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  1. https://streamable.com/i8tnd found on reddit
  2. ICFers you have met in real life

    I would like to meet Sabby and pet his dog...wait that didn't come out right
  3. The usual senior worship...ass kissing that churns out promotions in Ind culture
  4. man DK will be getting some loving tonight from his hot wife 4sure
  5. KKD hatsoff

    Must say never expected that from DK of all ppl...that was sheer brilliance He's also the new capt of KKR
  6. Dhoni should've retired from T20 long time ago but he knows if he does that his IPL stock goes down.
  7. bangla forum hating on Sri Lanka crowd for supporting Ind
  8. collection of mediocrity -- shankar, unadkat, thakur, siraj
  9. The Unadkat mystery

    he better invest that 12 cr into a retirement fund
  10. I don't know about female performance but male performance wise our bihari bhaiya @Trichromatic has performed ON her several times for sure.
  11. Shami should take lesson from @velu on how to hide ur porn == *folder labeled nature*
  12. If he has physically assaulted her then it becomes a criminal case and in that case I would support his career ending but having affairs is not illegal, it should not affect his career.

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