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  1. I like Australia , even without their great players Aussies always compete .
  2. Who was better captain than him ? I have not seen a better captain than him captaining India. This nonsense that he is overrated captain is just ridiculous. Show me one captain in history who has better ideas when his no 1 bowler struggles to pick up wickets. He may be be over exuberant and demonstrative but I do not see how it is a bad thing. Now let us talk about his batting , he is best batting captain India ever had and people are complaining about his batting. Yes he had bad series so what, every batsmen has few but when he is on song he carries the team. It is sports other teams get paid too, we have to compliment Aussies for competing well.There is no rule written anywhere that India will win every match at home on any ground against any team.Getting twenty wickets with four bowlers is hard job on flat wickets.None of the Indian batsmen bowl so there is no SRT or Sehwag picking up vital wickets which are needed sometimes.
  3. This is the problem you run into by playing on new grounds.You cannot predict the pitches.
  4. As had happened in 1984-85, on West Indies' last full visit to Australia, a bare and slow Sydney pitch, on which the ball turned from the start, gave Australia, the chance to attack West Indies at their weakest point and inflict on them a rare defeat, look up wisden don't give me this nonsense, every team plays to their strengths at home . it is hilarious to see Aussies whinging about pitches though.
  5. i never said all Aussies pitches were doctored. indian pitches have always assisted spinners why are Aussies moaning and whinging then. Hazelwood is bowler, fast bowlers take wickets on other pitches too, but guy like Border or bob Holland taking wickets happen only on substandard pitches.
  6. Allan Border won a test against WI by picking up 12 wickets , so did Bob Holland. what were those pitches? when Border of all people picks up 12 wickets what is that pitch?
  7. no it is fine , we have to see how India bats on this pitch too.
  8. Smith is scoring another hundred here , where has this guy failed he has scored runs everywhere.
  9. Some morons here have no clue about cricket, bowlers win matches , Aussies have better fast bowlers and they have lot of depth too.
  10. it is not always about runs scored,.bowling tight does not indicate he is troubling the batsmen.