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  1. punjabi_khota

    Reddit India

    I have been there on and off. It is easy to get banned there.
  2. punjabi_khota

    Usernames -past and present.

    I was fineleg
  3. punjabi_khota

    Latest Punjabi songs

    best new talent is sidhu moosewala
  4. punjabi_khota

    corruption in politics

    Goes against fundamental law of liberty. Also implies corruption is worst than murder. Here's a thought experiment: Let's say a recently retired politician (80 yrs old) is on trial for corruption. Since if corruption is proved, his son/daughter will be debarred from politics. So the politician decides to get judges murdered.
  5. aayiye, aapka hi intezaar tha

  6. wtf...you got some issues dude.
  7. punjabi_khota

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    bhag bc nautanki saala
  8. punjabi_khota

    This will break your heart

    fake news actually.
  9. punjabi_khota

    So Einstein was a racist.

    Uh.. do you mind googling Tiananmen square?
  10. punjabi_khota

    Am I a creep?

    Whats your plan once you find her
  11. punjabi_khota

    Dowry Calculator !!!

    Abbe mera bhi 3 crore aaya but mujhe 3 rupay bhi nahi mile
  12. punjabi_khota

    How old do I look?

    75 going by thumbnail
  13. punjabi_khota

    Unusual Films

    4 lions. Desi 'hangover' basically.
  14. punjabi_khota

    ABC cancels 'Roseanne' after star's racist Twitter rant

    F^^^ her

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