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  1. Man must have been a big loss for both teams. Both their NRR came down to 0
  2. Wouldnt group matches format be worse? Imagine India had only 3 group games and two got washed out
  3. Best bowler today was still Bhuvi by a long distance. 50 for 3 in a high scoring match
  4. Just like Bhuvi is India's best test bowler yet misses out on lots of series for Shami
  5. He did that last match too. I have a feeling he will have a very crucial miss this world cup
  6. Yeah kya logic hai. So if some cricketers do some other part time jobs they can wear those uniforms and come to the ground?
  7. Stupid idea to field after winning the toss
  8. Dhoni to play a patchy innings and be hailed a savior by his PR
  9. How is this team expected to compete against modern teams like England is beyond me, we have gone back to the stone ages
  10. Actually Rahul should open and rohit should move to no 4
  11. When opposition scores less than 250 even jadeja can make 50s. That will not work in this high scoring games in this world cup Field captain is the most bull **** thing ever

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