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  1. Indian State Elections 2018

    Nepotism is still very much alive in Congress,they have given a ticket to soumya reddy who has no experince at all.I knew this girl when we were kids,i am shocked she is now a candidate for MLA from jayanagar.
  2. Is Hardik Pandya the biggest fraud to ever play for us ?

    why the heck should he be penciled in for the England tour? pick a fast bowler who can swing it,he will be far more valuable than Hardik ever will.
  3. Hardik Pandya...

    why are you besmirching Afridi ? he had real talent and a very good bowler.
  4. I dont watch ipl but i checked the score and 3(19) in a T20 game is beyond laughable,I have no idea why we continue to play him in the national team.there are some many good options like Sundar etc.He cant bowl,he cant bat,he cant play medium pacers at all.
  5. I find its a must if you are from a big city like Bangalore,the northies still cant speak kannada so its easier for us to speak Hindi with them.
  6. Protests over Cauvery find new ground in IPL

    these tamilians are crazy.
  7. Smith, Warner banned for 12 months by Cricket Australia

    the punishment is staggering to me,i sincerely hope both Bancroft and Smith appeal the verdict and hope they play in the india tests,Warner can go * off .
  8. Smith, Warner banned for 12 months by Cricket Australia

    It's too harsh imo.12 months is a long time.
  9. Ban for Life - Smith, Warner

    no.ban him for a few months.the main thing is they need to investigate who was involved from top to bottom but i would hate to see Smith miss home tests against us and SA.
  10. Is Reverse Swing possible without tampering ?

    ofcourse it is,the physics of it is quite simple.The problem is when one team wants to use illegal means to enhance it
  11. Its not surprising right wingers feel this way at all.they have no concept of personal liberty for themselves or others.They think there is boogeyman out there(in our case its Muslims) and they out to get them.look at what is happening in Turkey and Philippines with idiot right wingers voting for mad men.
  12. Smith, Warner could face life ban from CA

    I am with Broad here,the way the aussies got more reverse swing than even Shami last year was surprising.I bet they did it then too.
  13. Smith, Warner could face life ban from CA

    That is stupid.just ban him for a month.he is the best test player of the generation.
  14. Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    This makes me question their india tour.they were getting more reverse swing than our bowlers and we rarely see that at home.
  15. Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    all i got to say is BCCI better hire 11 guys with video cameras trained on these disgusting cheats when we visit their country.

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