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  1. 1 hour ago, express bowling said:


    I would have dropped Ishant if Bumrah and Bhuvi were present. 


    I don't mind Umesh individually but the combination of Umesh and Ishant makes me uncomfortable.


    I really want us to win this series rather than be fair to individuals.



    Saini is 25 , Siraj and Rajpoot 24.  


    Pacers need to debut by 22  or  23. Then 2 years or more to mature.   If they debut at 26 / 27 and mature at 28 / 29 ,  how many years will they get bowling at full pace  ?

    But Bumrah and Bhuvi are not present and Bhuvi was a question mark before the selection and that is the reason why i don't have any problems with this selection.

    Saini or Siraj are not that big upgrade over Umesh if at all. 


    Those 22 year olds you are talking about are can't miss prospects like Yadav  and Aaron when they were coming up. It is a different story they have not evolved into good bowlers but Yadav is one of best athletes who had success under Kohli so IMO it is not a bad selection.I would have like out and out swing bowler like Bhuvi in the squad but I don't think Siraj or Saini are in Bhuvi's mould.


    If Siraj or Saini had 8fers or 7fers in these matches for India A I am sure they would have made the cut.

  2. 4 minutes ago, express bowling said:


    As we start maturing as a pace bowling nation, I think it is important to reward bowlers who are performing in specific formats and weed out bowlers who are not.


    As far as tests are concerned, Shami, Bumrah and Bhuvi choose themselves based on performances, as they all have low averages and SRs. 


    Whereas Ishant and Umesh have high averages in tests despite playing for 7 to 10 years.


    I think some of Siraj, Rajpoot and Saini will do better than these 2 in test matches.


    We cannot introduce all at once but one at a time.


    With Bumrah and Bhuvi injured, our pacers could have been say Shami, Siraj, Ishant in the first test.  


    Playing Umesh and Ishant together means we have 2 non wicket-takers and that looks a bigger risk to me.



    Currently, we have 4 young pacers who have genuine pace. 


    They are Mavi, Khaleel, Nagarkoti and Avesh.


    Siraj was bowling 135 k to 150 k in the IPL and was quicker than his partner Umesh. And he looked quick in the  4-day A tour game that was streamed live.


    Saini was bowling 135 k to 145 k in the semi final and final of Ranji Trophy.

    You answered your own question, while I agree your point on Yadav and Ishant.Ishant is undroppable from the team as he is the one who will do donkey's work and keep run rate down.


    Yadav has to get chance for first test as he sat on bench for three tests in SA and he has not played much test overseas.So it is only fair to give him chance now if he fails then draft newcomers.


    Saini and others are young if they keep improving they will get chances.

  3. 1 hour ago, Nikhil_cric said:

    How is that living in denial ? On what other basis are you supposed to select cricketers on a test tour? That too in England. Someone like Siraj has bowled to Cook in an A game and had taken 7 wickets in these conditions. Shaw and Pant outbatted a senior team member like Vijay in the same conditions. Don't they merit selection based on that?

    You just don't discard player like Vijay based on one match and draft Shaw.If you draft Shaw then Vijay should no longer be part of this team. Didn't Cook score a century against Siraj and co so what makes you think Siraj will suddenly get Cook out in first test on Aug 1st for cheap.


    You don't just select youngsters over seniors like Vijay who scored a century in his last test.I would get Pant into playing over Karthik but that means closing book on Karthik.

  4. 2 hours ago, express bowling said:


    "  We are seeing how well those young bowlers are faring against lions. Don’t be under illusion that have great fast bowlers."


    This is what you said , to which I just pointed out their good performances against the Lions and in other A team matches.


    I did not say that they will be able to replicate the same against this senior English line-up.  You are just changing the goal post here.


    It is not possible to get readymade great players among debutants at international level.  Some above average prospects have to be chosen and given chances in the senior team.  All these prospects won't become top players but some of them will.


    Mavi, Khaleel, Prasidh, Nagarkoti, Siraj, Rajpoot and Saini ...  these pacers have the talent and basics to be top international pacers.


    Among these Siraj, Rajpoot and Saini are ready for test debut and Khaleel and Rajpoot for ODI debut.  After debut, they will take some time to mature and even then, only some will come good.


    For this England test series, if you are looking for a ready and fit rookie fast bowler ... I will choose Siraj based on current form and ability.  He has pace and fitness to bowl over after over.  I expected him to outbowl Shardul Thakur, Ishant and Umesh if he were chosen for this test series.


    p.s - I agree that Chahar looks mediocre.



