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  1. Basically samne se aur phichhese lene ki aadat hain
  2. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    Murli has not learnt his lessons. Can we not find a decent young opener?
  3. C’mon Aussie c’mon! Reaming machine in full thrust!! Told ya.
  4. Lambi Chudai, Paanch Dinon ka!!
  5. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    Chalo chudai Shuru ho Gaya. KL Rahul bring Shaw limping back right now!
  6. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    Less than 24 hours to go. Aussie, switch on the power to the reaming machine. Let it warm up for maximum effect!
  7. dandaroy

    It’s Now or Never for India in Australia!

  8. dandaroy

    Which cricketers hate each other?

    Botham and Ian Chappell is real bad. I think Bewda and Dada is going that way. Phuck Bewda!!
  9. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    This is the last overseas series of any significance for a while. So chances of renewing willow tv after this is slim. You are talking about losing one match? If they can draw this, Bewda will be going home like this otherwise like this
  10. After this happened in the previous SA and Eng series it is pure delusion to think India has any chance in the series. Even without Smith and Warner, Indian bowlers will struggle to take 20 wickets on flat pitches, but Aussie bowlers will still run through this maharathi lineup like hot knife through butter!
  11. dandaroy

    Best chance to win in Aus hampered by

    Hamperer-in-Chief Bewda. Get rid of him and this team will do better. Till then
  12. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    1-4. 4-1 sounds like a win.
  13. dandaroy

    Y'all ready?

    You got it!! Bubble Boy nahin ... thoda pyar se bulao Bubbloo beta.
  14. dandaroy

    India currently has best bowling line up in world

    India has ghanta bowling line up. A CA XI scored 500+ runs against them. Auss reaming starts Dec 5. And now no Shaw in the team, only Kohli. The rest are passengers. Can't wait. C'mon Aussie c'mon!
  15. dandaroy

    This series will mark the arrival of Shaw

    Yeh kya chewtiapa, now we won’t see Shaw outside subcontinent for 3-4 years.
  16. dandaroy

    Questions before the 1st test at Adelaide

    Really bummed to see Shaw out. Was really looking forward to seeing this young tailunt! I hope Kohli scores big. Otherwise, Indian bawlers will struggle and Bewda will get his first test reaming!
  17. dandaroy

    Arjun Tendulkar progress tracking thread

    what an ugly run up!!
  18. dandaroy

    India XI for the 1st test at Adelaide

    Already shubshcribed!!
  19. dandaroy

    India XI for the 1st test at Adelaide

    kya bekar ka time waste kar rahe ho logon .... Jo Kulli bolega wohi Bewda chatega aur wohi players select honge!
  20. This coverage is making me dizzy. Phuck Fox. They are shyt in every country
  21. Even the coverage is choppy. Lots of Panning, too many angles and changing rapidly
  22. The fox commentary is annoying. What a downgrade from channel 9
  23. Everything about India is substandard
  24. Who the Phuck is this Khaleel? Looks scrawny as shyt!! Bohut Jaleel Lagta hain!!

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