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  1. Who are you to tell people who they should marry or procreate with? The more you talk the more nonsense you spew.
  2. How stupid does a nation need to be to let in Muslim refugees? Muslims in high numbers in any non Muslim nation always equals some type of terrorist activity eventually happening.
  3. No other race will give this topic as much thought as Indians and South Asians. Inferiority complex.
  4. Pakistanis up in arms over Mahira Khan photo.

    Pakistanis are extremely backwards. You have some Pakistani women here in the UK that won't open the door to a postman if they are alone.
  5. Corruption exists in all sports. Boxing is one prominent sport in which it occurs. However because cricket contains repeated small actions it is easier to manipulate. In this regards it is like an individual sport.
  6. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Yes you seem to know a hell but a lot about how to get a genocide officially recognised. As usual you just deflect a valid point. Regarding Armenians, they have their own nation and so they have much more clout and resources in getting their case heard. Compare them to the Kurds who have no nation and cannot get justice for the atrocities committed against them by Iraq and Turkey. Sikhs are more like Kurds in this regard.
  7. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    What about Russians? Do they get recognition for the millions Stalin killed?
  8. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Well I'm sorry we're not as industrious as the Armenians when it comes to these matters, we're just like those Russians killed by Stalin, Cambodians killed by Pol Pot, Africans killed by armies in the sense that we haven't raised a bloody case with The Hague. As for you, you know that India is a lawless third world nation that you wanted to leave.
  9. This is what the likes of Muloghonto actuall need to be worried about.
  10. Jain Couple leaves property and child to turn monks

    Even Buddha abandoned his family and promoted the monk way of life.
  11. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    You are a traitor to Canada. You are not a citizen of India anymore, you left India because it was a shithole. India does not allow dual citizenship, it does not want people like you. You should support Canada over India in all matters. You can reclaim your Indian citizenship but I highly doubt that you will as only a numbskull would give up Canadian citizenship for India's. how do you get evidence when the government and police are behind atrocities? You think that's always possible. You've never heard of burying evidence? Will the likes of George Bush or Tony Blair ever pay for the carnage they caused in the Middle East? All of which was built on lies? Are you going to tell the Iraqis to go The Hague as well? People in high society are untouchable. The way it stands in India there is probably an agreement between the Congress and BJP not to screw each other over regarding the massacres each one orchestrated in 1984 and 2002.
  12. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    What has The Hague ever done for the Armenians? Have they got any justice? It is a European centric organisation. Has it ever done anything for the millions Stalin and Pol Pot killed? It is not the be all and end all you fool. Have you ever heard of the Nanavati commission? Read about it you ignorant idiot. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanavati_commission It was an enquiry carried out in your beloved India. The same India you left decades ago. You keep going on about country before religion but you seem to be the type of person who would support India over Canada, the same India that you left decades ago because it was a chaotic lawless mess. The way you get annoyed seeing pictures If Bhindranwale the same way Sikhs get annoyed with seeing buildings, gardens and roads named after Indira Gandhi.
  13. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Hey Bengal tiger I said all types of institutions can be corrupt be it governments, religious institutions, schools, corporations. Do you understand now? did you not read what I said about the Cold War era? How there was fear mongering carried out by both the west and the soviets? You conveniently forgot that. You forget about how the American government got the American public so riled up about weapons of mass destruction before the Iraq invasion.
  14. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Of course the government tells you what to think. Media and propaganda are all part of the government. From the 1950s to the 1980s the governments of the west told their people to fear the soviets and the soviets did the reverse. The UK bans channels like Press TV. Look at China today, who has more influence there? Some Shaolin Monk? The teachings of Confucius? Or the government? The same government that can put democracy campaigners in the grave, demolish buildings when lever they want to, ban outside media and websites? Think for once. Maybe read George Orwell's 1984 and open your mind. There are corrupt institutions everywhere but the government has far more influence than any institution.
  15. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Who listens to a government blindly? Just about everyone whether they are aware of it or not. All laws of the land are set and imposed by the government not by the church, mandir or gurdwara. If a gurdwara tells someone to do something that person can choose not to follow it and nothing will happen to them. If you ignore a government law (such as compulsory military service in some countries) you face the possibility of jail. compute that you numbnut.

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