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  1. My expectations are cratering fast not because of batting which we cant do anything about now but our bowling which has shown that they just suck so badly on flat pitches with no plan,no changes of pace and length.its shocking that IPL has not prepared them to bowl on flat pitches and the majority of the pitches we will see in the WC will be really flat.
  2. I dont think so,I rate Kishan a lot more for LOI cricket.He atleast can build his innings instead of wild swings
  3. Bullshit.His style of play is not suited for ODIs at all.They are about rotating strikes,keeping dot balls downs and picking the right ball to hit and Pant cant do any of these things.
  4. cowboysfan

    What is the plan of TM with respect to SHankar?

    IMo Shankar is not a bowler,his lack of pace is a non starter,he should be developed as a batsman and his place in the team should not be linked with Pandya.
  5. cowboysfan

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    we already knew our bowlers were not going to be effective on roads,i think Bumrah is a bit rusty though.
  6. cowboysfan

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    nothing in this pitch,not sure chahal will work here.
  7. cowboysfan

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    spinner brought on to get dhawan.
  8. cowboysfan

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    we need 350 on this pitch.
  9. cowboysfan

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    why am i still awake?i just wanted to listen to Led Zeppelin 1 but i am currently on their 3rd album.
  10. cowboysfan

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    let's see what Pant can do,he has yet to win a loi game for India.
  11. cowboysfan

    Team is sabotaged by bad selections.

    we are winning but are we good enough to win the WC? individual form is very worrying .
  12. Pant doesn't inspire confidence, his risky play means we can't depend on him like we did with peak Dhoni.i think they should try Kishan after the WC.
  13. cowboysfan

    Team is sabotaged by bad selections.

    basically we can't chase a big score if the openers fail irrespective of what Kohli scores.
  14. cowboysfan

    Phoney Jadeja 13 of 14 balls in the death overs

    I am so baffled they wont play chahal and kuldeep together,its how we dominated but they rarely play together now,getting wickets is how you win matches and jadeja cant get you wickets or bat.
  15. Jadeja was dropped for a reason and should never have been brought back.Rayudu was never considered because he was not good enough.the selectors have failed the team going into the WC by insisting on these 2 guys who are just not good enough.now we have no time to blood new guys and there are plenty of options but they wont get a chance because we have 2 games before the WC.We are well and truly *ed and on top of that the openers have picked a terrible time to go out of form.

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