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  1. Law of averages will catch up with Kohli. Rest of the players are here passengers!
  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA woke up and see 15/3. Same old same old. Kuch nahin badlega biru. Looks like even Mother Nature may struggle to save this test for India. Shastri kaisa lag raha hain woh heat tere gnaaar mein??
  3. dandaroy

    Play Shaw, Pant, and Siraj; soft debuts do little good

    Kuch nahin hone wala. There will be a few individual performances with Kohli shining. The rest will be the same, another series loss with may one game salvaged at the end when all is lost. Poyzz go back home on pattas and score runs and become over complacent, then Aus series comes and Indian team approach the first test with no real preparation ..... Rinse repeat .... ground hog day!
  4. I think this test is going to be washed out. Rain forecast every day and we have lost one whole day. Indian poyzzzz are happy. Save the humiliation, no practice, khali gappe maro and Shastri daroo piyo.
  5. dandaroy

    Who’s looking forward to another ass-whoppin’?

    Looks like Mother Nature is working for India to delay the ass-whoppin’. Don’t worry mama, dhawan and co just need 3 days. That will be enough!
  6. This is something I am in total agreement. Complacency was never Sachin’s problem, but a lot Indians suffer from that disease.
  7. SRT absolutely deserved to play in international cricket when he debuted. If someone is denying the fact that SRT was not a far more gifted cricketer and technically sound batsman at 16 than Kohli was, they are deluded. Has Virat surpassed him in tests yet? Hell no. But if Virat stays in the game for another 10 years, he has a very good chance of doing that. Given how much value he brings to team in terms of stepping up his performance is a true sign of strong leadership. SRT was miserable during his time as captain, Virat revels in it. Technique and talent alone does not make one great. Look at Steve Smith and all the success he has had with that horrible batting style. I think Kohli is a good combination of technique (which he has shown willing to evolve), grit, determination and the ability to contribute when the team needs him. That is the hallmark of a MVP. I think in that regard he may surpass SRT in a few years if he keeps up the performance.
  8. I give up on the sheer extent of sexual pervertion in India. You have to massively repressed sexually and an extreme deviant to engage in acts like this. However, I think if it was a girl or a woman on the receiving end instead of a goat, then would have gone for that.
  9. Abe Shastri saale gaandoo, focus on getting your team back on track instead of napping during test matches and posting meaningless tweets after matches. Kuch sharm nahin hain kya saale??
  10. There is no doubt that SRT came into international cricket with more potential than Kohli. He was termed Bradmanesque even before his debut. Did he live up to that lofty expectation? Did he stand above the rest of the crowd like Bradman did over his peers? No. He is a modern day great, no doubt (although he tarnished some of that legacy by sticking around after WC 2011), but he definitely underachieved in terms of totally dominating his peers (he did this in spurts) and being the MVP of the team. Sachin started playing tests when he was 16 going on 17. Virat debuted when he was 22 going on 23. That is six years of international cricket more for Sachin. Surely, he would have more centuries and more runs. Also, SRT made an immediate impact in terms of scoring runs, while Virat working his way up. There is no question that Sachin had more talent than Kohli in terms of technique, array of shots, etc. However, where Kohli excels is his value to the team, to step up when needed, the fierce attitude, the grit. And he is a learner. I have no doubt that by the time he hangs up (he can easily play another 10 years with his physical conditioning), he will be a ATG and he will definitely be the best MVP Indian cricket has ever had.
  11. dandaroy

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    I do not know. It is true that the leader of the team is different than in the past. Can he inspire the team to step up? Some of the players are FTBs / hacks, but not all are. And all have failed in this test. If two more batsman step up, then there is a glimmer of hope. So I need to see how the 2nd test goes.
  12. dandaroy

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    India came to this series more acclimated, but still sucked. On paper, it looks like a narrow loss. However, if Kohli did not score those runs, it would have been a massacre. So in a way, it is good that we lost this test. Otherwise, it would mask the flaw that we could not finish off England when they were down 70 odd for 7, that our other batsman could not bat on a pitch where Kohli did. Not sure if there is any immediate remedy. Need to see if they give up or Kohli can fire them up for 2nd test. If 2nd test is a loss then the series is gone. It could 5-0 or 4-0 or 4-1 for England. If India can level the series at Lords' we have a slight chance of salvaging something. Dhawan needs to be disposed of. Bring in Pujara. Work with Rahul and Rahane, they are better than this. Drop Pandya and bring in another spinner (Jadeja or Kuldeep). Drop DK and throw Pant in the ring. I would even play Chahar instead of one of the seamers.
  13. I’m done folks. Canceled my willow subscription. Will renew if this team shows some backbone. Otherwise it is a waste of brain cells and eye sight watching this patethic team. Good luck, but with India nothing will happen. Same old, same old. Kohli will score a boat load of runs hopefully, the rest will suck and another overseas series loss. Management will persist with same old losers. They will go back to pattas back home and score runs on roads and then everything will be normal until the team gets walloped in Aus again. The same old cycle continues. if Kohli had any backbone, he needs to put everyone on notice, but that is not gonna happen.
  14. Yeah I’d drop Pandya too. Get a second spinner in for Lords.
  15. Pandya did nothing to protect the tailender
  16. Pandya trying to keep his place in the team
  17. Bye bye India. Pandya should just go berserk now!
  18. Test cricket in England is still appreciated. Good to see.
  19. Pandya is not going to last long. He just does not have technique. But then neither do the experienced ones.
  20. Didn’t some of you folks were screaming after the SA series that we will beat England??? With this batting lineup? No wonder India sucks... fans are so complacent.
  21. If Pandya fails this one, drop him as well. He is useless with bowling anyway.
  22. Drop that hack Dhawan immediately and bring Pujara in. Rahane has really disappointed me the way he has gotten out both times, but I will still persist with him.

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