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  1. With so much cricket around, didn't really have time
  2. Have almost entire collection Koi fans hain, bole to?
  3. I am glad that this type of success hasn't become vulgar ego, he still shows he needs to perfect his game and is not bigger than any of his team mate. Its like Sachin - characteristics of a true star
  4. Just woke up, wondering which nightmare was better - hahaha bowl first lol
  5. Rajiv

    CT Final : India vs Pakistan - A Statistical preview

    India overwhelmingly fav in the betting circle Odds of India win are like -.2.25 and Pak is +1.75 on bet365
  6. I thought the same and bet 1K on India win vs Aus in 2003 WC, mereko laga - haha, phir kya jeetegi Australia It was a Dhat Teri Ki moment for me
  7. I am totally confused, what is he trying to say?
  8. https://streamable.com/e4852
  9. I would like to add that while India Pak is always a big deal, and being a final and all - but somehow I think it's missing the past oomph factor. We have some stars on both sides but nowhere near the quality from b4, no real feeling of bad blood, no in game fights or past scores. In addition, so much cricket is played in IPL, PSL, and other small tourneys, it's lost the big occasion factor. The crowd will be fun but now most are busy getting their phones up for pictures and tweets, it lacks that seriousness So while it will be exciting for boast factor, forum bravado etc par utna tension nahin hain jaise pehle tha
  10. Ppl are still confused in my vid as here It was Silver Jubilee Independence Cup
  11. Its gonna be very contrasting, Pakistan wilth ikes of Zaman will go for the shots giving chances while India its it's semi aggressive-conservative approach might get bogged down and give wickets away I think this will be very interesting, Pak wanting to come back, India feeling easy on confidence which can backfire All in all, classic showdown but I just feel Pak needs this more and might just pip this coz it's matter of 1 match only
  12. Rajiv

    Pakistan winning this CT.

    Overall, I thought Bangla did that better, Paks best games was vs Eng - lanka got bit lucky but thats part of the match. I really thought bangla determination was class
  13. Rajiv

    Pakistan winning this CT.

    ? U mean through the games or otherwise? hearts as in how
  14. Rajiv

    Pakistan winning this CT.

    I don't believe in this nonsense, last I heard something similar was "oh this looks like shades of 92, and some then maharishi calculation of kapil lifted in 83, dhoni's Dhoni uses the same bat to dab the clothes" etc, You would think Mr. GOD up there is working for ladbrokes setting up wonderful odds and coincidences It boils down to preparation, practice, momentum, feel and whoz talent shows up the hero that day
  15. Rajiv

    Pakistan winning this CT.

    More than anything, its the momentum. I am gonna play Pak win, plus they have never won this so abt time
  16. Jet lag, just got up - very good stuff by pak I think they have got this CT this time
  17. Aamirs presence would gave given me more confidence on Pak, but still if anyone can take down Eng its Pak if Eng win this then the trophy will be theirs - Eng are playing their cricket now as if they are high on cocaine
  18. haha, Lanka given up with that scorecard. No chance of defending this score
  19. Gunaratne just played a reverse helicopter shot

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