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  1. Where are all the experts now, thunders Ravi Shastri

    Abe Shastri, test series to haar gaye tera team, 2 hapte pehle aane ka kya hua? abhi ek ODI jitke phar phar kar rahan hain?
  2. This does not play in the US.
  3. Against a good pace attack on a overseas pitch with some juice and under lights, you have to have some technique to see off the moving ball before you can launch an attack. He is not a technically competent batsman.
  4. Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    yes, Viv and Sachin were ATGs, but this guy is clutch in chasing. He has proven enough to me to say he has surpassed them and by the time he ends his career he will be the GOAT. Now if he can translate this to tests as well, then Smith, who?
  5. Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    Kohli is head and shoulders above any ODI batsman in the history of cricket. He is getting more and more clutch. Now, only if he could translate this performance regularly in tests!!
  6. I am cheerful bruh, it was said in jest!! @maniac, although I cancelled my Willow subscription and wasn't able to see a lick, can someone please help a poor boy out and point to some highlights???
  7. phuck de India won?? Yeh ka chewtiyapa, I was getting so used to losing!!
  8. Chalo under lights, ball will swing past Indian balls (22 of them) to take the edges. Khel khatam, paisa nahin hajam. India down 0-1!!
  9. Pujara to play County cricket for Yorkshire

    This is why I like this Pujara. Trying and not complacent.
  10. Oye Lallu, SA to gaya, abhi Ashwin Aus mein ka karega re?
  11. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    One last thing before I move on....I edited my initial comments to clarify myself, but attaching here just for completeness. The only thing I will apologize for is that once I made the initial comment, I should not have followed it up making fun of women eating in burqa, but I stand by everything else. I think I am done now, really! Just to clarify this a bit more. I am not calling Hashim Amla's wife an ape necessarily, although the comment was made in reference to her. I do not know her, have not heard anything about her in the news to form any opinion. What I intended to mean is that anyone who is covered from head to toe (including face) in a black fabric does not look human because the human features are all suppressed by the black shroud. That is where the ape comment came from. Also the comment about the burqa has nothing to do with Islamophobia. I am sure Hashim Amla and his family are fine people. Islamophobia is fearing, hating and discriminating against someone just because he/she is Muslim or comes from a Muslim background and attaching stereotypes to them. You can not hate a person for who they are and still be able to criticize them for any beliefs, practices, etc that you think are detrimental or in conflict with a modern open society. Actually many liberal minded people fall in that trap, let alone other Muslims. Any time you say anything critical of the Islamic culture, religion or society you are tagged an Islamophobe even though you are trying to make a valid point and not stereotyping people. This actually hurts the cause because Islamphobia is real and does exist in our current climate and I am symapthetic to it. All this instant labeling does is alienate more people from being sympathetic to the struggle. Same is true for homophobia as well.
  12. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    Homosexuality is not by choice, it is how you are born. Homosexuality may be a aberration (if you think heterosexuality is the norm of the society), but it is prevalent in the entire animal kingdom and although we are at the top of the intelligence chain, we are still part of it. I completely understand your stance on it, you don't have to come up with jackass explanations. You may not advocate violence against them, but you do not like a group of people just because who they are, and not by choice. You will not consider them equal to you, not in favor of giving them the due rights, etc. etc, be OK with them being discriminated even if it is not violent. There are many ways to marginalize people other than being violent to them. You are a classic homophobe!! You are just one step better than the assholes who throws gays off of a building, or physically abuse them simply because of who they are. Unfortunately, there are many of you around the world and not just limited to conservative Islam. Most of this discrimination originates from religion. And pleeease spare me with your fake outrage of me calling Amla's wife an ape. I was mentioning that anyone who is draped in a burqa looks like an ape because you cannot see the human being. That is not the same as calling her an ape because of how she looks in flesh and blood (we don't even that reference ). Also, I do not hate anyone for their religious belief, but that should not stop me from making a point that it is not compatible with the norms and securities of a modern society. I live in the US and I know wearing a niqab is not illegal. So where did I say I will harass people if they do? I do not harass anyone unless they physically or verbally assault me. If burqa is legal anywhere, I have no business hating or harassing someone who wears them. However, that should not stop be from criticizing the practice and I would wholeheartedly support any effort to ban it. You cited France, which is one of the most liberal societies and yet they see the danger of wearing a niqab. If same thing was happening in the US frequently, you will see a similar movement. You guys are stuck in the medieval ages and yet choose to live in a modern liberal society. If you are so hell bent on these primitive customs, why the phuck don't you go back and live in a similar close minded society? I am done with this topic. Time to move on for me.
  13. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    @Green Monster, you think homosexual are OK as long as they are not killed!! What a wonderful stance. Yeah, hate a group of people whose sexuality is something they are born with and they do not pose any threat to you, but hate them, discriminate against them, even beat the shyt out of them, just do not kill them. This shows how close-minded fanatical you are. You live in a open modern society, take all the advantages it provides and spout your medieval religion-based biases.
  14. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    I give up. No point arguing over something where we are not going change people's mind. I can tolerate any form of conservative clothing as it does not affect me or others, EXCEPT niqab. You cannot be covering your entire body and roaming around completely unidentifiable. It poses a security risk. It is not in tune with a modern open society. So while in a Islamic country (where I have no desire living) it might be OK, in any of the developed Western countries I would support any move to ban the niqab. And this is not because it is coming from Islam. If Hindu women were walking around in the same society with ghunghat completely covering their faces, that would not be acceptable as well.
  15. Mohammed Shami has best SR among Indian bowlers

    Sirji has an average of 23.73! Fast track him to the England tour test team!!
  16. I would not play Bumrah in England: Michael Holding

    Umesh has not gotten as many chances as Pissant has got. Phucker has been playing since 2008 and he was decent for about 2 years or so.
  17. Does KL Rahul smoke?

