of india ???

    I do not vote for toads!
  15. Audiophile

    Whether west bengal is the sick man of india ???

    Dude, I don’t vote in Indian elections. I am a Amreekan ceeeteegen for years now! West Bengal has always been the shyt hole state of India in my lifetime. Growing up it was Jyoti Basu and his CPI(M) and now it is stupid Mamata and her Trinamool goons! No economic development, pandering to the minorities. The Bengali race has become complacent, weak and used to status quo. All they are good at is whining and meaningless gossips (Addas). There was a time during my pre-independence when Bengal showed the way in freedom fight, arts, etc. Now it is a joke of the nation.
  16. Audiophile

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    SRT was the most classical batsman I have ever seen. His stroke making all around the wicket was just pure, something out of a instruction manual. His balance and footwork is something you teach young kids aspiring to be a good batsman. Growing up watching Gavaskar and Viv Richards gave me the same feeling, but SRT was a cut above. Nonetheless, even with his enormous potential, I still think he underachieved in separating himself from the rest of the ATGs. But that does not diminish the fact that I loved watching him bat the most.
  17. Audiophile

    Stand Up for Ambati Rayudu-Thread

    Radudu ... angry dudu .... useless dudu ... chucker dudu!
  18. Audiophile

    Whom will u drop from WC squad?.

    Rayudu.... useless Dudu hot headed Dudu
  19. Audiophile

    Shami in 2019 ODI's

    Texting ka Kamaal!
  20. Audiophile

    I accept Dhoni as the Lord and Savior

    Jharkhandi won the match yesterday with his cosmic skills by running Neesham out! Jai Chhote Vishnu!!
  21. You’re probably right. NZ should win unless they have brain fades.
  22. Karke achcha khela. Jao abhi dobara karke achcha bowling karo

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