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  1. dandaroy

    Indian Batsmen vs Spin

    Sadly the video available is crappy as heck, but if you want to see how to play against spin on a minefield, there is no better example than Sunnyji's last test innings in Bangalore against Pak in late 1986 where he scored 96. That's is how you play spin bachhu!
  2. Abe Trevor ke bachche, Phuck De India ko kyun kitna prestige they rahe ho? Tracer bullet coach ka thobra deka hain?
  3. Sunnyji mere idol, apne Shastri ko hatao. Faltu baate mat karo. India team needs a good coach and master strategist, not a sharabi yes man who engages in lookchoopi romance with his miserable cawk!
  4. Bhajji is an idiot, but he is right here. Saale Ashwin ka tond and fitness itna bekar hain ke gend bhi thik tarah se daal nahin sakta hain! Sirji ko bulao!!
  5. No worries Stark and co will clean us up and light a fire under Shastri auss, if he is still there!!
  6. dandaroy

    Should Kohli rest for the last Test?

    They rested for the whole series. What's one more test?
  7. dandaroy

    2-3 at the Oval?

    Yawn .... next!
  8. dandaroy

    Ravi Shastri is secretly dating Nimrat Kaur

    Shastri: Mona Darling, saara shaher mujhe LOIN ke naam se jaanta hain
  9. dandaroy

    Ravi Shastri is secretly dating Nimrat Kaur

    Gabriel Gabriela kya farak parta? As long as they is a auss to turn the heat up on! That his eshpeciality!!!
  10. dandaroy

    Ravi Shastri is secretly dating Nimrat Kaur

    What he does in his personal life is his business. Isn't the chewyt married? Whatever, considering how worn out his face his, I can't image this poor girl having to look at his sharabi deek!!
  11. dandaroy

    Who’s looking forward to another ass-whoppin’?

    Chalo another auss whopping' complete ans series loss, just like SA and just like every overseas series and kaptaan giving philosophical statements about series being more than wins and losses. When your phucking salaries are paid by us fans, yes, the bottomline is wins and losses you self-absorbed moron!
  12. Gaandoo Shastri telling us to cool down and then raise the heat up ... ON HIS AUSS! [emoji1] So looking forward to Dhawan gnaawaar dropping dollies and thigh slapping ... then going hard at the ball without any foot movement edging to the slips. Pujara blocking himself into a rut and then looking like a deer caught in the headlight after getting bowled. Rahane wafting his bat edging to the slips forgetting he is the vice captain and that he is known for scoring overseas. All this while Kohli standing on the other end watching the procession muttering BC MC under his breath! Pissant running in and bowling the same plucking ball every time, except this time he won’t be so lucky. Shami running in lethargic with all 50 years of his life like a heavy burden wearing him down. Umesh following Pissant's example except spraying the ball all over negating any movement he might get. All the fielders dropping catches like the ball is a slippery Lyril soap and then showing their stained teeth is on camera. Meanwhile chewtiya Shastri is taking a nap in the stands and Kohli looks like he is going to explode any time. And so goes the 2nd test and down 0-2!
  13. dandaroy

    What should be the team changes for the final Test?

    Fill in any ten random Indians with Kohli and the results will be the same. My team: Gadku Pandya (not our Sobers) Dhondiya Kohli (kaptaan) Gadhau Prasad (wice kaptaan) Chhaniya (awl-rounderrrr) Bichhu Maharaj (wk) Garbar Singhhhh (eshhpinner) Barbar Singhhhh (phassst bawler) Ghochu (phassst bawler) Jhantu (phassst bawler)
  14. Actually the Pak team may have better batting than us.
  15. If I see a word on ICF, that India has a chance in Aus without Smith and Warner, I am going to personally administer a carrot up your ***
  16. The thug Stokes has them too, but at least he can play.
  17. They sure are. World beaters in taking it up the auss. Just like Shastrichaud!
  18. Chalo ji, Dukan abhi Bandhh hui nahin hain. Shopping Karke Shastrichaud ke liye Daruu bhi kharidni hain!!
  19. Shami to hit the winning shot!!
  20. Indian players are bunny against do take ki spin.
  21. You have to be aggressive, but not stupidly aggressive. That was a shot that did not have to be made. Ball pitched out and move away. If he went on backfoot he could have cut it.

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