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  1. Save test cricket - have two tiered test structure.

    Arey let this team win even a single test in South Africa, England, and/or Australia (and Kohli stop being Anderson's bunny in England) first, then come back and talk.
  2. Regarding the 2003 WC: after Australia - thanks to Bevan and Bichel - turned around potentially losing positions against England in the Group stage, and then again against NZ in the Super Sixes (after Shane Bond destroyed their top order), I knew nobody was going to beat them.
  3. The disaster which this really isn't

    Tragedy and disaster describes everything else has been happening in London recently (Grenfell fire, this morning's van attack to name but two). India lost a cricket match. It happens. No one died at the Oval yesterday. Congratulations to Pakistan. Played the best cricket when it mattered, similar to 1992 World Cup.
  4. Bye Bye Kangaroos - thanks for playing!!!

    They should have picked Chris Lynn ahead of Henriques (who is a bit of a nothing cricketer).
  5. CT | Eng Vs Aus, | Edgebaston | June 10th. 2017

    Australia winning this tournament in similar fashion to 99 World Cup.
  6. Woakes already off the field after bowling just two overs.
  7. Pick your CT2017 winner

    Australia to beat England in the final.
  8. Best Subcontinent team to win World Cup

    In 1996, Lanka benefitted from Australia and West Indies forfeiting their games in Colombo because of the terror attacks there the previous month. On the flipside, they revolutionized the game by opening with two power hitters Jayasuriya and Kaluwitharana, and carried some powerful momentum from their Australian tour (where they matched Australia almost blow-for-blow in a memorable, and at times controversial ODI tri-series. It was in the middle of that series where Kalu was promoted to open with Jaya).
  9. Funnily enough, the best quote was from Kohli: "Sachin has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years. It was time we carried him."
  10. I like Kohli, because he has the racist ass Aussie media completely headf•••ed. But if he ever plays anywhere near 15-20 years of international cricket at a reasonably high level, then only you can compare him to Sachin.
  11. Best Wicket-Keeper in Test Cricket

    Peter Nevill is a better 'keeper than Wade. But Aussie selectors prefer Mr "Nice, Garry" because he's allegedly a better batsman. Funnily enough, as soon as Nevill was dropped, he started scoring heavily in domestics again.
  12. Rodney Hogg was having another go at Kohli on SEN (a "sports" radio station in Melbourne) this morning. These Aussies commentators and/or ex-players are every bit as shameless a pack of ****s as their English counterparts.
  13. Congrats India!

    It was a nerve-shredding series, for both sets of supporters. Australia prepared well, and gave the home side a serious fright in its own backyard for the first time in a while. Much better than India have done in Australia recently. And another thing: as an old medium-pace trundler and #11 bat, it was refreshing to see a series mostly dominated by the bowlers.
  14. 4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    Wow, you iz uber fan.
  15. Smith and Aussies were brilliant

    Don't like them, but they fought hard all the way through, so credit where it's due. As a relatively inexperienced team, they will gain much from the tour.

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