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  1. He didn't move when he had a chance to be relevant for last world cup what is point in moving him up now. He had every chance to do it since 2013 overseas leg instead he tried to move Kohli down to no 4.He is just unable to even rotate strike and will clogg up in the middle and ruin Kohli's flow.
  2. Shastri is doing a great job

    Shastri has one of the best cricketing brains I have seen in Indian cricket . I don't understand the hate for him.He drinks big deal who cares as long as he is good with the team and not abusing his position. People keep pointing about Rahane not playing tests but I still don't it is their fault Rahane looked terrible and all his overseas exploits were 2 years ago.
  3. He is not willing to play at no 4 , never was willing to do it. He needs to judged based on his SR for lower middle order and not top 4. Rahane stinks but Rohit is different as he along with Kohli and Dhawan are the only players who are keeping this batting line up relevant His SR is not acceptable for the lower middle order.
  4. I don't blame Dhoni for playing there is lot of money at stake in IPL, once he is out of the Indian team he will lose lot of his marketing ability.Selectors have to grow a pair and kick him out. Other than Gavaskar who quit while on top I have not seen any Indian superstar give up so easily. Dhoni was done in T20s long long time back but he is hanging on to get his IPL money.I don't see any other reason for him to play T20s.
  5. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    Ashwin's batting is not that great to overcome his mediocre performance with ball, they are already carrying one dead weight in Pandya why should they add another one in Ashwin. I think they already missed the trick by not playing him in test series in SA. I have no doubt he would have done better than Ashwin.
  6. Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    Shahid Afridi to me was not a bad player, he could on his day hit anyone, is Pandya that batsman.Afridi the odi bowler is very underrated. It is different story Afridi got lot more publicity than he deserved, but so did MS dhoni.
  7. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    question is can Kuldeep win a test series in England.
  8. This Torture must end !!!

    How is Gill to be no 4 already, I don't think he is ready nor is Shaw. let them play domestic cricket and IPL first.
  9. How were they going to win the series without him, he was leading the chase of 270 in first match and he scored 160 and put a total beyond their reach in 3rd match.Chasing 150 vs chasing 300 makes a lot of difference.
  10. Didn't they win with the same team last match, so what kind of weird logic are you using.No south african players past or present was stopping this Indian team from winning. This is not putrid Pakistani team who lucked out in CT or won 1992 world cup due rain rule.Even with all the dead weight it is carrying it still whopped SA in SA.
  11. Bhuvneshwar Kumar should be dropped from the ODI team

    Bhuvi has become a liability with the ball, you cannot be opening bowler and just take 2 wickets that too in South Africa. I would play Shami next match.
  12. How is this weakest SA Team, only one match they missed big players. Pakistanis are amazing call this as weak SA team. Didn't this same team beat Australia 5-0 and was on 17 game winning streak.
  13. Kohli needs to start winning cups now.He is the best captain and best odi player to have played for India.
  14. Have they found answers to spin twins
  15. Amla and Miller are still there, they need to get them out now.
  16. Dhoni always a bad keeper against fast bowlers, that should have been caught.
  17. Lack of wickets for Bhuvi is very troubling, you cannot have your opening bowler not pick up many wickets.He simply is not taking wicket to make an impact.
  18. Raina is perfect no5 except for his short ball issue, he was ready to go from ball one, you want your no 5 and no 6 to average in 30s with very high strike rate. You expect your no 5 or 6 to chip in with cameos and occasionally hit big scores and I don't think India had better no5 than Raina.You don't expect you no 5 to be your best batsman either, So I don't know what more you wanted from Raina.
  19. Serious Item for what slot, I can give it in writing he cannot be your no 5/6 as he does not have ability to hit big strokes , may be no4 at best, but I don't think he has technique good enough to bat when 20/2. Rahul, Pandya, Rahane, and you name anyone else they are all battling for no4. None of them have ability like Raina or younger Dhoni. I have not seen long term no5 and no 6.
  20. Indian odi batting is horrible, there is no talent there which can be given long rope. Rahane is awful should never be in the team, Iyer is not international material, Dhoni is just done .How can anyone win any matches with this lineup. I really doubt we will win the series.
  21. Wow what a great finisher we have in Dhoni
  22. No he has ability issue, he is just not good enough.
  23. I never said they are good enough guys, just because no 4 and no 5 stink ,Dhoni has licence to stink at no 6.
  24. If he was any good he would have batted at no4 but he is not good enough to bat there and he cannot even rotate strike at no 6.

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