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  1. I rather have under 19 bowlers than Thakur sorry but any guy who bowls half trackers like him should not be in the team.
  2. Why would we lose to them, they are a horrible team, I don't rate them at all.
  3. Bhuvi has no value if does not pickup wickets with new ball.He has no reliability to do well under pressure in death overs.I don't know why they want him the team.
  4. This guy Bhuvi is playing in wrong series , he was needed in England and not needed here but everything is happening opposite for India in tests.
  5. Who did he play against to get that SR. Look at his T20 SR it is around 100 that also indicates his inability to hit big shots.To me he is not fit to be no4.
  6. He is easily the best big tournament player , he has done far better than Kohli.
  7. Shreyas Iyer is no good , he has no ability to rotate strike nor he is good in using long handle.
  8. I am done with Ashwin, bloody buggeer cost India a chance to level the series in fourth test , it would have been totally different series. I am starting to wonder does he need to be on plane to Australia.
  9. it means Dhawan is better than any incoming options.
  10. We could see the wrstiness on Laxman or Azhar but what exactly is Rayudu.
  11. Dhawan is better than any Shaws or any Gills till world cup.
  12. how will this guy play at no 4 if he has to start hitting from ball one.This guy is batting slower than Dhoni.

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