    Question is not about if these prospects become good to great down the line. Yes I understand they won't become good unless they are given chances but none of scream select me over the bowlers who have been selected.


    Ishant, Yadav and Shami along with Bumrah and Bhuvi will be the main core of  fast bowlers who will be there at least till next world cup and if they are selected you cannot blame selectors.


    Sorry if I am selector I am not selecting Siraj, Rajpoot or Saini in my playing eleven over above bowlers until those five bowlers are totally out of picture for selection.


    If you have any express bowler like Mavi who needs little refinement I would induct them into squad right now to get experience.


    IMO unless a fast bowler has raw pace they need some weapons to consistently get batsmen out on any surface.I don't think Saini and co are that kind.


    Shardul I agree might should not have found a place but he has been part of this setup so maybe you give a pass.


  5. 2 hours ago, rkt.india said:

    i am sure Umesh would have done worse than Siraj if he had played these A games, that is why his non-selection is an issue. Siraj is averaging 20 in FC cricket now and should certainly have been selected ahead of Shardul Thakur.  Mavi is too young to be playing test cricket at the moment and Siraj is at the right age to be picked at 24 and he is as fast as any going around.  He was one of the three quickest Indian bowlers in IPL along with Mavi and Avesh Khan.  These three bowled top speed close to 150KPH in IPL.


    PS: That part was about Rajpoot and not Siraj.

    Selectors and this team have invested too much on Umesh Yadav and Shami not to select them when they are healthy. You cannot realistically expect India to go with Ishant and other uncapped bowlers to a series.


    Mavi was just an example, ideally I want two young fast bowlers who are year away from selection to be part of this team to gain experience.

  6. 1 minute ago, rkt.india said:

    India A games are over. Not many youngsters will win you games from the start but he has the traits to be a good test bowler. He is tall, gets bounce, has good outswinger, decent pace and is accurate more often than not.  I am not expecting he will win us games immediately but we will not know until he play as we have already seen likes of Umesh and Shami who blow hot and cold.

    That is why this selection is not wrong. You cannot select Siraj over Umesh or Shami. Siraj is no given and he is not that express where he will blow people way with his pace.


    I cannot blame selectors for not selecting Siraj.Where I blame selection is not selecting young guys like Mavi  who might not play this series but will benefit a lot being around this team.when you are selecting 18 member squad you need to select for future series.

  7. 3 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    Yes our bowling might be inferior but their batting isnt great either. Cook is hit and miss these days.  Root and Bairstaw are two form batsmen they have.  Regarding what Kohli has to do is bat on off stump and just leave everything outside off stump and force them towards him.

    They are not great team but our fast bowlers have habit of making mediocre batting look great.Ability to last 5 tests in one month will be a big test.Our fast bowlers are not used to that kind of workload.


    I am hoping they get some wickets where spinners play to take burden from them.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    he is not afraid but he lacks faith in  youngster that why time n again he goes back to a senior or experienced player



    3rd odi he was under pressure the 1st thing he did was choose karthik a senior or Rahul 


    Raina, yuvi, bhajji, karthik all selections happened coz he has more faith in seniors. In IPl also his team picked yuvraj when he was at real low....another xample in RCB is he doesnt trust most juniors player thats why they dnt have defined roles and they look confused


    Nair was another xample- one series fail.....he just lost confidence in him and he was out of squad 


    Worst thing for a youngster is .....when he knws his captain has no faith in him


    Every captain has his views on how his team should look like and that is his right. Raina and co were selected by selectors first , if they didn't get selected to squad then Kohli will not have that option.


    IMO other than Rahul that too in third odi,  I have not seen one selection where you can say Kohli was completely wrong.

  9. 7 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    He can easily replace Shardul in the squad for sure and Siraj is an out and out fast bowler. You should have watched his bowling against WI A on a slow and low bouncy pitch.

    But will he crack starting eleven, if he does not crack starting eleven he is better off playing for India A and gain more experience.


    Rajpoot  might have done well IPL  but IMO he is not winning you test matches. 

  10. 1 minute ago, rkt.india said:

    Batsmen will have to match England batting. Broad and Anderson are not at the top of their games anymore. Both have struggled with injuries.

