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  1. Congrats Proteas for advancing to the semis

    Do you know who I am?
  2. Quinton de Kock vs India in ODIs

    There is no hope for * de India, no hope whatsoever!!
  3. Phuck de India or Choker Saali??
  4. Rashid Latif disgusting Rant against Sehwag !

    Latif looks and talks like a illiterate criminal. I am sure he is all that in real life, considering he was cheater-in-chief during his playing days.
  5. Don't worry chewtiye bhaiyo, Choker Saali Proteas will ram it up our ausses on sunday and we will be out.
  6. Hahaha- Lets laugh at India- hahahahahahahaaa!!

    Asura ekdom sur pe gaaya!
  7. Hahaha- Lets laugh at India- hahahahahahahaaa!!

    Raavana ne Ram ki le li
  8. India vs Sri Lanka | 8th June ,2017 | Oval | Match thread

    lootega bhai lootega Raavana lootega!
  9. Game slipping away ...

    Ravaana pounding Rama today!
  10. Another attack in London

    England is teeming with Jihadis. There is something wrong in the though process when a sizable chunk of the Muslim population sympathizes. Islam needs a reformation, it is stuck in the middle ages.
  11. Has Rohit Sharma cost us this game?

    150 would have been enough Pokestan
  12. ICC CT | India vs Pakistan, 4th June, Edgbaston.

    Dil Dil Pakistanistan!
  13. India players reportedly 'intimidated' by coach Kumble

    yeh ka chewtiyapa hain bhai? intimidated???? Phuck de Indians need to be disciplined like school kids otherwise they tend to slack and get more complacent. bunch of phucktards!!
  14. Vir Das on Conan

    Not too shabby!!!
  15. About time SC banned Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS

    yeh ka chewtiyapa hain bhai! Itni acchi khasi tomator kharab kiya!!
  16. fecking backward society you muslims have! Let the women triple talaaq the asses of men like you!
  17. I believe he has talking about the 2011-12 tour. Kohli was a deek back then. Probably called him motherchaud.
  18. Yes we are Pakiboy, we are terrified! God knows when you will strap on a suicide vest and pull the lever!!
  19. Virat Kohli Receives Padma Shri At Rashtrapati Bhavan

    Sirji deserves Bharat Ratna then!
  20. I want Sirji as kaptaan! Then you will know the true meaning of motherchaud!!!
  21. Sir Ravindra Jadeja tribute thread

    chup be, Sirji is immune from pheck de. After we are talking about Sri Sirji!
  22. Sir Ravindra Jadeja tribute thread

    I knew when times are bad, Sirji will come through. Jai Sirji!!!

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