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  1. "Oh my God," says Manish Pandey. "When I fell, I knew someone had to play a blinder Yeah Right !! You weren't exactly setting the stage on fire Mr. Hack.Your plans of defeating India were thrashed by Karthik.
  2. NOOOOOOOOO Why a single ? Haven't you seen him Dinesh ? The man CANNOT bat !!!!!!!
  3. BKL,MC,BC,..Shankar chewtiya..
  4. No run..mofo.please excuse me mods.I have to slap his ass.
  5. Karthik is playing an absolute blinder.Shankar..you ahole please take a single on the first ball.
  6. So the management decided to lose this match and Karthik slaps them on their ugly faces with 6,4,6.
  7. I can easily recall Srinath winning quite a few matches and he was used as a pinch hitter as well.At least he used to connect for 6,4 or out.No ball wasting for him. Shankar is absolutely horrendous.
  8. What a pathetic lower order.6 players who can't even put bat to bowl.This was not even a second class side.Take the top 3 batsmen out and you have got gully cricketers.Shame on such selectors and these players.
  9. So the selectors sent this 'youngster' to try his luck.He is not fit enough to be in Z team.What a horrible selection.
  10. Pandey should never be in any international T20.Proper hack this guy is.
  11. Pandey has played 26 balls for his 28..pathetic and horrible and he does this in EVERY freaking match.

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