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  1. India Vs SL, 1st T20, Pune

    Just saw Yuvi's dismissal ,he was so late for that pull shot.He and Dhobi both need to go from this t20 team if India has any hopes if winning t20 cup.
  2. India Vs SL, 1st T20, Pune

    What is going on, jadeja again proved he is such a useless batsman.
  3. How Rohit became a one-day monster

    Nohit will end up as the second best odi opener and one of three best odi batsmen from India. He has scored runs everywhere in odis.He has not achieved the same success in test . I don't think he will ever have the same success in test matches due his inability to curb loose shots.
  4. People talk like Waqar was some seasoned veteran in this match, he was also making his debut in this series. I still maintain Sachin was given Indian cap too soon, it is a huge credit to his character and his dedication to the game. Also credit to his upbringing.He became a super star but always was grounded and humble. If he had experience of one or two seasons in Ranjis and learnt the art of making big hundreds he would have been closer to Bradman's average than anyone else in history of the game.He had everything else. Gavaskar had ability to score big hundreds but he was too slow in scoring because of his instinct of survival first.
  5. Shikhar Dhawan needs to perform now big time

    Why are you comparing Dhawan to Kohli or Tendulkar.One is lock in all time odi line up and other one is getting there. Compare Dhawan to other options you have right and Rahane is definitely not option, Rahane is like Dravid who has impressive stats but never invoked any fear in any batting line up when batting at no3 , Dravid became useful when started as wk but then you had Yuvi.Dravid would not be in the team right now. Unless there is another opener bursting thru Dhawan has to remain as ODI opener in any condition.
  6. England Tour of South Africa 2015/2016

    Root is best looking young batsman in last twenty years, he is so tall and silky.This guy might end up as one of the all time best.He is making batting look so easy.
  7. Dhoni and His Two Spinner Strategy

    When captain has no faith in his bowlers and he is starting to give excuses why the team has and degrades his own bowlers instead of building them up.He needs to go. Dhoni needs to be sacked ASAP, he is sapping the energy from the team.They might not have won if Kohli was captain but atleast Kohli did not dry his laundry in public and condemned his own. This guy has become judge jury and executioner himself, he is passing judgement on Rishi Dhawan without even giving him a chance.Today again he bowls Yadav for one over and then removes him, Yadav might have stunk but this captaincy is becoming a big burden on the team.
  8. Dhoni and His Two Spinner Strategy

    So you want Dhoni to leave out no1 bowler of this team.
  9. Shikhar Dhawan needs to perform now big time

    When did Sachin score 100 against Australia in Australia or 100 against NZ in NZ. Australia was 2008 and NZ was in 2009. Sachin scored 38 of his 49 odi 100s in Sub continent.What does that say about Sachin. So according to you when Dhawan scores 100s in England or Australia , it is due to flat pitches , but show me one Indian batsmen who has better record than him.This guy has scored 8 100s and 15 50s in 70 matches which is phenomenal record for any batsman anywhere. What do you expect from him score 100 or fifties all the time.
  10. England Tour of South Africa 2015/2016

    One guy Kallis was the reason why Indian teams could not come home with test series wins both in 2011 and 2013. How I wish Indians played Kallis less SA team. He altered both series single handedly. Proteas are feeling the pinch that guy was so huge for them they are not the same team even at home.
  11. Shikhar Dhawan needs to perform now big time

    Who is this author, he is a moron Dhawan is one of the best Indian batsmen in ODIs. What does he expect Dhawan needs to score hundred every time.He is one of the few match winners this pathethic odi team has in its playing eleven. What has Rahane done in odis to be even compared with his guy.Nohit and Dhawan are very good opening pair leave them alone.
  12. Let's talk about the DRS

    So other countries are wearing bangles? why would they allow it.If BCCI and its fans think they can win only on spinning pitches, why play these tournaments just keep playing IPL. Even USA with all their might and clout in basketball relearned to play with Olympic rules to win gold medals.Power is about getting your opinion heard and BCCI has plenty of it,DRS is prime example.
  13. Dhoni and His Two Spinner Strategy

    No it is not, great batsmen score runs in toughest conditions, similarly great bowler take wickets on flat pitches. No one expects Ashwin to run thru batting line ups here but he should be able to take couple of wickets and be economical in any conditions.Deception thru flight and dip are not dependent on any conditions for spinners .
  14. Let's talk about the DRS

    How would have they won, no power can change outcome on the field in such high profile tournaments.
  15. Dhoni and His Two Spinner Strategy

    To choke singles they need pose some kind of threat either by flight or Spin off the pitch. Jadeja with his darts will never pose any threat unless pitch does the job for him and Ashwin did nothing also, Dhoni always has been excellent captain for spin bowlers, his problems was using pace bowler and unnecessary use of part timers. No1 bowler in world needs to do more.
  16. Dhoni and His Two Spinner Strategy

    You can blame Dhoni all you want but this again proves Ashwin and Jadeja are products of pitches and conditions. How can they be so ineffective and all this talk about Ashwin adjusting to Kookaburra is just talk unless this guy proves he can be effective on these pitches. There was no pressure at all from the these two.Smith was playing like them with such ease.It again reinforces how all our spinners are products of pitches.
  17. Selfish batting by Kohli and Rohit?

