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  1. This match is exposing Indian batting as I have been telling all along. Other than top 3 when Dhawan is there, there is nothing great about this team's batting. Pandya still has long way to go before he can be counted as a solid bat in this line up. Jadhav had his 15 min fame and it is time to dump him. The lower order and tail has no explosion at all.
  2. He is doing just fine in captaincy department without Dhoni guidance in tests. I don't see what exactly Dhoni has changed or guided Kohli in that department. We don't want Dhoni's no risk style of captaincy creeping into Kohli's captaincy.
  3. 10 anniversary of Yuvraj Singh's Six Sixes

    Yet Dhoni was somehow hailed as architect of that world cup. Without Yuvi India would not be winning last two world cups. He was the main man in 2011 and also 2007.
  4. Analysis of Dhoni's art of batsmanship

    how so? he has no explosion and will consume lot of balls early in his innings.He has no chance at 5 or 6.
  5. Anyone who thinks Karthik deserves more chances need their heads examined. This guy has been given so many chances just to falter when bright lights are turned on.
  6. Analysis of Dhoni's art of batsmanship

    Why is Dhoni reluctant to bat at no4 is beyond me, at this juncture that is the best spot for him.
  7. This match will be arrival of Pandya in big leagues then.
  8. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    They also said the same thing about Sachin even when he was just pale shadow on himself.Sachin stopped being useful to the team after 2011 World cup. They should have forced him to retire then.No amount of experience will overcome lack of production. I don't mind Dhoni being in mix for world cup but they should give other players a chance. When Jadeja or Ashwin can be rotated why Dhoni cannot be rotated is beyond me. Prime example of timidity is De Kock who was not part of the test team in 2015 Indian series even after thumping Indian bowlers in ODIs and South Africa paid dearly for it.That guy Dane Vilas is nowhere to be found now. You will never know how good or bad Pant or anybody else if they are not given enough chances.This playing safe attitude will lead team no where.Talented youth will always triumph over ageing stars.
  9. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    I don't think he will stick around like Sachin who just for the sake of some meaningless record stuck around even though he was stinking up every where he played since 2011 world cup.
  10. I don't think so, that is like saying Ashwin is nothing because he gets all his wickets on turning tracks.Even if they play years they would not become Anderson. Let them take 20 wickets in match more than once first that would be a start.
  11. You mean to say Ishant/ Bhuvi are bowling faster than Anderson. If any of them can replicate Anderson when they play in England. India will have great chance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. It is not swing, it is the pace/late break with which he swings makes him deadly. He would be in my top 20 bowlers. His improved accuracy makes him great. All Indian bowlers can learn from him his economy rate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    This guy is just too good in these conditions.He has impeccable control and late swing that is a deadly combination.
  14. How India got fast

    We all know how great Ishant Sharma is/was so that guy will jump from Eiffel tower too , as he had no business of playing so many matches with that horrible record.
  15. How India got fast

    Fast bowlers need nurturing and captains play a vital role in development of fast bowlers. They need to be patted and should be treated with kid gloves. Dhoni never had patience nor understanding about fast bowlers. If anyone has any doubts about his captaincy go and watch 2013 Joburg test where he had no clue on what was going on,this is the guy who publicly admonished his fast bowler rather than backing him to hilt. I am so glad that Kohli wants fast bowlers to be major part of his team and is willing to do anything. Kohli's statement about Shami being best in world would give Shami such a boost of confidence.Fast bowlers will run thru walls for captains who back them.
  16. Who is currently best all-rounder in world?

    Not everybody is the great to begin with , the question is did he have skills to works with to become great in both bowling and batting the answer is emphatic yes.Along with the skills he had work ethic too. Players evolve and become great, Kallis was far better batsman when he retired than when he started just like Sanga.
  17. Who is currently best all-rounder in world?

    Why do you think he wouldn't bowl more if he had too if he was playing for other teams. The team he played for did not need him that much so he might not had the stats, more than stats, Kallis always had pace and skill good enough to be first change bowler for any team.He in my book if he wanted to could walk into any team as a bowler or batsman. He and Sobers are only two players who could walk into any playing eleven either as a bowler or batsman.Botham in his first 50 tests would also fit but he would be more bowling all rounder and these two batting allrounders.
  18. Virat King Kohli : 15,000 International Runs

    No he has not been dominating in SA and he had one great series in Australia. Domination is what Ricky Ponting did in 2006 against SA both home and away. But I believe he has enough talent to be dominant for more than one test/ series. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Virat King Kohli : 15,000 International Runs

    Not saved they chickened out , they should have won that match easy. But one test doesn't make a career, even late Phil Hughes had twin hundreds in a test win. Kohli needs to do more than that to come into Goat category. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Virat King Kohli : 15,000 International Runs

    I know that unlike his predecessors I am hoping he will play a major part in winning the matches there by doing more than what he did last time around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Virat King Kohli : 15,000 International Runs

    He is the best ODI player from India ever and he is the best ever test captain. He needs to score runs in England and South Africa and win test series there he will end up as ATG in tests too.
  22. How India got fast

    It is easy to say Kapil did not mentor without knowing what transpired and what kind of communication existed between Kapil Dev and others. Chetan sharma did okay when kapil was around.Zaheer mentored Ishant and how did that go for both Ishant and India.When Akram could learn from Kapil Dev why couldn't Srinath do the same. As Akram said it is not my job to go and give advice to youngsters, they need to come to me for advice.Akram also said when he was youngster he would go and ask anyone and everyone who he thought could help him.
  23. Kohli's chances of beating SRT's 1998 record year

    You have no clue about what you are talking, I am talking from watching or following every match of Sachin's career. Srilanka was graveyard for bowlers in 1990s before Murali became Murali that is where Sachin scored majority of his runs in SL.he did not tour there in 2001. During his first decade Sachin rarely played against Pakistan. He faced Ambrose and Walsh together once in his career. His record in SA was hovering around 40 till 2011.1999 is only tour where he faced full fledged Australian attack.England was a poor team in 1990s and most of 2000s where other good teams spanked them for fun. 1990s might have had great bowlers but Sachin did not face them that often.Check his record especially in odis it was not that great away from Asia.It is not just him the Fab four got lot of mileage for achieving very little in terms of team success. That is where Kohli looks different , he has put team's achievements first priority.I hope he does not get bogged down by chasing meaningless milestones which ultimately mean nothing if team does not do well.
  24. Tendulkar - Boxing Day Test Dec 1999 - Lawry

    Very well put,that is exactly my point about Sachin. He always got his runs and his averages always looked good but they never had the impact.Somehow Sachin's fans feel that as an insult.No one in right mind would deny the class of this great man. Like great man Kapil dev said Sachin's talent demanded more but he delivered less.That is also greatness of Sachin even 51 test hundreds is viewed as under achievement, as Dravid once said Sachin had so much talent that he could change his stance and outlook on the fly which he did in South Africa and scored 160 odd without even practising.
  25. Kohli's chances of beating SRT's 1998 record year

    I don't agree at all that Sachin faced better attacks.He might have faced one or two better bowling units for a test or two but this notion that Sachin faced better attacks is completely false.When people bring that nonsense that Sachin faced so and so and Kohli scored all his runs against chumps it becomes irritating. Sachin would have done very well in era and Kohli wouldn't be too shabby either when faced bowlers which Sachin.Kohli is far better chaser than anyone else who has played this game it is also a fact.

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