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  1. Still these two do not get their feet to the line of the ball.
  2. Rahul playing to tee-tontee
  3. dandaroy

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    Is it for real?
  4. As a general rule you should not be playing away from your body until you have got yours eyes set and feet moving. Play close to the body, get to the line of the ball and leave everything alone. The ball will come to you if you constantly leaving it away. It is natural bowler instinct. It just takes discipline. That is why I rate Sachin’s 241 in Sydney so highly. After you you get set, then you can play away from the body with caution because your hand eye coordination will be better. Sadly Bewda does not have the cricketing sense or balls to instill this in his players because his face is shoved in between Kohli’s butt cheeks 24/7!
  5. Shami will leak runs tomorrow. Phucker should be in jail instead of bowling. Expect a 100 run lead.
  6. I am the jinx king. Kisime himmat nahin hain jo hamse takrae.
  7. dandaroy

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    This pedo is seriously creepy as Phuck. I do not care how he plays cricket. I would not have him on my team. Character matters. Oh wait, the team is coached by Bewda ... nevermind!!!
  8. I am done watching this farce!
  9. Commies ripping into Indian bowling. Yesterday, it was the batting. Phuck Bewda!
  10. dandaroy

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    Pedo Alert!
  11. As usual our phasssht bawlers spraying. Phuck Bewda!
  12. Bewda’s poyzz suucking deek!
  13. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    Auss reaming down under starts Dec 5. Mark your calendars. I cannot wait. A short preview...
  14. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    His paunch is like a giant black hole for alcohol.
  15. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    Abe Bewda bula us harami ko. Calling him cheerleader is an insult to the hardworking men and women of that profession!
  16. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    Yes this kind of execution in tests pains me. It is a end product to growing up in a tamasha cricket culture, coupled with lack of application, strategy, coaching and practice for test cricket. If I were in charge of changing things, the first thing I would do is fire Bewda and his coaching staff and hire a coach who is a master strategist and holds players more accountable and then surround him with a good batting coach, a bowling coach, a fielding coach, a physio/strength-conditioning coach and a pyschotherpist. I mean what example does this pond scum Bewda set when he is unfit with a huge ponch and always under the influence?
  17. Indian's downfall today had less to do with talent than lack of application. Obviously, they came in with a plan to go guns blazing. The way some of these top / middle order played away from their bodies so early in their innings is atrocious. And Aussies kept serving them up with full and wide. Rohit looked so comfortable and then he sweeps a ball that is not good enough in length and that too up in the air; almost gets caught. The reasonable reaction would be to reset and start over. However, he does the exact opposite and has a brain fade. Comes down the wicket and still can't get to the pitch and sweeps high up in the air. Once the ball gets the shine off, there is nothing in this pitch. It is like a ODI patta. Indian phasssht bawlers will struggle and spray for sure. I hope Kohli rectifies his approach in the second innings and at least Pujara won't gift his wicket. But I have no faith in the other jokers. Vijay just needs to go. Also Rahane needs to be dropped, he has been atrocious lately. Rohit does not have the temperament for test cricket which was amply evident in his mode of dismissal. Pant looks totally out of sorts and nervous. Acted like a hack trying to hoike though his innings. The way Pujara and Ashwin batted proves that there is no demon in this pitch. This is going to be big loss to start the series! Today was a classic example of abject lack of coaching and strategy.
  18. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    Abi @Cricketics forum mein aa gaya to chinta ki koi baat nahin. Jabardast Arsenic pilao Aussie sooar-ko; chamri nochon, pee-lo khoon. India 265 all out Aus 58 all out, follow on 125 all out Innings victory for Bewda and Bubbloo Beta! Jai Hind!
  19. Hain re hain, ab tu bhi aa gaya beech mein!!
  20. Well done Pujara, Phuck the rest. The test is still lost already!!
  21. Pujara saving the embarrassment.
  22. Bewda made a brief appearance. Salad muh today dena chayote!

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