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  1. Mr.Kirmani there is no rule that keeper shouldn’t be a good batsman. Your points don’t any sense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. If Pakistan keep playing against ZIM they will beat all records.
  3. people were dismissing Indian wins against SL as it were against minnow team. But reality is SL swept Aus, Pakistan away and now SA. These same set of SL bowlers were made to innocuous against Indian Team.Indian team has a chance to dominate test cricket if they play well against England.
  4. putrevus

    Bumrah will win us the series.

    I really want this guy to be fit for second test and sincerely hope they have not screwed him up.Bumrah after this series ha to be wrapped in cotton wool and given nice rest till Australian series.No need to play him in odis.
  5. But Bumrah and Bhuvi are not present and Bhuvi was a question mark before the selection and that is the reason why i don't have any problems with this selection. Saini or Siraj are not that big upgrade over Umesh if at all. Those 22 year olds you are talking about are can't miss prospects like Yadav and Aaron when they were coming up. It is a different story they have not evolved into good bowlers but Yadav is one of best athletes who had success under Kohli so IMO it is not a bad selection.I would have like out and out swing bowler like Bhuvi in the squad but I don't think Siraj or Saini are in Bhuvi's mould. If Siraj or Saini had 8fers or 7fers in these matches for India A I am sure they would have made the cut.
  6. You answered your own question, while I agree your point on Yadav and Ishant.Ishant is undroppable from the team as he is the one who will do donkey's work and keep run rate down. Yadav has to get chance for first test as he sat on bench for three tests in SA and he has not played much test overseas.So it is only fair to give him chance now if he fails then draft newcomers. Saini and others are young if they keep improving they will get chances.
  7. I do that's why I feel Rahul doesn't have any case to feel aggrieved till last odi.First he is fragile and he is not an upgrade over top three in odis.Yes he should have played in third odi at no 4 over Karthik .
  8. You just don't discard player like Vijay based on one match and draft Shaw.If you draft Shaw then Vijay should no longer be part of this team. Didn't Cook score a century against Siraj and co so what makes you think Siraj will suddenly get Cook out in first test on Aug 1st for cheap. You don't just select youngsters over seniors like Vijay who scored a century in his last test.I would get Pant into playing over Karthik but that means closing book on Karthik.
  9. Question is not about if these prospects become good to great down the line. Yes I understand they won't become good unless they are given chances but none of scream select me over the bowlers who have been selected. Ishant, Yadav and Shami along with Bumrah and Bhuvi will be the main core of fast bowlers who will be there at least till next world cup and if they are selected you cannot blame selectors. Sorry if I am selector I am not selecting Siraj, Rajpoot or Saini in my playing eleven over above bowlers until those five bowlers are totally out of picture for selection. If you have any express bowler like Mavi who needs little refinement I would induct them into squad right now to get experience. IMO unless a fast bowler has raw pace they need some weapons to consistently get batsmen out on any surface.I don't think Saini and co are that kind. Shardul I agree might should not have found a place but he has been part of this setup so maybe you give a pass.
  10. What is Pujara doing, why didn't he play this match.After his miserable summer with Yorkshire this guy needed to play.
  11. Selectors and this team have invested too much on Umesh Yadav and Shami not to select them when they are healthy. You cannot realistically expect India to go with Ishant and other uncapped bowlers to a series. Mavi was just an example, ideally I want two young fast bowlers who are year away from selection to be part of this team to gain experience.
  12. That is why this selection is not wrong. You cannot select Siraj over Umesh or Shami. Siraj is no given and he is not that express where he will blow people way with his pace. I cannot blame selectors for not selecting Siraj.Where I blame selection is not selecting young guys like Mavi who might not play this series but will benefit a lot being around this team.when you are selecting 18 member squad you need to select for future series.
  13. KL is Bradman reincarnated (averaging under 10) who did so great in two tests he played in SA that Kohli is afraid he will become captain.
  14. They are not great team but our fast bowlers have habit of making mediocre batting look great.Ability to last 5 tests in one month will be a big test.Our fast bowlers are not used to that kind of workload. I am hoping they get some wickets where spinners play to take burden from them.
  15. Every captain has his views on how his team should look like and that is his right. Raina and co were selected by selectors first , if they didn't get selected to squad then Kohli will not have that option. IMO other than Rahul that too in third odi, I have not seen one selection where you can say Kohli was completely wrong.

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