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  1. Why do we need religion man? It is root cause of most evil perpetrated on this phucking earth and it has been this way since the beginning of mankind. I do not know how the phuck humans came up with the concept of religion, and that too, not one, but hundreds of thousands!!! This shows that you can be the most intelligent species in this planet, but that does not guarantee that you will be free from dogma, closed-minded thinking, brainwashing, and stupid abhorrent behavior. We should not be on top of the pyramid, but at the bottom. Animals engage in killing, but it is mostly to feed their stomachs. Humans are the only species who kill for reasons other than nourishment!!
  2. SA is not that great of a ODI team (remember all the chokes). Then without Faf and DeVilliers they are actually substandard. I would disappointed if Indian did not win the series 5-1.
  3. dandaroy

    Shastri is doing a great job

    That is good to know that the ODI series will precede tests. I don't know why all the overseas tours are not planned that way.
  4. dandaroy

    Shastri is doing a great job

    Wahi to problem hain na! Bar bar same mistake karte hain hum! England tour mein yeh mistake nahin hoga iska koi guarantee hain?
  5. dandaroy

    Shastri is doing a great job

    Test series jeet gaye hum? Are vah, arsenic ki jai ho!!
  6. Yes these two in the squad. Absolutely!!
  7. Yeh Khaya Zondo kya khake aaya re? Yeh Zondo kaisi khana hain?
  8. Whichever suar was involved in it, even the yellow ones!
  9. Mola Ram says,"Maaro maaro sooar ko, chamdi nocho, pee lo khoon" I agree.
  10. Africa is for Africans, South Africans!
  11. The last time I checked India sucks at football!!
  12. Dinda’s main aim in life was to get some boom boom action with the gori I-Pee-L cheerleaders. Since that has been accomplished, what’s the big deal about playing for the Indian team?
  13. Yes attitude definitely is the key. But Chinese rice and what Bengalees eat are different. Chinese rice is sticky and they do not eat rice in the same volume as Bengalees do. I do not eat rice much these days (very infrequently), but every time I do I feel like taking a nap. Rice has some ingredients that make you feel sleepy (I forget the name) like milk has (typtophan ??)
  14. Shastri should do some chuski to coax Dhoni to get back to the test team for the England tour. In all seriousness, this guy Kuldeep should be on the tour and playing if we have one spinner in the team. Ashwin has been disappointing lately.
  15. Bengalis are what we call "Bheto Bangali". We eat rice, copious amounts of it. It makes us feel lazy and sleepy. We even put poppy seeds in our vegetable mix - it is called "posto". Also fish, not the seafood kind, the but vanilla fresh water fish. It tastes delicious, good for the eyes and brain, but does shyt to our muscles!! We love to do "adda" - which is people getting together, eating (again) and gossiping / passing judgements on everything going on in the world like we own the shyt! I think we are world renowned for this. And finally, we LOVE sweets, and eat it like there is no tomorrow. No wonder, majority of us suffer from diabetes, or are borderline. And you expect this race to produce international quality athletes, let alone cricketers? Jai Bangla!!
  16. No problem. Saw the highlights somewhere else.
  17. dandaroy

    Where are all the experts now, thunders Ravi Shastri

    Abe Shastri, test series to haar gaye tera team, 2 hapte pehle aane ka kya hua? abhi ek ODI jitke phar phar kar rahan hain?
  18. This does not play in the US.
  19. Against a good pace attack on a overseas pitch with some juice and under lights, you have to have some technique to see off the moving ball before you can launch an attack. He is not a technically competent batsman.
  20. dandaroy

    Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    yes, Viv and Sachin were ATGs, but this guy is clutch in chasing. He has proven enough to me to say he has surpassed them and by the time he ends his career he will be the GOAT. Now if he can translate this to tests as well, then Smith, who?
  21. dandaroy

    Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    Kohli is head and shoulders above any ODI batsman in the history of cricket. He is getting more and more clutch. Now, only if he could translate this performance regularly in tests!!
  22. I am cheerful bruh, it was said in jest!! @maniac, although I cancelled my Willow subscription and wasn't able to see a lick, can someone please help a poor boy out and point to some highlights???
  23. phuck de India won?? Yeh ka chewtiyapa, I was getting so used to losing!!
  24. Chalo under lights, ball will swing past Indian balls (22 of them) to take the edges. Khel khatam, paisa nahin hajam. India down 0-1!!
  25. dandaroy

    Pujara to play County cricket for Yorkshire

    This is why I like this Pujara. Trying and not complacent.

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