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  1. 4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    Wicket coming
  2. Bradman > Steve Smith >>> SRT
  3. 4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    India is sooooo gonna lose!
  4. 4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    Phuck de India can't hold on to a cricket ball
  5. Ravindra Jadeja vs Ravichandran Ashwin

    simple....no one comes close to Sir-ji
  6. Day5 Predictions

    australia 300 all out. India bundled out for 45. Aus still pheck de India!
  7. Classic quote from Smith

  8. Day 2 Predictions

    Aus 350/5 decl; India 85 all out; follow on India 50 all out. Aus pheck de India in 2 days!
  9. We can still win this match

    Cmon India lets phuck this up
  10. What target can we defend in 4th innings ?

    Gaya match
  11. What target can we defend in 4th innings ?

    minimum 250. 300 would be safer. less than 225 and you are fecked.
  12. Day 2 Predictions

    Aus 300/5 decl; India all out 85. Game over.
  13. I agree. Just have the maharathis bend over and have Smithie stuff it in. No need to play the rest of the series.
  14. Phuck de India has always sucked, will always suck. It is in their DNA
  15. Changes for next Test.

    Make Jharkhandi the kaptaan and we can go back winning again!
  16. Aussies have poked a sleeping grizzly bear! Mistake

    bwahahahahahahahaha!!! Thanks for laugh!
  17. Congrats Australia on winning the first Test!

    Oye phuck de, o phuck de India!!
  18. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

  19. Can India win this one ?

    Hell no!
  20. This test is gone, bhai! Don't fool yourself.
  21. Just a bad day guys

    C'mon Phuck De India, let's phuck this one up royally with loads of Arsenic!
  22. Result Prediction: India vs Australia

    Pheck de India losing 0-4 with innings defeat in all tests!!!

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