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  1. We have too many so called consolidators in this team and no power hitters. Hope IPL throws some new power hitters. This is pathetic batting.
  2. Dhoni needs to go away from this team , he is totally ruining it.Dhoni and Rahane are not fit for high scoring matches.
  3. don't care about the spike if he was out or not.At least Pandya would come in and release this torture.One of them needs to get out anyway possible of this innings is going nowhere.
  4. I can understand Iyer to some extent because he is new he will be nervous but what excuse does Dhoni have to be this bad.
  5. One of them need to get out they are wasting too many deliveries.
  6. Why is Pandya sitting and Dhoni playing here.
  7. Kohli and Dhawan have made batting look easy and these guys are not even able to put bat on ball , not scoring 6 runs per over is criminal.
  8. I didn't ask you to respond.You don't have to get agitated.
  9. people are critiquing Kohli not delivering CT finals or world cup don't realize the top 3 are the batting for this team, they have been carrying this team to finals and semis of major cups. They are bound to fail at some stage and it is happening during those matches. Dhoni couldn't do much in all 2011 cup but some how gets all the accolades due to his one knock.he was carried by his team to finals.
  10. I don't think he has ability to rotate strike and has no ability to play percentage cricket which is needed at no4.
  11. Rahane needs to show that one score was not just fluke, he is so inconsistent .
  12. now can they reach even 300, what a pathetic middle order we have.
  13. What is Kohli doing in this series is being dominant, many Indian batsmen have been dominant at home but when you are being touted as not just good but greatest you need dominant series like what Kohli is having away from home. Don't give me world cups where you get to feast on Nambias and Kenyas. 2003 for example Sachin faced one great team two times and came up short both times. Give me one away series either in tests and Odis where Sachin was ultra dominant.Sachin was a very great batsman but I don't rate him the best of all time which is the topic.
  14. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    What a load of crap, Sachin was as courageous as any who have played this game. He would not even flinch when he got hit would stare into bowler.I have critiqued Sachin on not justifying his talent but he was superman who was fearless.
  15. for an opener that too leftie who has such a high conversion rate of hundreds to go along with high SR, He has proven he can handle pressure too very well. These kind of players are gold.
  16. Some people here were asking Dhawan to be dropped and let Rahul open in odis too. Dhawan is very very good ODi opener who has proven his worth over and over again every where he has played.13 100s in 100 matches is very good.
  17. Rahane needs to score fast and i hope Dhoni does not bat.
  18. they should worn pink ribbon.this not a national issue, it is an international issue and it needs everyone to pitch in.
  19. Rohit day by day is proving what a colossal mistake it was to play him first two tests. This guy is such a Minnow basher. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. The major difference in tennis unless you win it all it won't count as win but in cricket it does not matter if you win or lose you stats count .So any person who has long career will have stats. Cook has more runs than Sunil gavaskar and Viv Richards does it make him greater player than both of them. Roger is greatest because he has longevity and also has wins.Don't compare both and say they are same.
  21. That 98 you are referring to was scored over Pakistan attack where two of their main fast bowlers were on last legs and it was not a knock out match. India was going to semis even if it lost. Where as Sachin scored away hundreds in Aus , NZ, WI when they had bowling and SA. That 98 is hyped up because it is Sachin and Pakistan, if that is what got for Sachin then that tell whole story. When people claim you are the best you need to have some extra ordinary feats. McGrath owned him in all big matches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Roger is greatest because he has won more than anyone else, how does being in top bracket for 20 years make him greatest. Tomorrow a batsman can play only 10 years but he is so far superior to other then he would be greatest. Sachin was mr Steady Eddy who got his stats without ever being dominant period.

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