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  1. cowboysfan

    play Kuldeep in the tests.

    English batsmen cant read him.I would even play him ahead of Ashwin.
  2. cowboysfan

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    We definitely won that Ct final.a few mindless slogs in SA which he failed to replicate again in the tour.
  3. cowboysfan

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    Madam Lal won us a WC, Pandya will never win us anything in his career.he has no skill which is international class.
  4. cowboysfan

    India A vs SA A first unofficial test

    The selectors are idiots for picking him in t20s and ruining his confidence.
  5. He has poor technique.I am a fan of Gill to make it big And Shaw to play in odis.
  6. Does it matter? Rahuls batting has been shameful, not sure he has the temperment to play in these conditions.
  7. cowboysfan

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    Completely agree with Op.I would not even pick him for ODIs.do you trust a chase with this guy? The answer in NO.
  8. cowboysfan

    Predict India’s 2nd innings score...

    One batsman cannot win a test match on his own, this is still a team game.we will be lucky to get to 150.
  9. One of the openers needs to hit a 50 for us to have a chance.
  10. only way we win this is restrict them to below 200 and for that we need a Ashwin special,it sure would have been nice if we had another spinner in this Test.
  11. cowboysfan

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    I would rather play Jaddu or Kuldeep on these kind of wickets,we will have a significantly better chance of winning.
  12. cowboysfan

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    Pandya is the most useless player we have produced.he can't bat or bowl to take wickets but acts like he can do both.
  13. Agree with Op.we can't win with this lineup in SENa.
  14. cowboysfan

    Whether KL Rahul is the next Rohit Sharma ?

    Very dissapointing, he has scored no runs this tour because t20 doesn't count.
  15. I don't want to say anything about our batsmen but test cricket is by the best sport in the world and we may be the last generation to see it.
  16. My fears are confirmed.I don't see this bowling attack take 20 wickets.we need Bumrah and kuldeep.
  17. Another series and another bad selection.we should have played kuldeep on this pitch.
  18. cowboysfan

    What will be likely XI for first test?

    Wtf? So rahul is not playing? This guy is the most mistreated player in Indian cricket history.fucj that bewda and Kohli.
  19. We gotta to bat first on this pitch, it's going to dry on in a day.
  20. I would bat first on this pitch.
  21. cowboysfan

    Dhawan is almost confirmed starter for first test

    * this.Dhawan can't handle swing AT ALL.
  22. cowboysfan

    This will be one of the best series of Umesh Yadav's career

    He may be better but we will miss Bhuvi very much, none of the present bowlers has his ability to run through sides with swing.
  23. cowboysfan

    Who needs to be replaced by rahul- Dhawan or Pujara??

    If you guys saw how Dhawan got out in the tour match you will not be having this conversation he cannot handle swing from a gentle medium pacer, how will hec handle Anderson and broad?. The ball didn't even swing that much but he missed it by a mile.
  24. Dhawan should not have been in this squad but we have huge opener problems.
  25. cowboysfan

    Is sacred games... Hinduphobic?

    .you know this is based on a novel right?

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