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  1. Isnt India basically just split North and South from a cultural perspective? If so east and west are merely administrative or logistical designations. My guess would be Bengal is as northern as Bihar or Jharkand. Certainly latitude wise if nothing else.
  2. We will need 300+ to win...Smith isn't going to F**k up twice.
  3. Maybe its a merely a criminal incident but how does one know for sure? but there seems to be quite a lot of Hindu criminals targeting Muslim victims in India, especially when Modi-ji campaigned on there being "too many" criminal Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in India. If the media is to be believed, India seems to have a disporportionately large problem with "criminality" ranging from cow killer vigilantism, to gang rapists, and now to train-seat brawlers. Is there a cultural component to why criminality is so high in India lately?
  4. Well when a kid is stabbed, and he's not the victim, any suggestion beyond that is equally preposterous. You might as well argue the Muslim family owes the killers a couple hundred rupees for the labor of having to use the blade. Once the can is opened, you can't argue one worm is any wormier than the other.
  5. so the real victims are the guys for having to stab someone to get his seat? how does a unarmed 16 yo steal the seat of a guy with the knife? more likely the guy brought the knife onto the train for a reason, no?
  6. difficult to make sweeping generalizations. BD people are probably just as contemptable as their Indian and Pakistani cousins. but its certainly true that Indians and Pakistanis are as different as my right and left thumbs.
  7. I always enjoy watching cricket regardless of who plays. Best of luck on Thursday!
  8. Well done, chandresekhar! I won't argue against that logic further, lol. Although, technically, the force exerted by BCCI is actually 0, rendering work 0 as well. The actual force is exerted by construction workers and even then the real heavy lifting so to speak is done by cranes, and other heavy machinery.
  9. Yeah but how do you know. How do you measure hard work? What are the units of the measurement? Who is doing the measuring? What instrument do you use to measure it?
  10. So how do you know the BCCI is working harder than the other 9 boards in order to get more money?
  11. There's plenty of time to sort this out before the Ashes starts. In the end, the CA will have give up concessions to the players, since the players are irreplaceble. There's no way Australia will become Zimbabwe.
  12. Kriterion

    Why BCCI Is Likely To Lose The Battle Againist ICC......

    Why does India need Intl cricketers? I thought India is generating 80% of the game's revenue? Now all of a sudden why do you want Empire's and gora's players? BCCI does not generate 80% revenue because BCCI does not exist in a vacuum. If India generates all the money independently, then a 5 test tour vs Zimbabae would earn the same revenue as a 4 test tour vs Australia. And we know that ain't true.

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