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  1. putrevus

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Seeing that dismissal tells me Pujara has not changed much and he will be a liability in England.
  2. 2003 finals was lost more in mind before they batted again, I don't rate ganguly as great captain as he rarely improvised.You have to change team based on opposition and not what worked against other teams..Kumble was the best bowler against Aussies during their league match and there was no need to play Mongia at all. The team meeting during lunch break which Harsha Bhogle where he quotes Sachin talking on how they needed to score boundary every over and he would be going for it from ball one was such a wrong strategy. That was such a flat wicket and India had talent in batsmen to make match closer if not win it.All they had to do was play normally and take stock as innings progressed instead of going bang bang from ball one. 2017 CT finals is worst defeat in my view, I could not fathom how they lost to that useless Pakistan team.
  3. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    Don't care much if you think Kapil was wrong, Kapil was spot on and right.
  4. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    So Srinath get no blame and kapil gets blame wonderful.
  5. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    I don't think so, If I were Kapil I would advice Srinath to do the same.Slow down.
  6. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    Indian fielding was lot better than Pakistan fielding and he rarely played in India till 1994.His stats are better at home than away. Venky was doing fine as his partner. Srinath like Ishant never had ability to pitch further up especially for first part of his career. It is easy to blame others too.
  7. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    When you are not able to do the first part properly and are able to do first part only when you do second part then it is okay for to give that advice.Scatter guns don't get wickets nor do they last long in team.
  8. putrevus

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    It is a tragedy that Pattinson is so much affected by injuries, I thought he the real deal in 2011, he had everything height, pace and bounce.
  9. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    As a youngster speed of the game and talent level you face at international level is different, So people are interpreting that since Kapil Dev asked Srinath to focus on Line and Length it automatically meant he needs to slow down. This is what Waqar says what he was told when he was starting out and what he thought about Srinath We were just told "Aage phainkon, dande udaaon. Javagal Srinath, who bowled a similar length as Ishant throughout his career. With his body and the momentum he generated through his run-up, Srinath should have taken a lot of wickets, but he did not pitch the ball up. Venkatesh Prasad, with limited ability, pitched it up and did well. It does not take rocket scientist to advise to Srinath to pitch further up , if Srinath was unable to do that and constantly beating the bat , anyone would advise to slow down and pitch ball further up.
  10. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    Short is a very big problem if it is wide, and Which Srinath was doing as a youngster making his debut in Australia in 1991. It was a perfectly legitimate advice to Srinath to slow down and concentrate on line and length. People who were quoting Wasim Akram being asked to bowl faster that was in 1992 seven years after Akram made his debut. Akram was a success even without Imran.Imran gets lot of publicity as a mentor for Akram and Waqar. What was Imran doing with Azeem Hafeez, Jalaluddin, Tahir Naqash es of the world where did his mentor ship go then. Waqar made his debut in 1989 and Imran was hardly playing then and was semi retired.Waqar himself said he knew reverse swing was even before he joined the team but just didn't knew what to call it. Wasim and Waqar were so talented and so hungry to succeed they would have done even without Imran, having Imran didn't hurt though.Akram himself told many times he would ask questions to every great fast bowler he met, he sought advice from Kapil on how to swing the ball too.
  11. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    Don't you think that part is not known to Kapil. There is a reason why he asked Srinath to slow down, he was bowling short and wide and with his action he was going for plenty especially in that 1991 tour.Srinath himself admitted it took him years before he learnt to pitch a yard up which was all he needed, that Yard. Don't blame Kapil for inadequacies of Srinath.
  12. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    Jadeja was one of finest athletes in the team, he and Azhar were the best fielders in 1990s.
  13. putrevus

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    Srinath was proving very expensive and was leaking runs and losing all the pressure which was created by Kapil and Prabhakar.So how is his advise to Srinath to focus on line length wrong. Don't you think Kapil Dev as a bowler did not understand what were the differences between him and Srinath. Until Srinath started pitching further up than his natural length he did not start to get wickets.That is what Kapil was suggesting, it is easy to blame the person who is giving advice.
  14. putrevus

    Best ODI match of all time

    Spot on I was having cramps at the end of match , I was so tense , semis and finals were cakewalk compared to it. Aussies knew how to win big matches and Indian were known for losing big matches.
  15. Imran Khan should have been the role model with his action for Ishant and he should have been deadly with reverse swing with his action.Imran used to bowl from wide of crease with his action anything straightening made it deadly.It took a decade for this guy to learn how to use the crease is just ridiculous.
  16. putrevus

    Skillful or not, there’s no escaping the yo-yo

    Sehwag when he started and also when he came back in the team after getting dropped in 2008 was fit. He was even runner for cramping Laxman in 2008 3rd test which Laxman scored match winning 100. Sehwag was a lazy guy who need constant kick in the behind to stay fit. Laman on other hand with his knees would have never passed this test especially in last decade of his career. How is Pujara passing this test??
  17. It doesn't matter, you don't forfeit the match, he did the same in protest against Holding bowling too many bouncers.
  18. Surprise is his biggest talent was guts , what it means they were more talented players but they simply couldn't handle the heat. There were no beamers Indian batsmen just did not have enough talent/guts to handle pace of Holding who was at his bowling at his peak pace. You don't hand the test by forfeiting, Smith walked out with one hand and played.Malcolm Marshall literally played with one hand. This was not Bedi's last rodeo in forfeiting the match, he did the same again in Pakistan in 1978 .
  19. Local trundler if he can swing will trouble even Steven Smith. You cannot go by one odd performance, There is always something all players need to work on to improve their game. How was Kohli in 2008 and how is Kohli now, players improve by playing with greater talent and that applies more to younger players than older players. PP is still not enough but we cannot fault selectors for selecting him and if these bozos are waiting for a finished article in WK they will never get it.
  20. Not a bad idea, we don't want coaches who just sit on their behinds.
  21. So how can Dinesh Karthik get third ,fourth and fifth chances but we dismiss a 20 year as a hack. What has Dinesh Karthik shown internationally in last 10 years which we can say for sure he is an upgrade over Pant.
  22. Most players were injured but not all, he was fine , they did not bowl beamers and hurt people that is all hogwash created by India media.They were injured because they were ill equipped to handle the pace. There is a reason why Anshuman Gaekwad played 40 plus tests in those days. Pakistan toured them immediately after India and they did just fine.
  23. Parthiv Patel was 17 when he made his debut, Sachin was 16, I don't think age should hinder selection.Karthik had his chances ,there is a chance of this kid will losing his confidence and we might end up losing a real talent. I have not seen infusion of fresh talent from this selection committee and they keep going back to these TTFs.
  24. God is that lion for real, why do people have this urge to keep wild beasts at home.It is not good for anyone.Can't understand the stupid machismo in it.
  25. People get old just because Dhoni was good in his prime , it doesn't mean he should be good now also.

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