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  1. Their fielding saved 20 runs
  2. Chewtiya team showing their incompetence in getting even 300. Put it in the lost column feckers!!!!
  3. Are they playing test kirkut?
  4. Where is Tendu in this? Surely he must have had at least ONE knock worthy of being in this list......the greatest batsman of the modern generation?? The genuine Lil' Master has two......what a knock that 96 was!!!
  5. VVS is easily the best MVP the Indian cricket team has ever had. Time and time again, he has played knocks that had a direct influence on Indian wins!!!! Wish I could say the same about another maharathi who received an award that ends with Ratna or something like that!!
  6. Australia vs West Indies Boxing Day test

    FTB Aussies making mince meat of hapless WI on pattas. When did cricket down under become so boring???
  7. All you suckas......as if you never made a mistake in your life. Everyone deserves a second chance. He was young, paid his price, let him get back show what he has left. It is good for cricket.

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