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  1. CSK Fan

    Pakistan's provisional world cup squad announced

    The "english conditions in Odis are matches where 350+ is the average. Each of the England domestic odi match this month saw a score over 350
  2. No. As I mentioned in this thread, the script today was to lose badly so that the hero Dhoni seems the savior of the team without whom team fails. Perfect script
  3. These batsman can hit any pacer too, no matter how phast
  4. Good thing he doesnt come at no 6-7 then. Oh wait....
  5. I dont know man, leaving the ball in the last over looks suspicious to me. Today's fixing is to show Dhoni is the hero and they are nothing without him
  6. Rayadu strike rate 120. Jadeja 43. Guess who is in the world cup team to screw us?
  7. In international? Yes if the target is below 250 then sure
  8. Today's script is to show how without hero Dhoni the team is helpless
  9. pakistan debuted Fakhar in CT and he won them the tournament. Similarly Inzamam helped them win the 92 WC
  10. Khaleel 144.2 in his 3rd over

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