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  1. I am loving this....

    Gayle in red hot form. This year is Kings XI's year....what a line up they have. Kings XI, SRH, KKR & CSK going thru
  2. 2018 IPL's worst foreign players

    What about Pollard??? Comes good 1 or 2 games out of the whole tournament
  3. Ashwin outsmarts old man Dhoni

    Always thought Ash should captain at least T20is ....
  4. KL Rahul scored fastest fifty of IPL

    Can't believe he was sitting out in S. AFrica.
  5. Hypocrite...HOw Come Afridi doesn't talk about thousands of ppl killed by jihadis IN Pakistan?? Where the tears for the "innocents" there? So many Christians were killed recently along w/ Shia s in Pakistan...Are they not innocent? Asshole. or better yet...he should complain about the human rights violation in China? or the treatments of the muslims in China...let's see how fast he gets shut down by his own govt....hypocrite bastard.
  6. West Indies in Australia [ 1979-80 ]

    Balls on this guy...
  7. Insecurity galore. I have noticed not just trying to be fair...many Indians in America hardly engage w/ local groups. Never react, never fightback. When I fight back or react back...ppl often get surprised. They think all Indians are yes sir, ok sir, no sir types.
  8. Ask me about Australia.

    How come you don't type like other Ozs..makes me think u must be a transplant/immigrant to Australia? Am I right?
  9. Ghost towns of china !!!

    Always good at copying..no originality. Too much effort to make themselves seem developed before going bust.
  10. You have to admire Muslims.... someone like Khwaja who's pretty much brought up in Australian society but never let go of his religion and the strong connection to Islam. As oppose to Hindus you see lose it very easily. I have always wondered why that is....
  11. Asansol Riots

    Shameful as a bengali myself to see the state of affairs in Bengal today. Bengali Hindus don't give a ****, don't have any balls and under didi's leadership has become spineless cockroaches.
  12. Darren Lehmann Presser

    Is this the new aussie tactic? To cry in front of camera to gain some early sympathy and making their path to comebacks shorter? Lehmann was the boss ...w/o his blessing even Smith could've not done so... He thought they can get away...
  13. Why are INdians all over the net crying crocodile tears like Kohli was banned?
  14. source A 21-year-old journalist is making headlines in Pakistan by becoming the country's first transgender news anchor. Pakistan's social networks were abuzz following Marvia Malik's first on-air appearance on the March 23 and in the days since she's gone viral across Facebook and Twitter, with many lauding the move as progress for transgender rights in Pakistan. Malik, a trainee anchor at Lahore-based channel Kohenoor News, is pleased with the attention that she's received but insists more needs to be done when it comes to improving the lives of Pakistan's transgender community. A graduate of journalism from Punjab University, Malik told CNN she applied for the position since she wanted to prove that people from the transgender community "are capable of any job, and can do anything they want." "I want to show the country that we are more than objects of ridicule ... that we are also human," she said. Props to the Pakistani channel for being progressive...hopefully jihadis don't get to her

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