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  1. Win predictor should be blown up. Greatest load of rubbish ever. Congrats NZ.
  2. Fans of every other cricketing nation are also hoping thala doesn't retire.
  3. Chalks

    Relax India

    Right back at ya, Aussies.
  4. Yes, NZ have been kissed on the d!ck so many times in this tournament, I just expect it to continue.
  5. Smith almost singlehandedly keeping AUS in this game.
  6. Aus just need to make a similar score to what NZ did against Ind. Their bowlers will do the rest.
  7. Chalks

    Unable to come out of Depression

    I was doubly flat this morning - with this result, and Queensland losing the State of Origin series right at the death, NSW scoring the match-winning try in the 80th and final minute. It’s on to the international rugby season (Rugby Championship and World Cup) for me now.
  8. If you think that I thought India were shoo-ins for the final, you are wrong. All I thought was that India v NZ was the battle for second. Obviously I still think that.
  9. Chalks

    Whom does Jingonath support now? (WC19)

    Want NZ-Eng final, so we are guaranteed of having a first-time winner.
  10. Whichever of these two teams goes on to win this WC, this is the real final for me (just like Aus v SAf semi at this venue was the real final in 99).
  11. Winner of tomorrow’s match will win the WC.
  12. Chalks

    Open with Dhoni :)

    I was going to suggest Pant opening in case of a seriously curtailed game. If he comes off, we get a fast start, if not we still have our “real” batsmen to come.
  13. In b4 Sarfaraz wins the toss and elects to bowl...
  14. Chalks

    We must throw the match against England

    Melting from these Pak clowns is hilarious. India had a bad day. It happens. It happened against Afghanistan too, just that they didn’t know how to win. There is no RAW/BCCI “kaanspiracy”.to keep Pak out. If Pak don’t make it, it will be because they didn’t win enough games, and/or have a poor net run rate. End of story.

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