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  1. On 10/11/2017 at 12:48 PM, maniac said:

    So Gavaskar retires after WC,


    Kapil,Zak,Sehwag are kind of dropped and then reflect on their career and retire, 


    Kumble,Ganguly,Dravid,Laxman decide to retire on their own


    SRT and the one and only Nehraji are the 2 legends who get a planned farewell sendoff :hail:


    Gavaskar retired in style. Played one the best test knocks of his test career and then announced he was going to retire after the WC '87. Had a pretty decent WC as well. 


    Unlike another legend who could have retired in style after the WC win, but dragged himself and the cricketing world for another 2+ years ruining his legacy in the process!! :facepalm:

  2. 1 hour ago, putrevus said:

    What do rate bowler as friendly conditions.I don't rate Sachin's scores in 1999-00  against Australia as scores in bowler friendly conditions, it was just inept batting by rest of the Indian batting. Laxman 96 in Durban , or Dravid 148 in Leeds were scored in some what bowler friendly.


    Gavaskar's 90 odd in 1987 against Pakistan on minefield is one of the best in my view as pitch was good along with caliber of bowlers.

    :bow: No one can touch that innings against spin. The greatest opener that ever lived.

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