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  1. Not much is expected from Trump who is a bumbling idiot. He has reacted late. To him the loss of Americans is no big deal as long as the stock market stays up. He started paying attention only when the stock market started tanking. Even then, false bravado about in 15 days there will be no one sick, etc etc. What a colossal idiot. Thrusting himself in press conferences every day, contradicting experts with information he pulls out his auss, arguing with reporters. I have stopped watching. Chewtiya president, no ifs and buts about it. BTW, blood of half of the dead is on his hands. Like he gives a phuck. Phucker has got good genes, eats shyt and still kicking. Got exposed to Corona, still did not get sick. Karma does not apply to this chewyt.
  2. Bwahahahahahaha take that quantum, swing it hard, get some momentum and push it deep up your ausshole so that it comes out of your mouth. Now rinse and repeat!
  3. Modi’s idiocy knows no bounds. Did he team up with Prem Jyotish? Then his equally idiot Bhakts took his clue and lit up the sky with firecrackers. Half the pollution gains have been negated by burning gunpowder!
  4. You may have seen footage of this knock, but this is first time I am seeing ths particular version:
  5. Pre 1970 we just do not much visual evidence to make good judgements. I think post 1970 the quality of bowling and hence batting was better. Again, this is my perception. No one amongst us really witnessed pre-1970s cricket. Video footage is poor and you have to go by experts and players of that era. Post 1970s you can decide for yourself a lot easier.
  6. Depends on the definition of complete or perfect. I do not think perfect is even a fair attribute, because all the bowlers had some weakness. No one had everything. In terms of completeness, given that all bowlers had some flaws, the one that had the least weakness in any area, my choice would be Malcolm Marshall. He had pace, movement, ability to generate bounce from just short of good length and the fear factor. Also had a fluid run up and open chested easy action. Obviously, he was effective and stingy with an average of 20.94. In terms of completeness, he edges past McGrath because if there was one weakness McGrath had was lack of frightening pace. He never had it. But he made up for it with precision and nagging line and length and good bounce because of his height. He is still my best fast bowler of all time. He has dominated the world’s best batsman of his time, performed on all conditions, and have been clutch time and time again.
  7. Until we get the new superbug. If no changes are made, this will happen more often.
  8. Pehle Corona ko sambhalo, Baad mein chhutti ki chinta kariyo, theek hain?
  9. Bingo! Demontization was a colossal failure. I get that I am not the best judge of Modi being in the USA, but I know many folks in India who follow politics, have no agenda and think he has done zilch. Just becasue you have a good idea means nothing if the execution is horribly flawed. That is the issue with him. And then they deflect attention with all the other dramebaazi. Like Trump, Modi is a polarizing figure and people like that have cult like following. You cannot reason with these bhakts. They cannot see through the fog. Unlike Trump who I despise as a human being, I do not have any issues with Modi the person. I think he is genuinely nice guy, but he has not delivered on his promises. Also there are plenty of examples where someone has succeeded at the state level, but failed at the national level. That is the case with him. In the US, George W. Bush was a similar example where he was the Governor of Texas before he ran for President.
  10. India has way more cases than reported because there is not enough testing. Plus this one has not even peaked yet both in USA and India. Don't get too comfy as shyt could hit the fan very easily. BTW, I would never say that it was handled well in the US at the beginning. Trump ignored it and bungled it up. Only now, he has come around and listening to the experts. We could have up to 250,000 dead!! India could easily top that. The only thing going for India is the weather. It is much warmer there. In US it will take another 45 days before it gets warm all over.
  11. You mean the poor people who were getting sprayed with disinfectant like animals and critters? Forget flaw, everyone has them. This guy is a phucking disaster. The only difference between him and Trump is that he has a more pleasing personality and probably a decent person in his personal life. Otherwise, they are two incompetent peas in a pod!
  12. Russians and Chinese are worse than US. Modi is a moron who is only good at stirring up communal tensions and kissing Do-Lund’s auss. Every time he implements a policy, it turns out to be a disaster.
  13. The WI of the late 70s/early 80s were the best test team I have ever seen. Better than the Aus team of late 90s/early 00s. They had everything, batting, bowling, fielding and top notch captaincy from Lloyd. The only chink in the armor was spin bowling although Gomes and Richards were better than part timers. Obviously they did not miss it, because they thrashed teams on the subcontinent.
  14. When the Aussies thrashed the WI in the 1975-76 tour, the WI team had not fully flourished yet. Holding was raw, there was no Garner or Marshall. The only established genuine pace was Roberts. Plus Viv was starting to make his mark. If the series had taken place in 1980 or ealrly 80s, it would have been labelled the greatest test series ever with WI have an edge because they would have a quatret of fearsome pace vs only two for Aus Lillee and Thommo and maybe Pascoe (who on his day was very fast).
  15. I am hearing **** is gonna explode in the middle of the country (where I am)!!
  16. Akhshay is trying to say to his ilk, Bhondsrike itna paisaa leke kidhar jaaoge marne ke baad? Madarchodo nikalo batuaa aaur zabardst donate karo apne desh ke liye!!
  17. How would it have been percieved if a Hijra in full make-up carried drinks out on the field?
  18. Hating the rich is universal. Come and spend some time in USA, you will hear non-stop from liberals how the rich are milking the system, some of which is true. However, the uber-rich in US donate far more than their counterparts in India (even if you think is terms of rupees).
  19. China should be undermined as much as possible. I support any initiative to marginalize these fcukfaces! The Chinese authoratarian govt is lying about the number of people affected and dead from this Wuhan Chinese virus.
  20. I do not think Modi does anything with proper planning. First the demonitization and now this. In the mean time, he is keen to kiss Do-lund Trump's posterior to the Wahit House!
  21. For Bewda, the Corona symptoms are different!
  22. Trump will do ghanta. Just because he wants to open the economy does not mean shyt. This lock down will go down for 2-3 months minimum. Most likely it won’t get better before the end of this year, if we are lucky. I think the world is *ed for a while. Economy will go into a Great Recession again, might even be a Great Depression if everyone is stuck at home.
  23. This reminds me of the beat down we used to get at boarding school!
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