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  1. Why is our bowlers struggled to get wickets on this match. Is it bad batting or good bowling from England.
  2. Rahane should never be part of any limited overs format.
  3. What makes Kumble a great coach and I don't understand why Kohli is being blasted. Rahul has been a victim for this series.Kohli's needs to give his players more consistent run. Kumble and Kohli did not have same view points so he had to go big deal.Captain should have the final say on coach's hiring.
  4. It has always been top order batsmen who settled in lower middle order roles as their careers progressed. You need a batsman who can walk in 20/3 and able to hit a century and also ability to use long handle when score is 250/3.Yuvi and Raina along with Dhoni did it well for last decade.We need to find new ones but Rana and co are not the answers, I have seen them I don't see anything special there.
  5. I don't think it is just selection.Talent is not there, we are seeing lot of top order batsmen but not many middle order players. I have not seen not many bashers like England have even in domestic setup or IPL.Where are the express fast bowlers, other than under 19 squad members I have not seen any fast bowlers.You need wicket taking bowlers not bowlers like Bhuvi who simply has no ability to take wickets in Lois. You need batsmen who can start bashing from ball one and still be semi consistent.Rahul is only guy who can complain about lack of chances. Rohit sure is slow to start but he along with Dhawan and Kohli is keeping this outdated and imbalanced team relevant. Pandya is a more miss than hit , I feel Afridi is more consistent than him.What the hell is Pandya what exactly does he add to this team. There are 5 players and Bumrah who have justified their selection. Bhuvi is last one I want to see in crunch match, he will fail. Rahul needs to do what Bairstow is doing make himself undroppable for that he needs to score big but at no4 albeit very limited chances he has not done well. Kohli has fallen off his loft heights when chasing also, he is gone missing in high scoring chases.But such chase need more than one batsmen to show up.
  6. Why is it Dhoni gets all the credit when spinners do well but when they are spanked and out performed by opposition like today he gets no blame.
  7. MSK Prassad is bane to Indian cricket , this guy is gutless and useless, I would havve picked all pacers from Under 19 over this trundler brigade, they cannot do any worse than these bozos.
  8. Who exactly are our first string bowlers, if Bumrah not being there makes new ball bowling impotent then we never had good fast bowlers.
  9. putrevus

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    If this series loss gets Dhoni and Raina out of this team then I will be okay with it. Raina bowling this crap can be done by anybody.
  10. Shastri is a moron, I think he was guy who gave Raina a test match in Australia too.
  11. What exactly is Raina doing for this team.He cannot bat nor bowl.
  12. what their blazing starts is doing is taking pressure of the middle order completely, unlike Indians if openers like Sharma succumb after consuming lot of power play overs it puts extra pressure on already feeble middle order.
  13. They need to get these two out before 100 or else there is no chance.
  14. Kuldeep if he leaks runs today we have no chance.
  15. I don't think either of them are better than Rohit in odis.
  16. But who are you going to replace, it is nice and dandy to say Rohit needs to go but you need to find someone who is better.
  17. People who are pointing Rohit SR have to understand Indian batting ends at no3 so it tops or bust for India, so can't blame Rohit for tuk tuk till he settles down.
  18. But the problem is he is one of the guys who has any ability in this team. Name who is better than him in this squad.
  19. Selectors who selected this trundler brigade should be sacked ASAP. This selection group is worst I have seen in long long time.
  20. I don't Bhuvi to part of world cup squad, he is useless with white ball.
  21. What heck is wrong with Bhuvi what is he doing leaking so many runs.
  22. We are jumping up and down for SR around 90-100 from our batsmen look at their batsmen.Their openers and Hales have become so dynamic that Root is a respite and he bats around 100 SR.
  23. You cannot expect one bowler to win you matches when others are just useless, those who are defending Pandya what exactly does he bring to table other than odd performance here and there. There is no consistency from him either with bat or ball.
  24. This is utterly humiliating.They are getting such great starts it does not matter what they do in middle over, they will always end up with more than par scores.
  25. Why are people making Bhuvi as this can't miss player , he is almost harmless in odis.Rather have Umesh over this guy.

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