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  1. compare the starts by two teams, even with collapse they made 160.
  2. They still are going to get 160 , on a bad day they are getting 160, what about when they are having a good day.
  3. How deep is this bloody line up , they keep hitting sixes wickets really don't matter unless they are all out.
  4. Bhuvi common man don't lose the plot now, England bat deep and Butler is still there.
  5. Bhuvi has been India's weakest bowler in this match.
  6. horrible keeping by Dhoni, he got lucky , Saha would have done much better job.
  7. If Kuldeep played in SA India was winning the test series too.
  8. Ashwin I don't care how great your stats are, you are not playing tests in England over this guy Kuldeep.
  9. No he is not and he is not even in the same ball park.Sundar is a bits and pieces player who has very limited capability on these wickets.
  10. Chahal has been very iffy.
  11. These two are very unproven, wickets matter but in long run how a bowler gets wickets is what will make him a successful bowler at this level. You can get wicket of long hop and also a beautiful googly stranding a batsman.
  12. Sorry but Roy looks like complete hack like most Pakistani batsmen.
  13. Chahal is too slow thru the air, don't think those spinners will succeed in England. You need spinners who put lot of revs on to the ball.
  14. Where is MSD's advice and him being mentor to bowlers gone now. Dhoni the mentor shows up only when bowlers take wickets but they get hammered it is always bowlers fault.
  15. Bowling a dot ball is an event against this England batting and Mumbai people want Rahane to play against this team as if we don't have enough blocker in the team.
  16. this is insane batting.
  17. putrevus

    I know what to expect in England: Ashwin

    I would go with Kuldeep for first two test and if he does not do well then switch to Ashwin, Ashwin will never succeed in Australia.I don't think he was spectacular in SA either.Nothing wrong in trying Kuldeep.
  18. putrevus

    I know what to expect in England: Ashwin

    You maybe right but you simply cannot do it, what you have said is good for discussion but it cannot be implemented. No team can go into a match 7 bowling options and just three batting options. If hacks are not good enought you need to kick them out and get batsmen who can do something on spicy wickets. But We have been facing these problems since last 80 years, batsmen as a batting unit that can do well on spicy wickets.
  19. I always think before I post , I learnt that the most celebrated batsmen in history of cricket who always played for himself rather than team still has blind followers.
  20. oh really, I did not know thanks for letting me know .
  21. Are there any more great innings which we can talk about where Tendulkar did dominate especially away from home and set up an Indian win.I can't think of any.
  22. putrevus

    Jos Butler

    How many fifties Dhoni has in T20s in 30 balls. My best guess is zero and I don't think this guy has any fifty which took in more than 30 balls.Dhoni is one of the worst T20 players and this guy is the best so there is no comparison.
  23. That should be more on selectors and not Kohli. Pandey's selection left me stumped though.
  24. That was played on patta where 260 was not enough, so I don't rate that 100 that much.Even Pant coming in at no3 scored more runs than Rahul without aid of PP so you want him in the team too.If that is the case T20 team should not have Dhoni and Rohit.

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