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  1. E ka hua bhai. Mera Dil Dil Pakistan haar gaya!! Humdullah, Humdullah!!!
  2. Abe ghochu gnawaar, tu saala test cricket khel nahin sakta. Aankh ke kya loada ghusake rakkha hain? Jaake replay dekh kaise goro-ko slip mein catching practice di!!
  3. dandaroy

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    After King Kong split your bewda avatar wide open, everyone is so hyped up to know one thing. How does a split Bewda sit on a chair in the pavilion for 6+ hrs? Eager minds want to know. I feel for the chair!!!
  4. dandaroy

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    Bewda has got his mojo going after the monstrous phuck from the Mighty Kong. He will tear your Pakistani ausses apart tomorrow, Inshallah, Mashallah, Hamdullah!!!!
  5. I want India to lose and lose BIG! I want Bewda to be phucked again by Hamdullah; the Mighty Kong was not enough! Phuck De Bewda!!
  6. dandaroy

    Are shock defeats painful to this side?

    Nope. Nothing is painful any more to the Bewda once he has been phucked by the Mighty Kong. His ausshole is wide as wide can be!!
  7. dandaroy

    How Shameful is this??

    Welcome to the dark world of Bewda. Phucked by the Mighty Kong!!!
  8. Man, I wanted India to lose so that Bewda could be humilliated! It was a moral defeat even though it was a win. If Bewda thinks highly of moral victories in England, will he accept that getting morally phucked by the Mighty Kong will be worse than a meek win? Things that make you go hmmm...
  9. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA India is so miserable they cannot score against Hong Kong? King Kong phucked Bewda!!
  10. Sadly the only people who will make noise are the ones not in charge. Patethic state of Indian cricket. Phuck de Bewda!
  11. dandaroy

    Rant by an Indian fan against Shastri bot and co

    "bokachoda shourer bachha" .....Bong rant! However, Bewda absolutely deserves all the gaalis he is throwing out. He is pond scum!
  12. dandaroy

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    A loss is a loss. There are no moral victories for fans. They sucked in 2011, 2014 and in 2018. Moral victories are to be taken internally by each player and the team management to assess how they have performed and what they could have done better. However, in the end the record books will say 1-4 thrashing in England ... AGAIN! Phuck de India ... Jai Hind!
  13. He was probably the most selfish batsman in the history of cricket that has made some runs. Now he talks big about technique, etc.
  14. Blocked his way to the average. Look at his strike rate (not sure if data is there, but I would be shocked if it was above 20). Ask Ian Chappell about Boycott and he will go on a rant about how useless Boycott was.

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