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  1. There is nothing unidimensional about my views, teams have pick 20 wickets and score more than other team to win that is the basic premise of Test cricket which has not changed since it was invented. Pandya is not just good enough in either deperatment. You think Pandya has ability to score 100s.Bhuvi will be consistent with ball and bat , he will add more value as an allrounder than Pandya.
  2. Just becuase someone has opinion which is different from yours, he/they are not haters. Bowlers along with Kohli have done their jobs that is why this has been a close series unlike 2014 where they were blown out. If you think Pandya and Stokes have same ability then we are watching different game and we better not discuss this further.Stokes is fundamentally very organized batsmen, he will walk into his team as batsman alone. Don't bring other players performances to justify Pandya's position.Lot of players will not play again after this series.
  3. Times have not changed as far as test matches go.Tests are the same since WG Grace played them and it requires same thing, 20 wickets to win the match. Main strategy involved in tests is how to get those 20 wickets and score more than opposition.For that to happen bits and pieces players cannot be part of the team.Pandya should not be part of this test team going forward.He will help this team lose more matches than he will win for this team. Bhuvi with his grit and determination to hang around the crease serves far more for this team.
  4. If they want five bowlers all the time which I think is right approach even though it has cost India two series. We need players who are consistent.Pandya scored 50 in third test where his score made no difference.Other than 90 in first SA test, I have not seen any under-pressure knock from Pandya, all his other knocks have mostly come when team was winning without his score. More than stats his batting looks so much suspect,he has no clear mind on what he wants to do at the crease.He is very weak facing fast bowlers to begin with and with his confused state of mind he is looking worse. Stokes may not have scored many runs but he has shown ability to stay at the crease , that ability is missing from Pandya. There is a reason why England stinks when they tour subcontinent and Australia, players like Curran, Woakes and to some extent Stokes are totally rendered useless. Big four in 80s worked becuase all four were leading bowlers for their teams , their batting was a bonus.Kallis worked for SA becuase he was their best batsman his bowling was a bonus. Pandya is an allrounder so he does not have to be either bowler nor a batsman is ridiculous. Some one was comparing Akash Chopra's stats with Pandya.How many tests did Akash Chopra play again??? there is a reason why he played that few tests.
  5. No first rule of thumb for any test selection is a player should walk in to team either a batsman or a bowler.The other skills are complementary and should only be used when judging players with comparable ability. Pandya's performances should be overlooked just becuase specialists failed is a silly.
  6. It has been a problem and Pandya is also problem too.
  7. There is no slot as an AR. AR is a luxury which player provides with his other skill.
  8. putrevus

    Say sorry to Cheteshwar

    Where is the consistency , Rahane and Pujara are too inconsistent even when they make a score , we cannot expect good things from them next innings or next match.Showing up once in a series is not what is expected from top order batsmen. Both of them have enough experience.Their sample size to big enough to assert it is who they are going to be and worse moving forward so better to look for other options.
  9. Just becuase he averaged more than Rahul this series , he does not become better batsman than Rahul.
  10. Holding was not wrong .One freak spell does not make him a bowler, Sachin had many 5fers in odis but that didn't make him an allrounder or all rounder.Sachin was in the team for his batting , his bowling was plus . Bits and pieces players like Pandya are not useful in tests.There are formats where he can showcase his talents T20s and Odis. To be an allrounder you should walk into playing eleven as a bowler or batsman first. Pandya does neither. I want this nonsense project Pandya to stop here.
  11. I know what Pandya has done and not done. He is still useless and should not be in the team in SENA.
  12. You give Dhawan 100 tests in SENA he will still be useless and inconsistent with odd knock here and there. Same goes with Pandya. I would rather have Bhuvi in his place and get less batting. My 2 cents . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Stuart Bunny’s spell won India a match defending 100. Nobody made him an allrounder. If he is good in India then let him play there ask him to get away from the team in these countries. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. He is part of the problem to say he is not the problem is ridiculous. Their allrounder won them the series .
  15. This was the best squad selected and best 11 played in every match except Lords. These players are just not good enough and it is time to move on from guys like Dhawan, Ashwin. Rahane and Pujara also should be done, they have shown no ability to sustain form and carry a team. Rahul is not an opener and I would replace him too.
  16. He is nether, to call him an allrounder is riduclous.One fluke spell does not make him a bowler nor one fluke 90 in SA makes in a batsman. Having a guy like Bhuvi in his place adds more value to team.
  17. Let us add one more name to Moron's list.Vengy
  18. Bhajji is one hundred percent right, Ashwin the bozo is root cause followed by inept and useless openers.Bhajji and Kumble atleast won few matches in SENA but Ashwin has been the biggest HTB. He is simply not good enough period.
  19. putrevus

    Why is no body blaming the BCCI?

    Warm ups is a valid excuse if they had been winning from third test onwards.When these bozos cannot even bat in fourth test then it is not warm ups , BCCI, captain or coach who is at fault.It is the players who are useless. Rahul gets whole series and still does not even look like he has an understanding on what test batting is all about in these conditions. Same goes with Rahane , Pandya and Dhawan. If your batting has to depend on one player everytime .It is the players who are at fault . When will we start saying these bozos are just not good enough to play for India.
  20. Ali is showing beauty of keeping things simple, instead of our moron who is too smart for his own good.
  21. what a shameful performance , Ashwin should kick himself out of team after watching Ali bowl.
  22. the more I see Ali bowl, the more angry I am getting on Ashwin, Rahane is gone too.He never was taking them home.
  23. Ali was more a threat to right handed batsmen than left handers, Rahane should have asked him to cool down.
  24. aggressive means not slogging everyball, not piling on kid but that was a hack shot. Supid shot no need for that nonsense.
  25. If you feel he is proven in domestics then he is just not good enough at this level.

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