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  1. rahulrulezz

    Time to boot out Kohli from the captaincy.

    Can we separate Kohli the captain and Kohli the batsman pleaase... Are you guys that dumb that you want him dropped from the Indian team...
  2. rahulrulezz

    The last time you liked Dhoni

    I started hating him in those away tours to Aus/NZ/Eng where he didn't any chance to Varun Aarun, UYadav or an y new players.. We lost 5 ODIs, we lost almost every test, yet he kept giving the new ball to Vinay Kumar game after game and that pissed me off so much.. Also, he made sure his chuddy buddy Jadeja played every single game of 4 T20 world cups even though we didn't win even a single match of supersixes match of those worldcups... also, his team CSK has the fastest Indian bowler in his team, yet he gave him a combined total of 1 game in 3 years.. in that game he played, he bowled 2 balls above 150.. Also, the most important game which only person mention, a test match against Windies, where we need 160 in 40 overs and he threw in the towel rather than winning that game..we scored 73-3 and went for draw..
  3. rahulrulezz

    World cup Tweets

    Jadhav, Vijay Shankar, Kuldeep all dropped after one poor performance.. But supposedly poor Dhoni gets unfair treatment by still being the permanent member of the Indian 11.... awww poor Dhoni....
  4. There are times when you want to slap someone. I want to fkcing slap the OP/thread starter so bad. Is jaise tuchiye ko technically correct players like Pujara, Rayadu, Shankar chaiyeh in our t20/50 overs tea,
  5. rahulrulezz

    Twitter messages

    lol so true.. though I feel fan base of Dhoni is bigger than Kohli fans, even though Kohli has done way more than Dhoni.. P.S - I am a Sachin and Kohli fan but I can't stand Dhoni
  6. This is just depressing.... How many young lives are we gonna loose to these terrorists
  7. These guys are fareweather fans. Just wait till Jadhav saves us in a crunch situation. Then these same people jump on Jadhavs bandwagon.
  8. rahulrulezz

    What is the point of kedhar jadhav ??

    You guys are kidding me. So it’s his fault that India is not loosing any early wickets. How many chances has he got so far? His batting average of 44 and strike rate of 104 is not good enough that you guys want Dk whose average is 28 and strike rate of 77 ahead of Jadhav. Some of you are just plain dumb.
  9. rahulrulezz

    Aussies and the art of appealing

    Finally a sane post in this thread... We Indians tend to make fun of Pakistanis as they always show the victim mentality in daily life, talking about racism, conspiracies, etc etc... but this thread is a proof that we Indians are very similar Let's face it, it is the job of Australian players to appeal, they can appeal however they want.. it's the umpiring fault that they fall for it.. Please stop name calling Australians...
  10. rahulrulezz

    Kohli's form - A concern?

    Just shut up dude.. just shut up... don't even talk about strike rate and acceleration... don't even.. you want Hahane I mean Rahane in our ODI team... go check that bugger's strike rate....
  11. rahulrulezz

    What is the point of kedhar jadhav ??

    WTF are you talking about. Jadhav is the ONLY international cricketer in the world to have international and domestic batting average above 40 and strike rate above 100.. Both in domestics and international... That's unheard off!!! His bowling is a plus.. He is thousand times better than Jadeja
  12. rahulrulezz

    Ajinkya Rahane county Perfomance thread

    oh no.. does it mean that if any player is injured he will get into the team... oh no
  13. rahulrulezz

    Gautam Gambhir officially joins BJP

    Best news of the day!! So happy for him!!! He will make a great MP. On the other hand, my favorite non-cricketing sportsman in the world, Vijender Singh... WTH bro!! Haryane ka naam duba dia... Why in the world he would join Congress... I mean, if you look at his posts till last year, his ideologies aligned with BJP and then he joins Congress just a year before elections.. The guy lost so much respect and fans.. I for one Unliked his facebook page
  14. rahulrulezz

    Who will be top scorer for India in 2019 WC?

    Hahaha you win, I lost. I was wrong. Dravid was indeed a good odi player.
  15. rahulrulezz

    Bored of the same old teams- GO DELHI!!!

    Manhoos baba.... kar dia tune kaand.. pad gai kaleji main shanti tujhe... agar tune wcup main india ke bare main kuch positive, tujhe narak main bhi jagah nahi miilegi

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