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  1. One fast bowler One swing bowler One hard hitting deck bowler One wrist spinner One finger spinner One all rounder We have all. It is just a matter of team selection with little it of brain.
  2. Nash

    Predict India in Eng series results

    India will win test. Loi can go anyway.
  3. He was not world beater but he got the speed force. It is easy to underestimate somebodys achievements. For me he is good bowler that all. Not the best we have but better than dinda
  4. Nash

    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    Dhoni is superman. He wears underwear. Dhoni fans love underwear and don't want to wear pants. So they hate pant.
  5. If he was Pakistani then they would call him next coming of afridi. He won't even given a chance in Indian t20i side. Irony.
  6. Nash

    Star Sports commentators are brutal !!!

    Who are on hotstar? I mean commentator
  7. Nash

    150 k barrier

  8. Shankar. Still I don't like him^
  9. Nash

    How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    I can't open this forum on my work laptop and this is not fair for me because I am missing so many good threads. Kohli is the best batsman but as captain he made several bad decisions. All these decisions have pattern and the pattern is overconfident in others ability. Other hand dhoni was actualize person and he knows what can ne done or expected from the certain person. His limitation was his power. Kohli gonna cost india deadly with team selection fiasco like CT.
  10. Why gg didn't come to bat in place e of pant?
  11. Why rinky a shifarishi player?
  12. Poor. When after dhonis blizz kkr lost.
  13. Where are all Indian power hitters. Windies and other countries power hitter
  14. Kkr can lose now. Dhoni gone.

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