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  1. Before the Eng Series..everyone was fit and fine. How come our 2 best bowlers got injured for such a long time ?
  2. Agreed. They do very well in helpful conditions IN Eng.
  3. I would like to see Clouderson and Broad bowl without such conditions.
  4. I hate the number of rest days between games. Next test is on Sat. They will roam a lot, enjoy the malls, take selfies, change hairstyles, change girlfriends, have fake practice sessions, earn crores and will be all our for 100 on Sat. BC rest days Kya karne ke liye hain..unnecessary long tour.
  5. Exactly !! On a patta wicket too he would block 100 balls, score 20 run and get out.
  6. Maza aa raha hai..Tatto pe Tatti batting....BC ..ja raha hoon main ...Tatti !!!
  7. Whenever we have batted here we have got overcast conditions,rain in the air,drizzle,clouderson bowling... Can't get more shittier luck.They batted in sunshine.
  8. Looks like play will resume in a short while ? Where is the washout ...
  9. Had Bumrah and Bhuvi played, the results could have been better.
  10. Clouderson ..only works with clouds.
  11. Anderson to Pujara, no run, overpitched on off, Pujara dead-bats, could've driven that but instead decided to defend His Mindset.
  12. Look at his hairstyle.saala chutiya ..
  13. So this is going to be India's approach.Playing to survive.Pathetic !!!!! There you go Vijay gone.He should be thrown out forever.Curran spanked India's so called bowlers in the morning and we are 0/1 after 3 overs...BC gaaliyan kam pad rahi hain..kya karne gaye han wahan..dar ke khelenge to marenge.Maro Saalo!!!!
  14. If they play for an hour AFTER rain..half of the team will be out and there is still Monday.We need complete washout today.

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