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  1. She has always been dignified, I see future PM in her post Modi also:
  2. Texy

    Respect to Bengalis

    let's not forget Shyama Prasad Mukherjee became the president of the Hindu Mahasabha, after joining the organisation in 1939 and would later, go on to form the Bharatiya Jana Sangha (BJS), the BJP’s predecessor.
  3. Texy

    India WC Match Thread OP Allocation

    I want ONE TOO bytches
  4. and Bewda is ready to party
  5. Source Fishing associations have called on the prime minister to re-consider the ban. They are also asking for compensation. Fish, such as hilsa, forms an important part of local diets and is also processed for export. Hilsa, a kind of herring, used to be abundant in the waters along the Bay of Bengal but stocks have declined in recent decades due to overfishing. Bangladesh is responsible for about 60% of the total catch globally and the market for hilsa is worth more than $2bn. Thoom Bongali log macchi khata, smell poore ghar mei aata.
  6. going by all the desi MMS appearing on P.H..... Brit Pak girls are hypocrites, despite appearing in hijabs and full veils on FB & IG
  7. so after all this TMC GOT 26/42 BJP jumped to 14 wonder how much of that was rigged by TMC
  8. they are all gold digging bytches... looking for 6 ft tall boys with fat bank acct and a cushy job... doesnt matter if they themselves are ugly, fat, short, lack any hygiene, have no etiquette whatsoever, barely graduated high school.
  9. Texy

    6 reasons Yemen war should be stopped

    Yet not a word of protest from the ummah group... but if its palestine then thousands show up to chant death to yahoodis..hypocrisy at its best
  10. Bengali Hindus deserve this...
  11. Texy

    kashmiri 3 year old girl raped by muslim

    Bollywood is full of hypocrites & apologists
  12. FEELING ashamed this guy represented India in cricket. Seriously wtf is wrong with him
  13. got a response : Amazon really takes the Religious complaints very seriously. Could you please wait while I forward this to our concern department? I have forwarded this to our concerned department and this item will be removed form Amazon maximum by 2 weeks.
  14. i already put forth a complaint via support chat

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