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  1. Mark my words, India will not win the WC in England next year. Nope, not gonna happen with this team and Jharkhandi behind the wicket.
  2. Yes instead of playing kirkut, they will put on a show on the pitch center stage at Lords. Kohli-Shastri-Jharkhandi threesome!
  3. dandaroy

    Congrats to Dhoni on scoring 10,000 ODI Runs

    Just like the H tarnished his legacy by playing 2.5 years too long, the Jharkhandi has completely destroyed his legacy by playing past 2012.
  4. dandaroy

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    Dhoni is not going anywhere. He is already 60 years old. He will play another 20 years and die at 80 behind the wickets.
  5. dandaroy

    Lords ODI should be investigated

    Jharkhandi looks 60 years old. He was past his prime in 2014. He is playing just for himself and for the money. I would not be surprised a bit if he is match fixing for the Biharis.
  6. If I were the captain, I'd drop him immediately for this "Jharkhandi" knock and bring in KKD or Pant as the ODI wicketkeeper. He may be one of the biggest liabilities in the team.
  7. I call this innings a "Jharkhandi". There is no other way to describe it.
  8. Jharkhandi scores his meaningless 10,000 th run. Boy, the phucker looks 60 years old with that white stubble!!
  9. There was a time when Dhoniconda was a match winner, now the Jharkhandi is just a baggage. The match is over when he comes to the crease. Oh how the times have changed. Phuck De India forever!!!!!
  10. Phuck De India back to showing its true colors! This is the India I know!!
  11. dandaroy

    Project Raina never dies

    Arre Sirji ko lao, bowling awll-rounder!!!
  12. England must be a ch*****a team. Even Phuck de India is making them look pedestrian!!
  13. Kaul looks like a chaiwalla totally out of his depth.
  14. Hya chewtiyapa. I start watching and India still sucks. Who the * is this kaul? Where are the super phhasst bowlers I keep hearing about or do they not know how suck Shastri’s pencil deek
  15. Who the fruck is this Kaul fella? Unimpressive!
  16. Besides Willow anyone live streaming that Ican watch on tv. The stream quality is meh.
  17. give him a break. He is young guy from a different generation. They like to show off. As long as he plays OK, I do not really care what he does on twitter and instagram unless he is spewing racist nonsense or sexually demeaning things.
  18. dandaroy

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    Hmm cuckold, cream pie .... too many visits to Pornhub, eh? Abhi bas kar. ***** ko thora rest they.
  19. bhainchodo, kam dham nahin hain kya? It is a stupid TV show. BFD. Get over it. Go fight the poverty, castism, or many ills that affect the Indian society.
  20. Afretard taming the African King? Sorry he is a pathetic excuse of a human being. That lion looks drugged. Afretard truly living up to his name!
  21. Hamdullah, they escaped embarassment because of a short series.
  22. dandaroy

    If Pakistan win the second test....

    Padosis caught England napping in the first test of the season. They got thumped in the second test which shows they ain't special. If this was a 3 test series they would have lost and if this was a 4 or 5 test series, Masallah ... Hamdullah ... Inshallah, they would have been embrassased.
  23. dandaroy

    Congratulations to Pakistan

    That is the problem. If and only if .... I never said India cannot win, but it either their preparation or team selection or something else.
  24. dandaroy

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    Mixing of races creates beautiful woman, I think.

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