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  1. Hindus and Sikhs put money above everything else. The Muslims (and Christians) were hell bent on religious missions.
  2. In the UK the majority of Indians are Punjabi or Gujarati who first started coming over in the 60s, in the last 10-15 years there’s been an increase of South Indians and Maharashtrians.
  3. Don't bother with this Shariah ruled country. Go to Mauritius instead, a fantastic country which has beautiful beaches and also many other things to see and do.
  4. To defeat a group of extremists you have to have your own group of extremists. It’s the only way.
  5. The fact is that the Muslim growth rate is still higher than all other religions and they are therefore causing the population problems the most.
  6. Male Feminist.

    Then why in every single civilisation are women smaller then men? Surely if 20,000 years ago they were supposedly just as big and strong as men then in some part of the world they would still be, is it a mere coincidence that women became ‘second class’ citizens and smaller and weaker in every single civilisation?
  7. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    Being part of a bigger while offers better security.
  8. Male Feminist.

    Let’s see Serena play against Federer or Nadal and see how well she does and Tennis has plenty of female representation. Did you see the female Male football World Cup? It was pathetic, the power shots were like side foot passes from men. I’d like to see a woman heavyweight boxer against a male heavyweight. It would be carnage. Why are women physically smaller than men in terms of height and muscle mass? Next he will be saying that female lions are stronger than males. What’s the excuse? Too small a talent pool? Despite the fact that Male lions hardly ever hunt, they are still stronger than the females.
  9. Male Feminist.

    Do you honestly believe that any woman can run as fast as Usain Bolt? There have been several NFL players who are much faster than the fastest woman of all time who ran it in 10.5 seconds and they don’t even train as specifically as sprinters do. As for stamina the fastest long distance runners are men. Do you think any woman can bowl as fast as Akhtar or Lee, the woman’s record for fastest delivery is a paltry 78mph. Even an average first class Male bowler can top that easily. Male gymnasts are far superior to female ones. I’d love to see a female gymnast who can do a Maltese cross on the rings as well as a Male. Top weightlifters are male. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/dec/03/sas-may-make-entry-tests-easier-for-women-report When it comes to the best of the best men are far stronger and faster than women.
  10. Male Feminist.

    Well seeing how the Indian Army has done for 70 years with a very predominately male force, let’s see if women can do an equally good job for as many years.
  11. Male Feminist.

    In that case make the Indian Army 90% full of women and see how they fare. Same with the police.
  12. Feminists !!!

    I can understand your love for western medicine but psychology is not a science. So I would rather listen to Guru Nanak and Buddha than some guy who gives me a limited time per appointment and wants to make as much money as possible.
  13. Feminists !!!

    Langar is something that is found in every gurdwara in the world. Which other organisation does this and is open to all? Guru Nanak said to meditate long before any psychologist did. Can everyone afford to see a psychologist? I would rather get mental peace following the teachings of Guru Nanak or Buddha than the crazy theories of Freud.
  14. Feminists !!!

    Guru Nanak never claimed to know everything, he just wanted people to get on with one another and to meditate, nothing negative about that. He never claimed to walk on water or perform miracles.
  15. Feminists !!!

    I suggest that you read the book Sapiens which details human history. The author explains that humans achieve more when they believe in things like religion and that it pulls people together to believe in common myths. Just look at India, today it is together because of Hinduism is the uniting force. Two states that don’t have a Hindu majority - Punjab and Kashmir have both tried to get independence in the past and Kashmir still is. After all what does a Hindu from Himachal have in common with a Hindu from Tamil Nadu apart from religion?

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