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  1. Drop DK and bring in Pant next test. Better let the youngster learn the hard way. DK is useless behind the wicket and with the bat.
  2. Man did not even last one over
  3. Here I went to bed telling myself I will not set any alarm, just wake up when I wake up. I ate something bad yesterday and I am up at 2 am (game starts at 4 am my time) because of stomach hurting. WTF? BTW, all depends on this last pair. Once on of them go, so goes the match! Not sure why the tweets indicate India are favorites. Must be to jinx India.
  4. dandaroy

    Team for test 2

    Only when it comes to the Indian cricket team. Otherwise I am as gentlemanly as they come. I swear!! I keep telling myself one day I will completely divorce myself from following the team, but sadly that day has not come yet!! Strange as it may sound, I do not swear in real life!! BTW, thanks for looking up the word and educating me, I really appreciate it. The word I knew was Tourette's syndrome which is the same thing. Thank god, I do not have it!
  5. dandaroy

    Predict India’s 2nd innings score...

    I am not waking for this shyt. I am in Mountain Time, and hopefully, when I wake up, India will be bundled out and chuski of Shastri for 2nd test will be in full swing!
  6. dandaroy

    Predict India’s 2nd innings score...

    145 all out
  7. this is the match. if Virat goes, so goes India. What a pathetic situation to be in to be so dependent on one player. The rest are paper chewyts!
  8. Virat you should be in pretty soon! Rahul is a goner already!
  9. The collapse has started gaaandu logon!
  10. This match is gone. Too many runs given. Target will be near 200 and India will capitulate.
  11. Ok pissant is Back to his form!!
  12. If the target gets over 150, then India will collapse.
  13. Ee ka chewtiyapa bhai, Pissant on Fire?? Did the sun rise from the West!
  14. dandaroy

    Predictions - D3

    england 290/4. Game set match for day 4. Jai Ho Kohli, but Phuck De India!
  15. You can't blame Kohli for the missed chances. Yes he was lucky, but sometime fortune favors the brave. Many players have gone on to score big after they are let off. Gavaskar was left off 4 times in an innings in WI tour of 1970-71. There is no doubt that he is determined to score in England and after a nervous start, he did make some adjustments with batting out of his crease and playing late under his eyes. When was the last time we had a player that basically brought us back into the game single-handedly from a losing position? I think last time was VVS Laxman who did this with some consistency. I agree about the rest with you. Bunch of jokers in the team. Very disappointing.
  16. Oh yeah. Indians will struggle to score anything over 150 unless Kohli fires again. Too much to expect from one player!
  17. Could not have said it better myself. This team is full of baggage with the lone man Kohli in batting and Ashwin to some extent with bowling. I cannot believe Nasser said they needed 500 against India. Are you phucking kidding me? If kohli did not survive those two chances (the first one was easy), this match would be over now.
  18. the chewts are back and sucking has started.
  19. Take a bow. He literally fought his team back into the match single handedly. Now can the others stand up and take responsibility? I don't think so. This is a one man team!
  20. Take a bow. He literally fought his team back into the match single handedly. Now can the other chewyts stand up and take responsibility? I don't think so. This is a one man team!
  21. By the time he hangs up, he will. He is already proven himself to be a more valuable player to the team.
  22. dandaroy

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    This innings just amazing. He single handedly brought India back into the match. What a player!
  23. dandaroy

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    That's a bit over the top. Kohli may not have the technique of Sachin, but he has been a much more valuable player to the team than SRT ever has. When SRT played, VVS was the MVP of the team. Kohli's determination and fierce attitude is the reason for his success. By the time he is done, I think Kohli would have surpassed Sachin in terms of value to the Indian team. And this is coming from someone who idolized Gavaskar and loved seeing Sachin play. However, when the chips are down Sachin has not delivered compared to his talent.

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