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  1. Vijay Shankar will be an embarrassment just like Siraj.
  2. Sad to see that we are huffing and puffing and out of breath with so many wickets in hand and not many runs..
  3. He just doesn't have the ability now to hit any shots.Singles ain't gonna win this
  4. Between overs though, Dhoni was out of breath and needed some attention from the physio Rehne de bhai.......retire ho jaaaaaa
  5. Bach gya buddha..perfect LBW candidate.Playing to survive.FFS..you have played long enough,you have won us so many matches,scored enough runs,earned enough money,still playing the cash rich paisa league..WTH ..i beg you to please STOP leeching this Indian team and retire..you have sucked enough blood already..GTFO...
  6. It was bound to happen.Dhoni can't hit at all and Kohli cannot hit all the time.Serves you right captain for playing that selfish dude called Dhoni. 2-0 Aus
  7. Dhoni,DK,Ruldu..what a fantastic middle order.Kohli looks clueless too.Good signs for the WC..
  8. Kohli has shat in his pants on losing the toss.
  9. I don’t like how Kohli sounds. Looked scared on losing the toss. I thought he liked chasing. He has already given up.
  10. There you go.They ain't champions.'Breakfast with tharkis' will suit them.
  11. He almost lost us the game,Couldn't put bat to ball.Looked mediocre.I doubt if he has changed to something good in such a short time.
  12. nitinbwj

    Ffs Get lost MSD!!

    BTW that old white beard selfish has been isn't a Lion.A mouse may be.

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