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  1. The problem is that a lot of men from India do act in a perverted way. Creating threads like this is an example of this behaviour.
  2. What a dumb question. There are many different Indian ethnicities and those Indians in the USA and UK are the same as those in India, they have not mutated since being abroad.
  3. Ranvir

    Hindus are forced to leave village in West Bengal

    When did I say it was worse? When did I even mention Punjab in my original post? It seems like you like dragging Punjab into a topic at any opportunity.
  4. Ranvir

    Hindus are forced to leave village in West Bengal

    Talking nonsense as usual. Hindus were 22% in Bangladesh after partition. I guess you have forgotten about the Noakhali riots and Direct Action Day.
  5. Ranvir

    Hindus are forced to leave village in West Bengal

    Never trust them. Another myth that Hindus and Sikhs propagate is that Bangladeshis are not as bad as Pakistanis. They are just as bad, if not worse. Whilst the number of minorities post partition has remained relatively stable in Pakistan, the number of Hindus has decreased drastically in Bangladesh.
  6. Well there is a lot of anti Shia hate in Pakistan so they would be happy at this news, despite their founding father being a Shia himself.
  7. Ranvir

    Easter bomb blasts in Sri Lanka

    The whole world needs to fight this menace, and not do it half baked. You have to scare them so much that they will not dream to such things.
  8. Ranvir

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    Bloody hell, if any of my relatives had been murdered during partition my blood would still be boiling 70 years later.
  9. Democracy has been a disaster for India. China has one party, they focus only on improving the country not winning the next election. China had a cultural revolution in which they eradicated backwards systems that negatively effected their country. Indians still believe in the caste system and so called Babas influence masses of people. China are much more focused and detail orientated. They get the job done, no chalta hai attitude. Biggest democracy in the world is a joke term!
  10. Ranvir

    Hinduphobia In Secular India

    Yes I fully agree but when will it begin to happen. From what I have seen Indians and others are bending over for muslims. Force feeding halal food to non muslims, creating muslim prayer rooms in airports.
  11. Ranvir

    Hinduphobia In Secular India

    Muslims are naturally right wing, so you have to be right wing against them.
  12. Never trust a muzzie or give them special rights. Burma no2 is going to happen in India one day, on a much larger scale.
  13. I've never heard any muslim in the world say such a statement about their own religion despite the constant terrorist attacks.
  14. Ranvir

    Aamir khan to remake Forrest gump

    A film that makes Sikhs look dumb? Are we back in the 90s? Then again that is when the original movie came out.
  15. Ranvir

    Education does not solve terror problem

    You make a thread of education not solving Islamic Terror issues but you are spouting some yoga theories which have never been proven. From your name I'm guessing that you are a Mechanical Engineer and despite your education you still believe in Yoga theories. You are not that different from brainwashed Muslims, it's just that their brainwashing causes violence and yours causes you to believe in Ancient Indian fantasies. So we can conclude that education is only fractionally responsible in whatever someone chooses to believe in or how they conduct their lives. A bigger factor is parenting, religious scholars, friends and media.

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