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  1. ICFers you have met in real life

    I would like to meet Sabby and pet his dog...wait that didn't come out right
  2. The usual senior worship...ass kissing that churns out promotions in Ind culture
  3. man DK will be getting some loving tonight from his hot wife 4sure
  4. KKD hatsoff

    Must say never expected that from DK of all ppl...that was sheer brilliance He's also the new capt of KKR
  5. Dhoni should've retired from T20 long time ago but he knows if he does that his IPL stock goes down.
  6. bangla forum hating on Sri Lanka crowd for supporting Ind
  7. collection of mediocrity -- shankar, unadkat, thakur, siraj
  8. The Unadkat mystery

    he better invest that 12 cr into a retirement fund
  9. source Karachi: A few team owners in the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) are not happy with the attitude of some of their overseas signings, who they suspect are not going all out to avoid fitness/fatigue issues before the lucrative Indian Premier League. Sources in some of the franchises competing in the PSL have said that some players have even pulled out of matches citing niggles. "Joffra Archer is one example. He is playing for Quetta Gladiators and he pulled out of a crucial match and this didnt exactly make the owners, management or fellow players happy, a source said. He said the Quetta Gladiators owner, Nadeem Omar, didnt say anything to Archer but suspected the all-rounder was only keen on being fully fit and fresh for the IPL, which begins shortly after the PSL ends on March 25. Archer will make his IPL debut this year and was bought for an astounding USD 800,000 by Rajasthan Royals. Defending champions, Peshawar Zalmi, are also not happy with the unavailability of West Indian veteran all-rounder, Dwayne Bravo, who is yet to show up in the PSL third edition. Zalmi depends heavily on the all-rounder who is reportedly yet to fully recover from an injury and reach Dubai.
  10. I don't know about female performance but male performance wise our bihari bhaiya @Trichromatic has performed ON her several times for sure.
  11. Shami should take lesson from @velu on how to hide ur porn == *folder labeled nature*
  12. If he has physically assaulted her then it becomes a criminal case and in that case I would support his career ending but having affairs is not illegal, it should not affect his career.
  13. u hate the kangladeshis huh
  14. Chewtiya RR...bet everyday they're thinking watching Unadkunt ...humara 12 cr doob gaya
  15. Lopez said that within four months of cutting out animal products she was in remission and insisted the new regime (and God) had 'healed' her of her 'gay lifestyle'. just like I suspected...another born again christian
  16. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    shocking!! So young... isn't one of her daughters suppose to debut in bollywood??
  17. Sunny claimed to b 5'5 on air. Old man Pollock doesn't look too happy handing the mace to India
  18. Shardul Thakur..ur thoughts?

    So so average

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