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  1. putrevus

    Best ODI match of all time

    Spot on I was having cramps at the end of match , I was so tense , semis and finals were cakewalk compared to it. Aussies knew how to win big matches and Indian were known for losing big matches.
  2. Imran Khan should have been the role model with his action for Ishant and he should have been deadly with reverse swing with his action.Imran used to bowl from wide of crease with his action anything straightening made it deadly.It took a decade for this guy to learn how to use the crease is just ridiculous.
  3. putrevus

    Skillful or not, there’s no escaping the yo-yo

    Sehwag when he started and also when he came back in the team after getting dropped in 2008 was fit. He was even runner for cramping Laxman in 2008 3rd test which Laxman scored match winning 100. Sehwag was a lazy guy who need constant kick in the behind to stay fit. Laman on other hand with his knees would have never passed this test especially in last decade of his career. How is Pujara passing this test??
  4. It doesn't matter, you don't forfeit the match, he did the same in protest against Holding bowling too many bouncers.
  5. Surprise is his biggest talent was guts , what it means they were more talented players but they simply couldn't handle the heat. There were no beamers Indian batsmen just did not have enough talent/guts to handle pace of Holding who was at his bowling at his peak pace. You don't hand the test by forfeiting, Smith walked out with one hand and played.Malcolm Marshall literally played with one hand. This was not Bedi's last rodeo in forfeiting the match, he did the same again in Pakistan in 1978 .
  6. Local trundler if he can swing will trouble even Steven Smith. You cannot go by one odd performance, There is always something all players need to work on to improve their game. How was Kohli in 2008 and how is Kohli now, players improve by playing with greater talent and that applies more to younger players than older players. PP is still not enough but we cannot fault selectors for selecting him and if these bozos are waiting for a finished article in WK they will never get it.
  7. Not a bad idea, we don't want coaches who just sit on their behinds.
  8. So how can Dinesh Karthik get third ,fourth and fifth chances but we dismiss a 20 year as a hack. What has Dinesh Karthik shown internationally in last 10 years which we can say for sure he is an upgrade over Pant.
  9. Most players were injured but not all, he was fine , they did not bowl beamers and hurt people that is all hogwash created by India media.They were injured because they were ill equipped to handle the pace. There is a reason why Anshuman Gaekwad played 40 plus tests in those days. Pakistan toured them immediately after India and they did just fine.
  10. Parthiv Patel was 17 when he made his debut, Sachin was 16, I don't think age should hinder selection.Karthik had his chances ,there is a chance of this kid will losing his confidence and we might end up losing a real talent. I have not seen infusion of fresh talent from this selection committee and they keep going back to these TTFs.
  11. God is that lion for real, why do people have this urge to keep wild beasts at home.It is not good for anyone.Can't understand the stupid machismo in it.
  12. People get old just because Dhoni was good in his prime , it doesn't mean he should be good now also.
  13. Bedi for his Bravado in public chickened and forfeited a test for which I will never excuse him. You are a test player if you cannot handle pace you better quit. Gambhir may be I expected too much from him, I thought he was better than Cook. After he lost his form he never regained confidence to play at that level.
  14. So you reckon he will replicate that performance again, it was one off series in his whole career where he performed.His performance as soon as he donned gloves in 2008 SL series was so bad with bat and ball that he was kicked out by Parthiv Patel. Sorry I have no faith in Karthik especially if he is a wicket keeper.If he is not a keeper he adds no value to the team.
  15. I don't understand the stupid logic behind giving gloves to Karthik again in tests.Pants or Kishan have to groomed to take over and Afghanistan would have been perfect situation to give one of them a game. Karthik is/was always suspect mentally, no one ever questioned his talent ever that is he was given debut earlier than Dhoni but there is is a reason why he never could claim a permanent position. I was okay with him in T20s as he will not have lot of time to think and can just react but tests even if he is good he will last two years then what will do, you start the search again. I am angry at Kohli, he needs to give younger talent a chance to blossom not himself in cocoon among older players.
  16. putrevus

    Rohit vs Rahul as opener

    So he is made to feel nervous but Dhawan is not ? didn't he play more tests than Dhawan. He is essentially a test specialist who has transformed himself into a good T20 player (very good on his part). He is very loose in his shot selection for my liking, he should have done lot better than what he actually delivered.He is his own worst enemy in my view, as a test opener he needs to less flamboyant and more sedate. Dhawan unlike him has real problem against moving ball .
  17. putrevus

    Rohit vs Rahul as opener

    Didn't he fail in tests in SA
  18. putrevus

    Rohit vs Rahul as opener

    How come he did nothing in SA then.Rohit scored more runs than him in tests.
  19. How is Kathik better pick than Pant even on recent form, didn't Pant score more runs and at better SR than Karthik in IPL.
  20. It is like SA trying to get Dane Vilas and co in tests against India denying Dekock the chances. No fricking idea why these selectors are rotating TTFs like PP and Karthik. MSK needs to go.
  21. putrevus

    Rohit vs Rahul as opener

    Which are those tough knocks, while I understand Rahul has been given rough deal in Odis, but he has not shown that he is good in swinging conditions.
  22. putrevus

    Rohit vs Rahul as opener

    Where has Rahul shown that he is capable of handling movement as an opener.Rohit and Dhawan are fine till world cup then we can reassess them. Rahul needs to come good at no4 if he wants to play in the team and I really hope he gets a chance there. Being top heavy is not Kohli's fault, which players is he supposed to bring into middle order.
  23. Attitude matters only if you have skill to compete at this level. Guys like Jaidev have shown that India is long way off in selecting all players who are worthy of representing the country.
  24. Pant so far has gotten raw deal as far as batting goes. I am not equipped to even understand the finer aspects of wicket keeping so won't comment on it. But I know for sure DK and PP are useless keepers unless Pant's keeping is so bad in comparison to these two, I don't see any reason why he is not playing test against Afghanistan.
  25. putrevus

    Vaughan's criticism was a shot in the dark - Broad

    Players should have right to respond to critics. What Vaughan suggested was ridiculous and Broad is right in defending himself. He is at a stage in his career where if he gets dropped once he will become expendable in everyone's eyes so he is defending himself.

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