    I don't think it will happen because our bowling is so inferior to theirs. Another big reason why it won't happen is our batsmen will become tailenders as soon as they see hint of swing or bounce.Have you got any confidence in Vijay, Pujara or Rahul.I would be surprised if they score a hundred in  this series.Rahane will get his one score without doing much but will keep his so called overseas good record intact.Kohli is x factor, I have no idea what is Kohli going to do as Anderson suggested I don't he has changed anything in his technique to combat swing.


    Unless our bowlers show up and match Anderson and Broad we have no chance of winning the series.

  11. 11 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    and you youngest rookies to bowl like Anderson and Broad forgetting how many years it took Anderson and Broad to become what they are now.

    How are you going to win matches, if these youngsters don't match them.Yes it is unfair but that is what they are expected to do.


    That has been problem which has plagued Indian cricket, fast bowlers are so dispensable. Guys like Sachin and Dravid toured England or Australia many many times but fast bowlers kept changing .Batsmen are constant but fast bowlers are use and throw commodities in Indian cricket.I don't see that changing anytime sooner.


    We had surplus of fast bowlers in SA but due to injuries we have no idea who is going to play in first test.

  12. 35 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    so blame batsmen, not bowlers.  Bowlers did their job.  Only if we stop playing too many sinners, we can hope for something.  Spinners in these conditions will just release pressure. 4 seamers are needed for consistent pressure from both ends. 


    Curran mostly got tailenders out.

    It is not that simple, bowlers have do more.BTW what heck is Dravid doing selecting only three fast bowlers.


    First test in SA , they were 12 for 3 but ended scoring 286, who is to be blamed for that loss , bowlers or batsmen.They did play 4 fast bowlers there.

  13. 4 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    Malan and Cook both will play for England and these two are their main batsmen and played in this game too. and what IPL has to do with test matches. Both have different requirements. Anderson, Broad will do jack in IPL.  Woakes was crap in IPL but will play test series for England if fully fit.

    Even in IPL you only bowl and you atleast can assess to some extent their pace .Anderson and Broad might do jack in IPl but they did play in shorter formats when they were younger.They are now relying more on skill than pace now.I doubt any of our Indian guys have those skills.


    IPL has become a place where all these youngsters have chance showcase their talent and make their case for themselves for Indian team both A and senior.

  14. 7 minutes ago, UrmiSinhaRay said:

    He isn't exactly scared of new talent.
    He is more at peace with his cronies and likes to huddle with them.
    And he must do such to ensure retaining his clout because he is trying to become a power of his own in bcci as he is still in control of Phony Dadu.

    Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk

    Tell me who is screaming select me other than Rahul in odis .

  15. 12 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    Bowlers have done well.  Restricted them to 400 on a flat pitch in the first innings. bowled well in second innings. it is the batsman that have played badly.  Batsman cant score 200 and you are blaming bowlers.

    Batting has been horrible there is no question , but bowling has to improve especially economy rates. No Indian bowler is out and out quick so they have build pressure to get wickets and that can done only when they stop leaking runs.


    Our fast bowlers are so tired by end of their first spell , that they completely lose their plot. This inability to maintain pressure in second and third spells has lost so many tests overseas.

  16. Just now, express bowling said:


    Siraj has bowled very well against the Lions.  Has picked up 7 wickets in 1.5 innings.  And 15 wickets in the 2 four day matches on this A tour.


    Rajpoot has also performed well.  But he got injured in the first innings itself and could not bowl in the entire 2nd and part of the 1st innings against the Lions   This has affected our overall bowling too as it is difficult to play with 2 seamers in England.  He picked up 5 wickets in the first match he played.


    The performances of our pacers in the 50-over A tour matches was really good.  Chahar and Khaleel stood out in terms of consistency of performances.

    Doing well against A teams and hoping to replicate that performance against this marauding English lineup is living in denial.I have not seen anything special in Chahar which screams wow.I have not seen Khaleel so can't comment on him.


    Rajpoot is not that world beater either, seen him IPL.Bumrah is in different league to them and can you say for sure he is in the league of great fast bowlers I don't know yet.


    Why are we cribbing about these bowlers. 

  17. 7 minutes ago, Rightarmfast said:

    Thats exactly what I am saying and thats exactly what the truth is. I think you have been living under a cave for a while.

    Why would he be afraid of new talent.If he was afraid of new talent he would not playing Bumrah over Ishant and Yadav in SA in test series.People come up with weird conspiracy theories.

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