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  1. Reopening the debate on best chasers in ODIs

    We are talking about chasers and no one in right mind would put Amla or AB or any contemporaries of Kohli in same class of chasing as Kohli. Kohli is not just best chaser now he is best chaser in history of cricket I don't care Viv Richards or any other player for that matter no one comes close to Kohli. No one needs to see stats to tell that he will have all the records for chases.Kohli would walk into any all time playing 11 just by virtue of his chasing records.- Why do people throw stats at when supporting Sachin, chasing 190 and chasing 350 are not same. Opener can score a hundred chasing 190 or no 3 in Kohli case can also score 100 chasing 330 plus .Stats might say both scored 100 runs while chasing while anyone with common sense knows which innings was far more superior. Where did Sachin exactly dominate or score runs against good team away from home in ODIs.So don't even try to give standard or team or bowlers. Sachin did not light up any great bowling unit either.
  2. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    Waqar was definitely more than express and Akram could bowl as fast as anybody . I would take both of them over Akthar who might have more speed but he was all over the place.This is something Imran has to get credit.He started as medium pacer but developed into genuine fast bowler.Imran emphasised speed has no substitute. No Indian fast bowler has been in their class.Srinath never had self belief to be the best even though he had pace that is why he rarely get mentioned in same breath as other great fast bowlers.Thompson does not have great stats but anyone who played with or against him will tell him he really had that pace which put fear of god into batsmen. No one tells that about Srinath because he was not feared by batsmen like they feared his peers Waqar, Donald or Akram because it is not just speed you need hostility from fast bowler which you never got from Srinath.
  3. Reopening the debate on best chasers in ODIs

    The author of this article is a joke, he is trying desperately to show Sachin as some great chaser.Sachin vs Kohli in chasing is not even a debate. Why does Sachin get all breaks from these jokers, if you break down like that the peaks of others player are far more superior to Sachin either in tests or odis. Kohli needs a big time finals performance an odi tournament.Steven Smith scored 100 in WC 2015 finals even if you ask Steven Smith he will admit Kohli is far superior limited overs player than him.Kohli carried this team on his in last T20 world cups where he delivered in every knockout stage.He single handedly took India to 2014 finals .
  4. he scored 70 runs in last 22 balls. Atrocious bowling by WI. There is no excuse for the filth they dished out.
  5. Ali is dealing in just 6s what the heck was going on.
  6. is this the worst Aussie ODI squad ever to have visited India.
  7. Did you watch Smith public apology after the series, what is this insane urge to credit Dhoni when other guy is captain.Give it a rest Dhoni is history as captain and Kohli will be just fine with or without Dhoni.He has already proved he is far better test captain than Dhoni ever was and he will be fine as Odi captain as well.
  8. Captaincy on the field is 10% of the job.The main job of the captain is make the team believe in his vision. Kohli is one of those rare guys who transitioned from under 19 captaincy to Indian senior captaincy.He has passion to be the best and is more positive than Dhoni as a test captain.I don't see in anyway Dhoni is better on field captain than Kohli he will get better and will learn more as he captains more matches.
  9. This is not 1980s where Aussies did not give rats ass to India. Now Aussies don't want to in bad books of any Indian public.Dhoni is more expressive where as Saha is silent type.Dhoni has been a captain a very successful one under whom Kohli began his career so he will have more freedom.That does not mean he is telling Kohli what to do if he wanted to do it he would be still captain.No one kicked him out he left on his own. That is one positive legacy Fab four left on Indian cricket they never played politics when others became captains.Hope this continues in future too.
  10. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    Bowling odd ball over 150 here and there does make any bowler express.Amir by any stretch is not express neither are Yadav or Varun.
  11. Bhuvi-The one who should have got the MoM yesterday

    It is a batsmen's game especially in India.Bhuvi deserved MOM for his efforts yesterday considering he batted and scored some runs.
  12. How do you know his input is not taken. People need stop acting as if Kohli will not be good captain if Dhoni is not there. What do you expect Warner to say no Dhoni is not good for Kohli.I would be more interested what was the question he gave this answer. It is good that both these men have not let their egos come in between and have worked together well. But to give credit to Dhoni for Kohli's success is ridiculous.
  13. That is because he is senior, Dhoni used to do the same when Sachin or other seniors are around. This notion that Kohli is reliant on Dhoni to captain is ridiculous. It is as ridiculous as this article where Dhoni is getting credit for doing nothing. "I asked Mahi bhai, what should I bowl. He said 'tujhe jaisa bhi lagta hai, woh daal (bowl the way you want to)'. I was very happy that he backed me," Yadav said after the match.
  14. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    Promise is there and I don't think they will exposed as they Ashwin and Jadeja have been in CT.But They need more pace.They need a genuine fast bowler.
  15. How long has Kohli captained odis, he has done just fine there also, they reached ICC tournament finals. Nobody is saying Dhoni's input is not needed, if it is not Dhoni Kohli would take input of the keeper who is playing as a keeper.
  16. What is most difficult pitch on which Sachin scored runs???They were eulogising his knocks against Zimbabwe. What about his Desert storm. Kohli has long way to go but the stupid article on cricinfo about best chaser shows how much pass people are willing to give Sachin.Kohli is miles ahead of Sachin as chaser.
  17. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    To term this attack as unrelenting might be too much.They have to include Shami or one more fast bowler into attack to make it more potent when travelling.For that to happen Pandya must become good enough to bat in top 6.Both Yadav and Chahal have yet play overseas.
  18. Hope so , he is going to be a vital kog if India has any hopes of winning series in SA/Eng.
  19. Can Pandya play fast bowling, all his hitting so far has been against spinners.It is imperative for him to do well against fast bowling otherwise it would be a tough for him to sustain a place long term.
  20. Compare Aussie line up their bowlers can hit ball long way and they bat till no 10. This is reminding me of 1980s when India had no explosiveness in their batting.
  21. It is not about this series, Jadhav I don't see him doing well away from home and has severe limitations against pace.
  22. Bhuvi like Dhoni now a days can hold one end up but he has no ability to hit boundaries.
  23. This match is exposing Indian batting as I have been telling all along. Other than top 3 when Dhawan is there, there is nothing great about this team's batting. Pandya still has long way to go before he can be counted as a solid bat in this line up. Jadhav had his 15 min fame and it is time to dump him. The lower order and tail has no explosion at all.
  24. He is doing just fine in captaincy department without Dhoni guidance in tests. I don't see what exactly Dhoni has changed or guided Kohli in that department. We don't want Dhoni's no risk style of captaincy creeping into Kohli's captaincy.

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