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  1. Nair is one season wonder , no wonder he is failing miserably.
  2. putrevus

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    i have been defending Kohli but this drop does not make any sense and brining in Karthik of all people. If Rahul was not injured Kohli is doing serious damage to morale of the team before test series.
  3. Raina and Dhoni should never be part this team. This is not a practice match ,Karthik did what he does in real matches flattering to deceive as always. karthik is not the answer for Indian middle order woes. I have zero trust in this guy.You will see why in test series soon.Raina is the team as a specialist bits and pieces player which is shameful.
  4. Dhoni is constant problem for which there is only one solution, kicking him out of the team. We still don't know what is Pandya.I did not see but I would give him benefit of doubt but he is failing too many times without doing much, I am against TTFs like Karthik because he simply does not belong in international cricket.Rahul over Karthik anyday.
  5. Karthik and Pandya are expected to do more and they got starts but did not do anything with those starts.
  6. putrevus

    Did MSD retire from wrong format?

    No he should have retired from all formats long time back. He never had good technique or range of shots to begin with but he made up with his guts and street smartness. Like Sehwag who once his reflexes showed down was never the same player, Dhoni falls in same category, he might look physically fit but bat speed is simply not there.He needs to go ASAP.
  7. If not for Kohli , India would not reaching 200, he is only constant who is expected to deliver in all conditions.There are too many passengers and why the heck was Rahul dropped. I would make Rahul full time keeper to keep his bat and then get some other batsmen to make this line up stronger.
  8. India tail and middle order are woeful, Bhuvi should be batting no 11 in odis. What the hell is wrong with Pandya when will this guy show up. Raina what the heck is he doing in Indian team.
  9. Dhoni needs to go asap to protect India .This guy is terrible and he is taking whole team down with his nonsensical batting.I hope this is last match he plays for India.
  10. putrevus

    Regardless of what happens in tomorrow's ODI

    He is not playing , Bumrah has choked in high pressure situations both in T20 semis and also CT finals so it is not a given that he will perform.
  11. putrevus

    Regardless of what happens in tomorrow's ODI

    How can you say any team is gun team when they have Dhoni.India has gun top three and two writ spinners other than that there is nothing special about this team.
  12. What the hell has Rahane done to deserve captaincy.
  13. The only thing this guy is capable right now is hold his end and let others build partnership. recently it was Bhuvi who was outscored him in their partnership. Butler on other hand is winning them matches from losing situations and this guy is doing opposite.
  14. Don't underestimate Cook, if survives to face our spinners then it will be long series for us.
  15. putrevus

    The real issues with our ODI batting lineup.

    Planning does not work for three years, form and injuries play a big part.New comers may come in so planning for world cup for four years is a folly. 12 months is good enough IMO, now it is the time to give the contenders a chance to prove themselves.
  16. These guys are getting Cook into form now.
  17. putrevus

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Kaul and other trundlers are no good. Trundlers will not work period, I am not that big fan of Bhuvi either in odis, he will fail in critical situations as he cannot impose himself it is not his fault he simply is not capable. All the matches on this tour so far new ball has been easiest period for them.They are getting to blazing starts and that is enabling them to post a competitive totals even after middle overs wobbles. I feel they need to look past Umesh, if he was good he would have become that by now. BTW I rather give chances to bowlers with pace and wicket taking ability from now to world cup to establish themselves. But selectors have no guts.
  18. India if top order fails is not even a semi finalist especially with round robin format.There are only six players who are justifying their places
  19. putrevus

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Yes I was talking about tests, Umesh leaks runs in tests too. Do you feel confident with Umesh in tests. I was his biggest fan with his natural ability and action he should have been leader of this attack by now.He has everything a fast bowler needs and he has captain who backs him too and still he is found wanting.
  20. putrevus

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Umesh yadav again is proving that he is still no good and is not even a short term prospect. I have not seen any evolving from him. At least Ishant with experience has become a workhorse who is economical and will do dirty work of completing overs. You cannot be bowling a boundary ball every over and still be called as international bowler.
  21. putrevus

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Don't understand the point of Dhoni still playing T20s other than making more money in IPL.Selectors are useless.
  22. I would take express inexperienced teenager over these trundlers. Unless these trundlers have special skills they won't be good enough. This is where Umesh Yadav is so disappointing, he has not grown as a fast bowler even after a decade of international cricket.
  23. India once again proving it is top three or nothing. What the hell is Dhoni doing what is point of his innings. They need to get rid of this guy. He no longer as ability to win matches with bat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. putrevus

    Kohli 39 of 50

    I am reading lot of people making fun of Kohli's record, he has lost one finals which happens to best of them what is the big deal. How many tournaments did he captain. He went to finals of the one he captained.Yes he lost it happens , Clive Lloyd lost 1983 world cup finals with the greatest bowling attack I have ever seen, upsets happen. He is the best captain India has and his record in tests is awesome too.
  25. putrevus

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    DK is big no.

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