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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Test to continue

    That is why there is no guarantee that will not be abandoned again when play resumes. One or two more helmet blows and match may be called off even if it is not the pitch and SA batsman just not good enough to negotiate!! This is why Kohli should instruct his bowlers not to adopt a body line bowling only approach. Bowl in the right areas and let the movement do the work for you and use the short ball aimed at the body sparingly and as a surprise delivery.
  2. Yes you are right. BCCI did not offer to take the whole squad to SA. Blame goes everywhere. BCCI for scheduling meaningless series before and important tour, and Indian team management (Kohli & Shastri) not taking up on BCCI offer (even though not ideal), or not fighting hard to make the right thing happen (which is tell BCCI, field a second string squad against SL, we are taking the test team to SA well ahead and I will reschedule my marriage). Don't tell me Kohli does not have the clout to make things happen if he/Shastri really pushed hard. And then he contradicts Shastri and says they had right match preparation!
  3. Agree. It is no cakewalk. England is typically very strong at home even though they got thrashed down under. The good thing about 5 test series is you can come back even if you start poorly.
  4. Where have you been? It is a known fact now that BCCI gave the team to go to SA ahead of time. The Indian team management ignored it. As a captain, it was his responsibility to make that happen with Shastri. Read my other posts where I have complained about this non-stop.
  5. Itna jaldi Arsenic mat daal. Pehle I-Pee-L khatam hone de. Uske baad dekhte hain eh log England mein pehle se jaate hain ki nahin. Without acclimatization and match preparation, India will again lose the first test and be immediately on the back foot.
  6. No he can’t. He is handy bat down the order, but he does not have technique to be all rounder batsman. You do not want him to degrade his bowling to improve his batting skills. We do not want a repeat of Irfan. He probably is our best bowler in seam/ swing conditions. Can move the bowl both ways, bowls in the right areas and has increased his pace enough to have an impact, although definitely not express.
  7. Lack of match practice. not choosing Rahane until 3rd test chopping bhuvi in 2nd test Selecting Dhawan/Rohit who just do not belong. Plus some odd on field captaincy decisions. Comparing him to previous Indian captains is not helpful. We have had not had captains like Waugh, Brearley, Lloyd, etc ever.
  8. Yes his arrogance sometimes clouds his judgment and receiving constructive criticism from others around and also his ability to introspect. This was clearly evident on this tour. Refusing to accept mistakes of not having match preparation, improper team selection, etc. Arrogance in the right amount is called self-pride. When it starts creating a bubble around you, it is not helpful. Hopefully, he is intelligent enough to learn from it. This was his first tough overseas tour after being a permanent captain.
  9. If he succeeds in England, then he definitely has the chance to surpass H. Kohli's knock have more impact on the team's performance in general. By the time, he is done, he has the potential to be India's best ATG batsman in all cricket. He just needs to work on his arrogance and attitude to be a better captain to his teammates and coach. There is no question abiout his fierce and competitive attitude that benefits him personally. He needs to learn how to channel that to benefit the whole team.
  10. BREAKING NEWS: Test to continue

    We'll see I guess. I think the decisions that went into it are 1) India played on the same pitch and SA bowling definitely has fire / zip. 2) Bumrah's ball was not of a good length, in fact it could termed short length, he is zippy and can extract bounce of a pitch. I am sure the pitch exaggerated some of the bounce, but it wasn't like it kicked up dangerously from a good length. Elgar also showed some indecision of misjudging the bounce, had he tried to get his head out the way at the last moment, the ball could easily lobbed off the glove/bat handle for a catch.
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Test to continue

    OK, now India go win the match. No need to aim for body blows necessarily. Bowl in the right areas and out think the SA batsmen. There is no reason to think you do not have the bowling resources to bowl out SA under 200.
  12. Thumbs up for Indian batsmen for showing guts

    Yeah proud of the way they played. They showed grit. They probably would have had similar success in earlier tests with match practice, proper team selection and backing the players.
  13. If SA decide to walk off, then will they be called cowards?

