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  1. Texy

    Books by ICF-ers unlikely to sell

    'Underscore's momma is so fat, she rolls over a kanedian dollar to make 4 quarters.' ~By Mulo
  2. Texy

    Top Gun Maverick 2020 Trailer

    It is AMAZING WHAT SCIENTOLOGY can do for you like u haven't aged at all. I am starting to believe in lord XENU
  3. Repeat after me 5x a day :"At least, I am not this guy."
  4. Texy

    goodbye guys

    Admin's name: Velu home address: 69 NoCondom lane Red light district Mumbai:400008
  5. RAT feeling the heat of possibility of losing captaincy
  6. Texy

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    Adil to Mooen: Time to bounce bro
  7. Meanwhile Twitter doesnt want Dhoni to retire apparently
  8. DK needs to retire from ODIs FFS why do these desi players always have to be forced to retire? Why cant they give up?
  9. Texy

    Dhoni all set to join politics

    Wow BJP got Gauti now if they can get Dhoni...jackpot

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