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  1. 20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    No one said Sehwag was better than Sachin nor no claimed Sehwag was the All time greatest batsmen. Like other very good batsmen of his Era Sehwag has his flaws too. Sachin is only batsmen whom his fans in particular argue as ATG batsman and many of those rate him higher than Don Bradman.That is problem and that is point of debate.Sachin in any book does not fit profile of greatest batsmen of all time. He was great batsman who never had dominating run like many of his peers or past great batsmen.But he was very consistent without being dominating and he was technically very good so he could adapt in all conditions.I would rate him as technically most adaptable batsman of all time.Sachin had very long career ( we can argue whether it needed to that long but that topic is for another time) and that longevity is his greatest achievement.It shows how great he was in terms of adapting to changing needs of modern day cricket.
  2. 20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    Ok Sachin didn’t dominate away from him , whom did he dominate at Home like Sehwag.Other than his 155 and him dominating Warne who did Sachin dominate at home. Sachin was a dominant force in Odis that too in Asia especially in 1998 and 1999.Sachin never dominated any test series away or home as evidenced by his lack of 500 plus in a single series or scoring hundreds in both innings. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    Sehwag is never mentioned as All time best .He does not have his fans fighting when someone points his flaws.Sehwag in full flow against spinners is not just good but he was in my book the best against spinners.He is the best Indian batsman in Asia , unlike any other Indian batsmen he has excellent record in Pakistan and Srilanka.His unbeaten 201 is one of the best knocks by any Indian batsmen. He was pathetic against fast bowlers away from Asia.He would agree with that assessment also.What attacks has Sachin dominated away from India, I have never seen Sachin dominate like Sehwag did in Asia.Did Sachin dominate any attack like Sehwag did in Asia if yes where, I would love to know it.
  4. This guy is a genius , in his case average alone does not tell whole story.
  5. India surely missed a golden chance to beat SA in SA. This SA team is not that good, our openers and Pujara if they did something series would have been totally different.
  6. What has that got to do with Badri not getting chances. The three you mentioned are/were proven odi performers who performed in big stages in odis so naturally will get more chances as they are in public eye more. To overcome that a player like Badri has to be Bradmanesque which he was not so he got limited chances. Rohit has FC average better than Badri and his test record in India is very good too.
  7. that will be case ten years from now too.Scoring in high pressure odi situations will always trump any higher FC average. Badri was uni dimensional player who other than his batting didn't add any value.So I don't see how Badri becomes better cricketer than them.Young talented players will always get more chances than any proven domestic star.Talent more than experience wins at international level.
  8. India needs to win series in Australia, England to shut guys like Holding.
  9. What makes you think that Badri was better than them. He surely was not better cricketer in shorter forms.
  10. 20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    Other than Warne, I have not seen Tendulkar dominate any other big bowler.
  11. Reason behind Mohammed Shammi's decline

    So who is at fault here according to ICFers?
  12. Viswanath and Siva , I am 100% sure would have never become great players.They just were not that great to begin with,Siva took many wickets in that tournament with full tosses and he never was a big turner of the ball nor he had ability to bowl up and down like Kumble.He was a very small man too. Siva for your kind information, spinners have been bowling middle overs in Odis ever since odis began and every captain want their spinners to take wickets.Jadeja and Ashwin also bowled in middle overs too but they failed to take wickets so they are out so there is no magic formula which Shastri has rediscovered.
  13. Shastri is epitome of person who made most of his chances, he started as a bowler but ended up as an opener and scored a double hundred in Australia and 190 odd @ Lords. People calling him worthless hack have no idea how hard it is do what he has done. Was he the most talented player no but he was one of the most hard working players. I still don't get why there is so much hate for him.
  14. It is all about thinking, giving a upcoming and talented youngster over a proven domestic performer is one way of thinking and other way of thinking is letting youngster play one of two seasons on domestic cricket then selecting him while rewarding top performers in domestic cricket.Aussies did later especially when they were at their strongest. There are downsides and upsides to both, Pant is prime example he was given debut a season too late in my book. Guys like Robin Singh who resurrected his career late . But I always prefer giving talented youngster a chance before a proven domestic performer.
  15. Once Smith either loses form or loses his hand eye coordination will be seeing these types of dismissals a lot.We are seeing in Amla once you lose a touch in hand eye coordination how big a drop it will have on his overall ability.
  16. what has Rahul done in list A cricket recently to be given a chance,other than one hundred he has done nothing.He flopped miserably in two tests he played in SA.Yet people here make him to second coming of Bradman who is somehow pushed out of the team.
  17. Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    Two matches people are writing him off, he is a kid give him time.
  18. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Looking he is not just one trick pony like Pandya who other banging it short has no other weapons in his repertoire. Have not seen him bat so can't comment.Bowling one odd ball @ 140 doesn't make Pandya 140 K bowler. Pandya is also a very big trundler and also very limited bowler .Pandya the batsman is also very iffy so replacing Pandya should not be a problem. They need a proper batsmen who can bowl same overs as Pandya.
  19. How is this guy jaydev playing for India.
  20. He should have picked lot more wickets than he actually did but his height and natural length at which he bowled were sometimes his worst enemies.
  21. today's Dhoni is still better than those two.
  22. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Scary what Kohli is doing, I don't care who it is there is nobody who has been better odi batsman than Kohli. This guy is just from another planet. Wow simply outstanding.
  23. Wow this guy is rewriting the book on odi batting.Praying god that this world cup he has some rest and not taxed mentally by non stop cricket. The two week break for his marriage has worked wonders for him.
  24. SRT is no match in odis with this guy.
  25. Rahane is showing his true class, one match scores and stinks for next ten . He somehow wants to be permanent member in odi team.

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