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  1. CSK Fan

    Virat Kohli vs sachin tendulkar 100's in AUS

    Many of his rescue innings where when he came later at no 4, 5 so obviously the score will not be less than 29. Having said that I don't see as stark contrast in those stats as I thought
  2. CSK Fan

    Virat Kohli vs sachin tendulkar 100's in AUS

    Sachin has walked in even with 4, 5 down. His peeth 100 in 92 was with 5 wickets down
  3. Lyon Will be so difficult in the 4th innings
  4. Looked out to me too. On fingers it always looks like it touches the ground. Many times its just optical illusion. If we look like that no close catch will ever be given out
  5. Tail wagging might make a big difference here
  6. CSK Fan

    Can Vihari do a Moeen Ali?

    You mean Amla, duh
  7. Abba jabba dabba Sachin bangla. This was before they had internet in Ireland cabs so you wouldnt know
  8. Sachin also had big praise every single time. Aussies always used to praise opposition who did well against them. Ishant was praised so much for his spells against Ponting
  9. Also Nepalese sherpas who have evolved to breathe at low altitudes without much oxygen
  10. CSK Fan

    The real unsung hero of the team

    Another day another classy contribution
  11. CSK Fan

    Match is over

    Lol at hindsight. Almost every single person said we need a spinner. Many said selecting Umesh was poor
  12. When wicket is not helpful you have to at least ensure you don't leak runs. Pitch changed from second session
  13. I love how from - Bhuvi's bowling would be harmless against quality England bat, to Bhuvi's bowling would be harmless on SA wickets now you have resorted to his bowling will be harmless on Aus wickets. It has been amazing seeing the Bhuvi denial in recent times and people have not forgotten the same guys were saying he would be useless in SA. The wicket is definitely doing something and ball is bouncing high from good length or odd keeping low. An accurate bowler would run circles around batsmen. But then you have to defend the support of Umesh somehow so yeah Bhuvi would have done nothing
  14. Ishant is literally trundling in the 120s
  15. He is a HTB in your own mind. I remember how you in the past acknowledged he had outbowled Yadav on FLAT indian pitches but now of course you go back on the same words. This is a nice policy, only play him on green wickets and then call him HTB when its clear he has improved in all aspects in test cricket including reverse and seam

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