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  1. Nash

    Indias Reserve World Cup 15

    Legendary unadkar in top 50 indian player. Bravo. His bowling varieties are slow , slower and slowest. H3 is not in top 50 in my list.
  2. Nash

    The golden moments - India tour of England, 1971.

    Excellent peace of information. Thank you.
  3. Nash

    We need pant

    Pant gill shaw . We can add couple of more and have another india team in world cup.
  4. Nash

    Scenarios where things can go wrong in WC

    Relax. They are professionals . Accept it when cant change it. We will do just fine in WC.
  5. Nash

    NZ will thrash us in ODI series next month

    The feeling when you get your wish right. Heart said India but brain said nz. Reality is with heart. Cheers.
  6. Still bowling better than his replacement 120 km Shankar.
  7. If he has good wc. Than indian middle order looks much penetrative. So pray for his success. He is not bad un this series. Two 40 plus score. He looks like tired. He asked for break. Hope he gets it well and talked break in ipl initial stages.
  8. Good. Keep the tangadi up and keep losing like asia cup.
  9. Treat this as world cup game and try to win it. Combination should be all world cup onky no passengers please
  10. Nash

    Day 2 Projections

    Can Vihari pant and jaddu support pujara and able to add 100 more runs? Hard task but if pujara can make another 30 runs and rest could manage 70 .
  11. Nash

    Will Aus bounce back at Sydney?

    Bats as long as it can. Runs will flow automatically. Conservative approach would work. Aggression could give more probability of winning Australia. Just go there and play calmly. Agrawal pujara rahane and kohli will have to make sure they play entire one day and all will be taken care by.
  12. How people says that Vihari has good techniques but he cant play pull shots. It is contradictory by nature. He is not opening or new ball player. He should go back to domestic and figure out short balls.
  13. Wait for pointing to speak and do exactly opposite what he said.
  14. This guy is a joke. How come india produces this type of pathetic characters manju harsha. And they are getting so much air time. I hope to see ganguli and others soon to replace this creepy character

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