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  1. He is a shining example of if you are born into privilege, you can go far with average skills. The only way you cannot do that is if you are a total moron. Wait, I take that back, I can't explain how the current US President did with the comprehension and attention span of a 10 year old.
  2. Yeah I know. I phucked up. My apologies to him. I never said I am insensitive, but I don’t have a thin skin believe it or not!
  3. Hahahahahaha dude, I live in Colorado and I might as well smoke some pot if I can’t figure out who is responding to what post. I swear when I saw the post I for sure thought you responded to mine. Jeez I need to take a break and really light up a joint. Sorry about that brah! I sincerely your apologize for anything abusive I said. I did not mean it. It’s all good. I do not have a thick skin, but I am not an arrogant person. I rarely abuse any fellow members. My abuses are only reserved for the cricket team.
  4. OMG! I am so sorry I offended your wonderful comprehension skills by failing to read something properly in some imaginary thread that I have no idea about!! Please tell me more about my fallacies, please!!!!! Now get back to your pathetic life!!
  5. dandaroy

    Ravi Shastri is secretly dating Nimrat Kaur

    OK boss, whatever you say!
  6. I have achieved more success in my professional career than you can ever dream of, asswipe!
  7. Sehwag has always been an idiot in addition to being a FTB, albeit the greatest FTB of all time!!
  8. dandaroy

    Ravi Shastri is secretly dating Nimrat Kaur

    Abe ghochu, sach agar ganda hota hain to wohi sahi!
  9. They ARE weak, any question about it??
  10. Shastri: I have done more with my sharabi cawk than most of my contemporaries who are still banging their wives or pleasuring themselves alone in the dark!!!
  11. dandaroy

    Ravi Shastri is secretly dating Nimrat Kaur

    “When I say cow dung you must understand.” ... it comes from my fiery auss. These days it is coming more from my mouth.
  12. Getting a degree from a premier university is great, but it is no guarantee of success in professional life. I have seen some real duds from Ivy league schools.
  13. If the pic in your avatar is your grandad, it explains why it did not work!! j/k, I am just pulling your leg. Don't be too hung up on the university reputation. If you go to a decent university and get a good education and then land a job, that's what matters. Once you gain a bit of work experience, no one will care whether you are from Cambridge or MIT or Stanford. Trust me, I am speaking from experience.
  14. Nah, even the second string bowlers are enough for this miserable bunch. Only Kohli will score in bunches and you will see occassional flashes from Rahane and Pujara
  15. dandaroy

    Why do most of Bollywood stars speak English?

    Bollywood is utter trash and full of wannabes.
  16. Yes sir Kohliji. It is defined by the number of chuskis you get from the sharabi over the course of 5 tests. Oh the horror, the horror!!
  17. dandaroy

    Indian Batsmen vs Spin

    Sadly the video available is crappy as heck, but if you want to see how to play against spin on a minefield, there is no better example than Sunnyji's last test innings in Bangalore against Pak in late 1986 where he scored 96. That's is how you play spin bachhu!
  18. Abe Trevor ke bachche, Phuck De India ko kyun kitna prestige they rahe ho? Tracer bullet coach ka thobra deka hain?
  19. Sunnyji mere idol, apne Shastri ko hatao. Faltu baate mat karo. India team needs a good coach and master strategist, not a sharabi yes man who engages in lookchoopi romance with his miserable cawk!
  20. Bhajji is an idiot, but he is right here. Saale Ashwin ka tond and fitness itna bekar hain ke gend bhi thik tarah se daal nahin sakta hain! Sirji ko bulao!!
  21. No worries Stark and co will clean us up and light a fire under Shastri auss, if he is still there!!
  22. dandaroy

    Should Kohli rest for the last Test?

    They rested for the whole series. What's one more test?
  23. dandaroy

    2-3 at the Oval?

    Yawn .... next!
  24. dandaroy

    Ravi Shastri is secretly dating Nimrat Kaur

    Shastri: Mona Darling, saara shaher mujhe LOIN ke naam se jaanta hain
  25. dandaroy

    Ravi Shastri is secretly dating Nimrat Kaur

    Gabriel Gabriela kya farak parta? As long as they is a auss to turn the heat up on! That his eshpeciality!!!

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