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  1. That noball is going to cost the series Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. How long can bear Pandya Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Pandya is proving again very expensive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Dhoni should bat at number 4 or not be played

    Forget Pandya's role, the bigger question needs to be asked is , does he belong in the team. He is total liability against fast bowlers and he cannot be trusted to bowl his own 10 overs.
  5. Making Markram captain is ridiculous, they have put so much pressure on this guy.
  6. Dhoni should bat at number 4 or not be played

    I disagree , there is reason why Dhoni was never slotted at no 4,he simply does not have technique to handle no4, other than being pinch hitter early in his career, he has rarely batted at no 4, I also thought he was good no 4 for last world cup but not now. Now a days he kills the momentum due to his inability to rotate strike and we have greatest rotator of strike at no3, he will ruin Kohli's momentum.
  7. Dhoni should bat at number 4 or not be played

    Do you think Dhoni has in him to repair innings at 20/2 when facing new ball in first 5 overs.Dhoni even in his prime never had that skill. To bat at no 4 you need a very special player who has ability to repair the innings if needed or provide impetus to great start. Dhoni like Sachin is hanging on too long he might be still a good wicket keeper to spinners but he is total liability in chasing big scores or on flat wickets. They need to blood a youngster and give him a chance so he has some experience before world cup but selectors are proving to be morons. I don't blame Iyer he may or maynot be good but you cannot write him off based on one series or one match.
  8. I was never sold on Pandya, I would rate Stuart Binny better as a bowler than him. Raina is actually very under appreciated by everyone, it takes a special player to start hitting ball one and care about only team.Other than his short ball problem Raina is perfect no 5/no 6.
  9. Dhoni should bat at number 4 or not be played

    Sorry he is not a number 4, he simply does not have ability to rotate strike or hit big shots when needed, he needs to go.Let number 4 filled by young talent who can relieve pressure of Kohli and not compound it.
  10. let them fill 4,5,6 first then we will worry about Rohit , we know he will be good at least on flat pitches.rest of them are no good anywhere. Pandya is found out big time, he has been given full series and he looked more horrible than Iyer who is batting for first time.It make wonder that 91 was as flukey innings as you can get.
  11. I was talking about batting .You cannot expect same batsmen to delivery over and over again. I knew when Kohli got out this would be bad total, there is no one else in the team.
  12. Rohit is FTB, and rest of them are not even worthy of mentioning, it is almost a wonder that this team with just two batsmen have beaten SA 3-0.It was breeze for first 30 overs and torture after Dhawan got out.
  13. Pandya is proving to be another Yousuf Pathan useless against fast bowlers. Pandya day by day is proving he is worse than even bits and pieces players. He cannot be long term no 6.
  14. It is not iyer's fault he is too young and it is very harsh to write him off of this failure, you have give youngsters a chance to prove themselves.But Even if Iyer plays 100 odis I still think he will struggle to become a finisher. Pandya is showing he is not that adapt in hitting fast bowlers either. India has holes to fill 4, 5, 6.
  15. I don't think so Rahul may be better batsmen but I would not make him no6 it will ruin him. He is also vying for one spot number 4. We don't have any number 6 who can use long handle.
  16. Iyer looked like deer caught in headlight too harsh to pass judgement on him so soon .
  17. Other teams reach 325 plus with start Kohli and Dhawan gave them, no wonder Kohli does not want to get out he knows there is nobody there to finish.
  18. We have too many so called consolidators in this team and no power hitters. Hope IPL throws some new power hitters. This is pathetic batting.
  19. Dhoni needs to go away from this team , he is totally ruining it.Dhoni and Rahane are not fit for high scoring matches.
  20. don't care about the spike if he was out or not.At least Pandya would come in and release this torture.One of them needs to get out anyway possible of this innings is going nowhere.
  21. I can understand Iyer to some extent because he is new he will be nervous but what excuse does Dhoni have to be this bad.

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