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  1. https://www.icc-cricket.com/video/597705 It's about damn time
  2. Yes that's exactly what we gonna do... Shastri has to run up the bar tab later.. making millions by sitting on the sidelines...Wish I had a job like that
  3. "Selection committee" should kill themselves. These crorepati babu bastards can feel the difference between heat coming out of their a hole or nose.
  4. This selection committee can go fk themselves .....They get paid crores and we get these kind of selection decisions... Do not send a youngster or one for the future but send 30yr old has been wk to provide band aid. Wtf kind of POS decision is this?
  5. wtf Pappu even Kepler on commentary commented on failures of pappu in this match
  6. Pakistanis can no long claim dominance over pace bowling....your new generation of pacers are true trundlers
  7. Think that comment of "playing with intent" messed with Puji's head
  8. Cricket and its colonial era rules... Let's pray for Rahul to do well or else Dhawan comes back next test
  9. Should've had jadeja in the team on this pitch.
  10. Looks like bevda Shastri left all the selection decisions to kohli
  11. Wonder how many chances will Rohit get
  12. It's becoming clear why Kumble was sacked

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