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  1. Chalo hero aa gaya desh ko bachane!
  2. The side is 112/5. They won't even reach 150 and you are talking about 200. The batting from this team is horrendous. If not for Pujara, we would have lost the first test. Kohli saved Indian from humiliation in 2nd test, first innings. The bowling has been better than previous tours, but then again, there was no need for 4 phasssht bowlers. Bewda could not manage his way out of a paper bag (the one he needs after a night of excessive drinking), let alone a national team. This Indian team is a disgrace!!
  3. Hope? With Bewda in charge? 2-2? Expect a 1-3 thrashing! This Aussie side has a weak batting and still we can’t roll them over.
  4. This vaunted batting lineup can’t chase 287? Even if India hadn’t allowed a lead, they would have still lost. Bwahahahahahahahahaha ..a Phuck de India is always Phuck De. Folks, the first test win is the only one this series. Expect things to go downhill from here. Our batting has ALWAYS let us down. I wrote this earlier. The openers are walking wickets. You can’t expect Pujara or Kohli to bail us out every innings. The rest are uncertain and a long tail and then Bewda in charge. Expect a 150+ loss tomorrow. 112/5?
  5. They already have enough. They should just declare and go for the kill. The two openers are walking wickets. You can't rely on Pujara or Kohli all the time. pujara won us the first test. kohli saved us from humiliation in the second test 1st innings. So law of averages will catch up wih them. Rahane may chip for a few runs, but he won't score big. The rest are just passengers. India will fold under 150 in the 4th innings. Jai Hind!
  6. dandaroy

    Virat Kohli vs sachin tendulkar 100's in AUS

    Sachin was great, but Kohli's clutch play time after time is getting annoying! C'mon Kohli, cut Tendu some slack!!
  7. Yep it was clearly grassed. There were no convict fingers under the ball Bewda pass the lube to Dharamsena, sh*t gonna get real bad!!
  8. Shame should just stick to hacking!!
  9. Agreed, but I guess he also got a bit stuck at the crease!
  10. Man Starc is bowling serious heat 90+ back to back to back to back!!
  11. He got stuck on the crease. But can’t blame him much. Great ball, but he stuck around better than the openers.
  12. Kya laaloo ji kya bolta hain. Still 300+?
  13. Kohli has scored 6 tons on 10 tests in Australia. That’s Bradmanesque!
  14. Starc is bowling serious heat!!
  15. In that case this pair will have to see India past 300. Tall ask.
  16. Kohli giving Bachchan like gesture after 100!
  17. Once the new ball is taken it will be a procession. I am guessing 225 all out.
  18. India has two openers who are useless along with a tail from 8-11 plus a untested batsman in Vihari and a wicket keeper batsman who is a hack. How do you expect to compete??
  19. That’s what a break in play does to one’s concentration. He would not have gone out to that delivery yesterday afternoon. Still he is to blame for getting out to that ball.
  20. This match is over. Just hope Kohli gets a century and then beat Bewda to a pulp for choosing a wrong team.
  21. dandaroy

    Match is over

    Rahane needed to stick around. Now this game is over.
  22. This hard work would all go to waste if one of these two get out cheap tomorrow morning. Both need to score tons and one needs to score BIG. Pant is not reliable and not sure what we are going to get from Vihari.

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