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  1. First up, this thread is NOT for you if you: 1) Beleive staying in shape is only for meterosexual male and slutty females. 2) Would much rather prefer to wear three piece suits, or full length salwar suit/saree in summer. Not because you like it but because it hides those extra baggage. 3) Keep pushing the agenda of getting in shape for next year. If you seriously beleive in any of those I humbly suggest this thread is not for you. However if you have made it past those points first up give yourself a pat on your back. YOU realize you have work to do and lets use this forum to better ourself. I mean surely there has to be more to life(and ICF) than discussing SRT/Kumble 24*7 or wonder why Bal Thackeray is a loony. None of those issues affect our daily lives but our health surely does. Today is 12th Feb. If we make a target of June 1st as deadline that means a total of 109 days till start of summer. That is a solid 15+ plus weeks. This is also a time when most festivities - Dusshera, Diwali, New Years, Christmas etc has become history and needless to say we all have packed some pounds. So before the summer arrives and out comes the top and muscle t-shirt lets inspire each other, and ourselves, and get to our best health. We have a bunch of certified gym rats - Gator, Predator, yours truly. Then we have people with enough knowledge who are not as regular(Varun). Plus we have people who have a very active lifestyle - Dhondy & Shwetabh. Lets pool in our resources and work to better ourselves. If we have enough participation I would even make this a competition with awards for 1-2-3. And even those who do not win will be winners in the sense their health would be better, and so would their self-confidence and life overall. So dont wait. If you have wanted to lose weight, chisel your body, add extra pounds your effort starts right here. Join in one and all. Cheers!

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