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  1. i like amreeka especially Florida..Kohli saab send me there.plssssssss
  2. Exactly !! haven't seen a single knuckleball..
  3. Koomar trunding..this is so not his area..
  4. Ind should tonk atleast 50 in the last 4.
  5. What a joke.. now see him trying to hit a big shot and get out.
  6. Bumrah was gold.That yorker to hope..Phew !! Bhuvi doesn't inspire confidence on these kind of pitches.He isn't a 'pace' bowler.Not only he doesn't pick up wickets,he goes for far too many runs.The runs plundered by WI tailenders proved to be too much for Kohli.
  7. Afg by a long long shot.Even ZIM and Nepal have better lower order batting.
  8. We played with 6 batsmen (2 utterly crap) and 5 bowlers who cant put bat to ball.What do you expect.I hope Kohli realises that even mega centuries cant win the match with this selection.Now take Kohli out of the ewuation and you will get beaten 9.9 times out of 10.Oldies and Passengers have to go.Period.Also,i dont think Bhuvi would do anything on Indian pitches.
  9. I am not impressed with Khalil..not one bit.
  10. Ruldu and Dhoni continue to down India..not their fault.They will play or pretend to if asked. Stupid selectors !!!!! What an atrocious shot or **** that was from Dhoni.
  11. No ..bring back Jaidev 'Bahubali' Unadkat !!!!!!
  12. Congrats Windies especially Hope and the newcomer 'Hit'maare.Looks like 1-1.No bowler was spared today.
  13. Amazing that every team has a player who can hit sixes at will doesn’t matter if he is a no 5,6,7 or 8. Russell and Gayle are not even playing. Even Afghan players tonk sixes for fun.The guy who equalled yuvi’s Record of sixes looks a beast. Look at our Ruldu’s and Chahal with Uncle Dhoni and Chamcha Jaddu..

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