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  1. dandaroy

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    Hmm cuckold, cream pie .... too many visits to Pornhub, eh? Abhi bas kar. ***** ko thora rest they.
  2. bhainchodo, kam dham nahin hain kya? It is a stupid TV show. BFD. Get over it. Go fight the poverty, castism, or many ills that affect the Indian society.
  3. Afretard taming the African King? Sorry he is a pathetic excuse of a human being. That lion looks drugged. Afretard truly living up to his name maderchaud!
  4. Hamdullah, they escaped embarassment because of a short series.
  5. dandaroy

    If Pakistan win the second test....

    Padosis caught England napping in the first test of the season. They got thumped in the second test which shows they ain't special. If this was a 3 test series they would have lost and if this was a 4 or 5 test series, Masallah ... Hamdullah ... Inshallah, they would have been embrassased.
  6. dandaroy

    Congratulations to Pakistan

    That is the problem. If and only if .... I never said India cannot win, but it either their preparation or team selection or something else.
  7. dandaroy

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    Mixing of races creates beautiful woman, I think.
  8. dandaroy

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    At OP, the Norwegian women are phucking you because they may view you as a collector item: you know darker skin, uncircumcised penis and average or below average size. Curiosity makes them want to have sex with you especially when you are overcompensating for your pencil deek by humping furiously like a jack rabbit!! j/k
  9. dandaroy

    Congratulations to Pakistan

    Bruh, past records speak of future performance. What happened in SA tour in tests after all the talk this SA team is weak. By the time India managed to salvage something, it was lost cause. I have been watching Indian cricket for a LONG time. Talk to me after the test series is over.
  10. dandaroy

    Congratulations to Pakistan

    Pakistan has done what Phuck De India will never achieve. Kohli with his injury will make it even more improbable. England will shake this off and be ready for India.
  11. dandaroy

    My SRT tattoo

    where is the Hijra version?
  12. dandaroy

    Saeed Anwar

    Mcgrath and Anderson's bunny; for his stature hardly scored knocks when the team needed in the 2nd innings. Great underachiever - that is H's main flaw.
  13. dandaroy

    Arnab Goswami takes Afridi to town!

    It's a joke how this is allowed on tv. I amazed how the moderator keeps his voice and his job shouting like this. I bet you in real life he would be bitch slapped if he shouted at others at that high level.
  14. dandaroy

    Ask me about Australia.

    +1 Gotcha!

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