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  1. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    WTF is that Nagin dance? Too cheesy even for a Razzie! I thought Bang-bros liked Tigers!! I think their logo should be deek going into a bent over auss since they like to get phucked all the time.
  2. The greatest nagin dance done by a cricketer

    Watch Sunny’s story about Miandad on Kapil Sharma’s show: “yeh tera loom number kya hain, loom number?”
  3. The greatest nagin dance done by a cricketer

    That is how he countered the Windies fire. Like a slimy serpent!! Seriously, if I could spend a few minutes with any cricketer, I would choose Sunny by a country mile. As young kid growing up in India, he gave me joy and inspiration. He may have a lot of flaws, but he was truly a great cricketer given India's standing in world cricket at that time. And for a old man, he seem to be very jovial and loves to let his guard off. He is the opposite of stand-off ish.
  4. Karthik vs Saha

    DK is miles better than Saha. We keeps well and is a better bat. I am not sure why DK is not our choice for tests, ODI and T20. Saha aur Jharkhandi ko bhagao abhi!!
  5. Sheru thought in Ravaana land they can corner second string Rama and conquer. Instead Bagh-mama was given a thorough beat down!!!
  6. With Karthik playing like this, why do we need Jharkhandi in T20 and even ODI? Jharkhandi
  7. BANG-BROS got phucked! But don't they all the time? After all, they are BANG-BROS!!
  8. Sheru Ram ko maar diya; abhi khane ka time!!
  9. bahi koi streaming site hain to batao!!
  10. Sheru bhai aaj Ram to ko khayega!!
  11. Telford sex-grooming scandal

    Dil Dil Pakistan!! The greatest country, the greatest people following the religion of peace!!
  12. One thing is for sure. The wife knows how to air out dirty laundry in public!!
  13. If domestic violence is the issue, then he should be banned. If it is a extra-marital affair, then it is a personal matter. Either way, he is phucked big time. Hard to shake this off.
  14. Kapil’s average is great considering he bowled on fast bowlers’ graveyard on Indian pitches in the late 70s and early 80s. Outfields were in horrendous shape back then, and players used to avoid sliding as it would peel the skin from the flesh!! So the ball got scuffed up on all sides pretty quickly. And unlike the the Pak brethren he did not resort to ball tampering to aid him. Considering the rest of the Indian bowlers, he was head and shoulders above his generation. If he was born in the current era, he would have had more pace and a better average and could have been a ATG on bowling alone. Kapil and Sunny showed the way for the rest of India how to bat and bowl against quality teams back then when we were not that good. Just think of this, if Pak trio of Imran, Waqar and Wasim did not resort to ball tampering as much as they did, what would their legacy be. Would their record be as good as it was? In the 1982-83 series, Imran ran circles around the Indian batsman with prodigious movement, a lot of which have been alleged to massive ball tampering. These Pakistani madarchods have no shame!!
  15. 20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    Sadly for someone hailed as the modern day Bradman, and the next best thing since sliced bread, these moments were few and between in his illustratious, but definitely nowhere near Bradmanesque career!!

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