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  1. People underestimate Ian Botham, when he has at his peak, he is the best allrounder after Sobers. He could take wickets anywhere. He took 13 wickets and scored a 100 that too coming at 58/5 in Mumbai. You do not take 383 wickets by being useless.When he was young he was if not faster than Anderson at least on par with him.
  2. No offense to Dhoni but how much of the success of CSK has to be attributed to him and his captaincy.CSK teams were always loaded. Unlike Kohli who is leading with performances by being the best player on the team . Dhoni never was best player on any of the teams he led and yet somehow managed to be captain for so long and that is a great achievement.
  3. He plays most of his games in Chennai, where that pitch is flat as pancake , I do not think his batting average is an indication of his ability.I do not see where he has impressed with either bat or ball this season to be even discussed for Indian team.India A is another story. People who are saying what has Pandya done, well he has not anything spectacular in FC cricket but he is always in minds of selectors because he plays other forms of cricket and that is the advantage players like him have. Jadeja and Ashwin got into test team based on their exploits in short forms only.
  4. Hogg is right that he would have become better bowler if he had played for Australia.He would have been forced to develop if he was playing for Australia, playing for India he has no responsibility of picking up wickets.Any wickets he does pick up are considered as bonus. I do not agree that he is best bowler for India, he has not shown any indication that he can become a wicket taker and he is no spring chicken either. Shammi is only Indian fast bowler who has looked like he can take wickets consistently. Yadav is supreme athlete though he is like Kapil Dev , he has greater outswinger also but alas he has improve his consistency if he wants to become a force.
  5. He is not a pacer , he is at best 125 k bowler with over 40 bowling average and has taken just 21 wickets in five seasons, in what world are those figures suggesting that he will do a competent job as an allounder for Indian team.
  6. Unless we find a good fast bowling allrounder, I would play both spinners as all rounders and three fast bowlers.Jadeja will be better than 100 Stuart Binnys. The spin twins have to find way to make themselves relevant on overseas pitches too.The one who is playing will have to do better job anyway so why not let both of them play together. As Clive Lloyd once said you play you best bowlers even in India it does not matter if they are fast bowlers, why should Jadeja or Ashwin sit out for people like Binny who should never be anywhere near the team.
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  8. He should get his chances but he is already 26 and fast bowlers tend to lose steam by 30.
  9. I never said to stop looking for all rounders but what you do not want to do is try to create one. Three fast bowlers are more than enough, I would take my chances with two very good spinners who can bat a bit over player who is averaging 40 with ball and has taken just 21 wickets in five years.He should be taking more that in one season.
  10. To play test cricket you need to be more fitter, you need to last 5 days. Why do you think people quit test cricket first and T20 last particulars fast bowlers. Just because you need all rounder you do not play bits and pieces player, If i were Kohli or Kumble I would play both Jadeja and Ashwin with 3 fast bowlers when you play abroad over these bits and pieces players.
  11. It is not legal in body building .Who gave you that information. Lance did not take steroids he was blood doping , those things if made legal will get lot of kids killed. Lance or any famous athlete will have lot of money and a team of experts on how these drugs need to be administered. These will kill you if you do not know what you are doing and they still might kill even if you do everything right.Just because Arnold or any other famous person did successfully they do not become less dangerous.
  12. Nehra is guy who had lot of talent but injuries derailed him.If he could bowl inswinger he would have had lot more success.
  13. He is going to play as a batsman who can bowl, to play at no 6 you need to be better batsman. His bowling average is over 40 and has taken just 21 wickets. Pandya as it stands is not going become a test cricketer, he is 3 years younger than Shankar and also has more pace. I have not seen Shankar bat, far lesser players who have no chance of playing for India have played in IPL, why has this guy not played many matches in IPL then. Pandya is more explosive batsman than him.
  14. How is he a proper batsman, he has four hundred in 28 matches and his highest is score is 111 in five seasons.His bowling looks lot like Venky.We do not want this kind of players again.These bits and pieces players will take the team no where.
  15. IMHO if more teams get test status then you can have have two tier system where in top two teams from tier 2 will join tier 1 in a four year cycle. This allows newer test nations to get more test cricket and also spreads the game more.The bigger teams should have enough guts to accept that challenge.If England stink they will be no Ashes, same with every other big team. This nonsense that the teams have to compete certain way or they are not worthy of test status is ridiculous. England got white washed both home and away in 80s against WI and yet kept playing them.Would they do it now , we all know what India has done since 2011 away from home. People who are asking for draws need to understand with 90 overs in a day strictly being implemented, draws on any decent pitch is very tough. 1980s when SL got their test status was totally different scenario, game was played very slow and over rates were appalling , teams were not this hungry to win every match. Bangladesh also need to improve and they are doing right thing by playing to their strengths at home and once they start competing and winning at home they will do better away also but that might take another ten years.Give test status to Ireland and Afghanistan and let them along with Zimbabwe compete Bangladesh. Let each team play 5 to 7 tests per year.