    Provided Kohli learns from this and gets match preparation BEFORE the England and Australia tours. Here the first two tests were basically the match practice they needed.
  14. Hail Rahane

    Let this be a clear message to Kohli. Never drop a player like Rahane. You-Pujara-Rahane are the backbone of the batting especially in overseas conditions and provide all enough chances to succeed.
  15. Kohli has raised his profile as batsman in this series

    Yes, I hope he can carry this to England

    No worries! May be we can take a moral victory out of this!! Again, repeating myself for the umpteenth time, had India made the effort to have match preparation, it wouldn't have even come down to this. They could have won the first test and maybe the series. This SA team was beatable in their backyard. Now wait another 4 years! Kohli-Rahane-Pujara will be in their mid 30s by then.
  17. If SA decide to walk off, then will they be called cowards?

    This. And sad thing is that now the window is closed, India will not have any chance to redeem themselves until 2021-2022!

    If you want me to stop writing essays, then please go yourself. Don't like it, don't read it!!

    While I do not want any players to suffer the same fate as Phil Hughes (my God!! how can you hope someone gets hit and dies), but this lies squarely on South Africa. They made this bed and now they must sleep on it. So here are the options: 1. Come out and bat and finish the game (win or lose). 2. If you do not play again (whether it is the umpires or SA team management, whatever), then just concede the match to India so that the final series result says 2-1 3. If there is no play, and no concession and it is just a draw, then BCCI should take a stand and withdraw from the rest of the series, it is meaningless ODI/T20 stuff anyways. However, BCCI should pay the players match fees for the lost games. 4. Regardless of 1 - 3, ICC should penalize the SA board for the pitch (especially if there is no further play), fine them big time and donate the proceeds to a good Indian charity. In reality, none of these will happen. There will be no further play, a draw will be called, BCCI will bend over and just take it (despite Kohli creating fuss at press conferences, etc) and everyone will move on to the ODI/T20 series. However, next time a Indian pitch is criticized for being a rank turner, the groundsman should be ready with a pole to shove it in. Nothing harsh. Just gentle insertion of the lubed pole with some minor twisting and side to side tugging (to show that we care, but also want to relay a message at the same time).
  20. 'This is not a cricket pitch, this is dangerous'

    Do you phucking have to resort to racist references like this? You can make you point without this crap. Disgusting!!!
  21. Not at all a fan of Dhoni’s captaincy. While his test captaincy sucked especially after the WC 2011 and he always came up with excuses, I don’t think it was resulting out of arrogance. I think he was more receptive of other opinions than Kohli is. So while both have excuses galore, Kohli refuses to accept his mistakes because his arrogance is preventing him from doing so ala Trump.
  22. Maybe that is the silver lining in all this after all. Phucker knows that he struggled mightily in England last time. That is why he did not want to schedule the marriage before the England tour. And that might be the same reason which will compel him to take the whole team to England well ahead of time to get match ready!!
  23. Problem is Kohli wants a yes man, not a coach. Which is exactly what Shastri is. Do you think a good strong willed coach who wants his inputs accepted take the Indian coaching job now?
  24. He is the captain. He should not only be leading by example, but also put the team ahead of himself. Just because he did not need match practice, does not mean others did not. Everyone is not at the same talent level, he should have the common sense to know that. Unless his arrogance is so out there, it clouds his basic judgment. And btw, even he needed match practice, he did ghanta in the first test!!
  25. That is the big worrying part. If he acts like a Don instead of a proper captain, I guess Indian cricket is doomed. It is possible that Shastri told Kohli to go to SA ahead of time, but the phucker just blew him off citing he had to get married. And the yes man he is, he kept his mouth shut. However, if Shastri had any ounce of self pride and dignity, he would have told Kohli either you take my inputs or I resign. I am not going to be your yes man, your butt boy!!

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