    If jadeja is needed to finish the innings when only three wickets have fallen then Indian batting has some serious issues. Other than top three there is no batting in this line up. Dhoni and Rahane are just accumulators.They need some serious thumpers who can do both bat for 20 overs or thump a quick 50. I don't see how this team can win T20 world cup.
  18. Selfish batting by Kohli and Rohit?

    Why is Dhoni's SR so low, for guy who needs to finish innings he strike rate is awful.Steve Smith this guy has turned into Bradman or what, I have not seen even Tendulkar in his pomp score so regularly with such ease almost everywhere.
  19. Anyone has any videos of Sran. His figures were fine but how well did he bowl. Is he fast like Yadav or medium pace.
  20. Pace and Hype

    Didn't you see the intimidation by Johnson with sheer pace and bounce in Ashes.It doesn't matter how much protection you have, taking blows on body is still very scary. Ball thudding onto helmets is very unsettling, Stuart Broad is prime example. Johnson was not bowling 160 , he was operating at 145 plus and when it is aimed at chest and higher it is very scary. So multiply Johnson times four with more bounce and consistency then imagine batsmen's plight. Yes they had lesser protection then but that is not the only reason for the intimidation. If you have a chance go and watch Manoj Prabhakar getting injured in 1995 Mohali test against WI and how that scared the daylights of Indian team and collapsed for 100 losing very winnable test. Those WI bowlers might or might not have clocked 160 but they would scare any team even today. No one bowls 150 plus all spells forget careers.It is ability to bowl at 145 plus regularly makes bowlers intimidate batsmen.
  21. Chris Gayle reprimanded - issues apology to Mel

    People need to understand one things the very reason many of these female reporters are given these jobs is due to their looks. First comment from about "Eyes" was ok but the second one did not come out right it sounded cheap.She has a reason to be annoyed but by making this a big issue has amplified this thing more than it warranted.
  22. Pace and Hype

    Why are people hung up on just pace alone, Bret Lee might have been the fastest in 2004 series but he was also the most expensive and easy bowler to face to all Indian batsmen.There is no point of just being express without other attributes.With that pace you are injury waiting to happen. I am getting chuckle at some people who are giving out numbers just by watching the videos.Marshall was quick enough to be able to do all things which Lee and Akthar could do as far as pace is concerned, but both of them would not be even close to other things which Marshall could do , one thing people tend to forget with that WI team is they had four bowlers who were equally good so they had to share the spoils. Just watching some random youtube videos and analyzing the speed or quality of great bowlers is ridiculous.Viv Richards who is by far the best player of pace bowling by many fast bowlers was talking about the sheer pace which Jeff thompson generated in 1975 series. Only Johnson in Ashes has come close to such physical intimidation which lasted for whole series.Wi were doing that for more than decade.
  23. Amla steps down as South Africa captain

    Good call by Amla , more like Sachin who could set aside his ego and play under someone who was his junior. Dhoni and Ganguly to some extent refused to give up the role, even now Dhobi is not ready to give up his captaincy in odis and T20. If I am not wrong didn't Dhoni not give a statement about "this not being right time to get a new captain before world cup". Dhoni like Ganguly in later stages of his captaincy is holding on to it for all the wrong reasons. Captaincy has a shelf life once it is over you need to exit, he quit Test cricket in the middle of the series god only knows why he did it.
  24. Pace and Hype

    Marshall was bit faster than Dale Steyn with a better bouncer. It took time for him to hone his skills but once he got into WI team , he became the best bowler of his generation and may be the best fast bowler in history because in addition to speed he had all other skills , he could swing, seam and bowler cutters.I don't think any WI bowler knew how to reverse swing. "Malcolm Marshall was the best bowler. He was not huge, released the ball late, bowled sharp, was up there, bowled pretty quick. He just got wickets everywhere, on pitches where we never did" Jeff Thompson. As Holding stated many times they did not need reverse swing as most of them were so quick thru the air and the bounce they generated they were more than enough to petrify any batting line up anywhere in world. Shaun Tait or Akthar might have cracked 160 but they would not be even good enough to tie laces of these WI bowlers, as they were so relentlessly accurate.Deadly pace with bounce combined with accuracy made those guys so great.
  25. Hey ICC....any comments of this lovely cape town pitch?

    ICC and its double stands.If this match was played in India people would be screaming about flat pitches, This nonsense has been going on forever, 435 run chase Joburg ODI match is termed greatest ODI match but Rajkot ODI where SL almost chased 412 is termed by same morons as death to bowlers.

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