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  1. Chalo game gaya! I am canceling my Willow subscription. This is impossible to watch and get my BP raised. Om Shanti Om!
  2. Shastri bhianchod need se uthh jaa. Dhawan/ Karthik ka chuski time as Gaya
  3. India will be all out trailing 125 runs. Game over. First test lost and the usual start to an Indian overseas test series.
  4. Harega bhai harega Kohli Gaya to harega
  5. I do not understand what Karthik is doing in the team. Look at how jaded our pacers looked compared to theirs. Scrap all of them and try new Phassst ones! India ka kuch nahin hogs because of the preparation, attitude and decision making.
  6. Once Kohli goes, innings defeat here folks!
  7. wake up and same old story. Kohli the one man show and rest are passengers!!
  8. That is why I say with all talent on paper, selection and match preparation has always sucked! Auss ripping awaits, AGAIN! No Pujara ?????
  9. Inglaterra will rack up a huge score and then game over!!
  10. Pissant is the same old chewtiya. Runs in hard and bowl Shyte! No Kuldeep, Pandya in for no reason and not playing Pant! Shastri Chuski Kohli Phuck De India.
  11. dandaroy

    Time to Avenge the 2011 and 2014 defeats.

    I feel a positive vibe ... a real strong one ... of India getting a can of whoop-ass handed to them! Jai Bhole Shankar!!
  12. dandaroy

    I had a feeling this fella was drawn to H-dom!!

    On the flip side, I have seen Hijras taunted and abused, sometime physically. So it goes both ways.
  13. dandaroy

    I had a feeling this fella was drawn to H-dom!!

    H-dom is Hijra-dom, not homosexuality. And there is nothing wrong with either. I am just having some fun. I love Hijras. They used to visit our house in Kolkata frequently and one time flashed my Dad because he would not give them money.
  14. dandaroy

    I had a feeling this fella was drawn to H-dom!!

    Hijre Alam . Sachin getting ready to sing Ghazal-e-Hijr in that outfit.
  15. dandaroy

    4K UHD HDR

    Biggest problem with 4k movies is the lack of rental facilities of the discs. That will give you the best PQ and lossless Audio. The streaming 4k is pretty good on YT, Prime Video and Netflix, but audio is limited to age old 5.1 for most cases. I wish there was a good rental availability for 4k movie discs like Netflix or Redbox.
  16. Though the ranking is a bit silly, but the important point is that for a developing nation and the most powerful country in South Asia that has emnormous potential, the status of women in Indian society especially in lower middle class and poor is abhorrent. Constant news of rape of minors is a clear indicator that something is wrong with the pysche of the Indian men. No matter how sexually repressed one is, but to rape a helpless woman, that too a minor, is just plain grisly. I guess you have to be a extreme sexual deviant, or think of the female gender as subhuman or an object to be able to justify doing that. After all, some of these cretins have their own families ... wife and kids.
  17. dandaroy

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    It will be 4-1 or 5-0 for England. Mark my word!
  18. Apke pitaji ke dadaji !! Edit....no rudeness to posters @dandaroy
  19. dandaroy

    Clearly an imbalanced side.

    Kuch nahin hone wala
  20. I keep hearing about these phaaasshhttt bowlers, where the Phuck are they?
  21. dandaroy

    Pandya needs to pull his socks up.

    All he has to do is learn chuski from the veterans and his place in the team is secured for good!!!
  22. dandaroy

    Epic Humiliation

    Abe tum log itna expectation kyu rakte ho? Phuck de India barabbar chewtiya raha hain, chewtiya hain aur future mein chewtiya rahega. Yeh team ki maksad hain. Abhi ODI series haarne ke baad, bohut kuch din rahe gaya test series mein flop karne ke liye. Jharkhandi aur Kalli ko thora chuski karne do hai hai Shastri ka!

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