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  1. dandaroy

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    After first test I was not certain. Now I am. HELL NO!!! Just wait and watch the drama unfold. It is going to get from bad to worse to catastrophic. These poyzz are going to go back home with their ausses sore, red and inflammed like a baboon's butt! In fact, they may have to fly first class laying sideways on their flight from London.
  2. Like I said, I will take a team of Hijras over this bunch of poyzzzz!
  3. Shastri has already scarred the players ausses by turning up the heat, so need for England of Aussies to do anything. The scarring is already there and self-induced!
  4. dandaroy

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    Why bother? Tell hai hai Shastri and arrogant prick Kohli to just call it a day and go home. Give England a 0-5 whitewash and save everyone the bitterness and humiliation. Go back to India, pose for ads, throw parties, and then score runs on pattas and before Aus tour, just give the Aussies the series and stay home and enzoyyyyy! Phuck de Indian cricket! Every tour is the same old shyt! I would empathize if these phuckers tried. These guys really have no shame, so just stay home and enjoy BCCI's chuski!
  5. It's worse than that, its men against kids without cawks! Even a team of Hijras would entertain better than our poyzzzzz!
  6. dandaroy

    Do we deserve a 5 test series?

    We should not play test, Period!! We are a minnow. Let’s just stick to T-Tonty and I-Pee-L. Tamasha cricket is where all the fun is. Test kirkut is boring and for old farts, and these desi poyzz are cool and hip!!
  7. shudhhu baal ne re, ekdom tatka jhhaater baal!
  8. dandaroy

    If not Kohli , who should be test captain?

    Jharkhandi, Jharkhandi, bring back Jharkhandi ... wisdom of 60 years hidden in his gray stubble!!!
  9. Common India? Saale pehle English likhna sikh, uske baad tweet karna, thik hain? Tereko commentary ka job kaise mila, oh bhi Sky Sports booth mein?
  10. England need about 25 overs or so. They will declare before start of play tomorrow. That will do it. Surely Mother Nature will let up for 25 overs in two days!! Praying for an auss whoppin' because although a loss won't change anything, but a washout is even less likely to have any impact. My gut feeling is by the time I get up and look at Cricinfo scores, the losers will be on their way!!
  11. Looks like the innings defeat will happen tomorrow. England just need one session of play to bowl Phuck De India out! Today was my last day of Willow subscription and that will be the end of my cricket watching for this series. Bye Bye fellows, enjoy the auss whoppin’!! We shall meet again in Aus for another round of auss whoppin’!
  12. Please declare so that I can watch Innings defeat in this match ... today!
  13. dandaroy

    Hai hai India!

    2011, 2014 and 2018 ... nothing has changed and nothing will. There needs to be a change of mindset which starts at the top with change of BCCI leader then flowing down to the coaching staff and then to the players. Otherwise it will be the same old same old, a few individual flashes of brilliance but a constant pattern of collective failure.
  14. dandaroy

    Can India score 330+ runs in the second innings

    What are you smoking? Innings defeat written all over this. Actually England should declare now and the match would be over today.
  15. Gaandoo Shastri telling us to cool down and then raise the heat up ... ON HIS AUSS! [emoji1] So looking forward to Dhawan gnaawaar dropping dollies and thigh slapping ... then going hard at the ball without any foot movement edging to the slips. Pujara blocking himself into a rut and then looking like a deer caught in the headlight after getting bowled. Rahane wafting his bat edging to the slips forgetting he is the vice captain and that he is known for scoring overseas. All this while Kohli standing on the other end watching the procession muttering BC MC under his breath! Pissant running in and bowling the same plucking ball every time, except this time he won’t be so lucky. Shami running in lethargic with all 50 years of his life like a heavy burden wearing him down. Umesh following Pissant's example except spraying the ball all over negating any movement he might get. All the fielders dropping catches like the ball is a slippery Lyril soap and then showing their stained teeth is on camera. Meanwhile chewtiya Shastri is taking a nap in the stands and Kohli looks like he is going to explode any time. And so goes the 2nd test and down 0-2!
  16. dandaroy

    Who’s looking forward to another ass-whoppin’?

    I see this thread now in chit chat, eh? Everything I said has come true. So me thinks this thread is more valuable than the other gazillion ghanta discussions you have on cricket talk, mods!! You guys have no cricketing sense!!
  17. dandaroy

    Who’s looking forward to another ass-whoppin’?

    If anyone after this series (which would be either a 0-4 or 0-5 loss) posts here that we will win in Australia, I am personally going to go to where you live and open a can of whoop-auss on you, I swear!!! A lot of folks after the SA series were saying oh, we could have won in SA (we did not), and this will be our series to win in England. Like Shastri and co, you guys live in la-la-land. BTW, where the phuck is Tics? Arsenic khake mar nahin gaya to bhonsrike? I think I want to open a can on him first. India cannot win overseas, not because they do not have any talent. It is because these are a bunch of spoilt, complacent players who lack the hunger, the grit, the drive to survive in alien conditions. Sure one or two may have it, but as a bunch they don't. On top of this they have a subservient coach who is there to please the captain and a spineless BCCI, all of these phuckers know they do not have to answer to anyone and therefore lack accountability. There is a reason I say Phuck De India!!
  18. dandaroy

    Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

    This is breaking news guys and has not been made public yet. I am telling you this in confidence, so please do NOT share it with the rest of the world until beginning of play on day 3. Joe Root and ECB have twisted ICC's arm to change the rules to allow complete negation of India's first innings and allow them to bat again. It seems they were all irked by Shastrichod's ghanta video tweet about raising the heat or something. They think they can bundle India a second time in the 1st inning AGAIN for less than 50 or so and raise the heat on that idiot's auss one more time, you know just to rub it in. When the news was relayed to the India team, Kohli was ready to bat again, but Shastri begged him to let it go. His auss is already sore from all the heat he has received on the 2nd day and he can't take it any more. But, Kohli being the alpha male as he is, ignored his coaches pleas and relayed to England that India is OK with starting the match over with India batting first. Meanwhile, Shastri has checked into the local hospital for preventative proctal aggravation treatment. India first innings (2nd time) 58 all out. England 200 - 3 first innings declared. Match set to be over on Day 4. Innings defeat looms. Prognosis - Shastri auss may not survive!!
  19. dandaroy

    Does India needs a specialist batting Coach?

    Ghanta motivation karta hain saale. Woh team mein hain shirf kaptaan ko chuski dene ke liye, aur raat mein daroo pee ke subah chewtiya video tweet karne ke liye. That way seems like he is one of world's most well paid whores??
  20. dandaroy

    Who’s looking forward to another ass-whoppin’?

    Whoa, I did not watch any live, but this is worse than I thought! England will pile on the runs tomorrow and the test may be over tommorow evening! India should lose its test status. It is officially a minnow now and even Pak would eat us alive. Just like I the op said folks, 0-2 coming up and this series looks like a fifer to me 0-5! Glad I canceled the Willow subscription. Saved me a costly $10
  21. dandaroy

    All out in a session and a bit...

    India is officially a minnow and should not play test kirkut!
  22. Innings defeat in this match!!

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