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  1. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Scary what Kohli is doing, I don't care who it is there is nobody who has been better odi batsman than Kohli. This guy is just from another planet. Wow simply outstanding.
  2. Wow this guy is rewriting the book on odi batting.Praying god that this world cup he has some rest and not taxed mentally by non stop cricket. The two week break for his marriage has worked wonders for him.
  3. SRT is no match in odis with this guy.
  4. Rahane is showing his true class, one match scores and stinks for next ten . He somehow wants to be permanent member in odi team.
  5. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    No offence to this guy but he is never going to be a long term prospect, don't know what heck they were thinking.
  6. Shardul reminds me of Vinay kumar, same height and build bowls with similar action, don't know if he is a long term prospect.
  7. How many fifties did Sachin score and how many finals did he play vs Kohli. How many chases in world cup has he been involved? how many tournaments has he played vs how many tournaments Sachin played and how many 400 runs did Sachin score?? To chase in world cup he needs to have a chase , how many chases has failed. He failed in CT finals and world cup semis which are two major chases where Kohli has failed care to list where Kohli has failed.
  8. That is not true, Indian team has made SA look bad, they will be invincible against all other sides in SA.They were on 17 game winning streak at home. Mille was hammering everyone else so was dekock.
  9. Virat has passed Sachin in odis for sure.
  10. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    they were going after Shastri and Kohli for benching him for second test which was played under similar conditions. Bhuvi is strictly a bowler like Ashwin and jadeja dependent on conditions.If condition suit him he becomes India's best fast bowler otherwise he is not effective.
  11. He didn't move when he had a chance to be relevant for last world cup what is point in moving him up now. He had every chance to do it since 2013 overseas leg instead he tried to move Kohli down to no 4.He is just unable to even rotate strike and will clogg up in the middle and ruin Kohli's flow.
  12. Shastri is doing a great job

    Shastri has one of the best cricketing brains I have seen in Indian cricket . I don't understand the hate for him.He drinks big deal who cares as long as he is good with the team and not abusing his position. People keep pointing about Rahane not playing tests but I still don't it is their fault Rahane looked terrible and all his overseas exploits were 2 years ago.
  13. He is not willing to play at no 4 , never was willing to do it. He needs to judged based on his SR for lower middle order and not top 4. Rahane stinks but Rohit is different as he along with Kohli and Dhawan are the only players who are keeping this batting line up relevant His SR is not acceptable for the lower middle order.
  14. I don't blame Dhoni for playing there is lot of money at stake in IPL, once he is out of the Indian team he will lose lot of his marketing ability.Selectors have to grow a pair and kick him out. Other than Gavaskar who quit while on top I have not seen any Indian superstar give up so easily. Dhoni was done in T20s long long time back but he is hanging on to get his IPL money.I don't see any other reason for him to play T20s.

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