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  1. I agree with Akash Chopra this was best innings by Indian male or female in an ICC knock game.What a player.Hope he has some more magic left in her bat for finals.
  2. Ashwin and jadeja are no1 and no2 test bowlers and they were the reason why India won CT last time .You want them to kicked out. Rahane is the backbone of Indian test batting and he still aspires to have an odi career.What would you as do as a captain/selectors not give him chances in an meaningless series to appease him. People were asking to kick Dhawan out of the team long before the CT but he proved to be one of India's best batstmen there. I am all for youth movement but you don't play youth just for the sake of playing them you need to to have talent too.I don't see any talented youngster left out other than Pant.Pant is getting and will get his chances. Pandya got his chances what did he do? did he make any difference with bat or ball.There are no Sachins in domestic cricket who are being left out.
  3. I have not seen one youngster recently who look as talented as Rohit was in 2007 or Yuvi was in 2000. Yuvi was stroke player from the word go, where are the next Pujaras if they are churning runs like Pujara did they will be called up. These youngsters have IPL to show case their talent and has any India youngster other than Pant impressed, in my view the answer is no.Pant did and he will get his chances. Why are you hung up DK getting called up for one meaning less series.
  4. This is ridiculous Kohli is first name on paper on all three versions and he is not a bad captain.Unless he is overwhelmed by it I do not see any reason to change.
  5. Karthik or any TTFs who are called up after lighting up domestic cricket will have limited shelf life if they fail on their comebacks. Just because they have failed you don't discard them or the process.All selectors are hoping in their cases is catch lightening in bottle and hope they carry their domestic form to international scene.Andy Bichel comes to mind, he was selected to Australian side on back of strong domestic performances and he did play a vital role in Aussies winning 2003 world cup.After he lost his form he was discarded. Raina will never overcome his short comings and same thing happened with Yuvraj he never over came his technical deficiencies and hence was a test failure. Yuvi stopped getting into test squad once likes of Kohlis and Pujaras made their way. Selection of Rohit in squad to Sl is not wrong at all. He will not get many more chances.He got this chance because Nair has flopped and no other youngster has shown that class.Once that happens Rohit will fade away from test scene like Yuvi/Raina . Yuvi/DK are getting selected to odi squads for one reason alone.No youngster has pushed them out, show me one youngster who can match Yuvi's stroke play in domestic cricket.
  6. It is very easy to complain, what will selectors do if the selected players are not doing the job. They selected Hasseb but he has stunk this season, Jennings scored an 100 on debut three tests back.The selections are fine but team composition is wrong. They do not need Dawson.Coaches are to be blamed for that, who plays two spinners in England. You need to reward performances in domestic cricket or there will be no one who wants to play them seriously.While on one hand there are DKs or Ballances but there will also be Steve Smiths or VVS Laxmans who went back to domestic cricket after initial failures made come backs and never looked back. England's problem is they have too many bits and pieces players.They may work in odis but they will never be consistent in tests. India had this problem in 1980s to mid 1990s till Manoj Prabhakar retired.On paper India had Kapil, Shastri, Prabhakar, Binny, Madan Lal. Except Kapil none of them were international class and it showed in tests they simply could not win even at home. Players like Kallis are so hard to find.England is going gaga over Stokes but he simply is not good enough bowler who can run thru sides or can command a place in top order and same is the case with Ali. An allrounder should walk into a team based on either bowling or batting.
  7. What is this fascination about Imran as captain, Javed was far better tactician as a captain. He was extremely lucky that his team got hot and the format of that tournament favored him or he never would have won world cup. Misbah on other hand led the team when it was at its lowest and brought dignity and respect to the post.Pakistan became hard team to root against under his captaincy.
  8. There is higher chance of Azharuddin fixing 1996 semis than this even though both of them were fair matches in my view.. In 1996 they lost two early wickets and still ended up with very decent score and then while batting after Tendulkar got out, everyone was batting as if they were batting on bunsen burner with no clue.It was very chasable target.
  9. This is what happens when people leading BCCI are hopeless. what the heck are Vinod Rai and co doing they have turned BCCI into a joke. The supreme court had no business of interfering with BCCI , people who were clamoring about Lodha reforms need to realize those reforms had no practicality. Unless BCCI gets its own governing body back nothing is going to change.
  10. Nonsense, which Mumbai player did Shastri promote, you can say Kumble and I would think CAC would have more affinity to towards their own team mate of two decades than Shastri. Maybe Kumble was autocratic why can't that be the case.
  11. Kumble's run too short to judge if he was a really good coach or not, but in CT team looked lost sometimes.Why is everyone against Shastri.
  12. I never said he has to depend on home tests for averages, all I said was his average got a big boost from last home season.He has to overcome pretty low series which he has starting for WI 2011 series, 2013 Eng and finishing with latest Australian series. That is almost one fifth of his total test matches.If these kind of series keep happening then it would be very difficult for him to maintain legendary test average like in ODIs.
  13. For talent like Kohli they are mediocre in my view. He should be averaging lot more, his average has been boosted by strong home season before that he was hovering around mid forties.
  14. Shastri is not a bad guy to be a coach. He was an overachiever and under him India won first series in SL after long time.I would have loved to see what Kumble could achieve with this team away from home but we will never find that out. Under Kumble did India do any out of the box things ?? I don't think so.
  15. Kohli has legendary numbers in ODIs but his test numbers are pretty mediocre compared to his odi numbers.Hopefully he will improve both his performances in big odi matches and test matches.What worries me is if his form goes south in tests he simply does not up like in Australian series. Sachin was steady eddie in tests , he never dominated any series except in 2010-11 when he was spectacular but he rarely disappeared from series either.