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  1. Let's be honest here...most players from other countries play for extra cash....Indian players don't need to... BCCI doesn't want them to play...as BCCI sees them as commodity and investment and no one wants to risk their investment
  2. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    Damn Southies
  3. Let's be realistic...even if Rohit balloons up to 300 lbs ...he will not b dropped...let's just make peace w/ that.
  4. Can't believe KL Rahul has been sitting out... while 30+ ones been hogging all the glory
  5. What a shitty thing to do BCCI... let him play for his club & state...that's all he's asking...
  6. What u talking about? Sehwag retired, Sachin retired... Ashwin was never the fittest, Raina - No longer a regular.... Kohli, Manish, Bumrah, Bhuvi are some of the fittest around. Dhoni too.
  7. Harsha will be unemployed soon

    Ya I heard that part while watching highlights..it was so cringeworthy...SUNNY G the politician he is....tried to ans it carefully by sidestepping first then coming back and saying Dhoni should be at #5...lol always worried abt his own paycheck...
  8. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    YUP hit the nail on the head. His IPL stock will go down once retire from T20s...only selfish reason he's still there in T20is
  9. Interview reveals how both Sachin & Dravid were super diplomatic abt this incident. They play safe. Sree says Viru supported him.
  10. Dhoni hates him. Dhoni is as powerful as Srini was... Hence, BCCI keeps him happy by reinstating the ban. Dhoni once publicly humiliated Sree by pointing him out and his aggression... I mean ya I get it that it gets annoying, but why say that out in public.
  11. Just patting each other's back... Kohli doesn't want to have the image of a bad guy...in India..Dhoni has a huge fan following who worship him..Y would Kohli's mess with that? In India...pretty much everyone follows that strategy...U scratch my back, I scratch yours.
  12. So apparently he’s launching his own political party..now it makes sense y he started bashing Hindus all of a sudden
  13. CHAHAL up 2-0 mind games before the finale Yuzi
  14. Rehne do... not much else going on for Pak...so taking pleasure in small victories... similar to BD dancing for days after beating Ind in the ONE match.

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