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  1. This is why he will never attain the aura of a Tendulkar or Lara. They were above this pettiness. This attitude is cheap, infantile and Trump-like.
  2. dandaroy

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    The golden thing to come out of Bollywood is the music. I do not follow the current ones, but music from the 50s through the 80s have a lot of real gems. It provides me a lot of listening pleasure listening to Kishore, Asha, Lata, Mukesh and Mohd Rafi. I think R.D. Burman is the greatest music director that India has ever produced.
  3. Absolutely it can. He is not inhuman. SRT played with the expectations of more than a billion people way more than Kohli will. However, it does not diminish latter's capability as a player. Kohli has clearly shown to be a better clutch player and probably mentally a bit stronger than SRT. It has to do with one's character. SRT was a gentle soul who relied on his talent primarily and secondarily his grit and mental strength. Kohli is a tough SOB who does not take shyt from anyone. That provides an extra edge to his determination. Of course that does not mean he does not have talent. He has it in loads. Toughness without any talent would not have resulted in such success for him so far.
  4. In England prior to this series he played a couple knocks including the 91 in Oval, but never seemed to be at ease. In this series in Aus, he played with real fluency in first 4 innings of the series and scored 73 and 80 in two of them. After that it progressively went downhill from there for him. Seems to me that if he had got his 100th hundred in any of these two innings, his record post 2011 WC would have been different (his average was almost 57 before the England tour!!). The pressure of scoring the 100th hundred just wore him down and finally lead to his decline. Also feel like if the first test was won, things would have been different for India. But you can see in this series, it finally came crashing down for all the "maharathis" who served us well in the 2000s. I have been critical of SRT especially for his decision to hang around too long, and for his lack of significant contribution when the chips were down, but I must admit that of all the batsman, I loved watching him the most. Growing up watching Gavaskar play was a source of joy, and Kohli is very good, but no one has/had the array of strokes, the pure classical batsmanship, especially of the backfoot, that I have enjoyed more. Kohli can become an ATG, but he will never achieve the aura that SRT had even if Kohli surpasses all of SRT's record. Some of it has to do with how he carries himself on/off the field also. Also the pioneers are always held to a higher regard than folks who follow.
  5. dandaroy

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    Gopal baba, I used to watch a lot of this trash when I was younger and did not know anything better. However, we used to have an art film industry even as late as the early 90s which produced excellent films. Sadly that is all gone. Btw, a lot of Hollywood movies are also crap. But compared to Bollywood they are miles better.
  6. dandaroy

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    Bollywood is utter trash! Guttersnipe material.
  7. Anyone who is willing to take Bewda down, even for partisan reasons, is a friend of mine. Bewda is pond scum!
  8. I think during the golden era of the Gupta period, sexual expression may have been at its peak. I hear people were phucking like minks! Then the mullahs came and ruined everything.
  9. dandaroy

    #MeToo India 2.0

  10. dandaroy

    #MeToo India 2.0

    @velu why hasn't Urvashi Rautela commented on this casting couch, #me too stuff yet?
  11. dandaroy

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Did you not learn punctuation in school?
  12. dandaroy

    #MeToo India 2.0

    It is classic reverse gender discrimination. The males, especially in India, have had a death grip over the other gender and now as the grip is slipping, they cry foul. Oh the poor soul of these men having to look at women with skimpy outfits and not be able to molest them or having to cover up in front of a woman. Oh the horror, the horror!
  13. dandaroy

    #MeToo India 2.0

    You lack basic comprehension about the power structure between an employer and a employee or between two employees. In your house, a maid is your employee. Go find a maid who is going to be comfortable you parading around naked or semi-naked inside the house. Otherwise, if you maid creates a fuss, learn to deal with it. In a mall, the guards, sales clerk, sweepers, do not work for the average mall goer. There is no employee-employer relationship between the two kinds. If someone is wearing skimpy clothes, that person is not in the power structure that affects the mall employee. However, if one sales clerk comes to work wearing skimpy clothes and other employees or his/her employer feels uncomfortable, then there is a problem because it is happening in THEIR work environment. This is not the same as an average mall goer and someone who works at the mall. Looks like this is a bit too much for your backward mind. So let's just end the debate here. Please continue to look at the other gender through your myopic eyes, but rest assured that women are not ready to bark any more at your command necessarily. Times are changing.
  14. dandaroy

    #MeToo India 2.0

    What? LOL ... There is big difference between workplace and and public place like a market or a mall. You are more than welcome to wear a tight fitting short and sleeveless t-shirt, or take the buttons off your shirt showing your hairy chest in a market . Trust me, no one will come and tell you to button it up. Now if you whip out your penis, then it is a matter of public decency and indecent exposure. I do not think the women who are wearing a skimpy outfits (although it may not be what you approve of) are whipping out their titties or showing her privates! Showing a bit of cleavage is accepted in today's modern society (we do not live in medieval times), but not in a workplace. And for men who are complaining, there is nothing preventing you from showing your cleavage (like showing your toned body or wearing really tight jeans showing off the tight butt or other muscles). Trust me, no one will tell you it is not appropriate. If you do not understand the difference between being in a publice place and a workplace, there I can't make you understand it. If you are uncomfortable someone wearing clothes you do not approve of in a public place, do not look at them or move to another area. In a workplace, you have to be there and you may have to work with that person. The level of comfort needed in a workplace is much more important than in a public place like a mall.

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