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  1. putrevus

    Team India attitude

    Go look at Kohli's odi rankings you will he was ranked no5 in 01/12/2010.He made his debut in 2008. Are you seriously comparing Stokes to Pandya.
  2. I wouldn't bat Shankar at 4,noway he is not that good period.Rahul has to play at no4 and I really hope he gets a good score in first match so he will play there for whole cup.Guy like Rahul if he gets confidence and keeps level head can make this batting lineup very good in a hurry.
  3. Kumble was saying Bhuvi lost speed also in his bowling in IPL.I don't think Bhuvi is certain starter in playing XI. It would be Shankar vs Kedar for first match against SA.
  4. putrevus

    Team India attitude

    There is no rule that you need to have a allrounder who is just good for bits and pieces.Don't compare him with Kapil Dev, he would walk into the team on his bowling alone, his batting was always a plus.Kohli became top5 ODI batsmen in two years, is Pandya even in top 10 all rounder list?
  5. putrevus

    Team India attitude

    Don't you think India ever played on flat tracks before, has any Indian keeper scored 100 in any overseas test in England and Australia.Rahul is proper batsmen so he will compared to other batsmen. Pandya won MOS in India again Australia in 2017 .I know that fact. Pant IMO needs to be given free reign and let him do his thing he will blossom into one of the biggest match winners India ever had, he is that kind of talent. Pandya is 26 and I don't think he has upper ceiling like Pant. Thats my opinion, but for this world cup Pandya becomes most pivotal player in dictating this team's fortunes.He is going to be the third seamer and his cameos will play a vital in converting so so scores into a good one.
  6. Is that true, I did not know he had any role in match fixing??? I knew he turned to his religion after his daughter's death.
  7. For teams to well in world cup you need three bowlers to be wicket takers and one good support bowler who can be economical. I don't think Shami and Bhuvi can play in same playing eleven.That is big problem for this team.Bumrah and other pacer will operate in first ten overs and can be back only for death overs. Pandya will operate between 10-40 overs?? Can he do the job.If Pandya is able to swing I would let him open the bowling and let Shami come after 10th over.Kohli has to use Bumrah like Dhoni used Zak in 2011.
  8. putrevus

    Team India attitude

    I bring tests as he has not played many Odis.He is 21 and already has India's bestever overseas batting performance by a WK by long distance.He has played less tests than Pandya and shown more with bat than him.Pandya if needs to be a long term option for team India has to improve leaps and bounds in batting to become India's no6.India appeared more balanced without him in Australian test series. I am not against Pandya but as I said many times, he does not appear to have improved although he has been around for more than two years.He is must in odis for this Indian lineup.I just hope his bowling has improved, he is going to be India's third seamer. Other major thing going against Pant is Dhoni, Pant is going to compared to him everytime he walks on to the field.Moronic selectors/media want Pant to be Dhoni after playing 5 odis.How is it fair on Pant. Pandya has no such thing looming on his head.Pandya has been given free reign by the TM.It was/is upto him to become a mainstay for this team in all formats.
  9. putrevus

    Team India attitude

    I was rooting for Pant that does not mean I think Pandya is going to be great. Pant is bonafide player who should have been in the world squad. The difference between Pant and Pandya is their caliber, Pant is legtimate batsman who has ability to score test 100s in Australia and England.I am not against Pandya but I just don't think he is capable to be difference maker.I don't mind if I am proven wrong by Pandya's performances.
  10. ^^ He knows his middle order and tail is useless.
  11. putrevus

    Will Ind make it to the last 4 in WC19?

    Why so negative, this team has done very well in odis since 2015 world cup. You just hope top three carry the batting in early matches along with bowling. Others can chip in as the tournament progresses.
  12. putrevus

    Team India attitude

    India misses a guy like Yuvi in the middle order so much.He could play both roles build a innings at good pace if early wickets fell and also had ability to clear boundaries when needed, he should have done lot more with his talent.I really hope Rahul does well at no4.
  13. You watch Pakistan matches especially when they are losing.That bloody fluke CT2017 still upsets me.I still cannot believe Indians lost to that crappy team.What was Kohli thinking bowling first idiot.
  14. putrevus

    Team India attitude

    Yuvi is a legend in Indian cricket, Pandya has long long way to reach that stage.

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