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  1. Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    trolls be trollin yo.
  2. Actress Reema Lagoo passed away

    RIP. Only 59 ? She was playing mother to sallu bhai in early 90s..matlab ki she was like 32-33 playing 25 yr old sallu ki maa... For some reason i assumed she would be 75 by now....:
  3. Predict Top 4 based on the 1st Week (or so)

    Kxip to win IPL 2017.
  4. Kohli's generation may go down as the greatest

    So how do you define the greatest ? Ganguly et. al. won in Eng, drew in Aus. Dhoni et. al. before the slide from 2011 drew in SA. What's your prediction with this gen ?
  5. Kohli's generation may go down as the greatest

    Eng,Aus,SA mein ek test series draw to karne do pehle.
  6. Indian "Liberals" claiming to be Champions of Science

    Cmon, thats a cop-out
  7. Indian "Liberals" claiming to be Champions of Science

    I am a "libtard" and not afraid of math. Come at me bro.
  8. THIS IS PUNJAB's YEAR. You read it here first: 2017

    Boyss.... 2017 is here, and this is our destiny.
  9. Good job guys. This is our year.
  10. This is why BCCI doesn't call Bangladesh for Tests

    Here's a stat for you folks: Sri Lanka has never won a test match in India.
  11. NFL 2016

  12. There will be 100s of exceptions to this rule (university jobs, non-profit research, CTC, etc) before this is passed.
  13. That would be regrettable. I know a few hospitals here in US that would collapse if this were to happen.
  14. One question still remains though : who is your supplier and what strain are smoking?

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