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  1. dandaroy

    Homosexuals in Family

    There is nothing wrong with admitting your fears even if they might be wrong or misguided. After we are humans and all are prone to some weaknesses. I am not a racist, but if I see a big albeit innocent black dude in an alley who his minding his business, I will get nervous, because society has stereotyped the feeling in me and it is hard to shake it off. I think it also has to do with the society your are in. If you are in India, you will be more sensitive to what the society will say because homosexuality is not well accepted. However, if you are in a more progressive society like Western Europe or North America where usually people mind their own business and there is less gossip, you may be find it more easy to accept the fact. Here in the USA, there are lots of people who do not accept homosexuality and religious types think it is a sin. If you think of the whole animal kingdom, homosexuality is prevalent among lots of species. It may be an aberation from the standard man-woman relationship because a penis supposed to enter a vagina, but that is for procreation. It is the society's view that sex which can lead to procreation or any chance of procreation is the normal one. Because religion has dictated that for years. But why does it have to be that way? Sex can be for fun too. If that is true, then why is a man-man sex or a woman-woman sex abnormal? What is abnormal or normal is defined by society and mostly guided by archaic religious beliefs. This is the modern times. Things progress. Hundred years back, women did not have the right to vote, blacks were considered subhuman, etc. My view is if two consenting adults want to have a relationship that does not hurt anyone, why would I have any problem? I have several gay friends/colleagues and I see nothing different in them as I do in heterosexual ones. We all bleed the same blood, have the same problems.
  2. dandaroy

    Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2018/19

    It is series loss and a pathetic loss like the ones in England, even before it has started. How many times do you know the outcome before an event has taken place? Indian cricket overseas is one such novelty.
  3. Yes very true. India has all the potential, but no execution. It is only on paper.
  4. I strongly believe given his mental makeup, Kohli would not be saying this shyt if he was not ingrained in this culture of thinking. He is surrounded by an alcoholic yes man and a bunch of players who think it is OK to perform miserably like this. And then he knows there will be no accountability from BCCI especially since he has personally performed well. Heck Dhoni sucked as a player and lost series after series and still there was no accountability! Although I must say that his personal performance means shyt to me if it is not resulting in what actually matters - test wins overseas. Also he had two good shots to see his team to victory in 1st and 4th tests - he failed in both. Why should I blame Sachin then for his "supposedly" lack of test match winning ability? I would accept if India made the right preparation and did the right things, checked the right boxes and simply outplayed. But that is not the case always. Instead we are hearing all these excuses. MC...BC, true champions do not provide excuses. They win, or if they lose, they admit defeat graciously and are extremely self-critical. You have disappointed me greatly, Mr. Kohli. You are just like the others. Pathetic!!
  5. Thes idiots probably do not want to do the hard work. There IS NOTHING that is substitute to hard work and planning.
  6. And the lack of accountability and hence chalta hain attitude and prone to over-complacency. Otherwise, I cannot fathom a nation of over a billion people with a high level of intelligence still languishing in poverty, massive wealth gap, rampant corruption, etc. India has so much potential, but it is all on paper. Otherwise, why do Indians succeed when they go to a foreign land to establish a economically and professionally prosperous life, broadly speaking? Answer is right there.
  7. This is why India sucks. Not just the cricket team, the whole nation.
  8. dandaroy

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Even Kohli has regressed as the series has progressed. Gotten out where it could have been avoided. Could not see India through in the first and fourth tests. I thought he was a finisher?
  9. dandaroy

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .... I stopped watching and just checked the score now. What a bunch of losers! I hope India lose and lose BIG! That is the only way there is any hope for changes, although I am not optimistic. I am rooting for a colossal embarrassment!
  10. This why India team is like this. Because of delusional fans like you. Coulda shoulda, my auss! We did not win in SA, we will lose 1-4 in England and we will lose again in Australia. Then 4 years later, rinse repeat. It is a combination of technique, captaincy decisions, coaching decisions, personnel, etc etc. We will never win a series overseas in SENA with the status quo. Yet after every phucking series, you deluded fans lament ... only if this had gone right, only if we did this more ... Buullshyt! Wake up and smell the coffee. The current strategy will never get us there - not getting enough test acclimazation (play enough practice matches for heaven's sake), not giving practice sesssions enough importance, improper team selection, not having a pyscho-analyst on team, having an alchoholic yes-man for a coach, not having bowling & batting coaches with credentials, not avoiding nepotism and not putting country over self interest, etc. etc. I could go on and on. The entire system is broken and no one cares, let alone BCCI. Indian cricket will always remain a shyt team overseas, even with flashes of individual brilliance. If it not the batting, then it is bowling; if it is not the bowling, then it is the batting or fielding!!! Yet some of you just don't get it, do ya? Maybe I should stick to my word and bring long thick carrots to each one of you! Where do y'all live?
  11. Saale Ashwin, thora exercise aur weight kam karo. You look like you have horrible fitness for a athlete. Saale India ko represent karte ho, thoda sada vada intake kam karo and bring in some muscle mass, not the flabby self you are now!
  12. dandaroy

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    It is sad that Kohli is subject to these partisan and nepotistic tendencies. Proves that you maybe a fierce and competitive guy, but it is hard to get away of a broken system, culture and mindset. What worse could Shaw have done?
  13. dandaroy

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Gnawaar in Gnawaar out!!
  14. dandaroy

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Now let’s sit back and watch the capitulation
  15. dandaroy

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    This test is over. Phucketh de India!!
  16. dandaroy

    D2 Predictions

    England has scored enough in the 1st innings. Time for Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aja Aja Aja and the do take spinners to run through our superstars.
  17. I believe Kohli maybe diplomatic in press conferences, but as arrogant as he is, he rips his players for poor performances and other issues in private. While criticism is good, it also depends how it comes. If one is yelling MC BC to you, it can affect your confidence. Look at how many players have regressed under captaincy. It is not one player - Rahul, Vijay, Pujara, Rahane. And all these players were good test potentials not hacks like Dhawan.
  18. That is why hate social mafia err media
  19. dandaroy

    Misbah-ul-Haq announces a children hospital project

    He is one really likeable character that has come out padosi land.
  20. Personal apologies! I see your point now, he is dense!
  21. dandaroy

    Which race attracts you the most?

    Nah bruh, there is a reason you did not get into an elite university despite your grandfather’s influence. You STUPID!!
  22. dandaroy

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    How dense are you? Sex between two consenting adults of the same gender is not hurting anyone. It is their private affair. Pedophilia is taking advantage of minors, it is a power game. It Phucks them up for life. To equate homosexuality with pedophilia is just ignorance at is stupidest.
  23. He is a shining example of if you are born into privilege, you can go far with average skills. The only way you cannot do that is if you are a total moron. Wait, I take that back, I can't explain how the current US President did with the comprehension and attention span of a 10 year old.
  24. Yeah I know. I phucked up. My apologies to him. I never said I am insensitive, but I don’t have a thin skin believe it or not!

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