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  1. One of the best speeches ever should really inspire the country
  2. 11) Dim er dalna (Bengali Egg Curry) 12) Aloo Potol er torkari (potato & pointed gourd curry) 13) Shutki maach (dry fish curry) (although not everyone's fav)
  3. source "She said something that insulted religion — in this case Islam," Jamaluddin, a spokesman for the Medan district court, said.
  4. Texy

    First 5-fer for Pandya

    Yes credit where it’s due...we’ll done cool dude
  5. Texy

    Most disturbing Indian movie you ever watched?

    This one:
  6. OOps plz move it to chitchat
  7. I left motherland 22 yrs ago...still miss these... My fav: (Alu posto) & (Biulir Daal) (poppy seed potato curry & Fennel Seed daal? w/ rice) 2: Chanar Dalna ( NOT Paneer -- Chana curdled from milk + no onion, no garlic w/ big potato chunks curry) 3) Bhetki Maacher Paturi (Yes it is better than sex) (Bhetki Maach(known as Barramundi fish?)along with a paste of Mustard and Coconut wrapped in banana leaf and cooked in slow flame) #4 DOI Ilish (Hilsa fish cooked in Yogurt) No explanation needed....pure food orgasm right here... If u r reading this and u r Pakistani or English/OZ n never had fish well sux 4 u 5) Egg roll (snack food) (Fried roti in egg w/ salad/meat/spicy potato stuffing) 6) Pathishapta - dessert food (Bengali crepe w/ Kheer {rice pudding}filling) 7: Murighonto (Fish head curry w/ rice) 8: Pathar mangsher jhol (Bengali Mutton Curry) 9: Mishti doi (Sweet Bengali Yogurt) 10: Nolen Gurer Payesh (Bengali Rice kheer) Honorable mention: Bengali Mutton Biryani (10x better > Hyd. Biryani + all other biryanis combined #Biasedbutnotashamed )
  8. Kind of along the same line of Muslims not wanting to wish Merry Christmas forget Happy Diwali. But, Hindus will line up 1st to wish Eid mubarak..many on this forum. If it goes against religion to be civil and respectful towards others then may be it is NOT worth to be in that faith?
  9. Bhai kis zamane mei pare ho? If I'm investing 5 days to a game...there better be a result.... more ppl are employed now than eons back when the laws n the game was created.
  10. That's what happens when a country of billion ppl playing cricket, we hardly get any all rounders.
  11. You can't show humanity to the medieval cult ...they only fear bullets
  12. Ch*tiya Bhaj asking Isa who r u supporting u r Indian too
  13. Just listening to Isa Guha w/ that sexy accent...
  14. Ishant preferred over Umesh? Good to see Murli dropped...may b he'll come back a better player Great to see Pant debut..

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