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  1. Ranvir

    Top Gun Maverick 2020 Trailer

    It's a good film, not the deepest of storylines but the aerial cinematography is still great today. It's really refreshing to see real planes being used compared to the cgi overload we have today. I fantasised about becoming a fighter pilot after watching it! The new trailer looks good, lots of throwbacks to the original. However, Does the navy/air force allow people in their late 50s to still fly such high performance planes? I haven't been to a cinema for over 2 years now but will surely go for this. It's something to be experienced on the big screen.
  2. The Pianist is a great movie better than Schindler's List in my opinion. The wheelchair scene still shocks me. Border has not aged well, the effects and editing are very dated.
  3. I found it a bit overrated. It was pretty much the same thing over and over again in regards to the assassinations. I also found it hard to sympathise with the characters and their motives.
  4. There are so many, here are some good ones: The Pianist Green Book JFK Wolf Of Wall Street Downfall (great German movie about Hitlers last few days) Goodfellas A Beautiful Mind Catch Me If You Can 12 Years A Slave The Imitation Game Spartacus The Pursuit Of Happiness The Social Network
  5. Ranvir

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Who mentioned Dhoni? I am not one of those people who defends players. In fact I think Dhoni is one of the most overrated cricketers of all time. Tendulkar was very average after the 2011 World Cup and only played until he got his 100th century, that is a fact. He carried on playing for selfish reasons only. What made it worse is that India lost that same match against a minnow.
  6. Ranvir

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    He just wanted his 100 centuries. If he had got the record in the World Cup then he would have surely retired. I still remember that pathetic knock against Bangladesh that brought up the milestone. Talk about selfish!
  7. When you behave this pathetically when you're a majority then you're days on top are numbered.
  8. Ranvir

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    All forms of intoxication and drugs are banned in Sikhism. It's just that people look down on smoking much more than drinking. Smoking is perceived as very dirty (probably due to the lingering smell) and ghatiya in the Sikh community. That's just the way it is.
  9. Ranvir

    BAT OF GOD - Stokes

    The original poster was comparing what Stokes did to Maradona's act of deliberate cheating. They are poles apart. I admit England got a hell of a lot of good fortune on Sunday but none of it was through dishonest means. Also it was 4 'free runs', they had already run 2.
  10. Ranvir

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    Normal cigarettes do not make you lose your senses but weed does. The smell of smoke is far worse than alcohol in my opinion. I would rather sit next to a drunk than a smoker.
  11. Ranvir

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    The smell of smoke is far worse and lingers for longer. I once made the mistake of buying a car from a smoker. No matter how many times I had it valeted I could never get rid of the godawful smell.
  12. Ranvir

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    Smoking can give you lung cancer, smoking will also pass harmful smoke onto other people.
  13. Ranvir

    This is more depressing than India's loss

    That was the umpire's fault and again if it had happened in the 20th over no one would have batted an eyelid.
  14. Ranvir

    This match has brought cricket back to life in England

    Why does it have to be compared to football. No sport can surpass football where football is already well established. Football requires no specialist equipment - just a ball, can be played on a variety of surfaces, involves all players at all times, is free flowing, relatively safe to play and takes less than 2 hours to complete. The best cricket can do in the UK is keep up with sports like Rugby and Boxing, both of which have an image that is a lot cooler to youngsters. This win will help a lot with that but cricket needs to get rid of the image of old men in hats and striped ties watching from the Lords Pavilion. The sight of the batsmen walking passed a bunch of old posh men when leaving the pavilion was off putting.
  15. Think about how upset Federer and Kohli would be if you lost your job or got hurt in any way. That should do the trick.

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