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  1. Australia have finally fixed their t20 side,they got power hitters all the way to 7 with finch coming down the order.on flat wickets they will be close to unstoppable.players like dhoni and pandey who struggle to get a run a ball are not t20 material.
  2. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    oh ok,so by snubbing Canadas PM we are putting them in their place.Good job PM Modi.
  3. I have learned not to go think much of "what could have been" in history.one point in history of self destruction paved the way for european colonization of Asia,the Mings destroyed their entire "treasure fleet" of over 3000 ships and stopped all sea faring trade..this in my opinion is one of biggest factors in the asian colonization by europeans,their ships had no opposition at all.
  4. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    pathetic to say the least,this is the right time to increase our partership with Canada but all they think of is this nonsense but we cant expect more from Modi.
  5. he is altleast better than PAndey who cant hit a 6 to save his life,i think Bewda doesnt like Rahul at all .now that Kohli is injured they may be forced to play him,hope he makes them eat ****.
  6. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    I read on TOI that we are going to send all test players early for the England tour and the LOIs are before the test series which should help.
  7. SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    this is still a team game and we failed in the Tests.
  8. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    this wicket is flat as they come,220 should have been our target.
  9. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    the commie said 7.74 is a good ER for Chahal??
  10. sorry,one handed typing with my coffee,somebody fix the title.
  11. How do you rate Virat after this SA series?

    This is silly.one failure and it's a choke? .he is not a run machine even though his stats suggest that.
  12. if the kiwis can schedule day night tests then i hope they atleast play 2 tests.
  13. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    we have to fix the middle order,maybe they can move MS permanently to 4.
  14. I was dropped despite performance: Suresh Raina

    The boat has sailed but i would kill to have a in form Raina instead of the hack Iyer.
  15. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    I think Siraj is more suited for ODIs than T20s,its a mistake we tried him in T20s first.
  16. MS Dhoni so much more for a team though behind the wicket and i dont see anyone like Pant replacing him.
  17. Changes for the sixth ODI

    I want 5-1,i think thats a important goal but i wouldnt mind seeing Pandey out there.
  18. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    for that he has to actually make the test squad and play ahead of AShwin and i still dont see it because they value Ashwins batting a lot even though his bowling is pedestrian outside SC
  19. both run outs were absolutely Rohits fault .Its a schoolboy error-you call NO immediately and not after the non striker has taken 2 or 3 steps.
  20. He has no confidence.I was not a good fielder and i know when a fielder is dreading the ball coming his way and Iyer is very close to never being picked again.
  21. This guy gets dropped for no reason at all and that too for no hopers like Shreyas Iyer plus he is our best fielder too.
  22. Weeding out deadwoods. But How?

    We need a no 4 and big hitters down the order,the downside of playing the pin twins is that they are not big hiiters.I was against fast tracking Gill but we may have no chice but to ush him early for the WC.

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