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  1. A half century of centuries for VK

    Kohli is far from finished in test and he has scored more hundreds than any other player except Gavaskar. My bad I mistook Dravid's SR for average.
  2. How did Ashwin pass and Raina fail. Yuvraj I can understand but Raina.
  3. A half century of centuries for VK

    That series and most of the England series from 1990 to 2007 had two things in common England attack was ordinary and most of the series were played on very flat pitches. Sachin never scored more than two hundreds in any series nor he never reached 500 in any series even though he played 200 tests. How will you explain that ,Kohli has scored more 600 twice already. Only place where Kohli has struggled is England, but he has played there once he will get another chance to improve if he doesn't do well again then we might have to revisit the issue.
  4. A half century of centuries for VK

    How is Rahane the best test bat , when he cannot sustain his form for whole series. To be a great batsman you need to carry the team when in form for whole series not just perform in one test and disappear in rest.Rahane is a very good batsman but to get into great category he needs to do more. Kohli has to do more in tests to cement his status as ATG.
  5. A half century of centuries for VK

    He is already the greatest odi batsman from India, and third best test batsmen behind Sunny and Sachin. If he has another 5 years of great cricket , he would end up as India's greatest batsman and captain. He has already scored the second most hundreds in his first 61 tests. Technically correct batsman Dravid was averaging in his 40s after 60 tests.
  6. Kohli is truly leading this team into another stratosphere, they are playing fearless brand of cricket.They might be beaten by better team on their day but this team will lose very few matches without giving any fight.
  7. Rate Kohli's Captaincy !!!

    If bowlers come to party then we can win in SA but unlike last few home series for SA this will be their strongest team. We always had to face their strongest teams. If not for Kallis we have won last two test series there.
  8. A half century of centuries for VK

    Wasn't it same wicket on which Sri Lanka collapsed 75/7 where Kohli scored 100 is 87 balls.When he gets out cheaply he can't play swing but when he scores 100 on the same track it becomes flat pitch. No one is he saying he has perfect technique but he is already a top three batsman ever from India and top five from Asia and far better than any pakistani batsman ever.
  9. Three more overs might have been enough but you are right declaration was spot on. Kohli did not play for his hundred and delay the declaration.
  10. Don't want ishant to be in the playing next test.Why not draft Bumrah and let him play in place of Bhuvi and see what he got how will he prove himself in tests if he does not get any chance to play. Shankar was not needed Bumrah for Shankar would have been better choice.
  11. A half century of centuries for VK

    See as fan of team you can understand losses when the team is young, Sachin and co lost horribly in SA in 1996 and Australia in 1999, they lost every where they played except in India. The same middle order was there for more than 15 years and they got to tour the same countries over and over again and yet they came up short most of the time. You cannot expect first time tourists which fast bowlers were most of the time to win matches when batsmen who have been fixtures and icons of this team kept coming short tour after tour and not even providing basic totals for the bowlers to defend in many cases. Kohli is not in the same league as Sachin as a batsman but has shown atleast in my book guy playing for the team rather than for himself.That characteristic alone is enough to overcome the gulf in talent. One more thing I like about Kohli is if he is in form he will not disappear after one match.Kohli has won more overseas matches as a captain for a reason.
  12. A half century of centuries for VK

    That was our strongest team in our history and one of their weakest teams for both teams and yet they played so meekly that it was a disgrace.You cannot put the blame entirely on Dhoni for delayed declaration he had all his seniors in the team if they wanted to win the test they would have declared earlier. The fab four lost so many overseas series, it is a joke that they are some how portrayed as winners. They and Aussies team of their era had similar stats but Aussies never wilted under pressure like our maharathis.
  13. A half century of centuries for VK

    What overseas run did we have , they barely won a series against England (thanks to Bucknor) and NZ when they should have trounced them. Entirely due to meekness of our batsmen. The most overrated batsmen are fab four in history of cricket and I sincerely hope Kohli is above chasing those useless records which guy like sachin did, putting himself above the team needs.
  14. A half century of centuries for VK

    That 100 hundreds is a meaning less stat. Kohli I really hope is not bothered by these mundane individual records.He along with his team mates should be more bothered about rectifying the pathetic overseas team records set by their selfish predecessors.

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