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  1. nitinbwj

    Work cut out for Team India

    And then get hammered by Eng or SA or Aus. There is no way in hell you can win a SF or a QF leave alone Final without the contributions from lower middle order and tail which is non existent in our team.
  2. We have become horrible in playing spin. It’s alien to us. 2 spinners from any team can pick 4-5 wickets every time.
  3. nitinbwj

    Captain Clueless

    Wasn’t he who said that he is not even 10 percent of what ShubhmanGill is at 19. Then you drop him after couple of failures. Captain Brainfade ? on a side note..what the hell happened to Shaw ? Has he recovered or not ?
  4. It can happen. Nothing is sorted at all.
  5. And the icing on the cake..he fails to deliver In knockouts ..QF,SF,Finals ..he does zilch.All that was needed of him today was to bat sensibly for a few overs, get some singles and build a partnership which is his game actually but played a rank bad shot to get out.
  6. Kohli " We are more or less sorted with what we want to do. The guys just need to get their roles for the world cup. Just one spot in the side that needs some discussion" You are one delusional idiot..you have got nothing sorted and will frick get hammered in WC.
  7. Sehwag ki chaddi geeli ho gyi hogi..cant wait for hayden's tweet !!
  8. WTF was that shot from Kohli BTW...BC epic brainfart !!!
  9. Yup..these match ka mujrim's will score tons of runs at an astonishing S/R..cant wait for Pant's 70 off 35 with 7 sixes or Rahul's 90 off 40 with 8 sixes..come international cricket and they **** in their pants.*ing hate IPL
  10. Imagine DK coming in at 7 with the same scenario.I am pretty sure he would have scored at a s/r of over 150.Problem is,how does he fit in ?
  11. Chahal got smacked,Kuldeep got hammered,Bhuvi and Shami including Bumrah got smacked.Our batsmen failed big time.We don't have any all rounders,no hard hitters,no one to smash 70 odd in 6 overs.We tried everyone.Pant,Dhoni,Rahul.etc etc..and we got thrashed by their bowlers,by their tailenders,by no one in Turner. Moral of the Story.... What the * is the game time for everyone when everyone is trash ? Everyone is low on confidence now and its not a good thing before the WC. We achieved NOTHING............. in this series.
  12. He would get out more often playing with those weird angles.He needs to work on his big hitting.

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