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  1. putrevus

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    Who said Wk needs to score century in non Asian conditions to be called as legend.He batted mostly at no7 and 6 hundreds is perfectly fine at that position.He is no Adam Gilchrist or Andy Flower but he better than everyone else.
  2. They batted only 25 overs because it rained after tea.Rain was in forecast and everyone in the team knew about. Srikanth also did not show any urgency .
  3. putrevus

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    I have my issues with Dhoni but Mushy is nowhere near Dhoni as a player and keeper.Mushy is useless keeper.
  4. putrevus

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    He is a legend in tests too.
  5. putrevus

    Krunal Pandya’s knock today is a breath of fresh air

    Spot on, there is no spot for an allrounder in the team unless they justify their spot either as a bowler or batsman first. This allrounder tag nonsense some people are using to cover for bits and pieces players who take team no where.
  6. It is not just that, they did not show any urgency in taking the wickets on final morning either. Old Cricinfo had match reports and also interviews.That was last time and only time India and Australia were on even keel in Australia. Aussies have gone on to become a dynasty by simple philosophy you play to win every game.
  7. putrevus

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    Containing bowlers are useless in odis.Unless teams keep taking wickets on regular basis there is no chance of resitricting scores under 320 plus. SA were three down for 30 early but Australia did not take any wickets till 45th. SA ended up scoring 230 plus in last 25 overs against a very good Australian pace attack. Bhuvi with his inability to take wickets is totally useless.He will never be able to contain any settled top and middle order batsmen.Unless he keeps taking wickets with new ball he is useless to the team.
  8. putrevus

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    Bhuvi cannot be India's premier bowler.He is useless on flat tracks.They are lot of better options who just need chances.
  9. What is this nonsense on cricinfo Pakistan's approach to limited-overs cricket seemed stuck in the '90s. Now, they are the world no.1 T20 side, without a chaser in sight. Osman Samiuddin and Hassan Cheema look back at how that transformation happened, in the latest edition of our Talking T20 podcast. Pakistani are no1 not becuase they are good but they play against weak teams.
  10. There was no need for that silly shot, but well played.
  11. Let Dhoni play ipl till he is 60.Ask him to leave Indian team alone.
  12. ipl is not T20 international and Dhoni took a decade to stroke his first fifty.Dhoni is horrible T20 player.
  13. Pant is a clumsy player, there is no leftie elegance in his shots. He is doing well, hopefully this will give him confidence.

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