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  1. Prediction: We Are Going To Put Up A Hell Of A Fight Today

    Well the first session was scary and things we spilling out of the bag. I am glad we nipped it in the bud soon after.
  2. We could have won this 3-0

    Could have should have. A lot of things could have happened, but it did not. And it did not because there is a reason, it is not coincidental. I don't know about 3-0, especially when we have lost the series, but a 2-0 or 2-1 series win was not out of the realm of possibility. It's not just selection, getting match ready was just as important. Hopefully, India will learn from this and not repeat the mistake in England. However, I am wary of the Indian mindset kicking in and we go back our old ways! Time will tell.
  3. Chalo shuru karo khel. Aur 2 over ke baad bandh karo dangerous pitch ke liye
  4. Mike Haysman is saying everything looks good and wondering why the game has not started yet. Saale Aleem Dar Ian Gould bhainchodo jaldi inspection karo abhi.
  5. BREAKING NEWS: Test to continue

    Abe, Kya ho raha hain bhai. Saari raat jaag nahin paunga. Game shuru Karo Saale!!
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Test to continue

    Elgar was stunned by the blow and he is justified to feel so, but I do not think he was concussed. Usually in a concussion, initially one does not know what the hell is going on around them for a few seconds. Elgar got hit and immediately had the reflex action and the sense to take his helmet off.
  7. Target their bodies!

    So you are willing to get the match cancelled in order to hurt your opponent rather than focus on a win?? OK, you are free to think whatever you want. However, I think that will not be a winning tactic. A few more balls hitting the helmet and umpires will stop the game whether it is the pitch or SA inadequacy!! The better strategy would be to use the short ball as a surprise weapon, but bowl in the right areas and let the pitch do its thing. There is enough juice in this pitch where Bhuvi/Shami can get prodigious movement and get edges if he pitches the right line and length. Bumrah can get enough zip and bounce back even from short of a good length. The ball that hit Elgar was a short pitched ball that kicked up a bit more than he anticipated. On a more placid pitch it probably would have not kicked up as much, but Bumrah does have the ability to be skiddy and extract bounce. The same ball if pitched a little further up would still have kicked up and hit him on the handle/glove and lobbed up for a catch instead of hitting the helmet.
  8. BREAKING NEWS: Test to continue

    you know he will come out guns blazing and does have the ability to take the game away. He is not the type to do tuk-tuk on this wicket. It will take a special ball to get him out like what Bhuvi did in the first test. And how could I have forgotten Amla! Will the Indians be able to hold on to the catches? There will be edges on this wicket!!!
  9. BREAKING NEWS: Test to continue

    India have a right to be a bit pissed taken off the field with 19 minutes left .... http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22225014/challenging-pitch-not-dangerous-rahane
  10. BREAKING NEWS: Test to continue

    Abe jeetne de pahele. It is not a cake walk. Half a bad session and the game could easily run away with DeVilliers & Faf beating the snot of our of misdirected balls. India has to bowl well and in the right areas. I hope players do not come out with a complacent mind set, but with a plan to execute.
  11. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    Hahaha the video is hilarious!! The white dude reading the newspaper next to them is like I can't take this bullshyt any more. Someone get them outta here or just kill me!!
  12. One issue with Shaw that I observe by watching videos of his batting is that he has a fairly pronounced and somewhat exaggerated back lift. I do not know if he has played real express bowling (145+ consistently). I do not know just asking. He may struggle bring his bat down on time with highly pronounced back lift especially with extreme pace w/ even subtle movement.
  13. If play continues for the rest of the rest, this may be it, but India has to bowl well. Faf and DeVilliers can take the game away if Indians spray the ball. Also you cannot discount Amla. So even though the pitch is hard to bat on, you can’t rule out a SA win.
  14. Also former players like Sehwag criticizing is a bit rich, especially he was total failure overseas and besides his batting, he was very lackadaisical about preparation, fitness, etc
  15. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    I know it is his personal life, but it is ridiculous to see his wife draped in that black burqa. Looks like a ape. Just out of place in modern times!! She is probably brainwashed to say that it is her choice. Such is the power of fundamentalist religion !! Note: Just to clarify this a bit more. I am not calling Hashim Amla's wife an ape necessarily, although the comment was made in reference to her. I do not know her, have not heard anything about her in the news to form any opinion. What I intended to mean is that anyone who is covered from head to toe (including face) in a black fabric does not look human because the human features are all suppressed by the black shroud. That is where the ape comment came from. Also the comment about the burqa has nothing to do with Islamophobia. I am sure Hashim Amla and his family are fine people. Islamophobia is fearing, hating and discriminating against someone just because he/she is Muslim or comes from a Muslim background and attaching stereotypes to them. You can not hate a person for who they are and still be able to criticize them for any beliefs, practices, etc that you think are detrimental or in conflict with a modern open society. Actually many liberal minded people fall in that trap, let alone other Muslims. Any time you say anything critical of the Islamic culture, religion or society you are tagged an Islamophobe even though you are trying to make valid point and not stereotyping people. This actually hurts the cause because Islamphobia is real and does exist in our current climate and I am symapthetic to it. All this instant labeling does is alienate more people from being sympathetic to the struggle. Same is true for homophobia as well.
  16. I guess we have a difference on opinion regarding Kohli on this. But I do agree with you on BCCI’s culpability on this. Bunch of morons scheduling games caring only about profits and not the well being of the team!
  17. BREAKING NEWS: Test to continue

    That is why there is no guarantee that will not be abandoned again when play resumes. One or two more helmet blows and match may be called off even if it is not the pitch and SA batsman just not good enough to negotiate!! This is why Kohli should instruct his bowlers not to adopt a body line bowling only approach. Bowl in the right areas and let the movement do the work for you and use the short ball aimed at the body sparingly and as a surprise delivery.
  18. Yes you are right. BCCI did not offer to take the whole squad to SA. Blame goes everywhere. BCCI for scheduling meaningless series before and important tour, and Indian team management (Kohli & Shastri) not taking up on BCCI offer (even though not ideal), or not fighting hard to make the right thing happen (which is tell BCCI, field a second string squad against SL, we are taking the test team to SA well ahead and I will reschedule my marriage). Don't tell me Kohli does not have the clout to make things happen if he/Shastri really pushed hard. And then he contradicts Shastri and says they had right match preparation!

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