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  1. Though the ranking is a bit silly, but the important point is that for a developing nation and the most powerful country in South Asia that has emnormous potential, the status of women in Indian society especially in lower middle class and poor is abhorrent. Constant news of rape of minors is a clear indicator that something is wrong with the pysche of the Indian men. No matter how sexually repressed one is, but to rape a helpless woman, that too a minor, is just plain grisly. I guess you have to be a extreme sexual deviant, or think of the female gender as subhuman or an object to be able to justify doing that. After all, some of these cretins have their own families ... wife and kids.
  2. dandaroy

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    It will be 4-1 or 5-0 for England. Mark my word!
  3. dandaroy

    Clearly an imbalanced side.

    Kuch nahin hone wala
  4. I keep hearing about these phaaasshhttt bowlers, where the Phuck are they?
  5. dandaroy

    Pandya needs to pull his socks up.

    All he has to do is learn chuski from the veterans and his place in the team is secured for good!!!
  6. dandaroy

    Epic Humiliation

    Abe tum log itna expectation kyu rakte ho? Phuck de India barabbar chewtiya raha hain, chewtiya hain aur future mein chewtiya rahega. Yeh team ki maksad hain. Abhi ODI series haarne ke baad, bohut kuch din rahe gaya test series mein flop karne ke liye. Jharkhandi aur Kalli ko thora chuski karne do hai hai Shastri ka!
  7. It is embarrassing to see this team play.
  8. ... and getting ready to pummel Phuck De India in the tests! Long live the Queen!
  9. dandaroy

    Congrats to Inglaterra on winning the ODI series!!

    Pakistan is better than India at the moment. This Indian team is going to embarrass us next year on World stage!! Lots of baggage in this team.
  10. Why is India always Phuck De? I mean India never ceases to amaze me with their sheer incompetence and stupidity. It must be in the genes!!
  11. Yeh game to Gaya. Start of the usual collapse of the Indian team on overseas tours that we have seen so many times. With the ODI series lost 1-2, the test series will also be lost 3-1.
  12. The real kaptaan has biatch at the crease.
  13. Kya gaaandu logon, kaisa lag raha hain yeh chewtiyapa?
  14. Mark my words, India will not win the WC in England next year. Nope, not gonna happen with this team and Jharkhandi behind the wicket.
  15. Yes instead of playing kirkut, they will put on a show on the pitch center stage at Lords. Kohli-Shastri-Jharkhandi threesome!
  16. dandaroy

    Congrats to Dhoni on scoring 10,000 ODI Runs

    Just like the H tarnished his legacy by playing 2.5 years too long, the Jharkhandi has completely destroyed his legacy by playing past 2012.
  17. dandaroy

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    Dhoni is not going anywhere. He is already 60 years old. He will play another 20 years and die at 80 behind the wickets.
  18. dandaroy

    Lords ODI should be investigated

    Jharkhandi looks 60 years old. He was past his prime in 2014. He is playing just for himself and for the money. I would not be surprised a bit if he is match fixing for the Biharis.
  19. If I were the captain, I'd drop him immediately for this "Jharkhandi" knock and bring in KKD or Pant as the ODI wicketkeeper. He may be one of the biggest liabilities in the team.
  20. I call this innings a "Jharkhandi". There is no other way to describe it.
  21. Jharkhandi scores his meaningless 10,000 th run. Boy, the phucker looks 60 years old with that white stubble!!

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