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  1. India really fluffed a great chance yesterday

    Pujara is doing what Dravid used to sometimes, just get stuck into a rut and just could not score. It just puts more pressure on him and team if he can’t even rotate the strike. No one is telling to him blast away. Just don’t get stuck in a rut. Keep the scoreboard ticking. I think he can do it, it’s a change in mindset and going in with a plan. He is still too valuable to be dropped and certainly hell of lot preferable than Dhawan or Tailunt. Those two are not meant for test cricket. They neither have the technique nor the grit.
  2. India really fluffed a great chance yesterday

    Saale haraami log India ki patte be khelke sochte hain saari duniya ko harayenge.
  3. 1. Before a overseas series in Aus, Eng, SA or NZ, arrive 3 weeks ahead of time to adapt to conditions. Play at least 2-3 practice matches and face local bowlers. 2. They could have easily scrapped the SL series and made no. 1 happen, but these madarrchaauds are more interested in minting money. My God, the players are playing non stop, they need to be recharged before an important series and get into a test mindset. Look at the pathetic batting in both innings. 3. Virat should have not gotten married just before a crucial series. He ought to have planned it better. Fecker was throwing parties all over the country just a few days before leaving for SA. Where is the time to get into the right mind frame before the series. The players all arrived only a few days before the first test. My god, there wasn't even enough time to get over jet lag. Don't these bhainchaaauts have simple common sense?? 4. Playing in India on pattas in familiar conditions and beating opponents gives these complacent phuckers that they are world beaters and can do anything. No preparation needed, just do as the BCCI bhainchaauts tell you and you will come out on top. Well, who's on top now? Honestly, I do not see any commitment from team India or BCCI to get ready mentally and physically for a tough overseas tour. This has happened series after series and they do not care. I do not expect India to win series in Aus, NZ, SA, or Eng ever unless there is a change in mentality and they show the commitment.
  4. India really fluffed a great chance yesterday

    Kuch nahin badlega biru!! This happens every 4 years. India knows how important these tours are, yet go in without any match preparation. It is because BCCI idiots care more about minting money with meaningless ODI/T20 series than match preparation.
  5. Match ka Mujrim Kaun?

    It is a collective mujrim with BCCI babus approach to the series.
  6. Yeah, rinse and repeat!!!
  7. Everyone take a Chill Pill... We performed decently well.

    Pandya's performance actually skewed the scenario how bad we were. If he had failed in the first innings, our margin of defeat would have been several hundred runs. No one except him had any impact on the batting.
  8. Everyone take a Chill Pill... We performed decently well.

    Aare bhai, we had 230 to score and we got bundled out in a few hrs. I thought Pujara said we could chase 350!!
  9. Bolna ka hain bhai!!. Maine to pehle bol diya tha, India harega. No match preparation for such a difficult tour, coming thinking they own the world since they defeated everyone on home pattas, etc. etc. Unless there is a change in mindset of team India and especially the BCCI bhaichauts, India will not win an overseas tour in SA, Eng, Aus, or even NZ for another decade.
  10. Can India avoid a 3-0 whitewash?

    ***********deserve to lose all the matches in the tour. And then all the BCCI babus need to be fed to the lions in Kruger National Park.
  11. South Africa could declare now and Phuck De India would lose!!
  12. Can't depend on Shami.

    He looks fat!
  13. Who in Indian team is quick on a consistent basis 90 or 90+
  14. India is such an overrated team given their overseas record over the years!!
  15. What is wrong? No one can consistently hit 90 mph.
  16. I just do not understand how India could go into a tough overseas series without any match practice. WTF BCCI? Madarchaauds, sirf paisa kamane hain? No concerns of national pride?
  17. Pandya saved the embarrassment, but I do not see any way India can save this test.
  18. Can't India just use common Sense.

    Coming to SA and playing a test match without any match practice whatsoever shows the level of commitment of BCCI. They don;t give a phaack about winning a overseas series, it's all about minting money playing useless series with SL.
  19. from 140 odd for 5, with Du Plessis and DeVilliers gone, it is a crime to let them finish at 286. They should have been bundled out 100 runs short.
  20. Kohli's mode of dismissals

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Unless he corrects it in a hurry, be prepared to see this mode of dismissal through the end of summer!!
  21. DAY - 2 Predictions

    Tere maharathis will fight back with Arsenic in their ausses!!!
  22. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    SRT is not fit to wipe Smith's auss!

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