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  1. You need three fast bowlers to do well in the world cup. If Bhuvi, Shami and Bumrah have to play who is dropping out.Pandya cannot be expected to do much after his back injury. This Indian team is so unbalanced team, they have the weakest middle and lower middle order of all teams. I won't be shocked if they won't make semis.
  2. putrevus

    KKR sign Warrier for injured Nagarkoti

    So all the under19 pace bowlers in the same team are out. Do we have any young speed merchants??
  3. ^^ Yeah right, you guarantee Gill will score 100 like he did in the two matches he played in NZ. Pant played 9 matches and has been around for a year.Give him a break. Who are talented batsmen who have been left out, don't say Rahul.
  4. How many do you need, Rahul has 27 has his highest score against major test playing nations. Is there a guarntee that he will score given his performances in tests. Others are just startng out, they will get their chance.Personally Rahul should have been no4 from 2017
  5. People need to get real, it is not captaincy which is at fault. Most players including captain himself have just one skill. Teams like Indian team will always struggle to get that balance right.
  6. Their spinners have outbowled our spinners by long way.
  7. Shankar , Pant, Rayudu, Rahul have not shown anything to prove they belong at this level. Top three have covered so many holes in his team and they are getting exposed big time now.
  8. So who is at fault for not having batting from no4 onwards??? are there any players who are good in the system. Don't give me Rahul , he is the team already.
  9. Their bowlers made a 230 score to 270 and our bowlers cannot even take singles.
  10. Jadeja's batting has gone to dogs, what the hell is wrong with this guy.He bats okay in test matches.
  11. I agree, Moron Shastri is hell bent of left and right combination.
  12. Dhoni will use today as an example to show his importance and stay on forever. This team is going backwards.
  13. Yes but he will block one end. Here we might end losing wickets before 40 overs.
  14. putrevus

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    We can expect bias from selectors but IPL .Siraj has been awful for what ever matches he has played and if Saini can't dsplace him what does it tell about him.
  15. Personally I am not sold on Rahul ,It looks like TM is also having same view.Check his list A stats too. As a new comer you can expect long rope in one format which Rahul got in tests and he stunk historically bad. If he does not come good straight away in other formats, he will be playing musical chairs. I have no problem in not giving him chances as he is still unknown.

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