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  1. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Even if you trott India's second or third eleven against this Srilanka's team , India will be winning the series. You have top three who are going to play next world cup so you build team around them. Just because Pandya or Jadhav failed you stop trying to find new players. Dhoni is still very good in absorbing pressure but those instances you mentioned they were chasing below par totals.But that does not make Dhoni a great odi player anymore. You can understand Rahul failing but he needs to be given more chances but there nothing to learn about Dhoni he is a legend there is nothing new to learn about him. India needs to find next keeper will it be Pant or some one else they need to find out ASAP.If Dhoni is playing 2019 world cup India is not winning it. Kohli needs to sit next game and let Rahul open and find out what Rahul can do if he opens.
  2. No one is hating Dhoni, why can't people understand. It is all about Indian team and Indian team's success.Nobody is expecting Dhoni to be Dhoni of 2006 except selectors. These kind of series should be all about finding the future. I always said before CT Dhoni should be no4 and CT is done and dusted, it is time to move one and find ideal combination for 2019.I don't see how India is going to do anything good if Dhoni is still no5 or 6.
  3. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    I never said Dhoni is the reason why others are failing, Dhoni is done and it is not his fault age eventually catches up with everyone. Over dependence on top order is recipe for disaster in big game. Indian odi team is horrible as other than top three there is nothing great about it.
  4. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    You don't find them that easily that is why you are playing all these odis which have no context. The next guys in may not be as good as Dhoni but that should not stop them from trying.If you keep trotting Dhoni who has declined and still declining fast you will never find out and end up losing important matches because top order failed. India became good odi outfit late 2000s because it stopped depending on Sachin and top order.
  5. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    375 is great score but it was due to no1 and no3 making hundreds with better strike rates than your finishers. This series is not about who wins or loses it is about finding the next Dhoni and Yuvraj. But all it has proven is India's over dependence on top 3 batsmen. If they fail this team goes nowhere .
  6. How can the finisher end up with lower strike rate than guy who is setting up at no3. Dhoni's meows will be clamouring about his not outs and his avgs. He was given perfect platform to launch but he is done and it is fruitless and foolish to expect him to have same ability this late in his career. Either Dhoni needs to be no 4 or he needs to be kicked out of the team if they think he is not good enough there.They don't think he is good enough at no4 as he is completely struggling to rotate strike. What this Indian team needs is Dhoni and Yuvraj of 2006.BTW not sold on anyone else who played today.
  7. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Pandey simply does not have the brute force you need to hit sixes and Dhoni is done.
  8. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Awful batting by Dhoni , where are the big hitters.
  9. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Wow Dhoni is totally getting exposed.
  10. Two tier test cricket

    In my opinion if England or Australia are in tier 2 then Ashes cannot happen.If they are okay with it then bring on Tier system.Super six system got thrown out once India was knocked out of world cup.
  11. How can any team score 600 in 120 overs, He knew light was a factor.There is no defending Dhoni's cowardice . Dhoni again proved his conservative captaincy by not opting to chase a small total in WI therefore negating your point about bowling strength. Team shoulds evolve what is good for 1970s-80s Indian team cannot be good modern Indian teams. Dhoni with his playing safe attitude pushed Indian test teams at least a decade back. Gavaskar and Srikanth's inept and cowardly batting cost Indian team a test/series win against Australia 1985, chasing 120 odd runs with rain in forecast they chose to be happy with draw denying Kapil Dev a chance for test win.India has never sniffed a chance of winning a series ever since. Allan Border made a bold declaration in 1986 Chennai tied test against a stronger Indian team and as a result Ausssie have never looked back.That tied test is viewed as their turning point , winning is an attitude which only a captain can force upon his team.
  12. Root's declaration was not wrong at all chasing 320 is not an easy task .They wanted at least a wicket on 4th day.
  13. There is a huge difference between 320 and 600 .No one was asking MSD to declare when lead was 400 but wanted him to declare after lead went past 500.There was zero intent shown by Indian team then to force a win there.They looked like they were happy to win the series 1-0 and winning the test was secondary to them.Same thing happened in 2011 against WI. Winning a test match should not be an afterthought.A good captain should always play and go for a win every test they play, test wins especially overseas are rare and when you get a team down you should always go for a kill which was clearly missing when Dhoni was captain even against weaker teams.
  14. Two tier test cricket

    I am in favor of Two tier system myself but two things to consider.Will England and Australia still play Ashes if either of the team falls to second tier. Second one is sanctity of stats.
  15. Who is currently best all-rounder in world?

    Shakib is a superstar, there is nothing he cannot do on the cricket field.He has matured a lot and the amount of pressure he takes from their fans is insane. Stokes has do a lot with ball to be mentioned as an allrounder, he has the ability but it is not being properly utilized by England. Ashwin and Jadeja are couple of notches below as allrounders.
  16. This is why test cricket is best, there are no flukes and wins like these are so memorable.No odi wins except world cup can be compared to this.
  17. Windies Thumps England - Congrats :D

    People need to stop finding scapegoats for every defeat. This win is more about what WI did right than what England did wrong.England declared in their second innings so the first innings score is inconsequential . Hope reminds me of great Gordon Greenidge and if he turns out even fraction of player Gordon was WI have found themselves a great player.
  18. Against good teams you don't give them a sniff by making stupid mistakes, both Bangladesh and WI have allowed Australia and England back in the game and most probably lose the matches.
  19. England bat very deep and if they find good no2. no3 and no5 they would become a juggernaut especially at home. Mediocre attacks have no chance against them.
  20. 3rd ODI - India vs Srilanka, Pallekele, 27th Aug

    Rohit has horrible technique against swing, no wonder he is so poor in test cricket.
  21. Finisher is back !!!

    Dhoni the finisher is gone long time ago, he is still gutsy and will hold one end if total chasing is small he will do his job. But to depend on him chasing big totals is gone long long time ago.
  22. He and every other Protea player has to endure that taunts, but I don't think it diminishes his greatness, Choking is not just his problem alone.
  23. But does he have any bowling talent?
  24. In SA they never encountered true bowling conditions.Yes they did very well but it is different beast in England when ball swings.
  25. It does as Kohli and company have proved they are very vulnerable in seaming conditions.batting on a difficult pitch still needs bowlers who know what they are doing otherwise it is of no use.

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