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  1. Under Shastri-Kohli India will qualify for WC 2019 Final........ ......of ultimate chewtiyagiri
  2. This is what Phuck De India is all about. Cronyism, confusion and lack of discipline. Chokohli with this favorite drunkard potbelly coach is a match made in heaven. Sharab ki boonde giregi. Thodi si jo pe lee hain, chori to nahin ki hain.
  3. Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Abe Jharkhandi ko gaali dega to katke gaar denge madar****!
  4. Why can't dhoni just be axed

    Jharkhandi is still somewhat of an asset to the team. He is a good wicketkeeper and still a decent bat. He is fit and runs well between the wicket and could be a calming factor. People who need to go are Yuvi, Sirji, and Ashwin. Just not ODI material. I am still partial to Sirji because of his fielding, but Yuseless and Ashwin have got to go.
  5. Make Ravi shastri as the coach

    Koi gore ko laao. Indians love to lick the boots of firangi
  6. David Vs Goliath ( CT Final )

    It is just one win. Pakistan acting like they have been beating our ausses down for ages. Yeh zyada din tiknewala nahin. Very soon Paakis will go back to sucking. It is in their DNA
  7. Thank you Pakistan

    Abe bachhu, abhi maaza kar le, yeh zyada din tiknewala nahin. Your team came into this ranked 8th, there is a reason for that. Just like one off performance in WC 83 did not make India a champion team overnight. We got whopped by WI later that year
  8. David Vs Goliath ( CT Final )

    Nah! It is just cricket. Nobody died.
  9. Kaidi number 5 has crucifixed India for a long time

    Yeah Amir ripped the anuses out of the Indian batting line up.
  10. The disaster which this really isn't

    This time I thought I did not need it. Man was I fooled!!!
  11. The disaster which this really isn't

    Tics is the biggest loser complacent mind on ICF!!!
  12. he is going to have another poor series in England next year. Pathetic batting by Chokohli!
  13. This should be end of Dhoni and Yuvraj

    sabko bahar kar do. new team with brand new players
  14. And ripping the ausses of phuck de India. Dil Dil Pakistan!!
  15. If dhoni wins us the game ...

    saale bekar Jharkhandi!
  16. Yeh sab teri galti hain, saale
  17. Why did we choose to bowl first on such a flat pitch ?

    I blame this loss on complacent phuck de India fans
  18. Jinnah me Gandhi ki phaar di chalo game over
  19. Ashwin is a fattu

    Yes Fat too
  20. Congrats Pakistan for winning the Champions Trophy

    Again my heartiest sincerest congratulations to Pak for whipping the Indian boys. what a performance inshallah mashallah hamdullah!!
  21. Kya chewtiyon, bohut maaza aa raha hain na?
  22. Nah, Hassan ki solid leni hain kaal.
  23. Thank you Pakistan

    O paaki O paaki o paaki paaki paaki re, jabse tu final mein aaki Pehle tere gnaad mein tak-din ho gaya Ab kya rahe gaya baki?

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