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  1. All said and done, we are just not good enough

    I dont believe that,we should have won the second test but we really shot ourselves in the foot so many times with selection and brain farts.
  2. SA fast tracled Rabada who was brilliant in u-19 world cup,we should do the same.let nationals coaches groom these guys.
  3. I don't mind the losing but this capitulation is hard to accept and it's partly Virats fault for picking guys like Rohit.
  4. Game ans series is done and dusted.SA are not that great at home but our best players have not delivered AT ALL this series and thats the difference.
  5. Ash needs to bowl extremely well for us to have a chance.
  6. whatever happen in this series the saffers are going to get blown out by australia,they are lucky we carry a bunch of FTBs in our team.Steve Smith alone will decimate them.
  7. I was watching for a bit,porell twisted his leg,did he come back?
  8. extremely dissapointed.the saffers rolled out a tame pitch at Centurion and we still cant bat worth a damn,it feels a team of FTBs.the biggest factor is our best test bat and our best fast bowler have contributed nothing and it tells in the results.we should not have played Shami in Ranjis and now we have included him in the ODIs,he wont last long at all.
  9. Shami was supposed to be our strike bowler,he will definitely get dropped for the 3rd test.when we look back on this series it will be Shamis dismal form which is the biggest surprise and disappointment.
  10. Rkt didnt want to believe that Kohli is that dumb.sure Bhuvi would not have been able to replicate his first test form on this pitch but he would have done way better than Ishant freaking Sharma.
  11. poor pitch,effectively neutralized our pacers but our batsman may be able to play on it.
  12. I would bat first here,weather looks good throughout.Only way we win at centurion is to put the saffers under pressure.
  13. Which all states/UTs have you been to in India?

    Karnataka Tamil nadu ap Telangana Pondicherry Maharastra Kerala Rajastan HP Kashmir Delhi UP Goa
  14. This interview with Bumrah is frustrating to read

    All we need is pom poms for the bevda Shastri, he is only fit as a cheerleader.
  15. It's the right decision under the circumstances.we rarely win away from home when our openers can't handle the new ball.if we stabilise the batting then we can think of playing Ashwin and the pitch looks like the match won't last 4 days.

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