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  1. Helping fast bowlers everywhere... Welcome to the future of fast bowling coaching ONLINE http://UPFcricket.com #CoachingYourFuture ™
  2. WE HAVE LAUNCHED Helping fast bowlers everywhere... Welcome to the future of fast bowling coaching ONLINE http://UPFcricket.com #CoachingYourFuture ™
  3. We are in the hands of the web design guys I am afraid. I can only go on what they tell me. The content is up and ready to go as we have been for 3 weeks. But they are in control of getting it prepared. I would rather get this right and a few extra days waiting will be worthwhile. Don't worry though. Everyone will know about it when it's up!
  4. Please RT: One FREE clip for YOU! Is SPEED coachable? Listen to @Ponty100mph explain http://UPFcricket.com #CoachingYourFuture ™
  5. It's all working fine according to our IT guys
  6. Hi Guys, we are just sorting out the bank details for the business and we aim to be LIVE this weekend! It's taken 4 months to get this far and we are mighty excited. For those of you who have registered, please check your emails as the office sent a welcome email and you will all be getting a FREE 4 Tent Pegs wall chart/handout as a PDF attached, if you have pre-registered ahead of the launch. Secondly, we are CURRENTLY RUNNING a golden ticket competition, which you will need to follow on Instagram (upf160) or Twitter (@UPF160) that gives the winner a Year's FREE full subscription to the site. https://www.instagram.com/p/BeG2ZCKnBzI/ Instagram
  7. You can sign up from Sri Lanka, boss. The internet is global.
  8. Yes... we were at NexGen run by Anirudh Singh and hope to be back there in March
  9. Building the biggest Fast Bowling fan club in the World. Join us http://UPFcricket.com
  10. Bengaluru, October 6: Ian Pont has good amount of success as a bowling coach. The Englishman has been imparting lessons on how to increase pace combined with accuracy over the last three years through Ultimate Pace Foundation (UPF). Pont, who coached international teams like Bangladesh and associated with top-of-the-shelf pacers like Dale Steyn, will conduct clinics across India in cities like Gurgaon and Vadodara to help aspiring Indian quicks gain in experience and skill ahead of sterner tests. Pont took some time off from his hectic schedule to talk to Mykhel.com about pace bowling, UPF, contemporary quick men among others. Excerpts: UPF....how's it coming along over the last three years? I started the UPF in Bengaluru in January 2014. Since then we have had 14 camps and have others planned. It's tough without a sponsor but we have spread the word to Delhi, Pune, Vadodara and Hyderabad. The coaching is based on my Four Tent Pegs developed form 20 years of research and how technical fast bowling shares many crossovers with javelin and baseball pitching - both sports which I have taken part in. Our website www.ultimatepacefoundation.com has had more than 220,000 visits in this time. Unlike other well-funded places like MRF Pace Foundation, UPF works exclusively on developing speed and teaching bowlers how to bowl quicker and more accurately. You are a regular to India in this period, have you noticed any change in the approach of young Indian bowlers? Indian bowlers bowl far too much in my view. Often they bowl for hours on end and get very little in return. It becomes very hard to develop talent without technical input and interaction. When I first started coaching in India, players were hesitant to respond and really just sat there. But now, their mindset towards learning fast bowling as changed. I believe that you should coach others as you wish to be coached yourself. In the present Indian set up, pacers get as much significance as spinners. Glad to see this cultural shift within cricket? It is great to note that India is focusing less on spin to win matches. It is terrific to see quicks doing well. But the challenge of any great quick is to take wickets overseas and win Tests in foreign conditions. The second thing is producing bowlers regularly bowling 150 kph to challenge the best batting techniques. We have yet to witness either yet, so India has work to do in this respect. As I said there are some good signs and it would be good to see the world's fastest coming out of India soon. https://www.mykhel.com/cricket/mindset-of-indian-fast-bowlers-is-changing-ian-pont-070712.html
  11. Ian Pont

    Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    It is worth remembering that strength doesn't always equal POWER and it is power we want to help work alongside pace. Muscles can make you STRONG but slower. If you think of a car with a small engine, but with a turbo and efficiently tuned, it can be much faster than a bigger engine. It is more important therefore to be effective in PLYOMETRICS (running, bounding, jumping) and being able to use the hips quickly. The key for speed is getting into the correct positions to bowl fast so the kinetic chain doesn't break within the action. UPF is launching a brand new site in a month all about fast bowling. And from January, we cover the CORRECT training to ensure the bowling action is supported to create speed. Size isn't important - SPEED is.
  12. Ian Pont

    Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    They employ Glenn McGrath to coach.
  13. Ian Pont

    Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

  14. Ian Pont

    Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    Hope this helps: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Pont I know you can't please everyone, but I don't see many overseas coaches paying their own way to coach in India and try to help young talent. Whatever you think of me (and you don't know me at all) when you spend your time working as an Independent coach behind the scenes that players come to privately, rather than spending months away from family warming up bowlers with a team, you really have to know your stuff. It is not possible to do much technical work with a team environment at International level. Yes, it's great profile for the fans to know, but it's better suited to those who aren't going to actually 'coach' much. Few high level coaches actually coach. That is the opposite of me. Having worked at those levels my input is better suited to developing talent, which is why I'm trying to help Indian youngsters. Haters will always hate. i can't help that. But at least i can try to make a difference.
  15. Ian Pont

    Ultimate Pace Foundation

    I am hoping that the moderators will allow me to pass on this information about The Ultimate Pace Foundation. In it's 3rd year now, UPF has a new camp at TERI Cricket Ground in Gurgaon, Delhi on October 24th, 25th, 26th & 27th. The website www.ultimatepacefoundation.com carries the details if you have an interest in Fast Bowling tuition with me. I have been committed to developing talented fast bowlers in India, since Harshal Patel and Mohit Sharma at Haryana, but this is my own foundation, which is unfunded or sponsored. And I need some help from people in promoting the event. Thank you in advance for your generous interest. former Haryana pace bowler Dhruv Singh is assisting with making bookings.

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