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  1. @Muloghonto stop calling insulting remarks to religious figures. I had to edit your post. Guys, can we please keep it civil without insulting any figures.
  2. Guys, can we please stop this namecalling here. Have to edit some posts.
  3. Hello guys, ICF is not a place to abuse or do name calling any country or religion. Various posts had to be edited. Keep it civil.
  4. 10$ seems pretty cheap price for a budding pace bowler. Kudos to Ian Pont for taking this initiative.
  5. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza - ***The Leader of Tigers***

    Respect to the guy, Mashrafe, for bringing that intensity and energy into the BD team. A good captain is the one who is well respected by colleagues and he seems well respected. And people who who are making fun of him or the BD team, they recently beat us in a bilateral series easily and kicked us out of Asia Cup. So start respecting oppositions. Indian fans make fun of Bangladesh fans for being arrogant and over the top but I think we are 100 times worse than them.
  6. Help with hindi

    Wah hazoor wah. Kya sher hai Lol what kinda charity is that which requires this banner
  7. @Gollum I had to edit your posts. ICF is not a place to do namecalling or disrespecting religions or communities. Please do not do it again.
  8. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    I am an experienced club cricketer whho has been playing both 50 overs club cricket and t20 over club cricket from last 8 years. Know more about the game than you can only dream.
  9. The OP proves that it took Dhoni 10 years to even manage some decent strike rate. If you check his stats from 2008-2015, he didn't even manage a strike rate of 115. If so much time was given to any batsman in the history of the game specially at number 6, we would have had a sure shot match winner. As as I keep mentioning it earlier, he bats at a strike rate of 100 till 17 over. So usually by this time he is at 27 of 26, 16 of 16, 21 of 21, 10 of 11, and then in in last three overs he hits some 12 runs over. Now this strategy is pathetic as it means India will have 110 by 17 overs, and maybe 146 by 20 overs. And that is a pathetic score for a T20. His fans will go GAGA over his last over sixes and will say that he saved India from a collapse but they will forget that it was him who brought India to a pathetic situation of not being able to score above 170. I rather have us 135 allout trying to get 175 than sometime trying to guide us to 145 by playing slow from 8th over to 18th over.
  10. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    Exactly!! Actually it was Raina who scored all the runs in IPL for CSK but Dhoni took all the credit. It was only two years back when Dhoni and Raina seperated and we all know what happened. Pune came last in the IPL under Dhoni's leadership with no help from Raina. so it was actually Raina who was winning the matches for Chennai not your Dhoni. Also, Raina's team Gujarat Lions qualified for the finals under Raina leadership but who will give him the credit
  11. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    He was 28 of 28
  12. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    Exactly what I said. Played his selfish 28 of 28' and last two overs hit few boundaries. And everyone is happy
  13. Dhoni Chalisa !!!

    Tbh I found the thread title offensive. Only Indian fans can make or equate human to gods. No wonder why Hinduism is not taken seriously in the west.
  14. Can we consider Ishant Sharma is out of picture now?

    Oh my god. Please keep that guy far away from Indian team. FAR AWAY!!
  15. The spell which costed India 5 overseas series in Aus, England and Southafrica

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