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  1. I did not even watch the highlights. At least not yet. No willow though. However, good achievement, first time after CB series in Aus in 2008, no?
  2. Can Shreyas Iyer do well at International level?

    No. Kid looks lost!
  3. Our travails with No Balls

    This match was fixed!!!
  4. Frequent bad fielding must be held accountable

    Maybhe Chahal has been watching too much of Inside Edge on Amazon Prime?
  5. Just when I start watching, it has to be rain?
  6. Chodabo, Harbo, Chhorabo - India team's new motto ala KKR
  7. Dhawan is a hack gettting lucky. Kohli is.
  8. These world beaters will give the WI from 80s and the Aus 90/00s a run for their money 1. Dodda Ganesh 2. Abey Kiruvilla 3. MSK Prasad 4. Ashok Dinda 5. Stuart Binny 6. Rohan Gavaskar 7. Aakash Chopra 8. Deep Dasgupta 9. Yograj Singh 10. Ishant Sharma
  9. Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Kohli/Shastri, get this guy on the plane to England, nahin to katke gaar denge madaarchauds!
  10. That delivery reminds me of of the ball bowled by Mohd Amir (pre-ban) in England in 2010 against Aus to Mitchell Johnson. Angled in with pace and straightened out. completely squared him up. Man, I don't know why he is not playing already. He is already 25, has pace and movement. Should be on the plane to England, but with BCCI, who knows!
  11. That was a cracker of a delivery!!
  12. List the number of wars started because of religion vs. the ones that were not since the beginning of mankind. The tally of the former is overwhelming. The balance is not even subtle, that is my point.
  13. Dhoni is heard saying "Upor lele, peche lele, laore me lele"
  14. mikey and sunny, two horny bastards!!!
  15. Why do we need religion man? It is root cause of most evil perpetrated on this phucking earth and it has been this way since the beginning of mankind. I do not know how the phuck humans came up with the concept of religion, and that too, not one, but hundreds of thousands!!! This shows that you can be the most intelligent species in this planet, but that does not guarantee that you will be free from dogma, closed-minded thinking, brainwashing, and stupid abhorrent behavior. We should not be on top of the pyramid, but at the bottom. Animals engage in killing, but it is mostly to feed their stomachs. Humans are the only species who kill for reasons other than nourishment!!
  16. SA is not that great of a ODI team (remember all the chokes). Then without Faf and DeVilliers they are actually substandard. I would disappointed if Indian did not win the series 5-1.
  17. Shastri is doing a great job

    That is good to know that the ODI series will precede tests. I don't know why all the overseas tours are not planned that way.
  18. Shastri is doing a great job

    Wahi to problem hain na! Bar bar same mistake karte hain hum! England tour mein yeh mistake nahin hoga iska koi guarantee hain?
  19. Shastri is doing a great job

    Test series jeet gaye hum? Are vah, arsenic ki jai ho!!
  20. Yes these two in the squad. Absolutely!!
  21. Yeh Khaya Zondo kya khake aaya re? Yeh Zondo kaisi khana hain?
  22. Whichever suar was involved in it, even the yellow ones!
  23. Mola Ram says,"Maaro maaro sooar ko, chamdi nocho, pee lo khoon" I agree.
  24. Africa is for Africans, South Africans!

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