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  1. Chalks

    Harbhajan, Tendulkar, Kohli: true heroes of cricket

    Thanks to Osman. I've been waiting a long time for someone to put into words the reasons why I've never liked the Aussie team or their sanctimonious media cheersquad. They've gotten away with this bullying and holier-than-thou shyte for far too long.
  2. Chalks

    Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    I don’t necessarily agree with the overturning of the ban, but it’s worth it for all the melts from Aussie supporters.
  3. This does make me angrier that we didn’t give ourselves the best chance to win over there. South Africa are proper rubbish. Too many batters over the hill, out of form, or both.
  4. See Chokohli this is why you should have batted first in CT final. Balling paawaahaus always sh1t themselves when chasing.
  5. Chalks

    12k Runs for Cook

    Cook's 47 series average massively inflated by a 244 not out on a dead pitch in Melbourne, with Australia being without their #1 strike bowler (Starc). But keep posting crap, by all means.
  6. I ••••ing hate Steve Smith, but the reality is he’s a million miles ahead of everybody else.
  7. On a serious note, WSC changed the face of the game, and today's players should be made more aware of what those pioneers for a fairer go for the players like Ian Chappell, Tony Greig (RIP), and Dennis Lillee did on and off the field during that time. Also you ask anyone who played over the two seasons of that Packer series, and they'll tell you it was the toughest cricket they ever played. The very best fast bowlers were coming at you all the time, there was no respite.
  8. And not a very good one. (Though to be fair, we haven't really had even a moderately good PM since Hawke/Keating.)
  9. Chalks

    The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    VVS Laxman was India's best batsman against the ATG Australian team, but overall he was sort of like our Mark Waugh - a lackadaisical bugger who didn't do his considerable abilities justice.
  10. Chalks

    Aus vs Eng ,Boxing Day Test at Melbourne

    It's all down to Stokes. If he didn't have his moment of rank stupidity back in September (or whenever it was), this could have been a much more competitive series.
  11. Chalks

    Save test cricket - have two tiered test structure.

    Arey let this team win even a single test in South Africa, England, and/or Australia (and Kohli stop being Anderson's bunny in England) first, then come back and talk.
  12. Regarding the 2003 WC: after Australia - thanks to Bevan and Bichel - turned around potentially losing positions against England in the Group stage, and then again against NZ in the Super Sixes (after Shane Bond destroyed their top order), I knew nobody was going to beat them.
  13. Chalks

    The disaster which this really isn't

    Tragedy and disaster describes everything else has been happening in London recently (Grenfell fire, this morning's van attack to name but two). India lost a cricket match. It happens. No one died at the Oval yesterday. Congratulations to Pakistan. Played the best cricket when it mattered, similar to 1992 World Cup.
  14. Chalks

    Bye Bye Kangaroos - thanks for playing!!!

    They should have picked Chris Lynn ahead of Henriques (who is a bit of a nothing cricketer).

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