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  1. Pujara start playing tontee tontee like KL
  2. India needs to set a target of 375+ otherwise game over.
  3. Kohli needs to dig in here. There is plenty of time to score. Follow Pujara’s example.
  4. Kohli is about to nick one
  5. I really like Vaughn’s commentary.
  6. There is a difference between attacking and just agricultural slogging. KL was doing the latter.
  7. I like Michael Vaughan. Praise when due but does not hold back to criticize. Phuck Bewda!
  8. I am sensing a collapse. Aussies to win easily. Phuck Bewda!
  9. Bubbloo beta to be out before tea!!
  10. KL Rahul was trying to bully his way out. Does not work.
  11. Well his tontee tontee is over!
  12. India all out 150. Aussie win by 10 wicket. Bewda’s auss swells up!
  13. Murli needs to go. Rush Shaw back in. Rahul is being risky and getting away with it.
  14. Willow tv is really pissing me off. Low bit rate and buffering....
  15. Still these two do not get their feet to the line of the ball.
  16. Rahul playing to tee-tontee
  17. dandaroy

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    Is it for real?
  18. As a general rule you should not be playing away from your body until you have got yours eyes set and feet moving. Play close to the body, get to the line of the ball and leave everything alone. The ball will come to you if you constantly leaving it away. It is natural bowler instinct. It just takes discipline. That is why I rate Sachin’s 241 in Sydney so highly. After you you get set, then you can play away from the body with caution because your hand eye coordination will be better. Sadly Bewda does not have the cricketing sense or balls to instill this in his players because his face is shoved in between Kohli’s butt cheeks 24/7!
  19. Shami will leak runs tomorrow. Phucker should be in jail instead of bowling. Expect a 100 run lead.
  20. I am the jinx king. Kisime himmat nahin hain jo hamse takrae.
  21. dandaroy

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    This pedo is seriously creepy as Phuck. I do not care how he plays cricket. I would not have him on my team. Character matters. Oh wait, the team is coached by Bewda ... nevermind!!!
  22. I am done watching this farce!
  23. Commies ripping into Indian bowling. Yesterday, it was the batting. Phuck Bewda!

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