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  1. nitinbwj

    No Rishabh pant in ODI or T20 teams to England

    Manish Pandey ......WTF !!!
  2. nitinbwj

    Will law of averages catch up with CSK?

    Nope. Too much power !!!
  3. NO..No one even comes close to the class of Sir Lord Shri Veeeeeeeniiii Koomaar. A true legend !!!!!
  4. nitinbwj

    Harbhajan signed as commentator by SKY for england tour.

    SKY should have signed Kapil Dev...
  5. That was embarrassing from Dhoni. A genuine googly and he made a mess of it. Gavaskar absolutely ripping into him in the comm box..
  6. If RR wins this one and RCB wins the next 2,they are in playoffs !!!!
  7. What a selfish player this Rahane is..instead of resting his ass for the rest of the season,keeps on playing these worthless knocks. He is not a T20 player. I wonder what would have happened to RR has buttler not hit this freakish form. He should be kicked out of this franchise and should never play T20.
  8. Tahir should be unleashed at Wagah Border in CSK jersey and allowed to celebrate his wickets there. I am sure all the rangers and pak supporters would run for their life ... ( In response to the idiot Hasan Ali )
  9. Tuk Tuk Pathan promoted up the order..He won't do jack ****..
  10. That Ashwin jump was hilarious. He is no athlete allright !!!! Yuvi also drops one. He looks extremely unfit to be honest.
  11. nitinbwj

    Bumrah is overrated

    I would take Bumrah's international performances EVERY TIME than these paisa leagues.
  12. I have the same amount of hatred for Jadeja as for Manju Manhoos and that's an achievement.
  13. Bravo still to come when he can hit sixes at will..Jaddu is garbage.Wait..that is known to everyone except Dhoni.

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