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  1. putrevus

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    Rahul is one guy who has gotten so many chances but he still is a headcase and zero technique, how can this guy be worse than him.
  2. putrevus


    2011 he was on high and mentally gone from the game.What he did was despicable, he should have called it quits after 2011 world cup but he was busy enjoying Wimbledon and he was so unprepared for that tour.
  3. putrevus


    No he is not, Sachin atleast delivered on few occasions under pressure, Kohli is still yet to show that, you cannot get out for single digit score chasing that low total.Your primary objective is to survive , he looked like he had no clue on how to handle that little swing. 2015 and CT I gave him benefit of doubt as India was chasing 330 plus but here all we needed was some top order batsman to stay on the wicket.
  4. putrevus


    I don't care about Kohli's ego.The main point is this the third knockout match in a row he has flopped miserably. 2015 semis, CT final and 2019 semis.Add to these failures all the fourth innings flops in test matches. You don't have right to be called best batsman when you consistently flop under pressure.I always thought Kohli would handle pressure much better than Sachin but he has flopped more than Sachin. I defended Kohli and always gave him benefit of doubt but what he did against NZ has no defense. We can do all song and dance about Dhoni but Kohli in my eyes is the biggest culprit, all he needed was stay on the wicket and stablize one end.What is the point in him having all those records when he fails to deliver in crunch time again and again.
  5. putrevus

    A few points about our semi-final loss

    Playing DK in place of Shami was one of the biggest mistakes.DK is most useless head case followed by Rahul who have no ability to handle pressure. Dhoni runs away from pressure when things don't suit him, he should have batted at no5 and World cup 2011 there was no need for him to promote himself over Yuvi but he did because Gambhir and Virat had done the hard yards already. Dhoni inability to even do quarter of what Jadeja was doing cost big time.
  6. While I agree Dhoni should have come at no4/no5 , he played like a meek pussy cat while Jadeja was playing like a caged tiger.Dhoni should have been kicked out long time before this world cup. Kohli is the biggest culprit, he should have been able to hold his end up and guided that chase, he has failed on way too many times on big occasions.
  7. putrevus


    Kohli's records have no meaning after his horrendous show in world cup.I blame him the most for the batting debacle, he has let down everyone with his monumental failure.
  8. What happened to Dhoni?? Why has he not come to bat.Sending all his juniors to face music.
  9. I thought NZ played very slow but looking back they were spot on with their approach.
  10. DK has shown once useless is always useless. Kohli is the biggest useless fellow on this team.
  11. Kohli you fricking moron, I thought you were better in handling pressure but you have proved you are nothing, all your fricking records are utter and complete waste.
  12. putrevus

    Absolute disgrace

    Somebody needs to tell Pakistanis that NZ did not make them lose to WI in 10 overs. They should thank their lucky stars that Afghani captain was a moron and they got so many calls from umpires that match. These morons are acting as if they were robbed of something. What eyeballs is he talking about India and Pakistan. India has beaten Pakistan to pulp so many times and yet these morons talk as if India vs Pakistan means something.No it does not mean anything as Pakistan is crappy team.
  13. No something needs to be done about this DLS rule it is stupid, anyone watching the match knows NZ might have reached 230 in 50 overs. Wickets are immaterial here, you cannot ask India to chase more than NZ scored in less overs.
  14. How is 35 overs 209 fair target when they have scored 211 in 46 overs.How is this different from rain rule in 1992.DLS needs defintite upgrade. Is Ganguly nuts how is 148 in 20 overs favoring India.
  15. DLS targets need to be revisited.Thanks god it is raining.

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