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  1. Pandya has regressed so much, he is not even reliable to make 20 or 30 runs now a days.
  2. The problem is Pant after that season has been very iffy and he scored those runs in Ranji and Dhoni is no longer playing tests, he has been very iffy this IPL. Samson had litany of issues with his behaviour and he is not regarded as a very good keeper. Samson is only guy who has been consistent this IPL. To replace Dhoni I feel they need to force the issue by their performances, noone is able to displace Parthiv as back up in tests either so what does that tell you.
  3. Yuvi you are burden with bat and on the field, let youngsters play leave Indian team alone.No young keeper has raised their hands and put burden on Dhoni.
  4. That is/was the difference between Kohli and boys, he has ability to hit boundaries when needed not everyone can do it.
  5. Iyer needs to do show something here to show he belongs with big boys.That is problem with Indian youngsters no one is there who can use long handle when needed.
  6. He led to his team to finals before and He is by far the best test captain India ever had and if he did not have acumen he would not be a successful captain.
  7. Mujeeb is very good.He has been the best bowler on his team.
  8. Ashwin had captaincy for ten minutes , let him do it for couple of seasons before we make him into a great. If field setting is the only thing people can complain about captaincy then captain is doing just fine.
  9. This guy has Papaji and Siva has Mamaji wonderful.
  10. Why is Rohan Gavaskar doing commentary, I can understand domestic cricket to some extent but this is just too much.
  11. KKR made wise decision to let Gambhir go, Gambhir, Yuvi, Harbhajan and Dhoni all are way past their prime, they are dragging on for no reason other than money.
  12. I don't think he is anywhere near the class of Sehwag. Sehwag was once in generation player.Let him do something before we anoint him.
  13. What is Kohli supposed to do when bowlers keep leaking, Yadav who starts with double wicket maiden ends up leaking 40 plus in 3 overs. RCB never had combination right and moreover they have choked in finals.You can say Kohli has to do well in finals , I dont think it is not due to him being disinterested or becoming a bad captain.
  14. Sehwag is so far superior to KL Rahul and it is not even comparison.Sehwag is by far best player of spin who has played for India and you are comparing Rahul to him. If Sehwag was FTB what is Rahul who could not last 10 deliveries in two tests .

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