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  1. Ranvir

    Zayn Malik does not identify as a Muslim anymore!

    Anyone who does deep thinking will come to the conclusion that religion is man made.
  2. Ranvir

    Zayn Malik does not identify as a Muslim anymore!

    Well anyone who does any critical thinking on the topic of religion usually comes to the conclusion that religion is a man made concept. I was a bit of a religious Sikh in my late teenage years and twenties but when I dived into it deeply I simply could not believe in the things that I was reading. There is no evidence for reincarnation, all reincarnation stories I’ve read are glamorous where the subject talks about being a World War 2 pilot or some other kind of warrior. Where are the reincarnation stories about being a toilet cleaner in the previous life? There is no evidence of previous yugs when people are said to have lived for hundreds or thousands of years and life was blissful compared to today. Why are religious books written in poetic form or in riddles? Why not get straight to the point? Humans have been around for at least 200,000 years. The oldest surviving religion today is Hinduism which is around 5000 years. So for 97% of human history humans did not practice any of the religions around today which leads me to the conclusion that all currently practiced religions will also die out. The religion you follow depends on the circumstances of your birth on most occassions and what keeps you believing it is the people around you. Zayn probably doesn’t hang out with many other Muslims and may have carried out some introspection.
  3. Ranvir

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    If you live in India there really isn’t much need to visit the neighbouring countries, the border states are quite similar on either side.
  4. The difference is that Kashmir is a border state like Punjab and Bengal. The whole point of partition was to partition the current border areas according to demographics. Even if Hari Singh continued to rule as an independent ruler after partition the Muslims would eventually have revolted against him. No way would they want to be ruled by a Hindu when they are the majority.
  5. Yeah a ruler who was a minority in the land he ruled. It’s like India having a Muslim prime minister without a vote. The majority simply would not like it.
  6. You clearly don't understand the Muslim mentality. The Kashmiris would ideally like to have independence but if given a choice between India and Pakistan they would choose Pakistan. Why would they want to be ruled by non believers? The King would always have chosen India because he was a Hindu but the people themselves would rather join Pakistan. There are also stories of the King killing Muslim people in his land. What's the point in having people in your country who don't want to live with you? India would have been much better off having a bare minimum amount of a Muslim population. Like 1-3%.
  7. It's one thing being a decent amateur boxer and another thing being a good professional boxer. Amateur boxing rewards points even for taps whereas professional boxing is more about hurting your opponent. Futhermore being a silver medalist in the Asian games means nothing in the global world boxing scene. There have even been Olympic Gold medalists who have failed to make it as a good professional boxer.
  8. Killing people for blasphemy and lynching people for cow slaughter are equally as stupid as each other. Both rules show that the people truly don't value the more important aspects of life. There is no evidence that God exists or that Muhammad was a messenger, nor is there evidence that cows are special. As for Kashmir, the Hindu king may have chosen to join India but the vast majority of the people would most likely have wanted to join Pakistan. The best solution would have been to give Muslim majority Kashmir to Pakistan and Hindu majority Jammu to India. Then there would have been no reason to have continual wars over this region. Has the price of war been worth it for either nation? Indians should not get so happy at Pakistan's problems because India is not much better. It's like saying a broken leg is better than a broken back. If you want to improve in life you have to look at people who are better than you not compare yourself to people who are at your level or below.
  9. Ranvir

    Ayodhya Verdict

    Yes I agree. Gandhi is not a good role model. Anyone who say to turn the other cheek only wants to breed weak followers who are easier to control and manipulate.
  10. Ranvir

    Roman Reigns diagnosed with leukemia

    Fair point but why do so many Indians think that it is actually real? Most kids in the west realise it is fake by the time they are 10.
  11. Ranvir

    Roman Reigns diagnosed with leukemia

    Slightly off topic here. Why is WWE so popular in India, even amongst adults. I came across several teenagers and young adults who actually think it's real. They were bemused when I told them it was fake.
  12. Ranvir

    Ayodhya Verdict

    How weak must Hindus be that when they are 80% they still tip toe around the 14% Muslim community. That too after Muslims demanded a separate country. I think the day Pakistan was created things like this should have become a non entity.
  13. Ranvir

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    The guy is pure cringe worthy to watch in interviews. He’s like an overexcited 5 year old.
  14. The more I read these things the more I think the west wants to invite Muslims into their lands to cause chaos. Then they can use their divide and rule tactics amongst the general population.
  15. Ranvir

    Shehla Rashid

    Sinead O Connor is bisexual. She would have been thrown in jail or killed for what she has done in the past in a muslim majority country. She truly is mentally unstable.

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