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  1. Shaheen Afridi looks good bowler, tall and gets good bounce.
  2. When will they stop this nonsense about Dhoni, this guy gets credit for everything a normal WK should be doing and cherry on top for him is he never gets blame for anything which goes wrong on the field.
  3. Bumrah needs to clean up tailender if he wants to become great loi bowler.
  4. Bhuvi cannot be a your leading bowler if you want to win a world cup.
  5. This is why Bhuvi will never a be a good odi bowler, if batsmen use long handle to him, he had no answers.
  6. Mailik has been a thorn in India's flesh for a long long time.Need to get this guy out now.
  7. Rahul not getting playing time is just ridiculous. This coaching staff needs to go they have no idea on how to run a team
  8. Enough of Jadhav plz, he should be used as a suprise bowler only.
  9. this is not first time any indian player has uttered those words, it has been going on for a long long time.
  10. Jadeja was saying he does not have to prove anything, where do these guys get the nerve to give out statement like it.
  11. Jadeja showing how futile his bowling is when there is no assistance from the pitch.He looks so non threatening.They need a wicket now.
  12. Lol, I want to slap Shastri for that ridiculous statement, Rahul has to play over guys like Karthik, Rayudu and Pandey.What is Dhoni doing here shouldn't he be speaking about this nonsense which is going on.First match I thought they were resting him but this is just ridiculous.
  13. it is baffling to see Rahul still not playing wth is going on.
  14. putrevus

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    As is India is the no 2 side in world, if they get strong no 4 and 5 , they would be virtually unbeatable. They will have no holes anywhere.
  15. putrevus

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    How is India an oridinary side, even without Kohli they should be one of the best teams.I don't see other than England which team is better.
  16. No they are not , they are just that horrible and putrid team. India should be able to beat them comfortablly with their C team.
  17. that is slap on all Indian cricketers faces, they just lost on that day.
  18. Paksitan is putrid team India should beat them 98 out of 100 times or it will be a disaster for India.
  19. Someone needs to tell Pakistanis, everyday is not CT finals where you are given freebies and noballs. The hack Zaman has shown his true colors.
  20. You are right Mr.Dhawan you were not out of form.The problem with you Mr Dhawan is you are not suited to play test cricket in SENA countries. You have no footwork or technique to survive even minimal movement. It is not your fault you had to play test cricket in England and SA, it is our misfortune that our selectors have no clue to indentify proper players. You keep twirling your moustache away with gay abandon.
  21. I rather have under 19 bowlers than Thakur sorry but any guy who bowls half trackers like him should not be in the team.

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