    He is unfit because he secretly jacks off. All juice floweth out!!
  18. Over the top celebrations!!

    I haven’t seen the post match celebrations, but I remember after India won the 1st test in Jo-burg in 2006, their celebrations were over the top. Acted like they won the series. Were promptly brought back to earth with two successive defeats losing the series 1-2. So this is not new, happened even when the experienced maharathis were in the team.
  19. I can’t play any videos. The videos are not available. Proof or it does not exist.
  20. I would not play Bumrah in England: Michael Holding

    From YouTube videos, he seems quick, enough has movement and bowls with passion. He is already 25, if needs to be in, it needs to sooner than later. Why do we persist perennial failures like Pissant, Rohit, etc.
  21. I would not play Bumrah in England: Michael Holding

    Bhuvi - swings in and out - IN Bumrah - hits the deck, skiddy, zippy and fast, will move ball away from lefties. Also can surprise with bounce and variation. - IN Shami - can seam the ball and bowls a good line when he is bowling well. He just to increase his fitness - IN Umesh - Quick and can swing the ball away from right handers. He needs to avoid being wayward. I would take him over Ishant any day. - IN Ishant - There is nothing this idiot does that Bumrah does not. His primary ball is the one that seams in. Bumrah is faster and will get bounce. Phucker has gotten enough chance - OUT As a reserve fast bowler, I would choose a young one who can bowl with decent pace and swing. Also if Pandya is chosen (not sure how) he can bowl a bit so we do not need any more in the squad. Ashwin - He is still our best spinner. Unfortunately, he needs to pick up his game. If we play a spinner he would be my choice. -IN Kuldeep - He could play instead of Ashwin a if we need a spinner and Ashwin does not pick up his game. -IN I would not have Sirji in the test squad. -OUT
  22. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    @Green Monster, if it not a means to suppress women's sexuality and be a sole property of the husband (as dictated by men), why the need to cover the woman from head to toe including face. Why is the man not subjected to the same level of orthodoxy? First of all, I think a woman ought to have the same right to dress however way they want just like a man does. While I do not agree with covering your entire body (feet, hands and hair), I can see that while it might be somewhat inconvenient for the woman doing it, it does not pose any inconvenience on others. If you cover your face, I do not care what excuse you come up with, but it is an extremely inconvenient attire and also poses a security risk and you are virtually unidentifiable in general public. And the comment I made about ape, I stand by it. When all you see is black, the human behind all this veil is lost. It is inhuman. You can get by in a conservative Islamic society, but it is totally against the norms and securities of a open progressive modern society especially if we have hundreds of thousands of people roaming around in public completely unidentifiable. So while people have the choice to do whatever they want as long as they do not bother others, this does not fall in that category. While this discussion came in the context of Hashim Amla's wife, it was not really meant exclusively at her. I was making a general observation. And please do not tell me someone is wearing this does it out of their free will. Yes, on the surface it is free will, but that person has been born and raised in a ultra orthodox atmosphere and does not know any better. She is told from a young age that wearing the niqab is being a good modest Muslim women who will avoid all the evil eyes, and will be the sole property of the husband or pressurized by the social community around her to do so. Tell me, if Hashim Amla's wife one day decided, nah this is too inconvenient and wants to hear jeans and T-shirt, how easy do you think the transition would be? Better yet, tell me what is the penalty of apostasy in Islam? You might be able to get by getting killed for this offense in America, but you will probably be osctracized by the community. There are many stories to corroborate this. This does not mean everything is hunky dory with Hinduisim. I have a problem with organized religion in general especially adhering to customs and dogma. I am equally critical about all the other established religions in the world. We are in the 21st century and we need to reform our religions to be compatible with modern times. Most of the religious practices come from ancient or medieval ages where the society was markedly different. P.S. I ignored your comment on homosexuals. That would require me to write another 10 paragraphs, and I do not have the patience.
  23. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    I am sorry you are offended. You are right in feeling uneasy at the some of the fun being poked at women wearing the burqa or the picture of Aleem Dar growing his beard. We went overboard on that and should not have. People should be free to do whatever they want as long it is not hurting someone else. Wearing the burqa or growing a long beard falls in that category ONLY if they are completely done out of free will. Let's talk about the burqa. You have to agree that this practice comes out of the medieval ages (Hindus had a similar purdah system) where women had no rights and were ruled by men who treated them as properties. So whatever justification is there for the burqa were created by men and put in books. It is to suppress women's sexuality and to cover for the men's insecurity. Times are different now brother. This is the 21st century and these norms are not in sync with a open progressive society. Also it is cumbersome for a woman to wear a burqa and live an active life (like eating in public). If someone says they are wearing the burqa for modesty or completely out of free will, it is because they have grown up in a repressive culture and brainwashed to think so. Why are the men not covering their faces for modesty? I can understand the hijab or even the bur-kini, but just cannot fathom the logic behind a piece of clothing that looks ugly and is extremely inconvenient, let alone the message it sets regarding how women are viewed in ultra-conservative Muslim society. There is a lot of liberal minded progressive thinking Muslims who are not embracing it. Pointing this out is not Islamophobia, in fact it diminishes the gravity of hate against Muslims because Islamophobia is real.
  24. Shastri is doing a great job

    Wow, nice payday for a "yes man"!

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