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  1. M prasad , joginder Sharma. Slower is better. Spinner is not. 115 km slow bowl perfect.
  2. After harsha, I hate this guy. His personality is so not presentable. He is not able to add anything valuable in commentary either. But still he has to so more than this to put above harsha bogle in my list.
  3. Nash

    Krunall vs Jadeja

    Fielding jadeja is the best. Batting . krunal is better hitter than jaddu. Bowling . I still feel jaddu is better bowler. Bit i would take gamble with krunal instead of jaddu in world cup for sure. Also as OP mentioned that jaddu was part of previous world cups.so krunal must be part of next wc.
  4. Nash

    I am glad India lost

    I am praying so hard india to lose. This looser need to rethink their options. For the world cup you need a strong lower middle order. Pandya will be good option there. But Pant is must in place of dhoni. No Jadeja he is liability as batsman. No rayadu. Rahul must be drafted in. No matter what we need him in the team. Thank God no yuvraj and bhajji or am I speaking to too soon? Rohit Dhawan/prithvi Kohli ??? Pant as WK Pandya Chahal/kuldeep Bumrah Bhuvi/shami Yadav/new pacer.
  5. It was his day and this types of days are not coming frequently. To early to panic and Sami yahad should given more odis. What happen if bhuvi bunrah got fainty? Will they go for srinath and Kapil?
  6. Nash

    Preferred squad for Aus Test series

    Who is bharat?
  7. You guys are nuts and don't understand big picture. This is something Chinese learnt from their iron brother batting callopse . The days are not far when they have skills like biting the ball, no balls, match fixing, hakim davaai, charas, ganja, age manipulation, reverse swinging new ball and many more. They just mastered one skill of batting collapse and rest will be done in upcoming years. Long live chipak(u) friendship.
  8. Nash

    Who overstayed their welcome more

    I would say Sachin. Dhoni Atleast got out of test team. But Sachin was atg so I won't mind it. As far question concern it was Sachin for me.
  9. After seeing Prasad a selector, I was wondering if the sudden upward in slow bowlers have any connection. May be these trundlers want to become selector in future inspired by Prasad.
  10. I wish that they love long and healthy but only condition is that they should never being selected again.
  11. Nash

    Solving India’s Middle Order Crisis

    What will you say if dhoni gets his form back and start hitting centuries one after another?

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