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  1. They turned down one two day practice match not matches.How can they have gone early to SA when Sl series was finishing so late. Dravid went NZL early because it is under 19 team and if Dravid was coaching this team he would have had same issues. Shastri has to be one of sharpest minds in cricket, unlike others this guy had limited talent and made most out of it.I would take him as coach over Kumble or Dravid any day.
  2. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    who is Quinny????
  3. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    I don't think it is bad, Mark wood when playing along with Plunkett are pacy enough and they bat till no 10 and that puts so much pressure on other teams . Their bowling does not have to be world class to win they need to be good enough.
  4. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    I never said we need stabilizer, our ODI/t20 team is pathetic except top three and wrist spinners are not yet tested.Bumrah failed in high pressure situations more than once so I wouldn't count him as a bonafide good bowler. Pant has to improve this IPL and force Dhoni out or he is playing next world cup too.
  5. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    They both are different players, Butler has more shots in his repertoire where as Dhoni is more stable.At moment Butler might be the best WK is shorter formats.He is just devastating and that is their loss to Pakistan in CT is more surprising. They bat so deep and bowling is more than adequate.
  6. How is he fraud, what has he done wrong, I don't understand this animosity against him. He is not hiding behind anything and is just speculating what ifs which he is allowed to do as a coach.
  7. BCCI is to greatly be blamed for this fiasco, they cannot expect team to turn up in SA without any practice matches and expect them to win. Bowling has kept them in both matches but batting has been shambolic and Shastri is right, Rahane would not have made any difference in the results. Other than Kohli (one innings) and Pandya batting has been awful, you cannot expect to win matches with that kind of batting performances. On bowling they have let South Africa off the hook twice in first innings of first test they have never let them score 330 plus and in second test second innings again they let South Africa off the hook after early two wickets. You need to keep the intensity on for full innings. Shami and Ashwin two leading bowlers have let this team down also.. They have not been blown away in both tests like they had been in many overseas match in past where there was only one winner after first day.
  8. No I am just sick of people making him an answer for everything.He is their goto guy in middle order in odis, he is their opener in t20s and what not.
  9. Seeing their bowling and bowling of our most experienced bowler Ishant tells the tale of this match. They are attacking stumps relentlessly and our guy was bowling so wide.
  10. Australia series was played in India, Dhawan did not play there , it was not anybody's fault that Rahul got injured and Dhawan who was out of the team was made to play in SL and he won MOS there and again scored two hundred in the return series where rahul failed. So they choose Dhawan who is a leftie over Rahul and it is not a big crime as people have made it out to be and that is my point. Same thing goes for Rahane too, he was in terrible form and Rohit scored two hundreds who would you pick if you have to pick without any practice matches.So they went with man who scored runs recently.You cannot drop a player after one match so they gave Rohit another chance. I am not asking KL to be dropped but don't make him into a player which he is not.
  11. Our bowlers were too generous ,seeing their bowling we can see that they are on a different level.
  12. I don't think any selection mistakes were made for which people were making such a big deal either this test or last test.All were 50-50 calls and they have right to choose the player they want as win or loss is going on their names. Rahul for some reason is answer for lot of india problems in many people's eyes it does not matter what format it is, he is the answer for all the woes.
  13. Kohli expected more but what a clanger from him.
  14. How has Rahul more away hundreds, He has scored one hundred in Australia which was a series on pattas, where has he done better than Dhawan.His other hundred was on Chennai ground where they scored 700.Others scores were against SL and WI.Dhawan was easily better in that series against SL. I am not saying Dhawan is answer but the hue and cry for sitting Rahul out for first test was ridiculous, he is just another hack in a team full of them he is no special. Rahane has been awful so to expect him to suddenly turn it on is out of ordinary, and you cannot just drop a player after one failure.
  15. Another match another disappointing result, Don't know if this 5 batsmen option is going to work, there are too many passengers in this team. We are seeing the virtue of attacking stumps on this wicket , our bowlers kept bowling on sixth stumps and they kept adding runs, 287 is looking like 587.
  16. I can guarantee if they score 200 they are going to score 287.
  17. Well how is other approach working in case of rahul how many runs did he score , I don't think India has many batsman quality enough to last long on seaming wickets.You must be kidding yourself if you think they have. Rahul or Rahane are no Steve Smiths.
  18. Actually last test Dhawan was timing the ball well.His problem the short ball. He was and it is always the batsmen or bowler who is out of the team an answer for the team's woes.So incomes this guy Rahul who has gifted his wicket on both innings.
  19. I wouldn't I don't rate him that high at all.I can understand why Kohli & Shastri opted for Dhawan ,they know if Dhawan comes off then he can win you a match which this hack cannot do it.
  20. Dhawan must be fuming, did I miss the test for this hack.Dhawan knows he is a hack and he does not pretend to be anyone else, if he comes off then he will score runs.
  21. How is Rahul an upgrade over Dhawan, Dhawan at least had an excuse of playing on a pitch which had some life and Rahul has gifted his wicket both times.
  22. I don't think this is the right approach they have rotate strike.This is where Pujara gets unstuck and wonderful can't miss talent Rahul in many eyes here goes for 4.People were demanding for his spot.what a stupid shot.
  23. He took most catches in outfield and one stuck to him rather than him catching it.

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