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  1. I am surprised at peopke blaming coa when it's only coa suggesting ban and boycott while bcci officials are one claiming its not possible. People cannot take 2 minutes to google
  2. CSK Fan

    Is this govt serious!

    Spineless board and coa will not do anything https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/icc-world-cup/no-decision-on-india-pakistan-world-cup-clash-yet-coa/articleshow/68111602.cms
  3. CSK Fan

    Is this govt serious!

    There are huge rumours being circulated by bcci babus that India can be banned if they refuse to play pak in the world cup. This is very obvious bullshit Meanwhile today the COA has said there is no call taken for the world cup match with Pakistan. I am sure Pakistanis would be laughing at us when after all talks we do nothing. At least the film fraternity had guts to take some actions
  4. CSK Fan

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    What is wkk
  5. CSK Fan

    Is this govt serious!

    BCCI does not need government approval. That doesnt mean they wont listen to the government or follow their guidelines
  6. CSK Fan

    Is this govt serious!

    because they are quoting government officials? Government will of course say thats false if it was
  7. CSK Fan

    Is this govt serious!

    Yaar sab ek his theli ke chatte batte hai. These issues like terrorist attacks are only good to be used to further their respective political agenda. There is a reason we haven't taken any action from Indira Gandhi's time no matter who was in charge. What happened after Kargil or 26/11? In opposition they talk big, when in power they do nothing.
  8. CSK Fan

    Is this govt serious!

    The propose boycott of Pak in world cup or not playing them in WC is both suggested by the COA. BCCI is against that and officials have made statements like it's not possible. I love how people were calling COA traitors and praising BCCI but BCCI is all about the money
  9. CSK Fan

    Is this govt serious!

    So I am guessing the government has denied this news?
  10. One thing should be clear here. It's COA who is looking into asking ICC for boycott or not playing Pakistan. BCCI is against that and BCCI officials not only say boycotting Pak is not going to happen, they even want India to play Pak in the world cup
  11. Why cannot we ask? Why was SA boycotted? What is the point of chest thumping about being the richest and most powerful board if we cannot even do this? BTW, the words you are using like bark kind of gives you away
  12. CSK Fan

    Political memes !!!

    On the contrary memes are the sign of lowest intelligence and the biggest sign of someone being a NPC. Memes are not discussion points, you have to just copy and paste the same think. Even the word NPC was invented by someone else which you are repeating I like how people like you project. You call others NPC while copy pasting memes and even buzzwords like NPC, cucks, libtards, etc invented by someone else from some other country. Isn't that the very definition of a NPC who cannot think for it's own. Even your memes and buzzwords are not even from your own country but created by some russian propagandist, then used by dumb Americans and now you are reapeting Every person on the left will have his own thinking, words, argument, vocab. The right are full of dumb dweebs with no experience who dont even have their own vocab. And most of what they say is pure projection while unironically using buzz words created by troll factories in russia to fool Americans
  13. CSK Fan

    Political memes !!!

    Sigh, right wing trolls are considered the worst of the worst globally. Many of the things they use are pure projection - for example they use the term NPC but are the biggest brain washed morons who use the same buzzwords fed to them like NPC, cucks, libtards in every post which they just saw someone else repeat. Orange man bad is also a term coined by them themselves. They are the most brainwashed cult like followers who lack any critical thinking, believe in conspiracy theories, lack empathy and overall make the planet a worse place. Right wing trolls consist of lonely young incel men angry with everything in life despite having every privilege. In fact both Gamergate and many sites and subs on the net were created to target these lonely men and weaponize them. In fact the creator Steve Banon, creator of Brietbart and Trump advisor, is on record of how he went about this and achieved this, why he targeted lonely young white men I would believe at least Indians were more intelligent than stupid Americans but I have seen a lot of them falling for right wing memes themselves. It doesn't reflect well on them
  14. India can tell icc that it's either Pakistan or them. And let icc choose. Icc banned SA for apartheid

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