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  1. I never denied Kapil has a better batsman than Imran but Botham scored a double hundred also.At his peak granted it lasted only for 50 tests he was almost averaging 37 with bat and 24 with ball.I do not know hold his record against WI against him.He was the captain and was going thru turmoil.50 tests is not a small sample during those 50 tests he scored 11 hundreds which is more than all other allrounders scored during their careers. Kapil also debuted around same time he also played against Packer cricket depleted sides and also against England a lot during that time. You can hold Botham for not having longer peak against him.But I look for player who at his peak of his game could he carry his team on his back or not. Botham certainly did just that better than any other allrounder of his era for that 5 years. The reason I do not rate Imran as an allrounder batting at no 6 you need some one to score runs at a faster pace. Imran had better defense but not that much better which overcomes his lack of other aspects of batting. Kapil rescued his side with some legendary knocks like Botham.
  2. Immense load did hurt Kapil but he was a greater threat in India than England.The away from home weakness which haunts us still was at there then too. Kapil is still my favorite cricketer , he is one guy who changed the whole cricketing world not just Indian cricket.1983 World cup effect on cricketing world is so huge. I changed my opinion on Imran after watching Kapil himself talk so highly about Imran. Imran also did not have any fast bowlers to guide him. The way Imran is perceived by his peers all over the world cannot be wrong either.As bowler Imran was far superior to Kaps even Kaps agreed to it. W.R.T. Botham you are under estimating how good he was at his peak, he and Kapil played many matches together. Look at his performance in golden jubilee test that was a legendary performance.At his best there was nothing he could do, he was an excellent slip fielder too.For me it is not just all about stats.Imran has better average than Botham but Botham was way superior batsman than Imran.
  3. My bad you said its your favorite knock.
  4. Bhajji you do not deserve to be selected, you have not played first class cricket or list A cricket for your state.Unlike Gambhir or Yuvi who slogged thru the ranjis and showed they still love the game and therefore got selected to Indian test and odi team respectively. First take bucket loads of wickets in any form of cricket then make the statements.
  5. If you think Imran was not a threat as a bowler you are sadly mistaken.At his peak he suffered from shin injury which prevented him from bowling and he spent some years with Packers which I think greatly helped with his development after which he was a changed bowler. If you give Ishant Sharma totally scuffed ball he would still not be Imran Khan or Akram or Younis.So we have to give them credit but what I object is Pakistanis think Imran was some how a very great all rounder. I really don't think he was a great allrounder , he was a bowler who could bat a Pakistani version of Ravi Shastri. Kapil could have scored easily another 2000 runs if he had put some effort towards his batting but imagine being strike and stock bowler for more than a decade.
  6. @rtmohanlal while I agree Kapil was better batsman than Imran. Kapil was nowhere near the league of Viv so don't even go there. We have to give it to Imran for totally changing his action and becoming a genuine pace bowler from medium pacer. Kapil after 1984 knee surgery became a pale version of himself and as he started playing more odi cricket he lost his bite in his outswinger and that contributed greatly in his increased average and SR. Kapil has better home record than away record and his record in England is horrible for a swing bowler.I am one of the biggest fan of Kaps but Imran was better bowler who could win more matches. Kapil like Botham never had a chance to grow as player because of the immense workload he had to carry starting from his first test. where as both Hadlee and Imran took time to mature and had lot of time to refine their skills. Imran or Wasim or Waqar had their stats enhanced a little by ball tampering and home umpiring but they were definitely far superior bowlers than any Indian bowler and they had butter fingered fielder who gave them minimal support. As far allrounders I would take Botham after Sobers on pure talent and at their peak. There was nothing that these two gentlemen could not do on cricket field.
  7. Sorry did some one say MSD's knock of 90 against SA at Centurion as epic knock.That result was a foregone conclusion and that knock was no where near epic.VVS's knock of 96 in next was an epic one but not this one.
  8. I do not see what was so great about Ganguly's captaincy especially his onfield tactics. He was very conservative and never took chances to win. His 2004 Indian team faced the most insipid bowling attack ever faced by an Indian team in Australia and yet contrived to lost one test.His teams never were mentally strong and that is one of reason why they failed so often in finals. He should get credit for developing youngsters but that's about it.
  9. Both are class acts and they will be missed.They both made so hard to dislike them.They were so professional and so humble. Younis should have ended with far better stats. @Asim I do not think there will another Misbah , this guy united whole team and honestly made Pakistan into a likable team.I felt happy for both of them yesterday.
  10. Rahane is so overrated technically.Yes he has played some good innings overseas but he is very overrated in my view.
  11. One of the main reason Pakistanis especially Imran Khan got so much success with reverse swing batsmen were totally unaware of that concept. Look at Vishy shouldering arms to the ball which came in. They became less effective as batsmen got used it.Reverse swing transformed Imran Khan into a statistically one of greatest bowlers from an average bowler. He took over 120 wickets at avg of 13 or 14 at home during that time those are insane numbers for a fast bowler on those types of wickets.We have to add their home They definitely tampered with ball and with their home umpiring they got away and once third umpires came in their effect also reduced.
  12. 30 overs 58 runs wtf, no wonder test cricket is dead in Pakistan.
  13. Nonsensical batting by Mishbah and co. I like test cricket but this is nightmare.
  14. Anyone who says Wasim and Waqar were medium pace have no clue on fast bowling. Waqar had more pace but Wasim had more skill.They had so much success because they had pace along with skill and we cannot take away their greatness. Imran Khan was also was very great bowler. Did they resort to illegal ways to achieve their goals , yes they did.They had massive success in county cricket too and all players who played with them in county cricket have positive things to say about them and that is a plus for them.
  15. People are asking for hitters but where are those hitters, 50 over cricket is not an elongated version of T20. It is impossible to keep the run rate near 8 consistently in every match.If pitches offer some assistance 300 is still very good score. SR over 90 is still very good in odis. You need pitches with some assistance to bowlers or ODIs become irrelevant.England have become good because they have players like Stokes and Butler down the order. They have player like Bairstow waiting in the wings, where are those quality players in domestic cricket. Stokes and Bairstow are very good test batsmen as well. Other than Pant I have not seen a dominant hitter emerging.You don't want WI type hitters who are clueless when they need to face 20 plus overs.