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  1. Chal Jhootha..akele hi doob gya..
  2. Bangla is hammering Afg and we just scrapped past.Sarkar,Rahim,Tamim,Mahmudullah and Shakib..good inform batting lineup.There bowling is still crap though.Just need to play Shakib on merit.Rest are not that effective. Our match is going to be a close one.
  3. Rabada and Lungi were bowling with a lot of fire not too long ago.WTH happened to that ? Lungi looks injured most of the time.
  4. nitinbwj

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Ho fooled the whole nation with his IPL S/R.He is still the same old crappy dhongi and he is influencing others to be like him..a dhongii.
  5. Miller is clearly not the hitter he was. SA have no explosive openers, no explosive finishers, no one to consolidate in the middle.Is there no one in their domestic circuit that can come and help this side.
  6. Without both,we are not winning anything.They are the masters of chokejob in the middle overs.
  7. WI should have won it easily.They need a chanderpaul in the middle.Rest can all attack.
  8. nitinbwj

    India not favourites to win

    Batting have some issues but our bowling especially the death and middle over choke job is the best in this WC.I have hope that even if we score 250,we will defend it.
  9. Not too sure about that.We usually play a horrible match and then blow away the opposition.
  10. Bangla forum now feels that they can beat this Indian team black and blue.Can't blame them as our batting was piss poor.
  11. Right man got the MOM.Bowled atleast 10 yorkers..the best in the world.Made game easy for Shami.
  12. BC ...some indian female fan crying..Dhongi ... kyon rula raha hai hamein
  13. Saala Heart Attack kara diya..i thought that we would roll over Afghans as our mighty king struggled on that wicket.Turned out,there was nothing special in the wicket.A little slow yes but certainly a 270 wicket. Thanks to Chahal,Bumrah and Pandya's wickets,we won it by 11 runs.Hard fought victory.I hope this is the bad match that was bound to happen.I am really suspect now about Dhongi and Jadhav.Midget doesn't have the ability but Dhongi could have smaked a few.He chose to kill the game for worse.Prime suspect..F I X E R

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