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  1. now its fun watching india bat first
  2. why should they? so they need to only play strong teams? this is some BS lol. While every player from other countries boost avgs against teams like these you want to drop them LOL. Then australians wouldnt have won every game against every team in 2000's. They played their best team against everyone. Stop BSing plz, these top 3 deserve easy runs.
  3. Chaos

    Mohammad Abbas...

    dont hype please. this is one piss poor batting order for aussies in asian conditions. even afghans would beat them in asia.
  4. Chaos

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    DHONIIIII.... DHONIIIII...... We want you to play till 2023 world cup.
  5. cmon you want me to be up all night to watch this hong kong equivalent team named pakistan??. Cant even beat aussies "c" team at "home".
  6. really? comparing sarfraz to dhoni?. Damn, 10 sarfraz ahmads wont equal one dhoni. L M A O
  7. this is kohlis reaction to bedi >>>> lmao!!!
  8. Chaos

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    always will be!!
  9. yep thats exactly what kohli should reply. LMAO
  10. Chaos

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    keep barking.... he is here to stay. dhoniiiiii dhonniiiiii
  11. brah... first try to win at "home". Then we can talk about overseas lol.
  12. not good... i was hoping they will get all out for 70 here... : )
  13. brah..... the joy i get from seeing collapse like this from pakistan is ridic!!!. I loveeee it when they make mockery of themselves

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