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  1. putrevus

    Dhoni , MS Dhoni returns to CSK !!!

    Why is this a big deal , Dhoni is the most overhyped IPL player. There are 5 other players who did more to CSk than this guy.CSK's best player is Raina.
  2. putrevus

    Who is 4th best test batsman ever for India?

    Kohli is already better than anyone else other than top three.If he does well in next 18 months he will be top 2. I love Sehwag but Kohli is just too good.
  3. putrevus

    Umesh or Ishant as 3rd Seamer in South Africa

    This is test cricket ,they cannot fear about ODIs.It would be injustice to Bumrah to deny him a chance to prove himself.He knows fully well there is chance of him getting injured.There is no question of using them them wisely, if he plays he will bowl as many overs as others do.This is three test series so question of getting overworked will not come into picture.
  4. I am not about now, starting from SA they play all match overseas only.By end of Australian tour they need to have couple of fast bowlers in top ten in order for India to be successful on these tours. Anyone taking 20 wickets in a series will put them in top ten, question is will they take 20 wickets?
  5. putrevus

    Umesh or Ishant as 3rd Seamer in South Africa

    You can't wrap them in cotton wool, if they get injured then so be it, they have to play FC if they are selected in test squad. They cannot assume it is injury prone action, Anderson also had his action remodelled when he started as they thought it would lead to injuries.But he was injured after they altered his action and totally lost his effectiveness until 2007.He became world class only when he reverted back to his natural action. Bumrah is bowling with this action all his life and he has played FC also so it is foolish to tinker with his action.Every fast bowler will get injured at some point so it is foolish to expect them to remain injury free.
  6. putrevus

    Umesh or Ishant as 3rd Seamer in South Africa

    Don't you think it is stupidity on our part to expect all these guys to to turn the switch on and become world class. They have to be world class to dismiss SA batsmen. Shami for all his hype picked up one wicket in second innings and Ishant none.Pitch was flat but batsmen were weak also.Catches were dropped in first innings but second innings they simply did not bowl well enough. I don't understand why are formers players saying this time we have very good bowling attack.No we don't have good bowling attack.I would have loved to see what Bumrah can do but otherwise I don't see Shami, Bhuvi and Ishant winning test match on their own.
  7. putrevus

    Umesh or Ishant as 3rd Seamer in South Africa

    Why Bumrah was not allowed to play in Ranji match is beyond me. This is stupidity of highest order.How can Bumrah play any test cricket if he has no red ball cricket practice.Are they just taking Bumrah to get experience and get him ready for England series???
  8. putrevus

    Karnataka v Mumbai : Ranji Trophy QF | 7th Dec

    I just saw highlight, why couldn't they make this kind of pitch for SL series. Vinay Kumar is he this good or domestic batsmen that inept???
  9. Would they roll green mambas for Indians as a revenge for turning tracks we dished out last time they toured.
  10. Unless we end up having two fast bowlers in top ten, there is no way we are going to win any series overseas.
  11. putrevus

    Has Jadeja won a place over Ashwin for SA series now?

    Where do you want him to play, drop Ashwin or Jadeja at home and play Kuldeep.It is not going to happen.Kuldeep is third spinner for home tests. Dropping an odd odis is not a bad thing for an youngster, even Sachin got dropped from odis, it happens to everyone.Rahul has his chance now to prove himself in t20s.
  12. what is it you want coaching staff to do? you want them to turn them into something which they are not.Was Kumble not the coach in Wi where they also ran out of steam. These things don't happen overnight.It takes years and it will take whole BCCI to be part of the planning.
  13. That is not farfetched idea at all , it was ridiculous to see three people drop catches in the same position.They need to put Vijay in second slip.He is better than these guys.Dhawan should not be in playing eleven.
  14. Kohli should stop his ego and let others stand in slips.I have no idea why they were chopping and changing so much this test.
  15. I don't think Bhajji was a great exponent of Doosra like Pakistanis or Murali.People underestimate how good a bowler he was and how feisty character he was and the fighting spirit he brought to table.
  16. putrevus

    Has Jadeja won a place over Ashwin for SA series now?

    They did give him chances when ever they could, you just cannot expect them to overlook their top two test spinners. I don't see that in him personally that he will be difference maker as I don't think he is a big turner of the ball either.He is playing odis and so he will always have a chance to impress.
  17. I have no idea who pandya is yet.I still flabbergasted that he did not play at least one test in this series. He should have played test series and rested like Kohli in odis. Selectors are jokers what is point in selecting both Bumrah and Pandya if they don't have any recent red ball cricket under them. They should have played Bumrah and Pandya in this test.
  18. Who cares about back ups, we are talking about playing eleven.They had Umesh Yadav then also but they choose to debut great Jaydev. When Ashwin or Jadeja will take 4/10 on green track I will change my opinion on them. As of now Bhajji is one of few indian spinners who have played a vital role in India winning overseas tests both in SA and NZ. Not many Indian spinners can claim it. You don't know Ishant of 2017 is greater than 2011 as evidenced in this innings where he was too short. They had Sachin and Sehwag who could bowl handy but don't know why Sehwag was never used then.
  19. putrevus

    Has Jadeja won a place over Ashwin for SA series now?

    Is ashwin a useless bowler even Lyon rates Ashwin better bowler than him.
  20. No it is not better, 2010 our bowling attack was very good with Zak, Sreesanth and Ishant.Bhajji was very good in last two tests.The only problem was they were playing their best team and Kallis played like superman. I still see the same problem with our pacers, they will run out of steam and it will be hard for them to maintain intensity for whole series.
  21. putrevus

    Has Jadeja won a place over Ashwin for SA series now?

    What the heck has Kuldeep done to be selected ahead of Jadeja and ashwin. This notion that just because he is a wrist spinner he will be more effective is foolish. They did that in Australia by playing Karan ahead of both Jadeja and Ashwin.That move essentially lost them that test.
  22. putrevus

    Has Jadeja won a place over Ashwin for SA series now?

    He spins the ball also more but Ashwin I feel has lost that loop which he had, it is going to a very hard to sit Jadeja out.
  23. putrevus

    Unexpected set of series performances for Ashwin?

    No that is not true, Ashwin and Jadeja have been resting a lot now that they are not playing shorter forms.
  24. putrevus

    Has Jadeja won a place over Ashwin for SA series now?

    I will be so pissed at Kohli if he reverts to six batsmen. No way in hell India is going to win matches with just four bowlers.The more I watch this Ashwin bowl , the less I want him to play as a lead spinner.

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