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  1. 27 overs still be bowled is this right number????
  2. All the whining I have done against bowlers but they have done reasonably well, they took 40 wickets in two tests and gave batting a chance to win both matches.You cannot expect more than this from bowlers.
  3. Yes they had but other Galle 2015 test I don't see anywhere they have performed poorly than expected. Last test match it was expected result. if they had won it would have a miracle on the pitch.
  4. Common man give this team some respect, when was the last Indian team which took 40 wickets in two tests in away tests, they have competed very well.
  5. Pitch is certainly not going become easier, they need luck on their too.
  6. Vijay has to play sheet anchor and guide this chase.
  7. 287 is not a mountain which they cannot climb, it is doable they just have believe that they can do it.
  8. Rahul needs to be careful, no fancy shots.
  9. Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    will you stop harping on dropped catches, catches are dropped by other teams too.No one stopped Bhuvi from taking 5fer except himself. Ashwin again proved he needs assistance from pitches this innings , he was supposed to lead the attack and yet end up with one wicket which was a gift .He proved incapable of taking even tailender wickets that too left handed tailenders when they was purchase from pitch.
  10. Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    That was because of their pace attack spinner got wickets when they target him.Maharaj is club level bowler. Who told you that , did you play him.He is the best spinner in their history. Ashwin at times has looked more like club level bowler this innings. They were 3/2 and ended up with 286 that is the problem. It is not just due to odd dropped catches.It is also due to their inability to keep the pressure on for longer times.
  11. Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    They don't have a spinner.We have all bases covered . What are you talking about they have spinner who has won a test series for them in NZ and did very well in Australia which we cannot say we have and their pace attack better than ours.
  12. Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    You can run through sides when you can catch.Kohli dropped Faf When they were 60-3 in first test it was a game changer again at 200-7 Dhawan dropped maharaj.70 runs costs us the test.We have a world class bowling line up. If we have world class bowling , what do they have???
  13. What a pathetic knock by their captain, I have no idea what the heck was he doing out there.
  14. Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    Catches will be spilt what do you expect all catches to caught. how many catches have been dropped this innings, two if count Parthiv non attempt, second one came against Ashwin. Question is are they capable of running thru sides, Answer is no. But they have exceeded my expectations. They are not reason why India is down this series.
  15. Feel for Ashwin

    ^^^^ how many catches have been dropped this innings, one.What happened rest of the time. He looked so incompetent at times this innings.
  16. Their tailenders look more competent with bat than some of our main batsmen.
  17. Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    Spot on and I don't think they are capable than this. They simply don't have enough talent to take 5fers.
  18. These two already added 20 runs they need a wicket
  19. Feel for Ashwin

    This is last Ashwin should play as leading spinner, he should play only when two spinners are playing, he simply has to do better than what he has done.
  20. He simply is not flighting the ball to get enough turn, why is he bowling so flat.
  21. Ashwin has been lone disappointment in this bowling attack this innings.He cannot become a passenger on this pitch.
  22. You now know the reason why Proteas never dominated world cricket like they should have given all the talent they had over the years.

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