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  1. He was probably the most selfish batsman in the history of cricket that has made some runs. Now he talks big about technique, etc.
  2. Blocked his way to the average. Look at his strike rate (not sure if data is there, but I would be shocked if it was above 20). Ask Ian Chappell about Boycott and he will go on a rant about how useless Boycott was.
  3. True that. Gambhir is hardly a rubbish player. When he was doing well, he played some valuable knocks for India between 2008 - 2011. I remember the knock in SA in 2010-11 and also saving a test in NZ in 2009. True, he was known as pokemon for his habit of poking outside the off stump, but this footage was when he was way past his prime. It's a bit rich coming from Boycott. The most boring batsman in the history of test cricket. Phucker was once dropped from the team for playing too slow. I have seen Boycott play, could put even a young man to sleep. And phucker has the audacity to compare himself to Gavaskar.
  4. dandaroy

    [VIDEO] Japanese Woman Eats 2.5 kg of Indian Food in 25 Minutes

    I had an uncle in Kolkata who could binge eat like this. 50 pieces of fish, 100 rasgullas, etc in one sitting. Whenever he was invited to a party or a marriage ceremony it would be a spectacle. His wife hated it. One time when he was in his twenties he had a bet with my dad and ate 80 bananas in one sitting. He was shitting continuously for the next two days. One time he was helping out with a friend's wedding and due to torrential rain the number of guests who came for the wedding and the meal was half of what was anticipated. The friend's Dad asked my uncle and some other young guys if they could finish up the excess food. He ate so much that he barely made it home, knocked on the door, got to the first bed he could make it and passed out from overeating. Sadly, abuse of the digestive system caught up with him as he got older. He died fairly young in his mid 50s of multiple ailments arising out of hypertension, diabetes and a host of other issues.
  5. dandaroy

    What our batsmen can expect in Australia !!!

    We are good against ghanta. Just wait and see how Starc, Cummins and Hazelwood make these idiots dance. Indian batsmen in their current form can't bat against swing, seam, pace, bounce and spin (except Kohli to some extent). Only pattas. Just wait for a few month and get back to me. Once the quicks make their balls hurt, then Lyons will spin webs around them. With Bewda at the helm of affairs and Bubble Boy blind with arrogance, NOTHING will change. NOTHING!!!!
  6. dandaroy

    No sympathy for ‘rude’ Australians from Moeen Ali

    That’s so lame and so white trash! Actually some of the Aussie players are textbook bullies: push people around especially the weak, but as soon as you fight back, they turn into snowflakes! Warner is worst example. Remember when was making fun of DeKock, abusing his last name and then got all hot and bothered when DeKock said something about his wife. When you make personal abuse, your entire phucking family is open for abuse back ... ausshole! Another example was McGrath, getting all worked up when Sarwan made a reference to his wife. That’s what you get when you ask how Lara’s penis tastes like. The fact that his wife was a cancer victim became irrelevant at that moment. Don’t abuse people personally and then not expect that you won’t receive it!!
  7. Arre bolne do na Bewda ko. Bechara Asia Cup mein Bubbloo beta ko miss kar raha Hoga. Akhir nayee jodi hain. Gham mein barbara raha hain sharabi! chal Bewda, aur bol - Bubbloo aur tune kiss kiss ki gaaand mari?
  8. Yuvi was great until 2011, but his time has past. Biru, aur ek do I Pee L mein paise Kama le. Uske baad retire karo.
  9. dandaroy

    Series positives?

    Bewda-Bubbloo Beta ka prem katha
  10. Kuch nahin hone wale. Bewda and the Bubble Boy has taken firm grip over the BCCI babus. Doomsday ahead. Never underestimate the power of a sharabi auss in heat! Who needs Nimrata Kaur when Bewda has Bubbloo Beta?
  11. dandaroy

    Ganguly dismissal at '99 Chennai Test..

    Because Pak are born cheaters, Dunn was on Dawood’s payroll and Ramaswamy was a pussy?
  12. Now Sunnyji sticks up for Bewda and the Bubble Boy!!
  13. Abe, I apologize when I am wrong unlike our Bubbloo beta!
  14. McGrath may be the best pace bowler of all time. What he did with his nagging line and length and bounce because of his height was remarkable. And unlike Anderson he has succeeded in all conditions against all opponents!! The two bowlers that I rate consistently over the others are Malcolm Marshall and Glenn McGrath.
  15. dandaroy

    Is Ravi Shastri really reason we lost series?

    Sony should headline the series as Bewda aur Bubbloo Beta Fir Chale Gaaaand Marane
  16. dandaroy

    Is Ravi Shastri really reason we lost series?

    Problem is we will see Bewda and the Bubble Boy Redux down under for another auss reaming coming soon to theaters near you.
  17. dandaroy

    Is Ravi Shastri really reason we lost series?

    Bewda and the Bubble Boy lost us the series with their delusion and horrible strategies.
  18. This is why there is no hope. Bubble boy lashed at a journalist when he said he did not think this was the best Indian team in 15 years. Are you f-ing kidding me? This is Trump like delusion. This team can’t even lick the arses of the Indian team that won in England, NZ and drew in SA from 2007-2011. That team had Gambhir, Dravid, Tendulkar and Laxman. Bewda has done a solid brainwash on the Bubble Boy!
  19. New movie coming: Bewda and the Bubble Boy
  20. dandaroy

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Ok fellow chewyts, it’s been a lousy summer. See ya down under for another auss reaming! Out!!!
  21. dandaroy

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Instead of trying to go for a tame draw, India should settle in after tea and then go for broke to win the match - t tonty I PEE L eshtyle. Get a win or die trying!!!
  22. Aussie chicks don't dig sharabi cawk!
  23. dandaroy

    How to draw the 5th test ?

    Will Broad, Anderson, Stokes and Moeen take chuskis? Oh the horror, the horror!!!
  24. My emotion is Phuck De O Phuck de India!!

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