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  1. Is cricket rivalry very racial ?

    Indian and Pakistani are genetically same. Only difference is religion of majority people. Calling Pakistani a terrorist is not a racist. Calling Pakistani a brown man is a racist If it is non brown man. A black man calling g a other black man nigga is not racism.
  2. I woke up and checking the score. I thought my cricinfo is not working or this is some woman's team score card.
  3. Mentality. This doesn't mean other Asian teams are better than india. But Indian team lack strategy about test. You can't win a test scoring 1000s of run. You can only draw it by scoring runs. To win a test you must take 20 wickets. It means five bowler and one all rounder can win you a test not an extra batsman. It sums up fearful mentality of dhoni and now Kohli. I hope Kohli lean something and give us some test wins abroad.
  4. Minus Pakistani umpire will work in Sharjah.
  5. BREXIT:Yes or No?

    It doesnt matter what PM Modi told to them. As as PM and head of the country, he has to say what is politically right.
  6. BREXIT:Yes or No?

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/nri/other-news/Indian-origin-voters-divided-in-Brexit-vote/articleshow/52888739.cms UK should not in Eurozone. I support stand alone UK. It will be better for India, counter terrorism and against china. The more leverage UK has in Euro, the decisions can go against india's interest.
  7. IK came good initially but he started having more relation with islamists than other regional parties. But now, IK is the worst thing happened in unstable pakistani democracy.
  8. whatever the result maybe. but one thing is for sure, Modi means business. Once China rejected the India's plea for NSG, the side effect will be felt in south china sea, malabar sea exercise, CPEC route, india-usa relationship, india-japs relationship, india - east policy atcs. plus less imports from china, will help indian companies. Yes or No answer is important than smug chinese face.
  9. Deadlier than Taher Shah

    Before it was race to go up and now everybody is trying to get as low as possible to catch some eye balls. Oh humanity. Idiocracy is prophecy. idiocracy on youtube.
  10. Bhajji of past was one of the greatest spinner of our era. How he dominated australia and the winning test matches against S. Waugh team was one of the finest memory of my life time. Current bhajji is just a shadow of his past.
  11. Gujarat Lions

    I am trying to like this team but the song and owners are not helping me. Haha
  12. Gujarat Lions

    Good now gujjus are in competition. haha. that was really funny.
  13. I am not a big fan of Harsha. He was medicure commentator , some day good , some day bad. But when he pronounce name of "Soumya Sarkar" in wanna be bengali style, I really want to punch him on his face so hard. It cringed me like when DESI trying to become Aafro. other than that no issue with him. A good guy.
  14. you can not blame rahane alone. He was part of the problem but not the whole problem. People are analysis the situation really one way only. First of WI was the team who can beat any team in this tournament and eventually they got the title, so if you see it in otherway, India lost to the best team in the tournament. The bowlers were the issue, they can do much better and that why we lost. Rahane and Rohit partnership was the best thing can happen in SF match. Match has been lost because of bowlers and bowles only. they had collectively bad day unfortunately. By the way, there should not be a match either, who ever win the toss should automatically declared winner :)
  15. Gujarat Lions

    Bowling department looks weak.

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