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  1. Dhoni is like an Asian person...til 30 he looked like 20 then crossed 35 n BAM looks 50+
  2. I'm sure this happens quite a lot....one made it to the news cycle..
  3. Too many incompetent people working there making serious $$ to care
  4. I'll tell u how it happen...whoever that physio is...probably a sifarish candidate...somewhere sometime he bribed some guy influential enough to find him a spot at NCA....then years went on with domestic players...nothing got reported or things were swept under the rug...finally it made news w/ Wriddhi....and soon even this will b swept under the rug by BCCI coz the guy this guy bribed to get a job is probably linked to some other guy higher up in BCCI who has the power to make it look like this never happened and that's why India will b a 3rd world dirty country...coz too many assholes like this get a free pass and ppl move on....
  5. Texy

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    They r afraid that if DK does well then he would permanently replace MS
  6. Texy

    Saha likely to miss England Test series

    Pappu is an attacking batsman but horrible keeper...so I'm torn
  7. Texy

    The Never Ending Thread

    In real life, this overweight uncle will have a coronary before stretching so much. Telugu ppl seem to enjoy these kind of mind numbingly stupid action scenes
  8. yup...The main reason Dhoni still in the team is because of Kohli's support. Kohli still not confident in his captaincy. Kohli also playing the smart game..he knows MSD's popularity...must cash in from MS's fan base.
  9. It UNBELIEVABLE that **** bowlers like Kaul gets opportunity to play in Eng over so many young bowling prospects we have....def politics at play. Dhoni's place is secure til next WC...he's too big, too powerful to be removed...no one has the balls.
  10. Texy

    The Never Ending Thread

    Draped in Pakistan flag... Would've sympathized if they were just Anti India...but Anti India = Pro Pakistan. So F 'em
  11. One of the comments: Loss of life, wherever and by whoever, is regrettable because innocent people are targeted. It could be ISIS, it could be RAW (Kulbhushan & Co), it could be NDS or CIA or Israeli agencies. And there u go... hence I've zero sympathy for them.
  12. Whatever it takes to be in the news to sell the movie
  13. Vice Chancellor Mushtaq A Siddiqi told the newspaper, “Once the issue was brought into my notice, I immediately ordered an internal probe. The family was not ready to file an FIR. The probe committee, however, found that her classmates had told the girl in a lighter vein to cover her head. It was not beyond that.” WTF....is this Saudi Arabia?
  14. Thank God they didn't send captain cool ahead of Pandya...the results could've been different.
  15. Texy

    Japan’s passion for cleanliness

    All these excuses are bullshyt....I've seen (small population of Indians) living in the West in some of the cleanest cities throw garbage on the street, in a park...where they know no one is looking. Dirtiness, lack of civic duty is in our nature....whether we're back home or in some foreign country and that's why our country is such a shithole and we jump at a chance to emigrate to a foreign country. That's the truth. And let's not talk about hygiene. Indians in foreign country...showing off their $80,000 BMWs, 5 bd mansions yet do not put on deodorant, not self aware of their own body odor. Nurses in my own hospital from Kerala making $100,000 a yr do not use any personal care products...how is that possible?
  16. https://m.imgur.com/a/gW8ZUzS
  17. He was dead the mom ent he was taken...these jihadis obviously has support of people..feeding them movements of troops
  18. Someone name Geeta Maa is being questioned....Ppl in our country put too much trust n faith in these scammers
  19. O God need eye bleach
  20. Texy

    Man, We are short! :/ (Or Europeans are too tall)

    Go to Phillipines, Indonesia, Bangladesh --- avg height in males is 5'2 ....
  21. Texy

    Japan’s passion for cleanliness

    The collective nature of the group is reflected by the success of their country...Look at India, dirty, unsanitary....people throw garbage on the street because they are selfish and do not care anything outside their homes...=== India == poor & dirty. Japan = clean, successful and developed.
  22. Source jobless ppl
  23. Pandey is more suited for ODIs ..KL for T20s...u have to b an idiot like Shastri to NOT know that

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