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  1. Dhawan, Vijay, Rahul, Rohit sab bekar hain!
  2. Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    Look, whatever the total is, as long as the batting is spineless like this even 100 would be hard to score.
  3. Hey Ram, tu kabhi sudrega nahin!!
  4. This is India's best chance to win a series overseas.

    Yes a good opportunity to get ripped open until England & Australia tours come again to get violated so bad that no proctologist would be repair the damage
  5. This sorry team will win Ghanta. SA series is just the beginning. After this whitewash, we will get violated again in England and Australia. Are we playing NZ in NZ soon? More opportunities to get ripped open Oh well, in between these assaults we have I-Pee-L and meaningless home series against SL/Bangladesh/WI on home pattas where we can hold our head high, let the auss wounds heal and give our champion batsman false confidence that they can rule the world!!
  6. Indian batsmen just do not have the technique and grit to survive tough alien conditions. On top of it Indians crumble to pressure easily. Then comes lack of preparation, tendency to get complacent easily, not putting in the hard work. Also we have never had a spearhead fast bowler. There is a reason why India has won outside subcontinent consistently ever. Some of it is cirncumstantial, some organizational, and some just genes!!
  7. We are winning this!!!!!!!! Yes we are!!!!

    I will stretch my body to the limit and auto fellate myself if that happens!!
  8. Once Kohli is gone, none of the others have the grit and technique to survive and score against this bowling and pitch with uneven bounce. Pujara will block himself into a rut and get out. The rest are just passengers.
  9. Look India is not even capable of scoring 100 runs in the 4th inning!!
  10. We are winning this!!!!!!!! Yes we are!!!!

    Gaaaaand mein Danda du Kya? Yeh mera specialty hain!!
  11. We are NOT winning this!!!!!! No we aren't!!

    Aaj hi khatam karte hain na?
  12. Just 1 batsman

    Really others are just capitulating.
  13. These SA bowlers are so much better
  14. And how many overseas series have we won in Aus, NZ, SA or Eng recently? We can have tailunt on paper and king on home pattas. Talk to me when we get rid of BCCI politics, nepotism, stupid decisions that prefer minting money over preparation for a overseas tour or ridiculuous team selections. Great teams like the WI of 80s and the Aus of 90-00s won in alien conditions. Until that happens, I do not give a * about tailunt!!
  15. Pagal hain kya? Win? At this point, pray for rain!! Without any support, even if he clicks in the 2nd inning, it will be almost impossible. But to give credit where it is due, it was a fantastic knock given the circumstances. Lone man standing. Pandya would have contributed too if he was not run out in the most ridiculous fashion. Hope he learns from that and never replicates that EVER again!
  16. Great knock by Kohli! Only player that is willing to learn from him past mistake and work around it. Had a few pokes outside the off stump, but luckily did not connect. Fortune favors the brave. SRTs knock in Cape Town in 2011 was a great one too. Probably saved India in that game. That was the last time he performed at a very high level in tests as he wasted the next 2.5 years languishing
  17. yeh test to gaya. Kohli ke siva batting, bowling, fielding teeno chewtiya! Kaal hi khatam hone wala hain!
  18. Sh$twag wafted his way through the SA 2010-11 series, WTF is he talking about? :gigle:
  19. I am not talking of typical masaala types and ones that are insanely long. Do not care about the big name actors or the tripe & song/dance routines. I am talking about art films, independent ones, movies with compelling storylines that move you or make you think. Recently watched Masaan that I liked a lot and then realized that there are many out there that I just do not know about since I do not follow Bollywood at all. Can someone recommend a few good movies that might be available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? If someone can suggest some Bengali ones that would be appreciated as well.

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