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  1. I did watch some parts for it, weren't WI 42/4 at the fourth day still trailing over 250 runs, from that position to draw the game is a mighty achievement, pitch does not matter in that situation, fielding team has to win that match, Kohli's captaincy and bowling was lot to be desired.If Jadeja was playing that match India would have won. That is where Indian bowling has to improve. They need to have that ability to take 20 wickets everywhere,at this point they have that at home but not overseas.They have let slip lot of winning positions into draws by that inability to land that final blow to flatten opponents. This match was gifted by WI to Pakistan by their sloppy fielding.This match was much closer than that match where India dominated for 90 percent except failed to launch that final blow.
  2. Our guys couldn't beat mighty Chase and co on the same pitch in almost same situation. So we have to give Pakistan credit but it was Mishra's fault.
  3. Javed, Inzi, Zaheer and then Younis would be my order of greatest Pakistani batsmen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Awesome achievement by a very humble super star , he achieved this despite facing so many obstacles from PCB , should have played 30 more tests by now. Once set was a nightmare for bowlers.
  5. His views were not about T20s cricket, his views were more about power BCCI enjoys and how he has problem with it. These guys never had problem with ECB or CA which were using WI popularity and exploiting them like anything in 70s and 80s. When WI lost their appeal these two boards don't even throw bones to them. I never heard Holding comment on those issues because he has job with Sky sports?
  6. One thing I have big grief with Holding is how he was lashing at IPL as some Micky Mouse cricket and how it was disrupting world cricket but he did not have any problem in jumping to World series when he got better offer from there. World series totally disrupted the game and was started by a single person whose sole agenda was to win TV contract and as soon as he got it he shut that shop.
  7. This is getting beyond ridiculous, what is going on with these guys, either you retire or you play. Why this dilly dallying , does anyone care if he retires or plays. I had lot of respect for this guy but this nonsense needs to stop.
  8. Bhuvi has improved his death bowling a lot , yes he will go for odd expensive over but captain needs to trust him and give him freedom. I like Warner's captaincy he looks like a very good captain.
  9. Jadav is some player he is a must in both ODIS and T20s
  10. Sanga should get some blame, they brought in Randiv when Herath was fine and is miles ahead of him as a bowler. It is not just 2014, 2009 sending Jadeja ahead of Yuvi and Raina was completely ridiculous. Kept bowling Zaheer against Aussies or proteas don't remember in 2010 when Ashwin was still there. What was he doing scoring 6 runs of ten balls in 2014 when Raina could just come in and attack from ball one.India sure could have used extra 15 runs which Raina would have gotten if he clicked. Looked clueless when WI attacked in last T20 semis, it is unpardonable that he along with bowlers did not defend 192, I don't care how flat the pitch was. Dhoni ruined Virat's efforts in last two T20 cup. Virat deserved better. Dhoni's career has litany of incidents where he played a vital role in India sliding to defeat when it had no business of losing.I am aghast with people defending his SR and trying to prove how good he was in T20s. Reality is this guy ceased to be competent T20 player long long time ago. There are not many matches other than 2007 world cup where you can say India should have done better than their showing in that world cup as far as 50 over cricket is concerned. But under Dhoni India has under performed in most of the T20 world cups and Dhoni is one of the prime reasons for it.
  11. As a captain he did play very vital role in losing matches for India, no is sole reason for losses or win. But as captain and WK he had much bigger role in India's losses. Was Yuvraj sole reason for 2014 world cup loss, why was he coming ahead of Dhoni and Raina. Why did Dhoni keep the same bowling combination even though Mishra stunk in semis. So he played vital role in all these decisions.When he gets praise for his self promotion in 2011 finals he should get blame when things don't work also. Problem is Dhoni like Sachin has become above selectors, no one questioned Sachin about his place in his team even though he kept stinking up the joint.People kept quoting Sachin still was blah blah and blah overlooking how much he stunk, same thing here Dhoni always was lousy T20 player and his winning with CSK somehow masked his T20 deficiencies.
  12. Don't care about his IPL, as long as some owner wants to pay him he can play till 50 . I have no problems with his IPL but I have lot of problems with him playing for India in T20s he already costed India at least one cup both as a captain and player.
  13. Dhoni was done as a T20 player in 2009, it took this long for people to realize he was/is horrible T20 player. Now that he cannot hide behind success of his team so is getting totally exposed.Even if he makes some runs in few matches I hope we have seen the last of Dhoni in T20s.
  14. What did Dhoni do more than Sachin in odis? Yes Sachin did not have any series winning performances but to compare him with Dhoni is blasphemous. Sachin and Dhoni are in totally different leagues as players.